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    A very big thanks to any of our fishraiders who have been out fighting fires over the last few weeks. The pictures and videos shown on TV and social media depict the ferocity and relentlessness of the fires. Absolutely frightening vision. I have been listening to the Emergency channels Mid North Coast and am blown away by the comms management. Professional and so well managed. We have family members in Old Bar, Taree, Tuncurry and Forster. The work of the firies saved swordies sister’s house today at Old Bar/Wallabi Point. Thanks and take a well earned rest fellas and gals.
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    Managed 15 reds up to 63cm this arvo sat out 3hrs of 45knot westerly then 45mins 25 knot noreaster then it settled down and was great 5 knots from east came home at dark runnin on 28knots got dusted up by one very large red and pulled hook on one didnt go to whiskers hangout maybe next trip
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    Snapper fri arvo blackies sat arvo carp sun morn luv my comp wknds
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    Thanks guys hard work figuring out this weather and hangin out for a couple of hours to fish that window of calm in the evening makes you question your sanity when your sitting on the mooring north beach broughton with 3ft of wind chop hittin you was worth the wait couple of beers n sangers then catchin tatget species was worth it
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    Nice work rick . Snapper one day blackies the next. We had a trip planned this weekend to Charlotte head but old mother nature has stuffed once again so instead of fishing rods its firetrucks for us. Just having a breather near port racecourse. Hope everyone is staying safe, been a pretty crap 24 hours, but i still got fishraider. Cheers Scotty
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    Hi all, Picked up a cheap baitcaster combo last week for something different, Went out this week before work to learn how to cast, Few successfull cast`s later and few EP`s to boot Now I`m hooked! and looking to get a decent baitcast rod!
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    The devastation is unbelievable, I've got friends and workmates that have lost their homes, the fireys here have been working tirelessly and are doing an incredible job this whole section of the coast woukd be ash without their efforts Hope all my fellow raiders are doing ok, I've been lucky thus far but got grave concerns for Tuesday
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    They're hero's that's for sure. Still grim too. My mate in Qld just told me his daughter and kids were just evacuated as a massive fire front was approaching their home. The footage from some of these fires are terrifying. Hope no more lives get lost and anyone here near or in them is safe.
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    Thanks for the input Donna. Your photos further reinforce what a precarious country we live in. As you say the rivers are suffering throughout this vast land. I read yours and Swordie's posts with great interest, as you did what I had long desired to do (the lap). However, it is no longer on the bucket list. Common sense provides the rationale that I lower the bar on my expectations. I am sure that the country will recover some of its former glory in the long run...just hope it's not too long. We can only hope that this upcoming wet season will bring life back to these areas in abundance. Cheers, bn
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    Got 6 in an hour corn kernels no sinker size 6 hook go well on 4lb line
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    Thank you isn’t enough @scottyboy A damn fine job much appreciated. RFS blokes saved our family member’s home in Old Bar/Wallabi Point today.
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    Easy way to tell the difference is stick your finger in its mouth- if you end up screaming in pain-its a longtom- if you dont-its a gar!!!
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    Headed out early this morning near Lilli Pilli. Not much happening, a few small reddies but none legal. Again no yakkas or pillies to catch. The flattie took a strip of salted tuna. The jewie took a squid strip and put up a good fight on a handline. Also pulled out another jewie around the 60 mark, released to grow bigger. Tried spinning a lure near Gymea Bay for nothing, only saw one fish splash near me during that time so headed home. I threw out a line at my mums place and pulled out the bream on a piece of tuna. A chunky bream that weighed 2.75 pounds (on the old scales). It was released to grow bigger again.
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    Well done mate. Success like that is abit like picking the winner in the Melbourne Cup. Keep the reports coming. bn
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    Sometimes people living West of the divide envy "Coasties" because they believe that fishing is "on tap" all the time. Not the case though is it Rick? Makes it all the better an experience when you can fit a successful outing into a busy work schedule. Well done champ, hope you get to repeat the experience, as often as you can handle. Cheers, Neil
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    You dont need expensive gear to enjoy yourself good stuff mate
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    Hit the rocks late arvo 9 blackies then the dolphins came in and couldnt get my last fish 3 over 40 cm all in good condition carryin roe n milt
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    Nice haul, they all look like siblings....same size!
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    Great haul mate. Well done.
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    Thanks waza, like you said we don't want to hijack ricks awesome catch. Thanks for the support. Ive probably got 3hrs left on our break and were heading south to taree. Where only a bunch of farmers and mechanics with firehoses.
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    We would walk through the golf course from Bilga Crescent down to little bay, it was like a private beach 😎😎😎
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    Not meaning to hijack Rick's post just wanted to say good on you Scotty, hope you and yours are also safe. Thanks for your service and every success when you do get to go fishing. Everyone fighting these fires are hero's to us all
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    Hi all, Just got back from a weekday break at The Entrance. Reading @LandBasedKeith's report about prawns running and @Toby_fisho's reports of flatties on the flats, I went up there feeling confident I could find some fish. Thanks guys for your reports and intel Day 1 we drove up to Swansea for lunch at the RSL. After lunch I wandered down to some flats I had scouted out to see if I could snare a whiting on a sugapen. They were there, and they certainly weren't shy - I actually had one by the nose for about five seconds - but I struggled to work poppers due to the huge amount of weed on the surface. I gave up after half an hour. Changing to a gulp 3 inch minnow found me a couple of pike: Would have kept them for bait, but didn't have an esky on me, so they were sent on their way. Returning to The Entrance that afternoon, I had a cast around the flats and got myself a legal bream for dinner. The next morning waiting for the sun to come up, I was casting in the deeper water west of the bridge and hooked up to something huge. Whenever it ran, I was powerless to do anything, but when it stopped, I found that I could let the line go slack. Something told me that it was a foul-hooked ray, but seeing as I could gently turn it every now and again, I thought I would play along to see if I could get it to reveal itself to me. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the hook straightened after about ten mins and I was free to pursue something else. Once the sun was up, it was out again on the flats. The tailor were busy chasing prawns like every other fish in the lake. It was actually difficult to get a plastic to the bottom without it getting butchered, hooking up to a just-undersize tailor or both. Was good fun, but it did get old (and expensive) after a while. When I finally got a lure to the bottom, I was lucky enough to snare a 53cm flathead: My final session the next morning saw a repeat of the first morning, with the tailor even thicker than the previous morning. However, I managed to catch myself a legal flounder: All in all it was a few good sessions, was glad to be up there. About to whip up a thai fish curry with the flathead now Mike
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    During much of the 80s, I was travelling. After a 60+ day round Australia trip in 1983 by Ansett Pioneer coach and hitch hiking, I got the travel bug. In early ‘84, I quit my job - I was supposed to head to Western Australia in a Landrover with a guy I knew from Wollongong Sportfishing Club to fish Carnarvon, Exmouth, Shark Bay etc. but 2 days before we were due to go, he pulled up outside my home, saying he’d got a job with BHP in Newcastle (he was a boilermaker) and it was too good to pass up. As I had sold my 4WD, I decided to hitchhike but headed north. Caught the train to Berowra, stuck out my thumb and never looked back. The new plan was to head to North Queensland and try and get work on a prawn boat in the Gulf of Carpentaria, then eventually try and get a job as a deckie on a marlin boat in Cairns. However, I got as far as Noosa and liked it so much, I stayed there for about 9 or 10 months. Then I hitched north and west through Qld to places like Childers (slept under a Lutheran Church), Rockhampton, Barcaldine, Longreach, Winton etc. After spending a couple of weeks working on a water drilling rig near Winton and Hughenden, I jumped a goods train from Richmond and rolled into Mt Isa early next morning. From there, I hitchhiked to Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. In Alice Springs I visited the CES office and they put me on a bus to Yulara for an interview for a job at the (then) Sheraton Hotel Ayers Rock. I spent almost a year there, where I met many foreign travellers and in May ‘86, I flew home to Sydney and booked a one way flight to England with stopovers in New Zealand (one month), Fiji, Hawaii, LA (spent a month in mainland USA), then Vancouver (a month in BC, then 11 months working at Sunshine Village Ski Resort, Bannf), then to London and I spent 6 months doing bar work in Buckinghamshire, before returning home for Christmas 1987. Was intending to return to Ayers Rock for a staff reunion in October ‘88 but I joined Australia Post in March ‘88, where I met my future wife and the rest is history. I worked 24 years with Post before taking redundancy and have been married 30 years, this October gone. I look back on the 80s with fond memories indeed!
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    Hi Guys. Long time no post. Couple of hours fishing for snappers today south of sydney, conditions werent great. Wind opposite current and with strong current. Plastics were working better than bait. Here some pics. Did anyone get out for reds?
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    Hi mate, yeah we have it ok here at the moment. Never seen so many native plants in flower in the same year as I have this year. Haven't been out fishing for a few weeks but a drive around the areas the other day to take the misses out and most waters looked really good from Ballarat to Bridgewater. Everything's been against me fishing in the past month but by hook or by crook im going next week.
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    You could also look at it the other way and start off with high quality braid that will instantly enhance the whole fishing experience. Using supper thin braid that makes detecting bites, cutting through strong currents, feeling far more of a fishes fight might be the difference between sticking at the hobby or simply giving up after a short time. If either of your rods are soft and bendy (rather than crisp graphite) then the added stretch of mono will certainly numb down the feel to the point most bites won't get detected, especially from those small picking fish that will steal your bait leaving you fishing bait-less without knowing. Fishing a deep beach gutter with strong side currents is very difficult using mono as the terminal tackle gets swept along the shore often ending up out of the fish zone. Knots really aren't that difficult to master, especially by watching youtube videos. A basic uni knot but with more turns is enough to get started. Braids can be dangerous in the fact they are so thin they can cut into your hands if not handled properly, but this is something soon learnt (don't wrap it around your hands and pull it hard). Braids come in different quality and weave, cheaper ones can be more prone to tangles during casts, so if you do get braid at anytime ask about braid less prone to tangles or wind knots (I haven't had a wind knot for years personally). Because braid is so much thinner you will either have to put far more on your reel to fill it or partly fill the reel with mono first. That extra amount of braid is what allows you to handle far bigger fish if you hook something that pulls lots of line from the reel during a fight. I preferred more lighter line than less thicker heavier line when targeting jewfish from the shore. Lines such as Daiwa J braid are available in colour change every 10m, this is quite handy as you can count the colours as you retrieve your line to see how far you are casting. Knowing the distance you last caught a fish also means you can put the next cast close to the same spot (knowing what colour is on the spool. I personally never go above 20lb braid from the shore for a few reasons, firstly most rods and reels can't handle more than 10-12lb of drag and neither can most people, so heavier line is simply overkill. The other I all ready mentioned, more line is more time to turn a big fish before you run out of line on the spool. Don't get me wrong, what the guys have said about mono is perfectly true, its cheap entry level line you can catch fish with. Im personally using suffix 131 and believe it to be the best braid ever, yes its also very expensive but also outlasts anything Ive ever used before and gives me great confidence when battling kings or flicking small lures from the shore.
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    Yeah, probably! Maybe it’s just us old school guys who think people should start out learning the ropes the way we did... you know, with a bit of fishing line wound around a long knock beer bottle! 😂
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    Yeah I was thinking. If a beginner can learn the leader knots then I don’t see any other real reason to not start out with braid.
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    Braid will give you more bite sensitivity than mono, and might make your learning curve a bit faster , steeper and perhaps more interesting - whether it is bait or lure fishing. I would keep one rod (shorter) with braid and the other with mono - so you can learn from both. As for the braid cost - It won't take much efforts to find a braid discounted to $5-10 on local shops clearances - it would not be the best choice for using with specialized tackle however will handle any mentioned bream , whiting or flattie just fine.
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