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    Well as we have been doing for the last 13 years. Heading to the Port Stephens area to get away from Sydney- Hawksnest side of the bay Plan was- to spend time with family- and fish when I could Weather was great- and the big NE wind showed itself in the arvos I also had a lot of extended family to take out for a fish- which was good fun Anyway, long story short spent some time in the bay- some good bream in the myall river Squid on the surface targeting whiting in the Myall river- no whiting on surface A few trips to Broughton and got some good pan sized snapper biggest 50cm An amber jack at one stage Unfortunately lost the big Red- Hook bent and flattened- fishing too light a drag and leader - yes blame myself for that It began with a massive run from the fish wondering when it would stop- when it did, I was relieved but then a few heads shakes as I was gaining some ground and that sinking feeling of no more weight on the line- very disappointing as it was after so many hours of of casting Spent one night at Broughton anchored in the boat in coal shaft bay, escaping the NE one night Only to have the wind turn through the night to SW blowing straight in at about 30 knots Was very happy that the anchor held in the early morning We caught blue swimmers too in the myall river - best was putting traps in of a night and checking them at first light Nice surprise to have an octopus in one in the morning- great addition to the paella Trag were there too SE of Broughton in about 60m on the reef areas but lots of baracouta slicing and dicing the rigs- a bit frustrating losing many fish and rigs on way down and up The last night we were there, we fished Jimmy’s beach We had fished it a few times before only to catch the old common shovel nose and some good whiting- sometimes crowded with swimmers and fisherman Fishing with whole pilchard and a small running sinker I was teaching my daughter (6) to fish We had caught a few shovel nosed sharks and small tailor that night and on the last cast we had a good bite- it was just on dusk very low visibility She screamed “ it’s heavy dad!!” And I just said “don’t let go of the rod!” After a few minutes of drag screaming and reeling in and some splashing, I traced the line in with my hand as she kept winding near the shore, I was shocked to see a big flattie come up with the slight wash of the beach. Now it was leader vs wash and weight of the big girl vs the little girl. While my daughter was winding I eased the fish up with the wash and edged it up with my hands to dry ground I was so proud that she kept winding and didn’t dropped the rod in the sand - proud dad moment Will never forget this one on one moment with my little girl She said to me “ I had this funny feeling in my stomach I haven’t felt before” as she pulled the fish to shore I’m not sure if it was the rod pushing into her tummy or a little adrenalin running through her young blood It was the highlight of the holiday with some hard fishing amongst the crowds including me- part of the holidaying crowd I hope this is this is the beginning of her passion for fishing- expensive and time consuming as it may be!!!! She ended up with the biggest fish of the holiday!!And it was her first proper fish- My Flathead Queen- well thats what we call her now Thanks for reading
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    Hi All, I've learnt a lot from this forum over the years so thought I'd share a few tips on what's been working for me when targeting Sydney Harbour bream on topwater lures. It's an extremely addictive and accessible way to fish if you live in the city. Once you've cracked the code you'll be hesitant to throw much else for bream when targeting them with lures. Most of my experience is based on my local waterway which is Blackwattle Bay / Rozelle Bay. I also have no boat or kayak so fish exclusively from the shore. The same bream rules apply for where to find them - look for structure, bait and current (pretty sure this works for all fish FYI). The foreshore along BW Bay is full of bream at all times of the tide - don't be discouraged by what time of day either. I've caught them at all times, but in a place that gets as much foot traffic as BW Bay, you'd probably be best to start on early morning / late arvo. Obviously fish when you can, don't wait for the right conditions. You'll learn stuff even when you're collecting donuts 😉 The lure I've had most success on is the classic Bassday Sugapen. I use the 58mm and the 70mm - less hits on the bigger models but they work as well. Try to stick with the clear colour ways but a darker silhouette would go well on an overcast day. Also got them on the Berkley Scumdog (cheaper) and the MMD Splash Prawn but neither of these get the same nibs as the Bassday. Whatever you choose USE SCENT! It works. I don't care what anyone says. Also beware of touching the lure after you've applied sunscreen. Bream hate sunscreen. You can change out the rear trebles for some assist hooks (make your own or get the Atomic or the Ecogear ones). Bear in mind if you change to assists on the 58mm it'll sink a bit and go sub surface more often. Keeping your rod tip up on the retrieve alleviates this mostly. Still works but it's better with a smaller no.10 Treble. The 70mm handles the assist hooks just fine but if you wanna save a couple of bucks just change down to smaller trebles. You'll want to have a light setup for this - I fish 4lb braid and 4lb leader on a 6.5 to 7.5ft 1-3kg rod and a 2500 sized reel. I don't think the fish care what brand your fishing gear is. To nail the retrieve you need a really soft tipped rod. As wippy as you can get. The retrieve seems to be the key for getting them to bite. The slow and steady method is NOT what you want. I'm finding a really erratic walk the dog retrieve with lots of pauses is what gets them interested. Wind steadily and shake your other hand until you see the lure flipping side to side really fast. Retrieve for about 2-3ft then stop suddenly. A lot of the time you'll have a boil behind the lure or a hit straight away. If the fish just has a swipe then keep twitching until he hits it. I've had bream come up 5-6 times before they smack the lure - gets the heart pumping way more than it should for a bream 😂 Another invaluable nugget of info came from this vid. Don't bother casting to the same fish or in the same spot over and over. If a fish has a look and then leaves the lure, he ain't coming back. Move another 10m away and cast somewhere else. This is part of the advantage of BW Bay and Rozelle Bay. You can walk for a good km or two along the water and cast the whole way. Keeps it interesting casting in new territory and structure all the time. Trust me 99 times out of a 100 that bream that boiled behind your lure 10 casts ago is not coming back for another enquiry. Move on. Anyway hopefully that gets a few folks started. I'd been fishing the same area with plastics for ages without a lot of success until I started doing the above. I've caught more bream in the past month on topwater than I did in the past year on plastics. Whether that says more about my fishing ability than anything else remains to be seen. Have fun ladies and gents. Seeya on the water! If you're down by the bay and see a bloke fishing with a red baseball cap it's probably me. Say hi! Niall
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    Thanks for reading everyone. Got this one yesterday - Was the biggest of three that I caught before I basically melted. Middle of the day, stinking hot, people everywhere and this one still couldn't resist. They're not a shy species as far as I'm concerned. Hope everyone gets onto one soon!
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    Trust your brother's okay mate and I think you're right, no news is good news. I guess with no power down that way for some time there's no landline or mobile coverage. My brother was evacuated almost a week ago and I hadn't heard from him until I received an email this morning.
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    It was pretty cool here, NE wind almost all day, straight off the ocean, but when that southerly hit last night, we had burnt leaves and thick ash covering everything, could barely go outside because of the rubbish getting in your eyes, can't imagine how bad it is right at the front! Still no news from my brother at Fisherman's Paradise, but, I guess in a way, that's a good thing.
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    Mate your a champion. This is what makes fishraider so awesome. Thank you very much for your advice. I don't get to see many bream here in Tamworth but when the fires finally finish I might treat myself to a holiday chasing bream somewhere. Thanks again Cheers Scotty
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    Sloppy swell and strong winds have made the harbour uncomfortable for the past week. Added to this has been a heap of traffic and very full car parks at all the ramps. Never the less, Friday provided a window to get out for a quick fish with my nephew and his son for a few hours, I wasn’t too confident of getting kings, but there have been heaps of salmon and mackerel schools from the Bridge to middle harbour, so I thought we’d have some fun casting on light gear. They’ve been feeding on small white bait so “matching the hatch” with 10gm metals and 3” (white) plastics has been their downfall and great fun on 6-8lb gear. The salmon were all in the 2-3kg range and gave the young bloke a real working over as he was not used to “playing” a fish. After bagging some salmon we turned our focus to Kingies. Ben got smoked by two big ones until we bagged several, biggest going 90 cm. It was a great introduction to catching Kingies.
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    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a story of my fishing trip in Parsley Bay yesterday. I was there between 6am to 6pm, hoping to beat my previous (unimpressive) record. It was crowded and I am not just talking about the people on the wharf. There were Mackerels booming everywhere and not a single soul left the wharf without a fish in the morning. And yes, I beat my record with a new species (the mackerel) at 33cm (see? unimpressive record). In previous trips, I would bring my earphones and listen to my music, only taking it off when someone calls to me. However, yesterday I felt like putting it away and just be in the moment; listen to the waves crash, listen to the excitement of those landing a fish, but more importantly, listening to their stories. I had a lot of opportunity to speak with everyone whether they came before or after. I can even "feel" the passion and the fondest memories people have had over the years in their fishing journey. It was not until, I think 2pm when a gentlemen and his wife came down and spoke with us, was the highlight. They have had decades in their fishing diaries and such a rich history in Parsley Bay. They spoke of schools of bonitos, five years ago, so immense that they pushed the swimming nets back. They spoke of the largest fish they caught and what it took to catch it. They spoke of his huge stock of fishing equipment. Interestingly, what stood out, was how a fellow neighbour simple handed all his fishing gear to them because of their passion. As a retired school teacher, he gladly taught me many techniques, fishing spots, baits, rigs etc. He listened to my stories which surprisingly mirrored his younger days. He even dove into the water to look for my lost squid jig. Before he left, he asked me something that still amazes me even to this moment of writing, "Jackey, are you interested in a surf rod?". I respectfully declined and said there must be others more deserving of the rod than a stranger like myself. But he stopped me and said, "I see that you are passionate and you seem to care about your gear; so I want to give this to you". He went home and came back with a practically new and beautiful surf rod, with a "Merry Christmas". So wherever you are, I want to say; Thank you, Albert. I will look after this rod as you have and hope to someday also hand it down to another passionate kid.
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    Thats a great write up Niall, thanks so much for posting. 👍
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    Great story, thank you.
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    Good write up Niall, I'm sure quite a few fishos will get a lot out of this. If I may add, another good lure to have in your kit is a Lucky Craft Sammy 65. At 5.8 grams they cast like a bullet and will help where distance is needed or a strong cross wind is hurting the accuracy of lighter lures, but I agree, those Sugarpens are hard to beat. I also find a bit of chop on the water really helps turn timid fish into biters as well.
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    No you are very good with ID @Blackfish and you have helped many members over the years. Thank you very much Donna
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    Great info there well done. Good to hear still plenty of fish around the city too
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    I wouldnt buy a reel based on max drag. Smooth is what im after. I picked it up for $250. was an impulse buy. hence no hurry to use it when i have a setup that works
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    Hi Pete safe where they are on KI. Hope the southerly works in everyone's favour. Got to 45 here and 48 at Penrith
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    We have a Southerly coming up the Coast tonight. Fingers crossed.
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    Yesterday with low winds forecast I headed out in the yak where Georges River meets Botany Bay for an arvo mission. Took a mate in tow as he wanted to try some fishing techniques from his new paddle kayak. Collected some poddies on the last of the run in and headed up river with two baits down. My sounder was out of power but my mate kept me informed with the flash hatch-mounted sounder on his new Stealth Pro Fisha. The call came of soft bait balls and arches came as I hooked up on my trailing lure with a nice flatty in the low 60s coming in. As I was retrieving the lure, the biggest livey was smashed and drag was screaming off the reel and my new Daiwa TD Black rod. I was tangled in my other line so cut it free and started chasing the culprit. Up came a rat king which was quickly released. https://youtu.be/DDnbDi6qe48 https://youtu.be/uoCiIAaywB4 Lost a few poddies to lack of oxygen as my aerator ran low on battery so stopped off to catch a few more. All was quiet for a while then after waiting for the start of the run out I hooked a 60 cm soapy on the same hard body. Picked up a couple of other smaller fish on the pedal home but nice to get the trifecta again. Pleasant arvo out with a flatty to take home for dinner☺️ https://youtu.be/LxpPqJQD79E
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    We have a very big banner (with our old logo) Some flags for boats would be great
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    Hey, you guys will have to organise a Fishraider Flag. Cheers.
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    Haha 😂 You did just arrive and your passport was a big snapper! But unfortunately the weather had other ideas 😢
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    Thanks. Where ever I go I have to put out a live bait. I’m addicted to it 😂
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    We might be better off retrying and use skull n cross bones
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here. Headed out today with fellow raider @Flanno. Filled up with livies pretty quick. Hit the island and with wind against swell, against current made drifting difficult. But after a few change in locations and plastics, I managed to find one beast going 80cm that gave a good account of itself. Had to move a few more times to find Flanno his first legal snapper on sps and a cracker too going 74cm. It was a good day out there, thanks Flanno. I’m sure I’ve created another addicted member lol 😝 Merry Xmas to all raiders!!! cheers scratchie!!!
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    Alvey 600 C5 mounted on Silstar Power Tip PT-1202BWH ... my go-to beach outfit. Alvey Yabby Pump 30" length indestructible ...and up until recently an Alvey ReefKing 18" pure power ... (sold to a good home) Cheers Zoran
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