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    Fair point. My argument was in the context of the chokpa's range of reel that was being enquired into. I would like to point out where I said "You really have to give a spin in your hands to see." - bearings as an indicator of smoothness and quality can't be taken on its own - the sienna is a great example of a very cheap entry level reel that, despite on paper specs, is an incredibly smooth and reliable reel. Comparing a Stella and a sienna isn't just about bearings, of course. To make that argument fairly, you'd have to consider EVERYTHING that makes it a much more expensive reel - ultra premium materials inside and out, innovative design, precise gearing, features exclusive for the model, extremely tight tolerances on all movements etc.... Perhaps I shouldve included a classic marketing trap in a china reels where they often quoten "10+1 bearings" but fail to mention the grindy gears and huge wobble that may interfere with the all that smoothness 10+1 bearings gives you (that's without getting into the quality of the bearings chose n).
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    Apologies for the lateness of this post but life sometimes gets in the way! Anyhow headed out last Sunday up to Broughton with a mate with the intentions of casting plastics for some tasty red creatures. Seeing as the swell was huge all week I had some wishful thinking about the snapper jumping all over our lures as everything got a good stir up previously. Got the first spot just before sunup and anticipation was high to say the least. A lightly westerly was pushing us slowly over reef in 10-15m. After a hundred cast or two and multiple drifts and not even a touch it was fair to say our bubble was slightly burst. So with the sun up our confidence took a hit but we also had a tide change at 9am so we were looking forward to that. We decided to go to another area in slightly deeper water and drift over that and see if anything was hungry. And first cast my mate comes up tight on the drop. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the adrenaline starts pumping. Interesting to see low light period not producing even a hit and 10 mins before tide change we were straight on. So my mate is getting worked over with some big head shakes and this thing is pulling drag. But he manages to get it off the bottom and gain some line back after some nervous moments. After about 5 mins we see colour so he backs off the drag and it looks like a good fish. So I grab the net to get the celebrations started and the fish has other ideas and turns his head violently to get back to safety and the line goes slack. F%#+**%#k!!! I look at him and he’s proper devo as that looked like his PB fish by some margin. The end of the leader is all scuffed up so I’m thinking the fish was in the nasty stuff during the fight and it gave way a metre or so under the boat. His drag was backed right off so I don’t he did the wrong thing but you win some you lose some. So after gaining some composure back we do a big loop to start another drift and while my mate is retying his leader I give the 7 inch zman coconut ice (thanks scratchie!!) a cast and let out some line. So I’m looking at my mate and feeling pretty bummed but also slightly excited that there’s fish around. So much so that I don’t even notice my line zipping across the surface and my mate yells at me YOU’RE ON!!!!! I turn around and flick the bail arm over and my line starts peeling off and my rod buckles over. The first run was big. I thought I was a goner for sure. Somehow I was still connected so I started to try and turn his head and after a few pumps he runs again so I decide to cup the spool thinking it’s my only chance to not get reefed. The line goes slack and I’m about to about to curse myself when i figure out the fish is coming back towards the boat so I wind like a mad man and catch up with him. Back and forth the fight goes and I’m starting to win and get him closer the boat. I’m white knuckling with adrenaline and we finally see colour and this thing looks like a monster. Easily my biggest snapper and he surfaces and straight into the net. After a bit of yelling and yahooing we get it up for a photo coz I wanted to release it being such a big snapper. Unfortunately after swimming it for a good 5 mins it wouldn’t kick off as I think it’s swim bladder was just too bloated so I decided to keep it so it wouldn’t go to waste. The fish went 79cms and I weighed it back on shore with help of a pro prawner and his digital scales and it went 4.68kgs gutted, gilled and scaled. I thought it would have been at least 6 kilo whole but who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️maybe not. The fillets fed 8 people over a couple of nights so it didn’t go to waste and was certainly a great feeling to be connected to such a powerful fish. Thanks for reading
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    Great report. I need to know the name of the bottle of wine. Cheers.
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    Had a couple of hours to kill this mor so went for an hour chasin squid on local headland two casts two squid then nothing it was like a switch was thrown with an eye on the aproaching front i got to car with 5 mins to spare before it flogged down rain ps there you are scratchie a report hahahaha
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    Pretty much enough said!
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    On Wednesday at tafe the maritime office stated any vessel driven over 10 knots you need to be licenced, so as long as you keep your 450hp outboard bellow 10 knots you don't need a licence. Vessels with engines over 5hp need to be regestered, some small vessels are actually capable of going over 10 knots with a 5hp. A normal boat licence is pretty easy to get, my kids did theirs when they were 12. Heading out on the water with 0 knowledge of the rules and regulations is like driving accross Sydney without having any clue what the lanes, signs and lights mean.
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    https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-general-boat-driving-licence https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/licence/boat-pwc/index.html
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    .... a shitty situation whichever way you look at it . cheers Z
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    Thanks for the excellent explanation of how petrol consists of different materials which break down differently. I can now visualise what's happening in the red fuel tank. So you reckon that the "older 100:1 two-stroke" would be ok in the car??? Not high performance (Toyota Camry). Love learning from people who know what they're on about. Cheers, bn
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    That was the easy part, the hard part was stacking all the foam back in LOL cant believe that it wasn't I have padded them nicely
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    Hi, I have the Shimano Ultegra C14 14000. Top reel. Shimano list this as their top beach reel. I have it fitted to a MT ? Wilson 13' 1 pce beach rod. Great combo. I can't remember the Wilson part number. 8144 or 7144. I use 15lb Mono.. The reel casts a country mile. Hope this helps. Cheers.
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    Weights can vary due to shape n condition i had a 93cm 7.79 cleaned but have had 96 a half kilo lighter have also had 90cm that was 8.3 cleaned biggest is 103 12.2 whole but had a 98 11.9 some carry lots of thickness back to tail some dont im not sure if the old questions of travellers vs resident or shallow vs deep has any bearing on it
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    Here's the Mercury 200 EFI 2 stroke/ Mariner 15HP 4 Stroke - identical fuel guidelines ... min 87RON in US, min 90RON international. Ethanol mix not recommended. Both of my motors run from the same 250L tank. The most I have ever used is 200L on one trip, the average bottom bashing trip has used 50L, the average trolling trip 100L, the average trip to Browns 150L. So there is ALWAYS residual fuel left in the tank for months at a time. As per manufacturers recommendation, I can easily run on 91 Unleaded (ethanol free), but because of the residual fuel in the tank and the loss of octane due to sitting idle in a tank with a built in breather, the ONLY additive I use is 95 Unleaded (or 98 if its cheap). It refreshes the total tank octane rating. Hey @JonD, I checked out Sam's linkedin profile... impressive. What's even more impressive he is also a Cabramatta lad of my vintage and I too started my professional life in the chemistry game as a Chemical Engineer! .... there must have been something going on in Cabramatta in the 80's that was chemistry oriented hahaha ! nuff said. Cheers Zoran
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    They live in fresh then travel down to brackish in autumn to breed i think for memory they need 17% salt or their eggs wont fertilize then end of winter they travel upstream over weirs an up fish ladders to return to fresh usually on decent rain like today n tomorrow closed season below dams in rivers is june july august dams or stocked impoundments are open year round
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    Set off midweek from Apple Tree Bay , before sunrise and with picturesque tendrils of 'sea smoke' on the water. It's a 12 km paddle from the ramp to the Hawkesbury River proper and it takes me the best part of 3 hours to make the journey and catch some live mullet in the Bays for bait on route. I use a copy of chart AUS204 to identify the holes and likely jewfish haunts and slow drift the areas with a heavy sinker close to the bottom and a long trace line to a circle hook. On this occasion the unfortunate mullet was around 15cm long and nose hooked. Got the strike 1 hour before high water slack and the beast dragged me around for 15 minutes before I could use my short gaff on him.It is hard work in a skinny kayak to put the rod in the holder, grab the fish by the gills, cut the line and put the fish in the hatch but I did it without going for a swim and with no one around to see me make a mess of the operation. My last good jewfish was way back in May and I was beginning to think the fish had all left for the Winter.
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    awesome stuff. get him to try Nile compounding ET Tablets, the only thing that works for me
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    check that again over 5 hp has to be reg
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