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    Hi all Went to go try out jewfish point reserve today with my mate. Left the house on my bike at 9am and got to the spot at 9:25am. We arrived at the entrance to the reserve and saw a large, steep staircase going down towards the water. Getting the bike down was really difficult especially towards the bottom where it’s steeper. Fished at jewfish point for about 2-3 hours for no fish. We moved on to jewfish bay riding through Oatley Park to get to the wharf.First cast at the wharf and I managed to land a 25cm bream. Into the keeper net it went and less than 5 minutes later I caught another bream which was just undersized. The tailor moved in taking our baits and cutting our hooks but we did manage to catch a few around the 20cm range. My mate finally hooked onto what felt like a decent fish. It was a 33cm flathead which we released safely. Before we were about to leave my mate hooked up again onto a bream which was just short at 24cm. After releasing the bream we ended the session with one bream to add to my dinner. Thankfully the rain held out after showing a 100% chance at 10am. I hope to get back out before school starts again and hopefully catch some more fish.
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    It takes a while to get used to this style of reel simplesr thing i can tell you is tuck rod under left arm and hold your reel in palm of hand with fingers sticking out...1 or 2 fingers rub edge of spool as break a nd stop the line from jumping round back
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    Mate use either Vaseline or Mucillin floating line dressing to keep your line on the surface. Your reel is fine also. You don't need to wind in too fast either. Floating your line will make striking a down heaps easier and when you hook up to a fish, you won't be racing it in either, slow and steady wins the race
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    As Noelm said if you're having difficulty a net or gaff- otherwise make sure the fish is played out and under control on the surface, then you can steer it towards a spot where the swell is 'lifting' over the rocks- there is usually somewhere along the rocks that the water is rising up and washing over in a more 'gentle' manner, not somewhere it is just splashing up but flowing over. Then try to minimize the distance between the rod tip and fish, keeping your rod reasonably low, say below horizontal if you can at the time you attempt, that way when an appropriate sized swell arrives, you have both the rise of the water in conjunction with the rising of your rod to an almost upright position to 'float'/drag the fish up and onto the rocks. Don't rush it- if there isn't a decent enough swell for a few minutes just wait, as even on flat sea days the natural inwards water-to-land movement will provide an opportunity. Some locations require you to do 2 stages ie first stage onto or over a lower ledge, then same again to the actual safe-landing point. BE AWARE OF THE SWELL when washing larger fish up as it's easy to get distracted once your fish is along the edge or on lower level rocks. Best practice is to have a good look around you before you start fishing and identify a spot you'll be confident with to work your fish towards should you get a big one- just look for either a gentle slope or a spot closer to water level that the water 'lifts' over. Often, when close to the edge, the fish get another "energy spurt" but if played out until on the surface the first time, it usually only takes a minute or so to regain control. When you're attempting to wash in, only do it when the swell is starting to flow over- if the fish falls away or moves out a little, just wait again and don't attempt when the water is either flowing back or is about to drop, again, just wait, as when fish are genuinely "played-out" you'll have plenty of time to wait for a wave/swell for the final bit
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    As the wave comes in, use your rod to bring the fish up onto the platform with the momentum of the moving water. Be ready to give line quickly if you aren't able to strand the fish on the platform. The power of the receding wave plus a solid kick from the fish can easily see it escape. If you need to lift the fish, not just wash it ashore, you again use the approaching wave to give the fish some upward momentum which you capitalise on to help lift the fish clear and swing it ashore. Try to do this in one smooth motion. KB
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    November is a good month in The Basin for big flathead. Assuming you have a boat, you can do a lot worse than concentrating around the south east corner. By that I mean anywhere from about a kilometer south of Wrights Beach around to the mouth of Sussex Inlet. Fish on the deep side of the ribbon weed edges that are easily seen on google earth and if you have a good sounder its worth trying to locate bait schools. All the usual methods work but 3 to 5 inch soft plastics and vibes work best for me. If you don't do any good there try some of the shallower bays where the water temp is a little warmer.
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    Like rickmarlin62 said. Give yourself time. His advice re tucking rod butt under your left arm with the palm of your left hand under the reel is spot on. I also use my left middle finger, slightly bent at the top joint, to support the line just above the reel and guide it evenly on the spool when retrieving; this helps stop the line going behind the reel and around the mount. After a a while you will be doing all these things automatically. Keep at it. See if you can go with an experienced blackfish fisher who uses a centre pin. I just taught a mate and after a few months of frustration, now loves the centrepin for the feel and control it provides. KB
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    I’m out tomorrow rick! Bugger the wind and swell, I don’t get seasick! Haha! I’m in a 19ft Edgewater so might be a bit wet but see how we go! Can’t catch fish at home! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Just down at clontarf for this arvo and hooked a 67 cm flatty (new pb fish) On a zman minnowz calico candy with a headlockz weedless hook and a running ball sinker Fishing off the shark net Cheers guys
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    My local sand flat in Grays Point is known to hold lots of whiting but after numerous sessions pumping nippers and trying to get a feed of whiting, instead having very sore arms after each session. I have been trying to catch whiting on this very flat for 10 years. The day had finally come when I found out how to catch these whiting. When my son came home with 8 whiting between 30 and 35 cm. I had to tag along the next session to see how he did it. I was bemused when he said that he left the motor in gear the whole time. He was trolling for whiting!!!. he says the moving nipper along the flats targets the bigger fish. before we knew it he had beaten his personal best whiting and pulled one in the net measuring 42 cm. along with 5 of his mates. none of which were undersize. A prolific tactic used in deep sea fishing can be used to good effect in 1 metre of water.
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    BREAKING NEWS - PHGFC VESSEL “THE UNDERTAkER” has weighed a Tiger Shark for Small Fry Angler JAYDEN MILLAURO on 15kg that weighed 314kg. This fish is a Pending WORLD RECORD, AUSTRALIAN RECORD & NSW RECORD Capture beating the current WR by 2kg that has been held since 1997. Great effort to Capt. Ibby Dardas and crew and Jayden. More to come!!!! Courtesy of Port Hacking Game Fishing Club https://www.facebook.com/808634405880095/posts/2501872966556222?sfns=mo
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    Looking to target bull sharks. Anyone ever seen, caught or heard of any sharks in cooks river.
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    It may not be a nursery but if you do this long enough almost anything could show up
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    Yeah... the thing before the thing ... the predecessor
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    Hey Paddy I agree there's no comparison between the impact a single record fish has with the damage the commercial fishing fleet does. As you say we each need to feel comfortable with our "thing". But just like some are allowed to express pleasure from the record trophy other's are also allowed to express sadness for the demise of a great creature. Personally, the never-ending "scientific study justification" of whaling by one of our northern neighbours has killed that reasoning for me. I only take what I plan to consume. Names and numbers on the board (without the consumption factor) don't excite me. But each to his own. Cheers Zoran
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    Science lab, my sister who works at nsw fisheries says her colleagues use great white carcasses from nets and boats to study their stomachs, age, weight, etc.
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    Really!? Then if that's the drill it sucks. Like shooting an Elephant then. For what, a picture!? Nah, not cool.
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    probably, they run up the Hawkesbury to at least Windsor in a dry year, dont see why they wouldnt be in the Cooks
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    You don’t always see them. 😉
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    Hi Will, The rod rating on that is 5-8kg. You could probably up it to 20lb but it depends then on how you fight the fish and a couple of other factors. Let me explain. General consensus is not all braids are the same. I have two different lines rated at 80lbs. One is a Fins braid and the other is a Japanese YKG. The difference is diameters and handling is very noticeable. The other issue is that some companies under rate the braid (probably to allow for losses when people tie knots). That 20lb braid could be breaking at 30lbs or even more. The rod and fittings have been set up for 8kg and probably a safety margin. One of my mates straightened the guides on his rod because he used line on his rod double what the rod rating was. You can get away with this if you fight with the rod pointed more directly at the fish as the load runs back to the reel with a lot less strain on the guides. You still want some bend in the rod to take the shock loading but you are not high sticking or putting stupid strain on the runners. My mum gave me the series 1 Raider Snapper over a decade ago as a birthday present. I've fished it hard and it is still going strong. Having said that I've recently been trying out two rods in the Atomic Arrowz range. I almost bought another one the other week. Based on your question there is one in the series I think you should look at. In 2 piece the model is the AAS-270H. It is 7 foot spin rated for 14-30lb line and 10-50g lures. They also do it in a one piece (drop the 2 in 270 model number). I came so very close to buying it but didn't need it and not ready to retire the Raider Snapper. look at Frogley's offshore to check the technical specs. Worthwhile picking one up to check the feel but also check in with Dinga to see if they have them (and hopefully at an excellent price as usual). I was fishing off the rocks last week with another Fishraider who uses a longer rod with 10lb braid which can really get the light lures out there. He and the guy next to him hook up about the same time. Guy next to him gets a small bonito. Mate takes a bit longer but surprised at the fight the bonito was putting up. Turned out to be a 71cm king which played nicely this time. Didn't go back in the water. Just some more things to think about and make your decision a little more difficult. Regards, Derek BTW - I'm not a fan of having leader knots running through the guides. If you can feel it passing through then there is the risk of damaging guides/rods. I run a leader of maximum about 1m depending on the length of rod I am using. Just something to think about when you get your setup and as you get involved in those frequent cast and rip it back sessions. Yes I can tie an FG knot but I still don't want it ripping through the guides at speed.
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    Great Report. Keep on trucking. Cheers.
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    Apologies I meant to write motor well!! But you have found yet another purpose - slimie catcher ! cheers Z
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    This location is more productive during the summer time early morning. You can expect legal size kingies and jew fish between January and April. You get trevally and breams throughout the year.
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    Thanks Zoran! That’s a thought... it’s pretty wide... I’ll have to measure up and see what I can do. So that area in front of the motor is an anchor well? I thought it was there to catch the slimies I cut up on the cutting board I use on the rear casting platform... they’re always sliding in there when I take off! 😂
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    Just use the waves as they wash up, don't rush it, or, buy a long handled net or gaff.
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    You could be thinking of a Blue Groper which you can catch by line but its illegal to spearfish. Or Tailor are called Bluefish, more of a American term though, you can catch them on line and Spearfish.
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    I agree with Frank.... prefab made to measure with nuts and bolt fitting eliminates a lot of additional issues associated with welding to an existing painted surface - stripping, cleaning back to bare alloy, welding (ally transfers heat really well - so may cause additional paint damage further out), and then trying to repaint, and match the existing on both inside and outside surfaces... heading down this path is likely to drive your overall fabrication costs thru roof and you will be dealing with a fabricator and a spray painter. Cheers Z PS. Baz, the anchor well side surfaces would be an ideal place to bolt flat plate bases for the bait board/rod holders. Because of the sloping angles as Frank says, its easiest done if the fabricator has the boat next to the welding equipment. However, if you are somewhat handy and take some stiff cardboard sheets (or thin MDF board) and gaffa tape, you could probably fashion a mockup of the bait board that captures the dimensions and angles that you could then take to a fabricator. Just a thought.
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    Fingers crossed for you Rick but its not looking to good for NSW coast right up to Qld. I had my fingers & toes crossed when the Nelson Bay meet was on but it didn't help any 😒 Hope you get to wet a line anyway.
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    Wind looks lighter further north so hittin crowdy was hopin to go broughton but dont want to punch back into southerly saturday msg me in morn if you get some
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    Yes mate I have made heaps of bait boards for both glass and alloy boats, no mystery to them just a matter of having the boat close to the welder. I am just thinking of the easiest cheapest way that possibly you could do the job yourself via nuts and bolts. And when I mention floor I am of coarse talking about the rear casting platform. Frank
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    Look at the Fisheries website, don't rely on google or internet experts.
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    School holidays are here so it’s fishing time. Plan was two trips one reef, one flatie plus try to find a pelagic or two. Tuesday after packing the boat and stocking up on food finally left Grays Point ramp at 10am. Headed outside and spent 40 min trolling and exploring around the Jibbon Bommie found nothing of interest so headed out to chase blue spots. First drift produced 3 keepers for Kobi who was then full of advice for his brother who had caught a dozen throwbacks no keepers. Next drift was a couple each, third drift Tyler came thru with a strong finish the only 4 keepers and a good jacket. Sea sickness started to show itself so trolled back around the bommie and into the river as the tide dropped we pumped some nippers and fished the flats and deep water found bream around legal size in most areas only kept a couple. Back at the ramp 4:30 crew straight away continued fishing. Wednesday after pancakes and the works for breakfast left the ramp at 9 am and headed for the Merries reef area. On the way saw a bit of surface action got the boys to put the lures out while I drove. After a few minutes got hookup on first lure waited a few secs for the double hookup. After a few unders and overs of lines the fish went opposite directions one up high for the beach one down deep for the open sea. With a lot of winding and comments both fish were eventually landed both PBS. 655 mm and 673mm luckily one each. Fish had dispersed so headed over and anchored in 20 m on edge of reef. No spectacular fish but the boys had a good time catching colourful reef fish keeping a few. Headed back into the river by 12:00 before seasickness arrived, picked up my wife and granddaughter for lunch and more fishing. Back at the ramp by 4 pm. The boys are just at an age where they are good company on the boat and can bait own lines, unhook most fish and even set and pull up the anchor in the river. I’ll just have to force myself to take them fishing lots, it’s not an excuse for me going fishing.
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    Howdy Raiders, Well after the "Tenacious Tuesday" ... which really became "Turn-around Tuesday" for Maria .... I'm happy to report today was "Far-out Friday !!!" . Yup Maria went to the shelf.... Browns Mountain 40km east of Sydney. About as far-out as she'd ever want to be. It was her first trip and she was armed with the electric set up - which apparently now is "hers" ... and I have approval to go buy my own... but on this trip I was relegated to the old trusty Alvey Reef King. We launched at Davidsons Park Forestville. It was a very early start. Salted pillies and squid for bait. A really bumpy ride out to Browns in the morning and the conditions for the first few hours were pretty ordinary, but the weather gods put on the best mid-morning to late afternoon that I have seen in a long time. Just glorious calm offshore weather. On the way out, we saw a whale broach, and for most of the day there was a pod of dolphins some where in sight, so there was plenty to keep us distracted. Anyway, back to the fishy details..... turns out electric powered Maria scored 3 Gem fish.... to manual powered Zoran's zero. Hmmmm. ... maybe some payback there for the 6 flatties I scored on Tuesday to Marias zero !! .... just sayin'. So here I am pictured with the gemmies.... not because I was trying to kind of claim they were mine ... but because I was about to gut them.... It was a slow day at Brown's, 9 drifts for 3 fish. Also, on the first drop Maria had the braid bitten off with 57m to reel in ... I conclude there must have been something stuck to the line that attracted a jacket. But regardless guess who had to re-rig the FG knot etc etc etc ! Also two of Maria's 3 gemmies fought to about 20m off the surface and then spat the hook.... only to bob up a few meters from the boat bloated....guess who gaffed or drove the boat to net them ??? Maybe 2 gemmies are a shared catch after all ... 🙄 Yes there is just a bit of rivalry between us ... but what a great day to share together. Cheers Zoran PS - We stopped at 12Mile on the way back... to have two rigs bitten off by JACKETS !!!!! ...... which convinced us to pull stumps to run back home and face the Friday arvo traffic. PPS - water at Browns 20.8C. Current 2-3kts running N to S.
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    I'm not sure if it saves much time driving on compared to winching and there is a bit more risk of damage to the hull or the propeller. But a big reason for me is that you don't have to dunk so much of the trailer. This makes a huge difference to longevity and maintenance. Very little of my trailer gets dunked in the water and I don't dunk the axles or bearings either (it's a 5.4m glass boat with a single axle trailer).
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    Usually take it back out to sea and dump it.
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