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    Thursday - Leisurely start, out of bed at 6.00am, breakfast, finished loading the boat and car and hit the road at 7.00am. Fortunately a good run through the Sydney traffic and by 8.00am I was driving past Campbelltown. Couple of coffee stops on the way down, popped into the Alpine Anger for a chat, and rolled into Jindabyne in time for lunch. After that picked up some bits from Steve Williams old shop, Brian was very helpful, and got the boat on the water around 4.00pm. The advice I had been given was that lures needed to be trolled deep, around 45 foot down with the downriggers. So, at 4.15pm down they went to 45 foot as advised. Well I trolled around various parts of the lake for the next 2 hours plus with not a single hit… Finally I moved to an area where I have had some previous success and this time, going against the advice I had been given, only dropped the downriggers down to 30 foot. Hey presto it worked, within a few minutes of starting trolling at 30 I had my first hook up, a nice Rainbow trout. The next hour was mayhem, almost as soon as I got my lures back down I got a strike. Over the next hour I boated 7 nice Rainbow’s, everyone of them was 30cm+, I threw back most but kept 2 that were around the 35cm mark as in my opinion they are a real good eating size. During that hour the sounder was showing heaps of fish. The first of the evening strikes was at 6.45pm with the last one at 7.45 then as quickly as the strikes started they stopped again, so at 8.30pm I motored off to my chosen spot to drop anchor and roll out the swag. I have to say that with the clear skies it was quite beautiful laying in the boat watching shooting stars and sipping on a cold beer. Friday - The next morning I as up at 5.30 with lures in well before sun up. Not a great morning, 1st strike I lost when it was still way out back and jumped off, the second strike I got to the boat and it jumped off as I was about to net it and the 3rd strike I boated a small Rainbow but as it was barely 30cm I threw it back. Still 3 strikes is not all bad. Then boat out and a relaxing day around Jindabyne. Back on the water around 5.00pm hit a couple of spots but no strikes till 7.15pm, this was a nice 43cm Brown so on the ice it went. Kept going for another ½ hour and get one more small Brown that I threw back. Saturday – lines in at 6.00am, by 6.20 I was hooked up to a nice 45cm Brown. Lovely start to the day. Then at 7.00 a 30 cm Rainbow, 7.20 another Rainbow and at 8.25 a small Brown. 4 for the morning session, quite happy with that. For the evening session I was on the water again by 5.00, first couple of spot that I tried came up blank, then last spot for the day, near where I planned to sleep, around 7.45 I got a decent 43cm Brown, followed 20 minutes later by a 40cm Brown. Sunday – I had lures in at 6.00am, 30 minutes later I was on to a good 40cm Brown then at 7.15 it’s twin brother, another 40cm Brown. 15 minutes later things got hectic…. Bear in mind I am fishing solo, well at 7.30 off went one of my 2 rods and I could see a decent sized Rainbow jumping out the back, as I started fighting that the other rod bent over and started loosing line…. I had my first double hook up. I left the motor in gear moving slowly forward, and played the first fish to the boat. I netted the first fish, then picked up the other rod, fish still attached, and bought that one in too. Success, I managed to boat them both so was very pleased with myself. I then went to the Jindabyne Fishing Club March comp weigh in. My best Brown went 777g, the winning fish came in at 1015, my Rainbow went 520g with the winning fish going 533 and my bag of 3 weighed in at 2.291kg with the winning bag going 2.311kg. None were winners but I got close. For the Sunday afternoon session I went in a bit later, 5.45 as all of the fish were coming well after 6.00pm. At 6.55 the new Anniversary Edition Tassie caught its first fish, a 30 cm Rainbow, then 20 minutes later got it’s second a 40cm Rainbow, at 7.20 another lure got a 35 Rainbow, then at 7,50 the Anniversary edition struck again with a 32 Rainbow, At 8,10 the last fish of the evening was another nice 40cm Rainbow. Monday – Lures in at 6.00 again, nothing for just over an hour, then hooked my biggest fish of the trip a cracking 50cm Brown. At 7.50 it was time to pack up so popped the lines out of the down-rigger clips and bought up the down-riggers. While I was reeling in one lure the other rod went off with my last fish of the trip a little 30cm Rainbow which went back to fight another day. What surprised me about that one was catching it on the surface when everyone I spoke to had said to fish deep… and the surface temperatures were way to high for Trout to be comfortable. Out of the water by 8.00am, packed up the boat and headed off back to Sydney happy after a good 4 days of fishing. Over the 4 morning and 4 evening session I boated a total of 27 trout all legal size or better, 10 Browns and 17 Rainbows. The split between evening and morning sessions was close at 13 caught in the mornings and 14 caught in the evenings. Earliest fish was caught 6.20am but they had stopped biting before 9.00am, then in the evenings the bite came back on after 6.00pm through till a bit after dark, 8.10pm being the latest. Lure choice seemed very important with lures that have previously been very hot not even getting a hit this trip. Fluorescent Tassies were the most successful with the green one in the picture below accounting for around ½ of the fish caught. The new Anniversary Edition, middle of the picture of 3 also did well considering that it was only used for 2 sessions. The only other lures worth a mention were the sparkly gold and the Clown which bother caught a few fish. Now repairing my broken rod. note to self, do not leave rod against side of boat and then lean on it while reaching over to rinse hands... Tight lines all. Gordo
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    We are regular visitors to Forster and were recently up there for 2 weeks. The weather was not the best with large swells and annoying wind as a result from the Cyclone in Queensland. We did however manage to get some fishing in and a number of “firsts”. With bad weather we were confined to the lake so I took my 4 year old out to look for dolphins. I had just purchased 2 crab traps on special a day earlier and we dropped them further up the lake while we went Dolphin hunting. Having found and followed the dolphins for a while he soon got bored and we dropped a line over. He caught 2 small flathead in 10 minutes and we were done for the day. They were his first ever fish and he was super excited to get 2 fish to Dads 0. We went back to check the crab traps which were only in the water for 2 hours so expectations were low. We were very surprised to find our first ever Blue Swimmer Crab and a large Bream. We let the Bream go and kept the crab for dinner. I had a few goes at throwing lures off the breakwall and managed to get my first breakwall Kingie. Without a net or gaff I was very lucky to land it. I think it was a legal fish but wasn’t totally sure as I had left the brag mat on the boat, so it was released back to grow a bit. With 1 day to go the weather had improved I took the opportunity to head out past the bar. I stopped to pick up some livies and every time I put 3 hooks down I would pull up 3 slimies. With 15 livies on board I headed off for my solo mission out to the FAD 16km offshore. It was a bit bumpy in my 5m bowrider but it felt safe. After a long slow trip I arrived at the FAD to find 1 other boat and discovered half of my live baits had perished. I assume due to the fact the water stops pumping if the boat is moving. I quickly setup up a live bait and within 30 seconds was taken by a good size Mahi Mahi, which was the first ever off my boat. It was great fun, even on my heavier 50lb setup. I used all the livebaits and had landed 3 legal Mahi Mahi, with the biggest at 82cm. I released a number of smaller fish as well. I even put some of the dead baits down and these were smashed off the surface by the smaller Mahi Mahi. With the livebaits all gone and having created a burly trail with my breakfast in the swell I headed home. If I wasn’t so sick I would have stayed to throw a few lures, but was happy with the fish I had in the boat and was back at the ramp about 9am. Even though there was not a lot of fishing done it was great to get a few.
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    Some kingys from the start of this year. The video was a session in which me and my two mates got 16 kings in the space of 30 minutes. Only rats but they are very fun to target and catch, and the legal ones taste very good! 01C813A4-D4BE-4743-981D-4E5151645FB8.MOV
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    Had a flick Sunday night. Land based, Sydney Harbour. Fished from 8:30pm through until midnight. I managed 2, and dropped one. Not the biggest, not the smallest. Bait used with live yakkas (which were ESPECIALLY finicky...). Smaller model fought very well - thought it was a much nicer fish than what eventuated - turns out it was foul hooked, hence me thinking it weighed a tonne. Bigger model fight was odd, to say the least. Thought i had a big squid / octopus / cuttle on the end of my line, so played him super super light (thinking it wasn't actually hooked!). Got him to the pylons, see colour before he realises he is hooked. Few darting runs, and a few nervous moments later we got him up. Happy days.
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    Mate, it's huge.... a whole 4.81m Quintrex Runabout. I take out one of the seats and that just gives me room to roll out the swag 🙂
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    So true, looking forward to your April report, hope the weather in June is better this year, managed 3 out of 5 days in howling winds last year this is a shot of first morning before the wind turned
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    Awesome report mate sounds like a very relaxing yet productive trip. Iv never tried trout or cod are they any good on the tooth.
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    A great report, and plenty of nice fish to go with it.
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    Hi,just wondering if Steve is still around? I worked for him some years ago as a guide. Have a huge collection of tassie Devils and other trout lures from back in the day! Seems you did well. We never fished that deep. We ran lines on downriggers and flat lines on planer boards and lead lines with 3/4on board... cheers brent
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    You cannot drive 4WD on any of the coast beaches - but pick a beach anywhere between Broken Bay and Swansea there are fish- this time of Year Whiting, big Bream and Salmon with the odd taylor mixed in. The odd Jew are caught around Broken Bay esp after a good downpour of rain, otherwise nth Entrance is the go for Jews ATM. Most beaches are still crowded esp on weekends so pick your times to go, I fish the run-in tide and prefer it around where I fish (Broken bay). More towards Winter the 'ting really fire up and more Salmon + big Taylor and Jews coming in close to feed on the mullet run. FYI- Live bait is best on the beaches but fresh local mullet/squid/yakkas and slimeys will all work on most species. Beach worms and tube worms are the go for the 'ting and bream ATM. Good luck mate Tight lines Anthony
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    What more could a guy ask for lying on top of his second love in a cosy bed,esky on one side beer on the other, staring at the stars & dreaming about the morning, sounds like heaven to me. 😂
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    I would try hard body and soft plastics lures
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    Top report Gordo and great photos well done
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    Great report! Well done! You slept in the boat? What size is it?
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    Now THAT is a report. Thanks for all the detail Gordo. You got pretty close with your bag of 3!
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    Dropped off the little one for kindy and made my way to Bass Point for a quick session. Got there and there were a fair few people but managed to squeeze in with my 5 foot rod and flicked out a metal to be smashed on the first retrieve, followed by a second, third and fourth within 10 minutes. Bagged out in 30 minutes and made my way home for a late breakfast and a nap. Woke up just after 1 and made my way down again to christen my shore jigging rod. Managed to give it a good workout on more Bonito until 4 when the bite died down. Managed to feed the in-laws, parents and neighbours as well as release double the bag limit 😊
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    Marina Bayside at Taren Point. As stated above there is no such thing as cheap in Sydney. Bit of a hike but worth talking to Steber in Taree, they are very reasonable. Good luck.
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    Great report & detailed account of your 4 days away, I’ve never fished Jyndabine in March, we usually go down in June before the long weekend re down rigging try one at 25 feet & the other at say 40 to 45 feet & maybe adjust them till you find what works & then maybe have a 10 to 15 foot variation so they don’t cross over, bummer you didn’t get a win at the weigh in but so close, then again it’s all about getting out there fishing & catching up with mates. Thanks for wetting my appetite, can’t wait till June
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    That’s a great report Gordo, thanks for taking the time to write it all up. pics were nice to.
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    Great report Gordo thanks. Which do you think are better eating, the rainbows or browns?
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    Wraps seem to be gaining momentum these days over painting but not sure if it would suit your application?
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    I have registered hopefully I get out for the day.
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    Toby, I teach at your school! You've often seen me fishing for blackfish at The Entrance.
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    Nice fish. I have had smaller jewies go ballistic on the line, and larger ones fight like big sooks. I have also had larger ones on a hand line that try to rip off your arms.
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