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    Frank, mate, none of us know if we are going to be here tomorrow & through personal loss at what I call an early age I like to live everyday like its my last. When 09/2022 does come around make sure you renew it for 5 years this time! You have to be optimistic mate, there is always another PB to catch so never give up the chase 😊
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    Hello Raiders, Had another go at the snapper today with better results, had Paul from The Sneaky Fisho with and he had some good intel. After getting some liveies we headed to long reef 30M depth sounded a ball of something and started our drift. We tried various lures baits and rigs then paul comes up tight using tweed packet cuttlefish on a small running sinker to the hook, bail arm open down the burly trail. Naturally I changed to the same setup and lost a solid fish after a brief fight . Did manage to get a panie on plastics using the method scratchy explained at the last meet good day all round. FYI had a report of large salmon schools near the harbour bridge today.
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    Mate, if you type into beachworms into the search window, just below where you sign in, you'll get all the info you'll ever need. This topic is a good one to start with Without knowing what blackfish rod you've actually bought. I imagine a Shimano 2500 or Daiwa 2000 size spin reel is the size you should be looking at.
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    About 6 months back I had to renew my drivers licence. Tried to do it online but was told I couldn't because they had to update the photo. Went and renewed it in Nowra and a week later my new license arrives in the mail with my old photo on it.
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    Hi everyone Managed to finally get out with Swano today, after many failed attempts due to weather, work, or family commitments. Possibly due to a curse by someone currently travelling 🤔 Anyway met Swano down at the cooks just before 6, and after a a bumpy start, battery for the motor wouldn’t crank the motor, but after getting the leads from the car, and jumping with the leccy batteries, we were off, and didn’t have any further dramas all day. Swano was first on the board, with a nice little jew, followed up with a surprise kingy, fair to say he was pretty happy. Got a little quite, so went to another spot chasing bream, and came up tight to what I first thought was a little bream, that was soon called as a trevor, then called for a small jew, until finally seen a kingy, great fun on a 1-3kg stick, 1000 reel and 6lb line. For the next couple hours, we tussled with more kingys, and a few trevors. Got smoked a few times with the kingys, bit like bringing a knife to a gun fight 😬 Anyway, top day out, and great to finally hear some drag sing. Few pics of the day. Cheers Jonno
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    I went out Friday morning on Sydney Harbour to both chase the schools of Salmon that were meant to be around plus put a few more hours on the new Suzuki 50 4 stroke purchased at the Sydney Boat show. First stop was a trip to wreck off Quarantine Point to get some livies but could only manage small trevally - all thrown back in. Headed off to try my luck on squid and managed a PB Squid for Sydney Harbour. Drovd then up towards the bridge from the heads and located some schools of surface feeding fish, but with the wind up it was nigh impossible to cast to any of them. So off for a morning coffee at Chowder Bay before heading to try my luck on kings with the Squid. After driving to a spot I know I put down the Squid head on one rod and a large strip on the other and then waited. And waited. I threw some plastics. Slow jigged. And waited. Just I was about to pack up and head back to Manly the 10000 Saragosa went off with the rod bent over and the tip in the water. I reach down to pick it up and am struggling to hold it when the 8000 Baitrunner goes off on the other side of the boat. I manage to reach over, rod in one hand and turn the handle to click it into gear. It’s now hooked up solid. Back to fish no 1 - I manage to eventually get it to the boat and gaff it, lay the fish and rod down behind me , then pick up the other rod and bring in fish no2 which I also landed. Result... 1 PB Squid turned into 2 * PB 90cm kings! Happy with that, I drove back to Manly ramp one happy fisherman! The Rev
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    I haven't seen much fishing report being submitted recently! Is it because of the poor and cold weather, fish is scarce hence nothing to report!? I myself haven't been out for a while. Anyway... i better play my part and make my contribution... The weather finally warm up a bit. Has to get out. Planned to get to Ramsgate beach by 7am at low tide to pick up some seaweed off the rock. Had a late night, just couldn't get up even with the help of the alarm clock. Didn't get to Ramsgate until 10:30am at mid tide. I did managed to get some string weed but at the cost of wet feet, socks and shoes. The weather is great - nice and warm, and slight wind only. Water is clear without those garbage weed floating about. Caught my first blackfish on the first cast (float rig with double hook). Afterward, just mainly enjoying the nice weather and waiting patiently for the next bite. High tides at 1pm and since most weed are now accessible to the blackfish. I don't think they would be interested in the tiny weed on my hook anymore hence time to pack up and go home. Anyway, i ended up with 4 blackfishes between 30cm-34cm. It is going to be very windy and possibly shower in the next few days. I am not that keen when the wind keeps blowing sands into my mouth hence no more fishing until next Wednesday.
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    Gday all, just logging in to see if there’s anyone with a capable boat that may need a hand during the week on the hunt for yellowfin? ive got my own boat and been out to 12 mile from port Jackson couple times but gotta pick my days and once there can’t exactly smoke the fuel off on the troll. also don’t have live SST’s etc. im an English fella with lots of experience, plenty of sea hours and common sense. Did my coxswains in NSW and have worked as a deckee on fishing charters for marlin out of port jackson and reefies out the hacking. Decided last minute I wanna get in on some action and hook up a fin or even a jelly bean last minute so just putting out the 👋🏻incase anyone wants a mate onboard to share costs and hi fives!! gimme a shout if so, Rino
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    Just slightly Jealous! Nice fish and feed. Congrats! Cheers Zoran
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    Good stuff! That’s a nice red there indeed. Good to see that you managed one on plastics too! Conditions look pretty nice as well. Cheers scratchie!!!
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    I'm an actual Rev - Senior Minister at St Matthews Manly on the Corso. Cheers
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    Any good red off Sydney is a great red. Very nice.
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    Great report and Super photos.
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    Well, I got given a working 1000gph bilge pump. And after reading the horror stories over overflowing bait tanks, wave wash from beach landings, rain storms, blood, guts, pee.....( Sounds like D day landing,😂😂), I'm going to fit one at the back so if goodness forbid anything like that happens, I'm covered. It will drain passenger area. If I'm not required to fit one in the sub floor, them im not going to start chopping 👍 So thanks again everyone for the help.👍👍
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    Rofling, just read this again,....rain, blood, guts, pee, waves, beach launching?....where the heck you been going, Normandy in the 40s? *laughing*
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    Just recently renewed my boat licence, got the renewal form and it gave me the options of 1 year 2year 5 year. Well I doubt if I will still be here in 5 years so I opted to do it for 2 years. Just got it back in the mail and they have renewed it till 09/2022 so in my calculations that is 3 years, I got 12 months free boating !!! Will be interesting when 09/2021 comes around to see if they pick up on their mistake. Frank
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    Awesome stuff guys. Great pictures. P.S. I wonder if Stewy is missing the Cooks 😎
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    Paint will come off chrome pretty quick , they used to paint the brass.
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    Ha, reminds me of an evening many years back when I landed a 26kg jew on an ocean blackfish rod, Alvey blackfish reel and 9lb line. Ironically, I was trying to catch a tailor to use as a live bait for a jew. Thought the bugger had reefed me on the breakwall but following the line with a torch, the fish had washed itself up onto a flat rock.
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    Hi Eladamrine, Not on the groyne and if there are, they are not long enough. The string weed are on the rocks underneath the foot path. I got my near the 'Omeros On The Beach' restaurant. Recently i fish on the groyne to the right of Omeros just for convenience as it is close to my parked car. All groynes hold blackfishes as far as i know. First rising mid tide are the best time for blackfish. As with other species of fishes: Trevally - heard nothing since 2 months ago - use bread for bait Whiting - heard nothing since 3 months ago - use nippers for bait Tailor - nothing since last summer - pilchard and hard body surface lure. Salmon, Kingfish and Jewfish on several occasion when there are lots of good size bait fish(yellowtail scad and garfish) about. Flathead - again not much since last summer. They are still about but in smaller number and size. Sometime leather jack close to the groyne if you use prawn pieces with long shank hook that is if you can avoid those pesky little wrasse. Legal size bream are rare for me and they are by product when i fish for bait fish. When there are no fish, there are always some rays and Port Jackson about especially if you use pilchard. When i am really bored and keep busy, i'll catch a dozen or so of those pesky little sweeps for fun. They are good eating if you deep fry them bones and all. No size limit i believe. You can found them at the platform to left of the Omeros. Cheers, PS. Remember to bleed the fish you are keeping and release those you are not. Watch out for size and bag limit.
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    All you people that complain how hard it is to hitch your boat to the car i found you guys are doing it all wrong. YOU NEED TO LIE DOWN.😂😂
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