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    Headed up from Lilli Pilli early this morning to the deeper water. Caught the fish (except for the smaller flattie and whiting) on squid and salted yakka strips. Plenty of small reddies pinching the baits, only one just made size. Also pulled out a just under tailor, and dropped 2 bigger tailor that spat the hooks. I pulled out a jewie that was about 60 cm, and he was returned after a good fight. I had one good run that I suspected was an eagle ray, and it was. About 2 feet across the wings, not a big one but still swimming like a rocket on a hand line. I pulled him up to the boat, flipped him upside down and removed the hooks as they were hooked beside his mouth, not in the mouth. They are a funny looking ray, with a bulbous head on top rather than the flat body of most other rays. They look like little space craft on science fiction movies with their head sitting on top, cannot think of the movie name at present. I later headed up to Greys Point and pumped some nippers, have not fished there for a long time. Drifted about for the smaller flattie and whiting, and released a small flattie. Not many bites at all. There were some fish splashing on the surface near Gymea Bay. No takers on a lure, and they appeared to be salmon.
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    Had a cracking afternoon kayak session on Friday after an early launch on the lower Georges. Collected only a few poddies in the morning and trolled them around on the run in for a while heading upstream to a better bait spot. Loaded up a bag limit of nice sized poddies on the top of the tide and started fishing the flats for not much action. I waited for the tide to gather some momentum about two hours after high and fished the deeper water. First fish was a fiesty flatty around 65-70cm that slipped out of the lip grips and jumped out of the net with a spectacular vertical leap. I was thinking it wasn't going to be my day but I was wrong and in the next 90 minutes the action was insane. https://youtu.be/xSa46vNChqM Next fish was a king on my lighter rod that gave me some stick for a couple of minutes. Was stoked to measure it at legal! Following drift produced a double hook up with a 60cm mulloway and while I was releasing it another king smashed my bigger rod. Next up was a nice flatty just over 60cm and another rat king to follow that was released. Shortly after another double with a smaller flatty released whilst the heavier rod went off with another king. https://youtu.be/hGmceFCM804 With only a few dead poddies left I headed back to the ramp and had the bigger rod smashed by a 72cm flatty which I took into the shore to video the release. https://youtu.be/Gr_eFI-Qnmg A memorable session and all while I was being buzzed by huge cruisers and cowboys on jet skis. I'll post some links to my Youtube channel soon.
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    Fishing live baits on 8lb mainline is the main reason your not landing fish go up in size on mainline and trace
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    I was recently asked if I could make a rear step for a aluminium boat, so I have come up with a few designs to suit different size boats, small med and large . They would have grab handles made to suit boat. I have fitted one to my own 14 foot Brooker ( just a prototype ) but will do the job I am looking for just bolted on. After talkback from those who have them ? and more importantly Who uses them ?. They come as standard on many boats but most are not used. Here is mine. I have made them all with angled backs to suit angle of my transom so step is straight when fitted but boats with upright transomes would be made straight to suit. Have to fill holes in this one. This on is pretty heavy and very solid. Would look nicer IF I had a buffing machine. light duty is 1.8mm checker and the others are 6mm checker, just using scrap material I have laying around the place. Frank
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    G’day raiders, Where do I start???? Ok, so Monday. Woodsy and I were going to head out so I went and checked the weather. Conditions were forecast fishable but I looked at the ocean and it wasn’t right, so we canned it. Made plans to look at Friday! I had another mate and raider @tyrone07 keen as well. So we plan to get out today but Tyrone decides to bring up his boat with a mate and thought we could have a little Comp to keep us focused. The only problem is he only made it half way due to a collapsed wheel bearing! Poor bastard! 😫 Well that’s not stopping me and woodsy from going, so off we went. Collected a few livies that were very picky. Great conditions and we hit our mark. A few drifts nothing! Plenty of bait showing, good water (maybe to clear) good drift but no takers! Reset the drift and finally woodsy comes up tight! A nice panny for the box. Another boat turns up and anchors on our drift so time to move. Well, we pull up and there’s a stack of kings under our boat. Great fun on the snapper gear but all rats and basically just wasting our time. So we venture on closer to structure and get a good drift going. Plenty of bait on the sounder and then showering the surface. To be honest, I can’t recall every fish in order but they started chewing and chewing hard! We both lost some really really good fish and landed some nice takers too! Although I did manage to catch whiskers but a few of his brothers were to good for us! Packed up by 1030 and left them biting! Another great day out in Port Stephens! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Fished the sand flats in the macleay yesterdays afterwards for me I did really well on whiting. Nothing compared to the snapper at Port Stephens. Fished from the shore as only a short trip and couldn't be bothered launching the boat.. Fished unweighted nippers on 1 and 2 kg outfits for about 3hrs near the bottom of the tide. Never caught so many whiting over 35cm in a single outing. . Going to give them another try tomorrow
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    The eagle rays certainly go hard. Nearly got spooled by a big one last month. Just hung on and the line busted at the swivel, so only lost the hooks and swivel. Eagle rays swim into shallow water at night and suck the nippers out of the sand. You can see where they have been, depressions in the sand about 2 feet across. To the inexperienced, it looks like someone has been using a nipper pump to try to dig to the centre of the earth. If you have to chase a flattie, it will be a world record fish.
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    No kingie That's a Latchet, similar to a Gurnard but has forked tail. Yowie, you never fail to amaze me, you do so well . Frank
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    Awesome action and fish guys, well done. I am dreaming of getting out there one day. What gear was this on Jeff? Came up on Sat morning but spent all day on the house and Sunday was very smoky!
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    Hi Raiders, Looking at getting my brother a gift voucher for a fishing trip within botany Bay or Sydney Harbour. Any recommendations please PM. Thanks Deek
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    Ive caught some Sargent Bakers on jigs off the ocean rocks. Also cuttlefish and octopus. Oh and occasionally a squid😆
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    Hey salty creek, I have an image of you as a youngster on a bike going to spots and discovering the world of fishing. Regardless of your age, you're in for an amazing time coz the Fishraider community here are a great bunch of people who share Intel and can help you catch that fish you're chasing. I have seen some people catch Jew to maybe 70cm on very light line but they were in a boat and the hook was in the mouth holding onto almost nothing. They could chase the fish and keep enough pressure on to prevent the hook falling out. There's no way you could set the hook on a Jew with such light line. If the hook did get into the gills or swallowed then it might hold but the light trace would cut or wear out on the gill plates or mouth. That 12kg gear you have is better suited but don't fish the bait runner engaged. Fish it in gear and get some cord and attach it to the gear else you'll lose it on the strike. Good luck and hope to see you here with a big fish and matching smile on your dial. 😎
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    lol sorry xD I think we will land some soon tho
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    Where are you busting off? At a knot? What strength leader are using? If it’s flathead, are you sure they’re not just sawing through the leader above the hook? If so, keep their head down below the surface and bring the net up from underneath... use a big net... less chance of them sawing through the leader.
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