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    This award is for members who go above and beyond to help other raiders in various ways These members below have been given the badge - well deserved @frankS @kingie chaser @rickmarlin62 @zmk1962 @Yowie @dirvin21
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    Hi fellow Fishraiders. My first introduction to @wazatherfisherman was when he complimented me on one of my advice posts on kingfish. When you see the quality of the articles he writes it was high praise indeed. When @big Neilwanted to try some Sydney fishing I spent some time talking to Waza to see what could be organised. At the get together I got to meet Waza, @frankS, @savit and a few others. Since then I have called Waza on a weekly basis about fishing as he can’t get out as much as he would like and I can at least share my weekly fishing experiences with him. His breadth and depth of knowledge is amazing and I just enjoy talking to him. A few months ago he reached out to me. His computer was slower to get started than a hibernating tortoise and was on its last legs. I know enough about computers to get by so I did some quick research and sent him some relevant information so he could get up to speed. A quick trip with Waza to a store recommended by a mate and he had a brand new laptop with accessories. Took a few minutes to set it up for him, transfer his data, download a few suitable pieces of software and now he loves it. Several weeks later and I was reaching out for his help. My mother bought me a generation 1 Raider Snapper 762 as a birthday present over a decade ago and one of the bigger runners went. No, it is not one of those stories - my mum is still well and with us but that rod has sentimental value to me for a number of reasons and I don’t want to retire it yet. I could have taken it to a shop but I was concerned that because it is a business for them they would turn it around as quickly as possible with parts that were not quite right. The thread colour on the Raider series rods looks to be their own line and was going to be a pain to colour match. Amongst his many talents Waza is a rod builder and I knew that he could and would take the time to make it look as close as possible to the original design. I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be spot on but if it needed a second glance to realise it was a little different then that was enough for me. I also reached out to Ian Miller the designer of this range of rods and he was kind enough to respond to my query on binding thread colour. Earlier this week I picked my Raider Snapper and another rod with a damaged runner that he was kind enough to fix. Took it for a fish this afternoon and it still puts a smile on my face. Thank you Waza for the care and time you took to repair them for me. You have earned that Gold Member badge you received recently many times over in my eyes. Sincerely, Derek
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    Gday raiders, Headed out with the young fella this morning after @tyrone07 pulled the pin due to work. Got to the ramp and pulled up next to @Berleyguts. Quick chat and off we went. Loaded up with a few slimies and headed for the island. Hit our mark and first cast I’m on to a decent fish. Two casts later the boy loads up! Another respectable Broughton snapper. Worked the area for a while and I lost a ripper after a short fight. Changed locations and could see Baz a few hundred meters away. Set the drift and after a few casts get a screaming run. Fight the fish for 5 minutes and not far from the boat, pop!!! There goes another one! In the meantime the boy has landed a few just legal ones that are returned. We do a few more drifts in the area and landed a couple more for the box. Waved bye to baz and changed locations again to which we land a few more just legals. Then we thought we’d try one last location at the sisters to which there were bait balls everywhere! I cast in an area we call “whiskers” and sure enough I load up hard and fight this fish for sometime until it chews through the leader! Damn, I’m positive it’s whiskers! Same area, same fight and he’s done me 5 times now. Grrrr. Kept working the bait schools for a few more pannies, some bonito and another lost brut! Decided to call it quits and headed home at 30 knots. What another great day in the beautiful Port Stephens! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Excellent job @wazatherfisherman very pleased to award this one and thanks @DerekD Please let me know on pm if there is anyone else that should have a mentor badge or a gold member badge
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    Hi guys, went for a flick today to try & clear my head from what has been a pretty shity week in general. Put in at Foreshore at 6.30am & headed to the usual yakka grounds, got set up & wasn't long before I pulled in my 1st, then when I got my second all of a sudden it go hit by something large & nearly pulled the rod out of my hand as I unfortunately hadn't wound the drag back from cleaning the reel last trip. The light rod tip end up bending into the water as the fish went straight under the boat & the line ended up cutting off on the bottom of the hull which is probably a good thing! Re rigged with another sabiki but before I did that I rigged up the 1st yakka on another rod & dropped about 1/2 way down to the bottom. No hits & no more yakkas. Moved to Moly pt & sat there for a while with the livie near the bottom, saw 1 guy trolling past the point pull in a rat, other than that didn't see anyone else get another. Was time do some flatty drifting & after a couple of moves & a couple of SP changes I ended up with a nice hit, had plenty of weight & as I go it up near the boat it was huge. My PB is 80cm & this thing dwarfed it, Im guessing it was about 95cm. She started playing up a bit going for a run & plenty of big head shakes as I turned her head I got the net ready, missed the net, more so due to the weight so I guided the head around & back to the stern so I could try again, turning her again & this time head 1st into the enviro net, & when I say head only about 1/3 of it fitted into the net. She went ballistic & dropped back into the water, still attached but I had that sinking feeling I was going to lose it, tried to turn her head again at the stern for another attempt & as she turned she bucked a few times & finally spat the SP...…………………….gutted ☹️ Wouldn't have kept her anyway but as we all know its nice to get them into the boat & give them an accurate measure & a pic & send them on their way. Anyway that's fishing, I have now realised I need to have my second large nylon net in the boat for such occasions as the enviro is just not big or deep enough for fish of that size. Regardless it was a nice day out, little wind, back home by 11.30am.
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    Thank you Donna and thank you fishraider and all on board. It's the members here that help people like me and the rest of the gold members to do what we do. It's all about helping each other out in any way we can. I am proud to join a group of wonderful people and will continue to do whatever is within my ability to help anyone out that I can. Frank
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    Very proud thank you im in amongst some awesome company hope i can keep carrying the raider spirit to many others
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    Just wanted to say to everybody- thanks for all the kind words, I enjoy passing on the knowledge, otherwise it would be simply "lost". The greatest thing about our sport is that it is an ever expanding science, nothing is totally "set in concrete" about it and talking/meeting/communicating with other like-minds is the best way to learn anything. ALL the people I've met on Fishraider are really nice, friendly and definitely make up a "family" of our own. There is nowhere else like this that I've ever heard of and continually tell anyone I see that likes/is fishing to join up. The support offered through here is just fantastic and we are all continually learning from each other. Nobody knows everything about fishing, even the best tactics and planning are often not enough, but networking with others gives "real time" knowledge that you just can't get anywhere else. Sometimes it takes years to learn things that someone on here can tell you in a minute or two. Never be afraid to ask questions- that's how we all learn. Long live Fishraider and thanks to the owners, moderators and members, those who ask and those who answer. I genuinely am humbled to receive the acknowledgement and Gold Member status as I contribute simply because of my passion for fishing and have been lucky enough to have been involved all my life. Fondest Regards to all Waza
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    Hey THANK YOU Donna ! Entirely unexpected. FR is just such a great community I’m humbled to be recognized in this way in such great company. cheers Zoran
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    Thank you very much Donna. I try and help out where I can with info. and advice.
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    I've pulled out 2 small cobia, and dropped a bigger one, near there. Also saw 2 reasonable sized ones pulled out by others that were trolling lures. Also up that way, 1 teraglin, 1 maori cod, a couple of small sampson fish many years ago, 1 spotted mack, and most years the occasional blue spot flattie - one morning pulled out 3. A small blue groper at Yowie Bay wharf and a couple of other fish that I have never identified (when I was a young fella rather than a grumpy retiree 😂) 2 northern sand flatties and 2 yellow tailed flatties. Some time ago nannygai turned up for several weeks. Pulled out a dozen or so, weighing 1 to 1.5 pound, the biggest gai I have ever caught, bigger than those from the ocean. Yellow fin tuna have also been pulled out of South West Arm, the biggest I saw was a photo of a 26kg fin.
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    Wow, thank you Donna. I don't feel quite as deserved of this compared to the other names & existing gold members but I will most certainly do my best to be the best gold member I can be 😁 . Much appreciated!
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    Kingie. I feel for you , loosing what would have been your PB is hard to accept with grace but still the excitement of seeing the beast and having a couple of chances of netting it is far better than loosing it before you see what it is, you always wonder , was it the fish of a lifetime ?. Thanks for sharing the moment with us. Frank
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    I used the double uni for years as it was the one recommended with the Berkley Fireline when I first started out on braid. I then found out that doubling the braid over (the double double uni) made the knot stronger. I tested them both against a mates slim beauty and the normal double uni lost but the double double uni was strongest. My reason for not switching to the FG was I couldn't find a method to tie that I was happy with (rod in holder, keeping tension on the line, standing on one leg, on a Monday...) and the line wastage. Then one of the Raiders posted a method which could be done between the index finger and the thumb with minimal wastage - it was posted again recently. I was now happy to use it as the line wastage was only a little more than the double double uni and almost as quick to tie. I'll disagree with you on the thinner comment. I think it is almost physically impossible to be slimmer than the FG knot. All joiner knots I can think of require a doubling back of at least one of the lines somewhere. Lets take a 15lb braid (say 0.18mm diameter) and 30lb mono leader (say 0.55mm). The design of the uni at the mono part of the knot requires a loop and the mono to pass through the loop with the braid also passing through this - essentially at its thickest point you have 3x mono (3 x 0.55mm = 1.65mm) plus 1x braid (1x 0.18mm) for a total diameter of 1.83mm. For the FG the mono is straight through so there is 0.55mm diameter but the braid has alternate wraps around the mono so it is a single thickness on one side but has a double layer on the other where the two parts cross over and where finishing whips begin. Theoretical diameter becomes 0.55mm + 3x 0.18mm = 1.09mm which is way less than the 1.83mm diameter double uni in equivalent line ratings. At this time of night I don't feel like sketching it up and scanning it in but feel free to substitute your own line diameters and then do the maths.
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    Well, I reckon Scratchie would have heard me several times! I didn’t hear him! 😂
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    Hey guys, Over the past few weeks I have turned a curiosity of top water fishing for bass into a full blown addiction. I knew that catching bass of the surface is nothing new, but I wanted to see what I could learn through my own experiences what bass fishing in particular top water fishing was all about. So I thought I’d do a bit of a report on my recent top water bass sessions and what I have learned along the way. Hopefully this helps some guys who are looking to get into it or who have done it before. session 1: 23rd February 19:30 start Rocked up to my spot while there was some sunlight available so I could walk around and see some locations that would be fishable, due to trees lining the banks and weed patches I was going to be limited to a handful of spots. I found my first location, it had large weed patches on both sides which sort of made a semicircle arch around in front of me. I though to myself, if I was a bass this is where I’d probably be. Being new to the top water bass game my lure selection was very slim. I had a Tiemco soft shell cicada and a Taylormade mini surface breaker. I chose to tie on the Mini surface breaker first. This lure puts out a really nice wake that I quickly found out bass could not resist. I tried a few different retrieve techniques from a slow to medium constant wind to a slow retrieve with pauses. What I found worked best with this lure was to cast it out and when it landed flip my bail arm over immediately and wind up the slack but not retrieve the lure. Let it sit there til the rings disappeared and then 3-4 slow winds to get the lure into action. Then another pause to let any curious bass come and investigate. This was repeated all the way back to my feet. Now I can not stress enough keep the retrieve going all the way back to your feet. I learned this throughout the week as I had a few strikes and hook ups from less than a foot from the bank. Over about an hours session I landed 5 bass with the biggest going 35cm and I had myself a new pb. It wasn’t a record breaker but I was just happy to see some quality come out of this location. The hit from the bigger bass off the top got my heart pumping straight away. I learned just quickly how super aggressive these fish are and he just exploded on my lure. Another thing I learned during this first session was that bass on the surface is going to take some patience and persistence as I had another 8 missed strikes/hits. session 2: 7th March 19:30 start This session was a tough one for me, as there was periods of rain throughout the late arvo and into the night so the time I got to throw lures wasn’t ver long. Due to this I stuck to the spot I found in my first session. With the mini surface breaker tied on again and with the same retrieve techniques. I managed to pull a new pb of 37cm. session 3: 9th March 19:30 start With the rain and wind about over the past few days I was keen to see how much it had affected the water level and the weed patches throughout the area. What I found was that it had pushed weed into the area I was fishing the previous 2 sessions which forced me to move around about another 50m or so to a spot which I could get a semi decent cast away and wasn’t going to get snagged up on some weed. Well wasn’t I in for a surprise! Ended up with 5 fish, the 2 biggest going 34cm and 36cm (so close to another pb upgrade). This night I made a rookie error one which I should know as I’ve been fishing long enough. But we learn from our mistakes. I dropped what would have been an easy 40cm fish at the bank 😢 I had the leader in my hand and as I attempted to lift/slide the fish on to the bank, it kicked and straightened out a stock treble and off he swam! Anyone who has lost a fish due to this will know my pain! This error was caused by me being lazy and not replacing the stock hooks! I figured oh I’m just going bass fishing, I won’t need to upgrade my hooks! Well wasn’t I wrong haha Session 4: 10th March 19:30 start During my lunch break I was able to duck over and pick up some new hooks to replace on my lures. I went with the owner ST-36BC. These hooks are deadly sharp. I just had to look at one and it was nearly barb deep in me! With all stock hooks gone and the bent one kept as a friendly reminder I was back at my local. This time I tried a different spot, due to a parrot with a remote control boat zipping around near my other spot and as we had recently received some rain I thought I would try a little bay where there is a creek feeding into it, and also as I moved around to the other side I found out a storm water drain also fed into this area. It ended up being a relatively quiet night, landed 4 fish with the biggest going 35cm. session 5: 15th March 19:30 start Now that I had caught my fair share on the Taylormade mini surface breaker I thought that I would give another of the Taylormade lures a crack. I picked up a jimmy lizard (from my local tackle store) which is a 4 segment wakebait style lure. I tried a few different retrieve techniques with this but I found the same retrieve with the mini surface breaker to be the most successful. I had to work a bit harder this night and move around to few different spots to find them but I managed 4 fish, going 22, 28, 36 and 37. session 6: 16th March 19:30 start Once again I tried out a new lure haha This time I bought 2 chasebait frilkseekers. These are 4 segment wakebait style lure with a soft plastic tail. One ended up without it hooks and my daughter now uses it as a bath toy haha not the first lure she’s had in there! This lure is an interesting one. I wasn’t so sure just how successful it was going to be. Being 17.5cm long I was hessitant to tie it on and throw it. But I gave it a crack, I found the best retrieve with this to be just a slow constant wind with a few 1-2 second pauses thrown in. Any faster than a slow retrieve and it would dive sub surface, I didn’t want this to happen as it was the surprise of surface crunch I wanted. I managed to land 2 fish which had eyes way too big for their stomachs and weren’t much bigger than the lure haha this made me realise that lure size doesn’t really matter to these fish. They will hit things just as big as they are. I swapped back to the Taylormade jimmy lizard and a first cast special with a 36cm hitting the bank. session 7: 18th March 19:30 start After watching a few videos of a lure fisherman (John Costello) that I admire not only for his skill but his persistence I bought a few packs of the zman finesse frogs. If you haven’t heard of John, I strongly recommend looking up his channel on YT. With all the extra weed around over the past few sessions I rigged these on a 1/0 gamakatsu worm hook. The spot I had in mind to try these out had a small bare section about 1.5-2m in front of me then bout 2m of weed bed the all clear water out from there. I cast as far beyond the seedbed as I could and 5 casts in I found out that these were going to be my new favourite lure! I managed to pull a 39cm specimen through some hairy weed and into my net. The retrieve I found that worked the best for me was I would cast it out, and this lure being a light soft plastic lands a hell of a lot softer than the hard body lures I was previously throwing. With this the surface ripples were a lot less. So I would immediately flip my bail arm over, reel in the slack line and give my rod butt a few taps to send a sort of shock wave through my rod and down my line to the lure. This caused the lure to pulse on the water which puts out good surface ripples. I would wait til they disappeared then I would start reeling at a medium speed to get the lure on it plane so to speak and then slow it down for about 0.5-1m then pause. session 8: 19th March 19:30 start With the zman finesse frog tied on I rocked up to what is now my usual spot. I had high hopes of what was ahead of me. First 5 casts for 5 missed strikes. My confidence went out the window haha but on the 6th cast I pulled a mid 20s out and I was on the board. With this weedless finesse frog I wanted to try a few spots around that I was previously unable to fish due to the weed and using treble hooks. Well it didn’t quiet go to plan. I had easily over 20 missed strikes/hits. Due to using a weedless hook I figured the hook up rate was going to be low but 1 in 20 was something I didn’t expect. On my way back to the car I tried one last spot. I put a cast in to the edge of a weed bed, a silly me goes to check the time on my phone and get a missed hit, so I slowly start retrieving the lure, another missed hit. Cast back into the same spot, as soon as it hits the water another hit but the hook doesn’t stick! I’m thinking wow tonight is just not my night. I put in one more cast just 1m to right a little bit wider of the weed bed and it gets hammered by a 36cm model which gave me some stick, I managed to steer him out of his weedbed and into the net. A few things I have learned over the past few weeks, persistence is key. I guess it’s key to any kind of fishing but fishing the surface at night it was going to be especially important. Bass have big eyes and are excellent night time stalkers but are prone to missing the hooks most of the time. I had tried using assist hooks to no advantage, I still had missed strikes and I found that using such small light lures, they deaden the action. Always, always, always replace stock hooks! No matter the species you are targeting. I found that overcast conditions were best, with the lure contrast against the grey clouds instead of the dark clear sky. I had a lot more action on overcast nights compared to clear nights. No lure is too big for these fish. Well to a certain degree, but they will hit lures just as big as they are. They will hit a vast array of lures as well. I found that lure colour had some impact to my success. The mini surface breakers I fished had dark bodies and the finesse frog I used was a chartreuse colour. I think the thing that has the biggest affect is presence and contrast. The easiest way I found the find out which lure has the best contrast is to hold it up to the sky and try to see from a fishes perspective. I fished a darker lure on the overcast conditions as I found the dark body contrasted better against the grey sky. Presence I found is key especially at night time, when a fish can’t see as good as during daylight they will utilise their other senses and will pick up the vibrations of a lure much better. Also when you’re out and about your local spots, look and listen to what is going on around you. Listen to the insects and other animals that are around, they will be clues as to likely food sources for the fish in the area. There are a lot of frogs around this spot I was fishing and that’s why I decided to give the finesse frog a go. anyways, I hope you get something out of my report. Hit me up with some feedback, I’d be keen to know what you think and learn from your experiences. I’ll try put some pics up soon. regards, Ragnar
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    Hi Raiders, cooked up a piece of the gummy last night & not knowing what to expect I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was. So as I have said in some of my other cooking threads anyone can do crumbed or battered fish & chips(not that there is anything wrong with that!) I like to put in a bit of effort to try & create a memorable dish. So after getting home from work I did do a couple of hours of prep for this dish(that's that you pay for when you go to a restaurant!) & ended up doing a dish with some Asian/Japanese influences. So wont do the whole recipe thing but this is what the dish was- Pan seared gummy shark, cauliflower puree, star anise & schezuan pepper pickled cauliflower & shimeji mushrooms, sautéed mini king oyster mushrooms, crispy fried enoki mushrooms & a creamy miso dashi sauce with a little shallot, coriander & julienne carrot salad garnish. The fish wasn't as flaky as I thought it would be but still had a nice clean flavour & good texture on its own. I have frozen the rest of the catch & will do it a few different ways in the coming weeks. Bon appetite 😁
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    Hi Guys this is literally my second post in this community!!! Here is my bag of bream I shared with a friend yesterday!!! Biggest bream mesured 42cm
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    The mangrove jack speared at terrigal last year (the one hanging on the light pole next to the boat ramp) was speared by my eldest son. He also speared a blue barred parrot fish last year at terrigal too. I have caught a small cobia in terrigal haven and speared a spangled emperor at Copacabana. Over the years I’ve also seen 2 other mangrove jack speared on the central coast. Ive caught Sampson fish and amberjack on the central coast too but I don’t think they would be considered unusual. Cheers, Phil
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    Wheel nuts like all nuts have specified torque values depending on application. As Frank points out they are "supposed" to be dry/clean along with dry/clean studs and then tightened to specified torque. I've lost count how many times I've removed and replaced wheels on trailers,cars,horse floats,etc over the years and have used everything from Wd 40,crc,engine oil,tranny fluid,spray greases,etc,etc,etc. All wheels & nuts have been put on/off with with anything from basic wheel braces to breaker bars/sockets to rattle guns. Iv'e never checked the torque on anything except critical things like cylinder head bolt's on cars etc. I do start all nuts by hand including wheel nuts and tighten all bolts in a star pattern until tight. There's a difference between tight,tight and tight and you will only gain that from experience regardless of tightening by hand or using rattle guns, etc. (You get a feel for it). Rattle guns have pressure settings not to mention a trigger too. I have never lost a wheel,broken a stud or had a stuck wheel on anything in decades doing what i do. All i can say is do what you feel works for you that gives you piece of mind as that's all that matters in the end.regardless .
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    All well deserved indeed! Congratulations one and all!
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    Well done to all of you for the badge, all of you in your own way have helped make this site what it is today Congratulations 👍😎👍😎👍 & well deserved
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    Good on you Waza, I’m glad to have met you at the raider get together & have enjoyed reading all the fishing based knowledge of your experiences in & around Sydney & further afield as well as your knowledge of all things related to the the sport Well deserved 👍😎
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    You just reminded me of when I was a young tacka snoozing in the midday sun leaning up against the pylon on ferry st wharf just east of Gladesville bridge (long gone now) & nearly getting pulled in on the hand line by a mid 30 cm groper, also caught a few big salmon on the western side of fig tree bridge Last year up hear on the C. Coast after Terrigal & Avoca lagoons were busted open from the rain 2 separate spearos managed a mangrove jack each within two weeks of the lagoons being flushed, & the one from Terrigal was 50+ cm & hanging from the the brag pole at the ramp
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    Congratulations to you all. Very deserving recipients and valued fishraider members! cheers scratchie!!!
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    Well done Waza, the forum is lucky to have you & and many others that are willing to give up their time & knowledge to help out others Congrats on the accolade 😊
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    Hi Baz, Win some lose some. Better luck next time.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys! It was a fun day with my son and conditions were awesome! @Yowie if you think you can take out whiskers with a 12lb handline, then come on step on up! Haha 😂 @Berleyguts Baz it was good to see you out on the water! However, I did notice you drove up your drift a few times 🤔 by avoiding this will increase your chances of catching snapper! And you didn’t hear me yell because you were too busy undoing tangles! Lol 😝 Mate, I’ll get you out there soon especially knowing we have the same day off! 👍
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    That's one top report love the photos
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    Great report! Bad luck about the big girl. ☹️ I decided Environets were too small. I have a large knot less net that is still fish friendly and really doesn’t take up too much room in the boat.
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    Put a rattle gun on a greased nut/stud and you are just asking for failure. Just wash the wheels at the end of the session. Frank
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    Thanks for the very extensive report Ragnar. The way that you have chronicled the events is an excellent method of supplying valuable information on what works and the methodology involved. I have never been Bass fishing but see a lot of similarities in my Murray Cod surface fishing. Similar locations, retrieves, do's and dont's and the amazing adrenaline rush when there's a take right at your feet. Look forward to your next report. Cheers, bn
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    Well done Waza on the GOLD MEMBER award. I've only met you a couple of times but I know the depth of your knowledge and dedication to fishing is infinite. You are always keen to help somebody out with advice or help of a practical nature. Cheers mate, keep doing what you do best, bn
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    Waza is a true gentleman and a great guy to have a chat to. I chat to him daily via PM on Raider and his knowledge of all thing fishing and generosity is second to none. Thanks Waza from me as well.
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    Outstanding reports and well done all round love my western Sydney Bass fishing as well. The Taylor made are a great lure you have motivated me to dust of the head lamp and have a night time session. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the kind words Derek, I hope you catch a lot more fish on that rod, happy to do the binding, these graphite rods are a worry to get the guides off without scratching as a lot of the big companies just whack epoxy straight on and it's like gluing the guides to the blank. A couple of coats of thread sealer like we did makes colour fast and in the event of getting a guide off again, well, it's just heaps easier! Binding similar colours over each other is more of a challenge for me these days as the eyes all of a sudden "ain't what they used to be" Loving the new computer also! Regards Waza
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    To add to what the guys said i use anti seize compound or grease on the threads and on the face of the hubs on trailer wheels and spare. For a seized nut there's many ways to get them off but one of the essiest is heating the nut with a blow torch (Portable propane torches from hardware are cheap) then touching a candle stick to the thread area or base of nut.Melted wax will wick down into the threads and it will normally loosen off like butter once this is done.
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    Thank you Waza.
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    Still you managed a nice bag of pannies there Scratchie. Do you want me to bring up one of my 12 pound hand lines to catch Whiskers? 😂😂😂
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    Cobia from the Lilli Pilli drop off are almost an annual occurance but the one I caught just inside Wagonga Inlet at Narooma is the furthest south I have heard of. Ron
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    Gee I thought I could hear someone swearing today all the way up here. looked like a great day. Woodsy
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    Nice, looks like you know what your doing on the bream side of thing 😉
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    That looks like a you have made some well throughout & great changes to the Quiny. Enjoy
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    Great report Kingy, sounds like a cracker of a fish.
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    FG hands down. Much slimmer and the leader tag is facing the right way not to clunk through the guides when casting.
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    Hopefully your new PB is not too far away mate. You are obviously in the right areas
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    Hey Wazza In the summer of 1999/2000 I caught a spotted mackerel of the rocks south of forster, a 40 cm big eye trevally at bobbin head, and my mate caught a 1.2 metre cobia at the mouth of Smith's creek. This also coincided with a massive inshore run of small black marlin down the east coast. I reckon a few people on this site will remember it. I think every 5 years or so we have a run of tropical species that go for a holiday to southern waters. Correct me if I'm wrong but a school of longtail tuna ended up in a lake near narooma a few years back. I hope other fishraider have some stories too. Cheers Scotty
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    Bit of everywhere mate. Middle harbour, Mosman, Pittwater. All sorts
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    Hey Mate, Thanks for the reply. Not where I'm from unfortunately and most are caught in hundreds of meters of water
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    New boat just purchased a couple of weeks ago. Fitted with: Front and rear live wells. Minn Kota Terrova with 100ah Battery Garmin 75SV combo Biminni Catch & release on trailer Spare wheel for trailer 75hp Yamaha 4 stroke
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