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    It’s time to wish all raiders and families a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I want to say a big thank you to my moderators here for helping keep this forum the best, most reliable and informative forum in Australia. Thanks @Scratchie @Rah @dirvin21 @Blood Knot for leading our community - always a fabulous effort and I appreciate you all greatly. A mention to @Blackfish who moderates the Aquarium. To all the great members in this community. There are way too many to thank individually. Raiders know who to go to for information and help and these members are who they go to. Members ARE fishraider forum for without you all and your reports, comments and pictures there would be no fishraider. Let’s hope for a great 2020 and that the drought is broken soon. No more fires and some great fishing adventures. Fondest wishes Donna (Community Manager)
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here. Headed out today with fellow raider @Flanno. Filled up with livies pretty quick. Hit the island and with wind against swell, against current made drifting difficult. But after a few change in locations and plastics, I managed to find one beast going 80cm that gave a good account of itself. Had to move a few more times to find Flanno his first legal snapper on sps and a cracker too going 74cm. It was a good day out there, thanks Flanno. I’m sure I’ve created another addicted member lol 😝 Merry Xmas to all raiders!!! cheers scratchie!!!
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    Came across this one a while back on YouTube while looking for stick bait action. Not mine but so worth it to see the flying fish and the scenery in Cape York,
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    Hey guys, Headed out late last night (9:30) to fish the run out tide on the flats, the weather was 10/10. Decided to fish the flats for some whiting but no luck on whiting. After couple of hours dropped down a pillie cube to see if that gets anything, no movement in the line after 15min so pulled it up and it had some weight! head shakes! 80cm flathead!! Caught on a Rovex 1-3kg squid rod, 10lb braid, 15lb flurocarbon and a size 2 black magic This is my PB for flat head, I can't imagine catching a 90cm.
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    Yeww thanks everyone and especially Scratchie for coming out. Stoked we got onto some great Snapper.. Hands down my PB snapper. Scratchie was so happy with his Snapper he forgot to mention the Kingfish we landed! 😮 They were rats though anyway 😂 If anyone wants to come for a fish in Port Stephens hit me up, I'm always keen
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    Awesome work Jeff & flanno Jeff that thing is so big you could turn it into a snapturducken 😏😁😜🤪😂😂🤣🤣 Enjoy Christmas lunch guys
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    My effort to land a Jack this year has hasn't stopped in the last couple of weeks, scored a couple of weeks off work so the plan was to fish as much as possible with red satan being the prime target, started my time off with a session on my mates boat hitting sucken timber with hardbodies along some of our favourite banks of course the big eye trevally were around in numbers not to mention the GT's I also managed to hooked a stingray in the end of the tail I had it called for a monster trev I would have paid to see my face when I saw the stingray come boatside with the water really dirty upstream we headed back downriver to a bank we don't normally fish and of course there were more trevs first time I've seen a GT this colour before other than that the bank was very quiet went down to a 20lb spin outfit and a smaller lure looking for more trevally left the drag basically locked up and then it hapened..... the rod buckled over and the locked drag screamed under the pressure of some nasty red beast and then dusted, I've been keeping a tally of jacks lost since the last one landed this was number 6, the same thing happened to Andrew about 10 minutes later only aparently it wasn't as funny when it happened to him. Feeling inspired that fortunes had to change myself and another mate made a trip to the Kolan river north of Bundaberg again with the site set on Jacks, I'llkeep the story brief in the first 2 hours of arrival Matt managed a nice jack burning with jealousy I kept casting and casting and was rewarded with a royal dusting on 30lb baitcast outfit with a full locked drag by another giant red spawn of satan and number 7 goes begging there was some serious language thrown around, the consolation for the day was I landed a javelin which was also on the hit list the only other things that bit were green toads and sandflies, the Kolan is a beautiful system and I may return one day. So I return home and keep jack spinning due to some poor weather I do a bit of landbased and on a local rockwall lure gets nailed... surely a moses perch, atleast it's the right family, with the moses perch around I took the kids out with some baits and they both managed to land their first moses manged to get the boat out again the next day being so frustarted with jacks I went the safe option and targeted bream on the racks landing a few what's swimming around the racks absolute trophy sized jacks taunting me, feeling like I was hiding from my true purpose I went back to jack spinning and on some deep timber a take..... knew within a few seconds it wasn't a jack first cod I've got in the nambucca in 8 months so not disapointed with the wind picking up ran back up river for a last ditch effort and again on some deep timber a solid take... I dared to dream as the fish took a solid run but again soon became apparent a slightly bigger cod, back to the ramp feeling a bit dejected I was back on the rockwall the next arvo casting for the moses perch which suposed to be everywhere walking back to the car put a cast on a rock in the middle of nothing not metres from the footpath and lure gets nailed, a flash of red, and just like that after countless hours hitting the river in the boat and driving 10 1/2 hours for no result the first red satan of 2019 comes from the most heavily fished ublic piece of river in existance he only measured 25cm but these things are so hard to catch I'm never unhapy with them despite the size now i just have to fulfil my goal of catching 5 this year cheers for reading Dave
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    Kingies have been very hit and miss for past few weeks. I’m feeling I may not reach my target of 500 for the year. I’m currently sitting on 488 (for the sceptics, I’m keeping a log - many I fish with are fellow raiders & can verify). I usually keep a max of 2 fish per angler and tag anything over 70 and release. last time out was Friday and only boated 2 kings, but didn’t spend any time getting live squid and only used little Yakkas. Both kings were just under legal. I bagged the first sambo for the season, a little bloke and not much of a chance to escape on 50lb gear (In the pic) . Water temp was 21.9, so heating up towards the magic 22, which seems to be the “switch” that kings become prolific.
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    Alvey 600 C5 mounted on Silstar Power Tip PT-1202BWH ... my go-to beach outfit. Alvey Yabby Pump 30" length indestructible ...and up until recently an Alvey ReefKing 18" pure power ... (sold to a good home) Cheers Zoran
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    Cannon That photo was dated 2006 ... still working perfectly. I use 200lb braid. Cheers Zoran
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    A very Merry Xmas to the Swordies, Mods, Crew & fellow fishraiders, I hope you all have a safe & happy break over the holidays and bigger & better reports for the new year 🎄🥳 cheers Dieter happy fishing
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    Great lure in streams or of edge of lakes they put out loads of flash
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    Merry Xmas and a Fishing good year. Cheers.
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    Merry Xmas to all. New Years resolution is to pack in smoking, just need a week of rain to stop!!!!..cough splutter.
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    Merry xmas donna stew and crew may all raiders have a safe and happy xmas tight lines all
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    High wind forecast for the next few days but there are some small windows in between allow some decent fishing time. Planned to fish early this morning before the wind pickup at around 3pm. Late night as usual. Didn't leave the house until 10:30am and almost didn't make it out of the house with the 42 degree heat outside. Pickup some weed and got to Ramsgate Beach at around 11:30pm. I bought an umbrella with me this time just to protect me from the hot sun. It didn't really help much as the haze still covered the whole sky...what sun? There are No breeze and simply HOT. Anyway, i grabbed a small yellowtail scad from the freeze this morning. I sometime do that, so if there are some big fishes about, i can cut up the yellowtail scad to catch some live bait to catch those big one. I don't know what come over me this morning. Maybe seeing something big chasing after my blackfish or heard some story of Kingie being caught with lure nearby from my last session over a week ago. I am determine to catch some live bait. So for the next hour and a half, it is man against this(see what is in my hand). It takes me a whole hour to find out what has been taking my bait and take them the next half hour to finish off the rest of my yellowtail flesh. No decent live bait, just 3 tinny snappers. No grudges against them so all release back into the water as best as i can. Anyway, enough distraction so back to blackfish fishing. There are bites but not so frequent and hard to hookup. Maybe it is because it is the peak of the high tide?! I burley like mad to improve the situation. Well... i didn't over burley but it did help i think. By 3pm, the wind had pickup as forecast and making fishing very difficult unless you don't mind getting wet. At the end, i take home 7 keepers. 2 just over 27cm , the rest average about 29cm and the biggest 34cm. At least not going home empty handed.
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    Thanks to everyone at Fishraider and safe and joyful times to all. Merry Christmas
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    A Massive thanks to the Fishraider crew, you have been doing fantastic things over this last year, a massive thanks to all the contributing members on reports and the info we have all provided within the fishing chat. Everyone stay safe over the Xmas/NYE break. Regards,
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    A big thanks and wishing the best of the festive season and for the new year, to you Donna and the rest of the fishraider crew. You guys and gals are awesome. Cheers Zoran
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    @kingie chaser Yes, a bit to do, not in a hurry. Should be ready before next summer, And it's not going to cost heaps. Should be a fun ride for a bit over a grand. I'm building up a transom for it so far. Mostly done the top hull repairs. Considering it apparently only had a 5 or 10 HP on the back, now it's going to have a 25hp. If I find that's not "lethal" enough😁, there's a 55hp sitting in the shed. I was going to put photos here but to be honest, with the advent of anti social media, it's been easier to post on Facebook on a blog page. I'm also part of two mini boat groups on FB as well. If anyone is on FB, they are welcome to look it up.
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    That report should be used as an inspirational tool for anglers Dave. Maximum effort in the most expected locations provides nothing then a "no-hope" cast in a highly unlikely spot and VOILA...target achieved. If that's not a true statement of what fishing is like, I don't know what is. Cheers, bn
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    Merry Christmas Scratchie and to all Raiders. Keep safe and enjoy your time on the water. Still on my wish list to do a trip up the coast and see for myself how the other half live. Till then tight lines everyone from bn.
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    Thanks everyone - Picked up a Terez white in 40lb - 100lb rating today.
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    Hard top was around $3K. I went for full plate-glass front and side windscreens, alloy two pac roof, and pantographic wipers with washers. We did re-purpose the existing stainless rocket launchers and bimini frame so that saved some cost. But then I also had to add a new set of clears and storm cover to suit the new configuration which was another $1.2k (these were due to be done anyway). The side clears are made to be rolled up out of the way to allow fresh air on those hot days, and rolled down to keep us dry in chop or rain. Cheers Zoran
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    This Alvey boat winch just came up on a local FB page.
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