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    I was fishing oyster leases at Pt Stevens in early 80s and was busted off on oysters by a big bream. Fished same spot next day and landed a nice bream just over a kilo. Amazingly I hadnt hooked it but my hook had gone through the eye of the swivel of the rig I lost the day before. Still wouldn't believe this if I hadn'tseen it. Ron
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    My fishy story was I entered a triple M comp about your best dad moment and mine was fishing with the kids and getting my daughter her first fish by catching it and while she wasn't looking I hooked it onto her line and let her reel it in and I won a new 2016 Camry SX. sold it and bought my current boat.
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    A discussion from the other thread where people post pics of their boats has gotten onto braked trailers, so at the request of the moderators I thought it might be worth starting a new one. One boat which seems to be causing some confusion on its length also seems to be baffling some of us on its weight, too. Yearly inspections and added costs for braked trailers can be a costly experience for many of us. Rarely does an inspection find all is in good order from these mechanical parts that get dunked in the salt every week for most of us. Apart from a 3.85 quintrex explorer and 3.85 sea wasp, I've yet to own a boat that can legally stay under the 750kg no brakes limit. Even doing the maths on my little explorer ahead of a NT trip a few years ago, I needed to be careful on loading the tow vehicle with the heavy gear. My 3.85 sea wasp also fell very close to the max weight when loaded up. My formula 15 went over 750kg even with a lightweight Yam f 70. My current boat, a light weight 5m rib, comes in at 350kg and once again with 119 kg Yam f 70, pushes the scales up over 750kg once fuel, anchor and general daily gear is added, so needs brakes. How a 6.4 boat or even 509 (whatever it may be) comes in under the payload baffles me. Once we fill our fuel tanks, add anchors and chains, spare wheel and the legal water requirements, etc, it can be quite surprising how the weight bumps up. Yes, a dry, empty boat might pull those figures under the max load, but get involved in any kind of accident and you can guarantee insurers will investigate the weight of the load. My advice would be to get any boat which is sold without brakes checked on a weigh bridge, with the loads it will normally be carrying. Then you know for sure and have done your due diligence.
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    It's been a while since I posted but I retired about six months ago to Lake Macquarie and have a bit more time to go fishing. I went down to our local beach last Friday afternoon about 3.30. Wasn't very hopeful as the beach was like a lake and very little white water but thought I'm here so may as well have a cast. Ended up fishing through till about 6.30 and caught a 59 cm Aussie Salmon, a 51 cm Tailor & a 39 cm Flathead. I was using pilchards on ganged hooks. Turned the salmon into Thai fish cakes. Thanks for reading.
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    Another "semi fluke "" capture for me was this jewie I caught on a jig in Moreton Bay , marked some bait and bigger fish on the sounder , both my young bloke and I hooked up but I got mine (thinking all the way to the boat I'd hooked a small cobia) and he lost his.
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    Took my youngest daughter that doesn't normally fish for a quick flick up the beach. Found three patches of fish, funny enough the first one seemed to have fish all about the 1.5 kg size and the second 3kg+ and the last and biggest school all seemed to be around the 2k mark. Tackle was a little travel rod I purchased for a trip up north that didn't happen. Light braid and 40g lures flicked at the back of any washy deep gutters was the usual hunting ground. After catch and releasing several fish my daughter hooked into what seemed like a very solid fish. Each time she gained line she would almost instantly lose it again, this went on for over 10 mins before she eventually dragged a tail hooked thumper onto the sand. After ten or more fish we headed home to turn one into fish cakes.
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    I won a free fishing holiday to Lord Howe Island back in 1990 by subscribing to Fishing World magazine. For the competition, you had to say why you’d like to win a trip to LHI. My wedding was coming up in October. My entry read: No more line cuts on my fingers, No more bait stains on my clothes. Soon my left hand wears a ring And maybe, too, my nose! But before I meet the preacher, Before I take those vows, All I ask is just one thing... And that’s to fish Lord Howe! When I won, I thought it would make a great honeymoon but the missus didn’t want to come, so I went on my own two weeks before the wedding. Seven nights on the island with four days gamefishing on Capella. I had an absolute ball! I think it was the last solo fishing trip I’ve been away on in 29 years! The sacrifices we make! 😂
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    These are the floats I use, and how I rig them. The other thing is a bunch of float stoppers, in case you haven’t seen them before.
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    An old mate was rock fishing quite a few years ago, fairly calm conditions, then 2 large waves appeared out of nowhere, he made a bit of a dash to higher ground (not athletic, needed a change of underwear) then the water returned to fairly calm again. A check later on the weather bureau site revealed a tsunami in some far off island which caused the larger waves to suddenly appear, not big waves but more power than the normal swell waves of similar size.
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    They need to draw the line somewhere.It's like speed limits.A couple of kays over is nothing but will get you pinged.
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here today. With offshore fishing not an option and the kids on school holidays, I thought it would be fun to go and pump some nippers before midday and then go fish the same area later in the arvo around high tide. Well it didn’t take long to land a few. Junior came up trumps though and landed this stonker of a whiting over the 40cm mark. It was a nice change of pace and a pleasant afternoon by the water! @BabySharkDooDooDoo Definately plenty out there. This was caught in your area! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    This is probably the most intense story I've ever heard. If I was in that situation I would be fixated on the shark and be unable to move haha
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    Rah, apparently octopus can squeeze out of any space as long as their tooth can fit through as their body just squishes....incredible (but gross!) creatures!
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    The joys of being a dad! Asked mine if she wanted to go for a fish one day next week- nope - got Metro Swimming dont want to spend a day outside, Ok how about the rifle range- ah nope thats not on either, Year 10 formal dress shopping dad?- ah nope , I dont want the blame for a bad dress choice hanging over my head- ill keep trying!
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    Hi All The weather was looking the goods so organised a trip with @Woodsy1 with the plan to target some snapper on plastics up around broughton. We went out nice and early hit the bait grounds hoping to fill the tank. We were optimistic as there was a lot of garfish cruising around. The bait collecting was a bit slow but we managed to find a school of slimies and got a few before the sun came up. We got to our first drift finding the conditions ideal for the direction we wanted to go. My goal today was to catch a snapper on plastics and it wasn't long before I hooked into what felt like a decent size one only to pull the hook after a couple of runs. I think now looking back I should have set the hook more( rookie mistake). The live slimey went off as well but didnt hook up, it came back chewed up, so not sure what hit it. Things were looking good but went quiet with only a couple of bites afterwards. We tried a few more spots and swapped to baits and both got a little snapper each to finished the day off. We came across @Berleyguts Out there but not sure how he went. A big thanks and happy birthday to @Woodsy1 for the trip out there.
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