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    G'day Raiders. Lovely weather today called for a trip out for a bottom bash. Dad had just returned from 10 days in Japan and was keen, as was I after last weekend's filthy weather and getting hammered by my 3rd flu since the start of winter *sneeze* We have been having luck since the start of June at Bellambi but we weren't keen on 3 hours of collective driving down south so decided to get out to the northern beaches. I didnt mind as its probably my favourite place to fish anyway. Tried a few spots early in the morning for reds bagging one nice fish at 46cm and another just under 40cm. Another pannie followed shortly after. Bites were few and far between and we got plagued by sweep and lost a few rigs to jackets and the reef. Around 11 we made a call to head over to the flatty grounds before the wind picks up and managed 10 nice flatties before the wind picked up. Back at the ramp I noted one of my trailer rollers has broken away or fallen off which needs to be repaired. Can these be purchased online for cheap? I don't need whole kit just the one. On the plus side with the westconnect open between haberfield and m4 I saved 15 -20 minutes off my trip which was ok....if it weren't for the extra toll. Thanks for reading!
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    Packed up the ute for a day on the beach and drove to boat harbour. Hight tide when we got there and nothing touched the bait for ages. As the tide receded and I could walk in to cast into deep water, I got a small salmon (gut hooked and bleeding heavily so he went in the esky). Just after lunch the rod tip moved and the missus got a fiddle ray (only photo for the day sorry guys). Later on as we packed up I left the rod for last (as you do) and as I got down to it, I noticed the line running off at an oblique angle. I took it out of the holder and set the hook. Luckily I was holding on because it took off like a small freight train. Couple of meters down the beach and a while later and to my surprise I had a +- meter bronzie on the beach. Missus came running with the pliers but forgot the camera (I might have to divorce her for that one). First bronzie I've ever caught in the daytime. Poor blighter must have been hungry. Got the little bugger in the water soonest and he swam off strong. Followed him through the breakers just to make sure. All in all another beautiful winters day on the beach.
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    Early start and up to Broughton this morning. Fished the southern side of the island with 7 inch plastics until 1pm. Swell was about 2m and water 19 degrees. I put in about a thousand casts and Rodney(the rod holder) got the only hookup on a snapper fish at about 11am on high tide. The fish went 59cm and was caught at The Boundary - thanks for the spot Scratchie!
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    I went shooting once, back, in the 80's. Started raining and was making my way back to the car across a large paddock on the property I was on. Didnt see 1 rabbit. Half way back to the car I see this huge thing slithering along and at first thought "whats a snake doing out on a day like this?" It was a huge eel slithering across the paddock from who knows where. A river was 1 km away, may have come out of a dam and decided to go to the river? Anyway, it was about 4 to 5 foot long. When I got back to the car my dad just looked at me like "what the?" When I showed him the eel. So we had crumbed eel for tea instead of rabbit. So yeah, I caught an eel in a paddock.
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    Hi guys. Thought id put this up and add to the line up. This is my pb trout. 11 lb and caught here in Vic in a lake using a soft plastic. Got it in April this year. What a battle.
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    Normal to try before you buy. If an owner refuses to give you a water test walk away.It pays to take someone that knows boats with you so you don't fall in love with the first one you see. Remember it's a buyers market out there and good deals can be had for those patient enough especially at this time of year. Good luck to your mate in his purchase.
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    Went out for a quick arvo session with a mate from work. Went out the front of tomaree to try for some livies, first drop a nice jacket on the jig. Got a couple of yakkas and gars . Hit cabbage tree and gars were thick, loaded up and got some slimies. Found the wind had strengthened a fair bit from the north east so wasnt what i was hoping for. Flicked some light weighted fillets around and managed s few pannies before it got dark. Anchored up and berleyed but got nothing more.
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    What a logic winters day to be on the water. Nice bag of fish Sam and much better than my catch down past the hump yesterday.
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    Good work there, nice flatties and even better reddies. Flatties are always good, but those reddies should be better eating. Currently at Yamba (no fish for a short time fishing yesterday) but the ocean caught king prawns are on, coming in fresh off the boat, and very nice. No complaints.
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    Sam. Send me a photo of the type roller you need. fastrailers@optusnet.com.au There's a good chance I would have one here and I could drop it around for you. Well done on the fishing BTW. Frank
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    Cheers mate. Yes those poms don't get winters like we do here. That's why they all come here ! Cheers mate thanks Cheers mate Thanks for the tip mate will have a look online. Cheers
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    Thanks mate they went down a treat, I haven’t been out in the boat since but I’m sure you would be doing alright on the venison front if you’re getting out there, those colours look good, red one early & late afternoon get them down near the bottom & go slow & mix it up a little, good luck
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    That’s a stonker of a brown would’ve been a good tussle 👍
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    Good report & photo, sounds like the bronzie was a good tussle to finish off the day, they are supposedly not to bad on the plate at that size
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    Great report & feed, always nice to be out there on a calm winters day, bummer about the roller should be easily found on the net, if not maybe the local boat chandler Witwor or trailer manufacturers
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    Great bag mate! Well done!
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    Nice report and thats one great photo
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    Well done thats some fine fish should have some good eating
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    Well done thats one top trout
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    Nice feed and good report. It was a beautiful day to be out there. Spoke to an Englishman on the beach today that says he can't believe how lucky we are to have winter days like this.
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    You'd better crazy not too. Too many things you can't tell from a visual. Even better, get some one who has had a boat for years to come out with you. Seemingly small issues can cause big drama And be expensive to fix.
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    I'm not the OP but I find rolling in flour then cooking on a well oiled BBQ gives an amazing taste - my favourite seafood! ..or is it lobster, crab, prawns, oysters.. tough choice! 😁 They don't need long, once the rings stop shrinking they're done, maybe 30 secs a side depends on the bbq heat..
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    It's been a while since I posted but I retired about six months ago to Lake Macquarie and have a bit more time to go fishing. I went down to our local beach last Friday afternoon about 3.30. Wasn't very hopeful as the beach was like a lake and very little white water but thought I'm here so may as well have a cast. Ended up fishing through till about 6.30 and caught a 59 cm Aussie Salmon, a 51 cm Tailor & a 39 cm Flathead. I was using pilchards on ganged hooks. Turned the salmon into Thai fish cakes. Thanks for reading.
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    Death, taxes and Yowie catching fish... Top stuff getting a decent feed out of the river this time of year. Rich
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    Nice job that wreck has been holding some boats lately
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