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    Use this thread to send best wishes or post pics. Stay safe all raiders and families and friends during this time.
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    I use braid on the beach when throwing lures, which is what I do most of the time. On the rare occasions I soak a bait, its time to dust off the alveys loaded with low stretch mono. Like Rick, I've caught my share of decent jew and big bronzies from the beach on 20lb mono and never felt undergunned.
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    Managed 15 reds up to 63cm this arvo sat out 3hrs of 45knot westerly then 45mins 25 knot noreaster then it settled down and was great 5 knots from east came home at dark runnin on 28knots got dusted up by one very large red and pulled hook on one didnt go to whiskers hangout maybe next trip
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    I was walking around a headland in Hawaii and found a humuhumunukunukuapua’a stranded in a tiny Little Rock pool and scooped it up to carry it back to the sea. It took a chunk out of my finger - it never occured to me they bite but they have a beak like a parrotfish. And that really is their name too - I expect there is a shortened version but I don’t know it.
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    Got a nice scar on my thumb from a tailor many moons ago-however it all happened so quick that im still not sure if it was teeth or the treble i was trying to remove! HAd a couple of near misses with spotty and spanish macks (which is why they get introduced to Mr Club before they enter my boat these days)
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    Very eerie morning in Nelson Bay this morning Stay safe everyone and let’s hope conditions are much better than predicted.
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    Thoughts with you and everyone displaced by these horrific circumstances Dave.Keep safe. bn
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    Thanks guys hard work figuring out this weather and hangin out for a couple of hours to fish that window of calm in the evening makes you question your sanity when your sitting on the mooring north beach broughton with 3ft of wind chop hittin you was worth the wait couple of beers n sangers then catchin tatget species was worth it
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    Just thought I'd share this pic and see if anyone is able to knock me off the podium for smallest flathead on lures. Feel free to post any other species if you are feeling confident and we can get a bit of competition going chris
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    A very big thanks to any of our fishraiders who have been out fighting fires over the last few weeks. The pictures and videos shown on TV and social media depict the ferocity and relentlessness of the fires. Absolutely frightening vision. I have been listening to the Emergency channels Mid North Coast and am blown away by the comms management. Professional and so well managed. We have family members in Old Bar, Taree, Tuncurry and Forster. The work of the firies saved swordies sister’s house today at Old Bar/Wallabi Point. Thanks and take a well earned rest fellas and gals.
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    Over the past few years I've heard of just about everything getting caught in Vic waters. Times are changing. https://vfa.vic.gov.au/education/featured/teachers-resource/climate-change-fishing-change
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    I grew up in Valla, northern Rivers in bushland. We burnt off regular but the area still went up. No RFS then , no local brigade to help. Just us and nearby relos beating the flames with wet sacks and shovels. All of us got out there.
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    The Hairtail got me when the gaff man swung it my way- I was trapped in the corner of the boat, got me on the arm- one of the ganged hooks 'stood up' saving me from severe injury, but bled like mad until the slime applied. Eel got me when I put my hand in "the drink pool" we used to put cans of drink in- some idiot put the eel in there with line wrapped around it, took my full weight on my rock plate to get it off my finger
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    i got bitten by a 40 odd cm tailor while removing the hook, swearing at it made it let go, the wonders of swearing at a fish. second worse was a squid, just like a bird and have multiple chomps before u manage to pull them off. This one was interesting as when i picked the squid up behind the head it somehow wrapped around and had a few. 3rd... well i dont know as they were the only 2 painful enough to remember, the only one that comes to mind is a flatty and their abrasive mouths. ill never put my finger in a breams mouth as they do have some decent chomps on them when they get big. I cannot imagine the agony a hairtail or a eel would bring...
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    Yeah mate. Used to fish there all the time and always took me rubbish to the bins. Its bloody sad how irresponsible ratbags leave their rubbish behind...treat the wharf like a bloody junkyard. Makes my blood boil when the innocents are affected hey.
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    A paternoster. I slide the ring of a swivel onto the main line so its free sliding then tie another swivel to the end of the main line. On the sliding swivel goes a short trace and sinker. Off the tied swivel goes about 60cm of 15kg to my bait. That way my bait is very free sliding if I feel I need to give the fish a bit of line before striking. Small baits I strike pretty much straight away and larger baits I give the fish a couple of metres first.
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    Think every reddie fisherman has caught them this size.
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    I actually know the bloke that caught two in a day at the banks year before last. Same time there was a third one caught by another boat south of the banks
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    I remember reading only a few years back, someone caught a sailfish on a lure from the "Tubes" at the entrance to Jervis Bay. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link it, but if you google Jervis Bay sailfish it comes up.
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    +1 for the Alvey’s off the beach
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    Cobia are pretty common down this way, they are caught around Bass Point every year, usually smaller ones around 5kg, but certainly caught reasonably regularly.
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    Thanks guys, main reason for evac is to avoid being trapped with no power water or communication RFS crews are stretched as it is so a good chance help wouldn't
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    Plus one green hornet 20lb on jew is fine never had a jew take more than 200mtrs off the beach on 20 and landed em up to 37kgs
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    Only experienced a bushfire once being trapped at Jervis Bay Huskisson for 5 days as a visitor. Can’t imagine what it would be like to pick up and walk away from everything. Our thoughts are with you guys - wish you the best. Cheers Zoran
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    Seen lots of odd bods during my fishing years, including a Sail Fish at the Banks off Nowra, I have personally caught Cobia, Spangled Emperor, and Spotty Mackeral off Bass Point and a positively identified Coral Trout off the small bommie on the north side of Rabbit Island at Port Kembla.
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    I use two reels. Fin-Nor 100 Lethal and a Shimano Ulterga 14000 on a Wilson 13' rod one piece. Both cast a country mile but I use top of the range Mono 15lb, I have no problems catching fish. If you want to stick to Braid listen to Green Hornet,he has been around a long time fishing. Cheers.
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    Hand me that crown for smallest flathead 😎 I think this one is a flathead lol. All 3m of it!
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    Yep , next to the bottle shop 👍 I’m a Matto old boy too
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    Pretty sure I could too but don't have a photo. Do have this one though, which I picked up on a SP while in a friendly competition with a mate. As it was caught/hooked (albeit foul) on a lure it counted towards my point score - note that the plastic is 3" (75mm) long.... Shortly after my mate hooked this one which under my rules counted towards his point score and left me laughing out loud.
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    Easy way to tell the difference is stick your finger in its mouth- if you end up screaming in pain-its a longtom- if you dont-its a gar!!!
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    The fish your describing are native species, the fact that they may be around what you would call not usual habit just a part of evolution. Species move following food or warmer currents. https://bie.ala.org.au/species/urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:43e13442-afd0-443b-96fb-9a462eeea542 The day I can catch Coral trout in Sydney I will rejoice & probably go out & buy a bottle of Penfolds Grange to enjoy with if for dinner 😁 But your right in that if you do catch a species like carp then I believe its against the law to actually return it, & if its some unusual or foreign species then report it to the DPI or equivalent body. Id be more worried about the crown of thorns star fish consuming the Great Barrier Reef or the cane toads reaching Sydney, also the effects on the country from introduced feral species like pigs, foxes. cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, deer. And I certainly wont be donating any money to some Tsethar Buddhist group, Id rather donate to our farmers or another needy Australian charity where it will actually have a good effect for us!
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    Good advice from Baz. Before braid came on the scene everybody used monofilament line and caught plenty of fish with it. Just do what Baz suggested and put the time in. Learn how to target each species by watching videos on Youtube. Also how to set your rigs up for particular species, how to tie the correct knots (Youtube). Above all don't ever think that it's easy to catch fish. Like anything else in life, it takes time to be good at something. Good luck and let us all know how you go with it. Cheers, bn
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    Mike. IF you are anywhere near Berala bring the rods to my place and I will supply the dremmel and guide you through the process so you don't damage the rods, might even have some suitable end caps here OR make some. Frank
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    generally when shortening rods ( for whatever reason ) you would take a similar amount off butt as you do tip but in your case I don't think this would be needed, 100mm seems a bit excessive to me for what you want to achieve, try taking 25mm off and go try it out and another 25mm if it is still not what you want, keep going till you get the optimum length you are looking for. Use a dremmel ( if you have one ) don't try using hack saw as this will rip through the corbon/glass instead of cutting through and you might end up with splinters. A photo or 2 before and after shots would be good. PS cutting 100mm off the butt would probably mean you would no longer be able to place the rod into most rod holders with confidence. Frank
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