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    I’ve been following that large school of salmon currently hanging around the eastern suburbs beaches for the past couple of weeks, but they’ve been out of casting range for me or I’ve just had the wrong gear. Anyway, I headed over to a local tackle shop and bought two new lures, one of the expensive slow jigging ones and a simple 40g metal. This morning I talked my mate into braving the rain and out we went chasing fish again. Lost the expensive Japanese shore jigging model on my first cast. Gutted. Not much action after that so we moved on. On the way to the next spot a mate jogged past and told us that there’s a huge school of salmon around the other side of the headland, so off we went. Unfortunately these too were out of casting range and the rain and swell were intense. We were about to give up 30 min later when the rain stopped, the swell dropped and the school turned around! Cleats on, down to the rocks and second cast I hooked up. After that it was a fish every couple of casts until my arms started to hurt. In total we caught about 12 salmon between us, landed 6 big healthy fish and kept 5. My daughter mixed up her famous beer batter when I got home and we fed 6 families tonight. Still got a third of the fish for dinner during the week Dogs got the oily red meat and frames will be used for berley. Nothing wasted. Honestly I think that this is the best day fishing I’ve had. The prep, finding the school, catching them and the good company on what ended up being a gorgeous day. I’m not an overly reflective person, but seriously, how lucky are we to live here...
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    Hi JamoDamo, The shot is to keep varying your tackle, bait, working on your strike and the playing of the fish: 1. Tackle: I often find that missed strikes are usually due to not enough lead below the float. Try adding tiny bits of split shot (oo or ooo sizes) one at a time till your float is so delicately balanced that just a little is above the water, it may even submerge briefly as a wave comes through where you are fishing. is your line greased with vaseline above the float to your rod tip? I grease it every time I go fishing. It makes it easy to lift the line from the water when you strike and is one of the best tips I can give you. If your line sinks it makes an effective strike very difficult. ensure that there is not too much slack line between your float and the rod...if you can have a straight line to the float it's much better when you strike. Don't let it be too tight or you will be dragging the float which the fish will feel. On days when currents or wind see the line quickly develop a belly between rod and float, it pays to lift the line and straighten it when needed during each drift. try varying the depth, sometimes they can be feeding surprisingly close to the surface, but more often deeper before each session re-tie all the knots in your terminal tackle and put in a fresh length of leader what size hook are you using? I use Mustad size 8 540-BR hooks what size is your leader? I use either 6lb or more often 8lb fluorocarbon how long is your leader? I don't like it shorter than 30 cm from lead to hook up to 50cm or more long is the leader in good condition? It may be frayed or even have a wind knot from casting so you need to check and replace as needed. I often re-tie the hook after landing 4 or 5 fish as the last couple of inches of the leader (I half hitch my bait onto the line above the hook) and the knot do weaken after catching a few. 2. Strike The most common reasons for a failure to hookup after a down are premature striking, too much belly in your line between the rod and float and a jerky strike which telegraphs resistance to the fish before the hook can set. To start, not all downs are downs.....sometimes the float can pop up or jiggle sideways so you need to be on the lookout for that. If the float is popping up, it means the fish is taking the bait and swimming up so I will decrease the depth below the float if I am not hooking up from the rising float type of bite. When you get a down, how long do you wait till you strike? My default timing is to count slowly to around 8. Sometimes longer sometimes shorter. I saw one FR up here the other day count to 20! The longest wait I've ever seen but, he got the fish! Each session can be different so experiment. While waiting between down and strike, do you gently take up any slack and have the rod tip down and pointed at the float? If not, you should. Make sure that you do not pull on the float till you strike. It has to be one smooth motion. Some of the respected luderick fisherman up my way call me the dentist because they reckon I strike so hard, I'll pull the fishs' teeth out! (I learned to fish for luderick off the rocks where a harder strike is often needed to take up the slack in rougher conditions than still water fishing to ensure I hook the fish.) It's taken me a while to break the habit but as I now fish more in the still water of Tuggerah Lakes, I try to strike with one smooth but continuous lift of the rod, while reeling in the line and found it better. It often happens that at the end of a drift, just when you decide to reel in and cast again, that a fish might be at your bait and you have not noticed. It pays to assume that you may have a down, so take up the slack and gently lift your rod at the start of your retrieve just in case. 3. Playing the fish Most fish escapes once hooked, come from trying to drag them in too quickly. Don't rush. Using a centrepin reel, it's easy to let the fish take some line at the start of the fight and during the fight. If fishing where there are waves, you need to be careful as they will use the strength of the wave to make a dash for freedom right at your feet. Give line whenever they take off and by the time they're ready to be netted or grabbed, they're on the surface, tired and easy to grab, net or wash onto the shore. Exceptions to giving line include steering them clear of rocks, barnacles, clumps of weed etc Keep your rod up high when playing a fish so that the flex in the rod cushions any sudden lunges 4. Bait sometimes the fish prefer cabbage (esp if near the ocean) I prefer cabbage that is a bright, shiny green but usually if the fish are biting, they are not too fussy (most of the time!) there are different kinds of weed: wire or soft, and some of the soft weed can vary greatly too in colour and texture sometimes the brown algae or ribbon weed seem to do the trick though I don't really go there that often how you present the bait on the hook. I mostly use cabbage and every fisher has their own way of baiting up. I push the hook through the bottom of the cabbage twice leaving some below the bend of the hook, then gently twist or fold the top of the bait around the top of the hook and secure it onto the leader with 2 half hitches above the eye of the hook.One problem I see is putting too much bait on the hook. Some blokes just fold a bait a few times into a little parcel and push the hook through leaving most of the hook bare. when baiting with weed, select a length of strands, not too much and wind it around the shank above the eye then wind it in the opposite direction back down leaving a centimetre or two below the bend of the hook. Different kinds of weed determine how many times and how tightly you wind the weed onto the hook. Hope this helps. After a while, you will start doing these adjustments as a matter of course. Just the same, some days they are just very hard to hook. Also, I often find that when getting downs with no or few hookups, that the fish are usually very small (though not always!) Sometimes a tide change can make all the difference. Keep at it, it's worth it in the long run. KB
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    Firstly, my 15 year old son has never taken much interest in fishing, partly because music is his thing. Even today, he is gigging at a local winery. At Xmas I bought him a light 8ft spin outfit, but due to the bushfires and covid, he's only just started using it over the last few weeks. It's funny how catching a few hard fighting fish has suddenly completely transformed his opinion on fishing. He's now obsessed like his sister!!!
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    @Koalaboi I have copied that excellent piece of work into an article. I t will appear in our Articles section when set up again. Thanks for taking the time to write that up. I am awarding you a Mentor badge for helping other members
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    has fishraider helped me during lockdown? kinda... it got me searching and seeing all these pics, I ended up buying a boat. so while it may have helped me, I don't think it helped my relationship with the mrs
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    I can't wait till my son is old enough to enjoy fishing with me...... as soon as he can walk, ill be gently nudging him in that direction haha.
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    Some bloody good tips there KB! Reckon you’ve got it all covered! 👍👏🎣
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    The beach was a bit hard to fish this past weekends due to the large swells last week washed quite a bit of beach away and washed up mountains sea weed filling the deep gutters around access gate 6 and 7. anyway, if you do not mind a bit of walk to the north, you can still get a bit of clean water after the 2km signage. Water was shallower but it is nevertheless richer in structures. Managed two trips one in each nights. 6:30-9:00 pm on Saturday and 5:00 - 8:30 pm on Sunday. Yield was 7 tailors on Saturday and three on Sunday. I also took a 40cm flattie and a 35 treveley. The bonzer whaler is also back on the beach. I have not caught a shark for some time from Wanda but I came across them on both days this week. the larger tailors were high 40 nearing 50 cm and very fat. Only three below 40cm which is my favourite size for tailors. Two went down as green curry dish and the other 8 should last me two weeks no problems Charles
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    While my girlfriend and her friend doing baywalk, i fish at mine usual spot at Ramsgate Beach. We arrived at Ramsgate Beach at around 3:30pm. The girls went out to the groyne with me for a bit just to take some selfies and then left me alone to do my fishing. There are already 2 person there, hasn't started long either and not a bite yet. One is using bread to target trevally and another using prawns n pilchards to targeting whatever comes along. I am not at my usual spot as it is first come first serve rules, i had to burley heavily hoping to bring the blackfish to where i am. Nothing for an hour and the sun is almost behind the tree line. Though there are some bites here and there but no hookup. I am a bit concern as i bragged to the girls promising at least 1 blackfish for dinner. Then the float went down hard, giving me a 37cm blackfish. Lucky! It is getting a bit dark and my dinner already caught, i decided to join the other guy for some trevally fun. First few throws yield me 2 good size yellowtail scad and then nothing after. I would like to have send out the livey for something BIG but that would mean chance crossing the other two's guys' line. Nah, that would have be a nuisance so i give the livey option a miss. I later tried tailor using hard body lure, not a bite! Those 2 guys went home empty handed and me soon after with 'Salt n Chilli Fried Fish Fillets' for dinner as promised. My mum help with the cooking and went a bit heavy on the salt and the chilli are not as hot as expected. But luckily the fish are still quit tasty - moist and tender. Lesson learned - Don't let your mum cook for you if you intends to impress your girlfriends.:) ...and more chilli and less salt.
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    Thanks Donna, JamoDamo has really been having a red hot dig over time and it was a privilege to be able to help him out. You guys do a great job with this site which is always positive and respectful. I'm glad to be a part of it. KB
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    Jon the beach fishing will enhance his music - time to reflect out there
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    Great to see Jon and those shots of the night sky are fantastic.
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    I've got nothing to say but.....magnificent!
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    Some days they’re just not there....
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    Brisket is one of those cuts of meat that needs to be cooked slow otherwise it's tough. It's often one of the prime cuts for long slow smoking and, lets be honest, a slice of brisket that's been slow smoked is pretty awesome. If like me you aren't geared up to do long slow smoking try this next time you a mood for some brisket: Season (dry rub, salt, pepper whatever you prefer) then put in the fridge overnight. If possible rest on a rack so that it stays dry. Pre heat your oven to 165 C. Slice up an union than fry that in butter until it softens then add some garlic, rosemary and a cup of apple juice. Cook until the juice is reduced by half. Put half on this in a roasting tray, put the brisket on top then pour the rest over the brisket. You want the brisket to be fat side up. Cover the tin in foil then bake in the oven for 1.5 hours. After this reduce to 120 C and cook for another 2.5 hours. What you get is very tender, juicy and tasty. I've done this with just salt and pepper and it's great. Largest brisket I've cooked like this is 2.5 kilos but larger should be fine; maybe cook for a little longer.
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    Hi all, I know of one other well documented thread on here from flatheadluke regarding sushi which is great & so I wont go into that to much other than to say that everyone should give it a go at some point in their life, sure you can go down the road & buy it(well city dwellers anyway) but to me its just part of learning of another culture's way of life. So I went to the market yesterday with another chef mate & I dont normally buy fish but felt like some salmon so bought a whole fish. Being the only person in my household I then think how can I utilize this fish now & for the next month or 2?? I start by breaking the fish down into the fillets, one fillet gets cut into 6 x 150gr portions, vacuum sealed & frozen for different meals to come. Some off cuts are kept for the sushi. The other fillet on this occasion is getting cured & because I want it smaller than usual as its just for me I break it into shoulder cut & belly cut pieces by slicing through the centre bone line of the fillet lengthways. I made 2 different curing mixes, with this the basic salt/sugar ratio being the main thing, something like fine sea salt(dont use table salt!) or fine rock salt(the cheapest option & its fine to use), so 100gr salt to 200gr brown sugar. One mix was by adding pounded Schezuan pepper, star anise & Sake, the other was with grated fresh beetroot. Both were cured in vaccum sealed bags in the fridge for 16 hours, if I left the fillet intact I would probably be inclined to leave it for 24hrs. Of course this method is pretty close to something like a gravlax where salt, sugar & herbs like dill, chervil & parsley might be used along with some vodka. This one whole fish will last me a couple of months, pulling out piece by from the freezer & doing different things with each, today was just one course On top of the shari & in the sushi is the raw salmon, the pieces at the front are the cured. Will post up the various ways I will use both the cured & raw salmon. Also did a couple of pieces of sushi with prawn & of course a few shots of Sake with lunch cant hurt
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    Those shots of the sky were on my compact sitting on my jacket on a little kids stool. The waves kept washing around the legs of the stool causing it to sink, so yes not easy, also the first time Ive tried them.
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    G’day raiders, This post is a little inspiration for those wanting to head up to Port Stephens for a meet and greet. Headed out with a mate this morning to some sloppy and blowy conditions. It’s been a real struggle of late and you pretty much need to get your fish at first light or there gone. Didn’t stop for bait and pulled up to our first mark and did two drifts without a touch. Moved around the corner and I finally come up tight to a nice 50. A few more casts for nothing so we move again to a more promising spot. My mate was technically ok with plastics but a little tweaking and soon he gets hammered a line peels off. A good fight and into the net goes a just on 70 model. Yesssssssss! I “just kept casting” and soon had another 55 to the box as my mate played with some rat kings. Move again and this time it was my turn for the rats. Had enough there so we hit the next mark which was devoid of bait and any sign of good fish. Then we move to an area I’ve fished many times for decent pannies and I cast out, whack!!!! This thing is pulling line and screaming just under the surface, oh finally a decent king I think. Then I managed to stop its progress and then I can feel the signs of a huge snapper. The heart started to beat a little faster but I could feel I had a solid hook up. I started winning some line and then it started to get some back which went on for quite some time until I finally see colour. With sore arms and the knees now knocking, my mate reaches out with the net and boom! Another cracking 95cm of Broughton Island caught snapper! After a few high 5’s, giggles and wow moments, we composed ourselves and started casting again. A few more were added to the box but then we called it a day just before midday! Another cracking day in Port Stephens!!! Time: 9:40 Tide: two hours after low Gear: shimano ultegra 5000 with 20lb fins braid and 20lb black magic fluro leader, 1/4 5/0 tt jig and a 7 inch gulp garlicker. Location: Broughton Island cheers scratchie!!!
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    Good stuff mate, I'm sure a lot of others would have just left it
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    Great report. Super photos. Well done.
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    Just some comments on last nights dinner-the cured kingfish was probably a bit over cured (as you suggested it might be KC)- i would probably change the salt /sugar ratio to about 1/2 cup salt and 1 cup sugar and reduce the cure time to about 12 hours- ive found that even 36 hours is fine with salmon but again as you suggested the lower oil content of kingfish needs to be considered. The dill/orange flavour was excellent. The fish i brined for a hot smoke with 1/2 cup of salt and 1 cup of brown sugar and the 5 spice was actually delicious before smoking but again could of done with less time-it was really good after the smoking but because of the long cure time was a bit dry in the thinner parts of the fillets. I also BBQ'd the collars after marinating overnight in sirracha chili sauce and smoky bbq sauce- these were great-best part of the fish. I have about a kilo of fillet left for crumbing tonight.
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    @Yon, thanks for the recipe but really it will get lost amongst all the fishing reports. To give all members a better chance of see anything food/recipe related you are better off posting things like this in the right place- https://www.fishraider.com.au/forum/42-the-kitchen/ Also what is pre mix fish spices?? I know what I would use spice wise in a Moroccan dish but it doesn't help the majority of people, just saying. Would be great if you could re start this recipe in the "kitchen"
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    My suggestion on the burley is not to have it to wet, just moist & also can use some cheap coles bread through the mix, say 1 loaf per 20ltr bucket, forget the sticks & other things in it. Also if weed is not working try prawns, Luderick are actually omnivores, they do & will eat-prawns, nippers, pipi's & worms. If they are there but finicky then mix up your baits. Good luck next time
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    Great to see him getting into it top photos
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    KB has given some good tips there top stuff
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    Anytime rummers! That’s what I’m here for 👍 Thanks champ. Magnificent indeed and is in the process of being moulded!
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    Silverwater is very close to C’Hill. I plan to be in PS but happy to rock the red ones ASAP. Happy to pick up. cheers Zoran
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    Headed out early this morning up from Lilli Pilli to fish the deep water. A bit quiet at first, then pulled out a couple of legal reddies on squid and a flattie on a fish strip, that was released. Also a few jackets about. Some time after the sun was up, my rod with a pillie had a big run, hooked up and the fish swam all over the place, taking plenty of line at times.. I thought it was a nice jewie, then it suddenly gave up and swam upside down to the boat, almost dead. It was the larger reddie, hooked under the gill cover. After I netted it, the ganged hooks fell out. I was happy with that fish. As I was heading home, I thought I would have a few casts of a metal lure in the mouth of South West Arm. I had about 50 casts for the tailor - first one for a while up river - and the salmon. Kept the salmon for bait, the fillets are being salted now for strip baits. I also hooked up a trevally close to the 50cm mark. It took me into the weeds a number of times, probably trying to throw the hook - it was released . Had a few follow ups from a school of salmon, and a few hits that did not hook up - this was well after 9am, then the fish just disappeared. No fish splashing, it was just spinning blind and hoping for some thing. All up, a good day out for a change
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    Hi All i am happy to drop some off after picking them up and still saving a bunch for the PS crew. i am based in Silverwater
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    That Ray is huge, would have been an awesome fight. Great pics of the milky way as well. Notan easy shot!
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    We didn't burley a lot about every 3-5 minutes, I dunno it was just really really hard going
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    Great stuff! Fishing and music... my passions, too! Good to hear he’s getting some gigs! Nothing happening where I am and a lot of my muso friends have got nothing!
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    Cracking photos. Glad to see the boy getting into some fish
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    Since I joined in 2008 the stats on how many times I've opened up fishraider would be scary, I often haven't had much to post and in the early days I was probably a little hesitant but I have gained so much from being a member here far more than I have contributed for sure. I am a bit surprised that the desktop is still the most common log in. For me if anything I have dropped of a little lately due to so much going on and I have also struggled to get out on the water for a lot of reasons. I do think fishraider as a forum And member quality is far superior to anything Facebook can dish up. I agree with @Scratchie about the tagging and @frankS about the added connection for members we have met.
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    I use Northern Beaches Marine and have been happy with them. They are in Brookvale. I go there as I have a new suzuki motor and they are a Suzuki specialist. Jon who runs it is a good guy. Here is there website http://www.nbmarine.com.au Bruce
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    Joined 2014. Have visited the site i would say almost every single day since. Fishraider has become a part of my every day life! Love it. Very grateful to the fishraider management team who keep this site going.
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    I swear my mouth instantly watered when I got to the picture KC !!!! Hats off to you mate top shelf stuff. Just love it. I'm now waiting eagerly to see how Paddy's kingie turns out ... I can see my self catching a kingie and doing this. Cheers and Thanks Zoran
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    Might be worth posting that as a separate topic - consumption will depend on what speed your are boating at and under what conditions. Facing into the wind and tide - you will use more fuel then going with the wind and tide at same engine rpm. If you plane you will go a lot further, but if conditions don't allow your boat to plane - you will be boating for a longer time at lower rpm. As with any new to you boat/motor - you will need to get experience with it. Does your tank have a fuel gauge? Does it show the fuel level accurately (you can test this is at the bowser)... 25L tank, put in 5L, does it read 1/5th full, fill another 5L, etc. Some gauges do not read accurately and you'll need to get a feel for yours. Then once you know how your tank gauge works, go for a boating run and note the conditions - are you planing, at what speed, are you running with tide or against etc. Once you stop - check your fuel used (according to the gauge). On the first few trips, I would not use more than half a tank moving away from launch point... leave at least the same amount of fuel to get back assuming the same conditions ...Or carry a small 5L spare jerry can until you get comfortable with the consumption... and learn your regular waterways Sorry I can't be more helpful wrt to a 35HP as I've been running 200+hp since 1996... but I recall a 25L tank would last forever with my 40HP Tohatsu. Cheers Zoran
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    The 14.5 x 17 prop was spot on with 6000 revs just reached - so all good to go, cheers
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    fair enough-ive taken the fillet out of the cure after about 18 hours and am letting it dry off in the fridge (uncovered), ive got another fillet im going to hot smoke still sitting in sugar/salt and five spice, the collars are marinating in chilli and bbq sauce and the other fillets ive skinned for frying in panko (should have a bit of duck fat in the fridge for that)- the cured fillet is the mystery at this stage. Cure was 3/4 cup of salt, 3/4 cup brown sugar, dill , orange rind, the juice of 1/2 an orange and vodka to make it into a slurry.
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    Not having been able to go fishing since feb with covid and some family issues and working non stop fishraider has been a go to many times a day to keep me sane and see what the lucky few are up to good to see so many raiders catching during these tuff times not just reports but great stories from waz help the days go by i WILL be getting my boat nack in the water very soon and hope to give SCRATCHIE something to beat haha sorry jeff nah anything on the line will be good i hope our fishing meet at port stephens goes well this year i think everyone could use a pikmeup tight lines rick
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    In answer to the question has Fishraider helped during the lock-down, for me, it's a HUGE yes. I've been at home for near 4 months, other than two trips to the Dr and chemist. All food is delivered and any bills paid via the computer. Only had a couple of visitors during this time- one being Raider DerekD, who also talks to me every week on the phone, so isolation with my house-mate I guess is the same for me as everyone. During the last few months, by posting stories of times past, some of my old fishing mates (some are Raiders) have reconnected with me and plans are to get together when this is all over. Writing posts about "yesteryear" has also given me something positive and constructive to do and am seriously considering putting all these stories in book form- something I never would have considered without the positive feedback I've received, was really just trying to contribute things for folk to read, about things they probably don't know a great deal about, like fishing the big cliffs. It's also given plenty of time to go through heaps of interesting and informative topics on the site and learned plenty of things from looking at old posts. Agree with the comments from Scratchie, Big Neil and Frank S- this is a really unique community and having met all three guys and quite a few other Raiders, we're all in great company and I'm really happy to be a Raider. Regards Waza
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    Well in my opinion the greatest thing that helps a forum is face recognition and mateships. get togethers, meet and greets. Just like the ones organised by Fishraider and Scratchie and others, the Hairtail weekends and soft plastics meet and greet etc. I still have get togethers with old forum mates from 20 years ago and a lot have become great personal friends and a couple are like brothers to me. The few from fishraider I have attended I have met many great blokes that when they post, it's not just reading something somebody said it's I know that person ! and the post means a whole lot more to me because I can put a face and personality to the post. Frank
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    In answer to the question "has Fishraider helped you during the lockdown?" Most definitely it has helped me in what I consider to be a particularly tough time. Fishing in my region has been terrible for quite some time due to the continued drought and low water conditions where I usually fish. The river is in poor health (in general). Strangely enough the impact of the pandemic is minimal where I live in regional Australia. Whilst I (and everybody else) have been following all the necessary procedures, the impact has been very minimal indeed. Being able to stay in contact with other anglers ( on Fishraider) has been extremely beneficial to my general wellbeing, especially during the time when we were all confined to home, except for special circumstances. I am sure that most of us would have benefitted from the site during those months. The figures would certainly indicate so. Regarding suggestions to improve the site and its impact on users, I can only suggest encouraging everybody who THINKS ABOUT POSTING to actually do so. It really isn't a painful experience and most users would either have something to contribute or something to ask and learn about. How we go about getting members to become more involved, I'm not really sure. Maybe that could be something that others may have an opinion on. I will continue to think of other possible ways to improve the site and look forward to reading other members suggestions. Scratchie has come up with one that could benefit the wider angling community. Cheers, bn
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    They accept radio calls regardless if you have a licence. Be aware if you call on the radio for the first time they will most likely ask you boat details. So it pays to have your rego number written down so you don't have to hang over the side trying to read it upside down. I'd say for starters it's easier to phone them and have a quick chat or log in using the marine rescue app. That way most of the questions will be covered. It's easiest to have a boat name too. Find out your local marine rescue. When on the water get onto channel 16. Listen to other calls. When you want to call, check it's clear and push the button saying marine rescue XYZ ( Solander Sydney or whatever) , marine rescue XYZ , marine Rescue XYZ followed by this is "boat name" requesting a radio check over. They will reply and probably move you up to a working channel.
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    The worst feeling is when you see someone next to you land a big one. Happened twice in the same week. One bloke caught a 6kg Jewie and another day this guy caught a kingfish about 10 metres away from him on plain old prawns!
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