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    G’day raiders, Headed out early this morning with the eldest boy in search of a few snaps. It was pretty windy and short period chop but it’s hard to get time with the 17yo so we were going no matter what. Tried a few different areas which resulted in a few pannies and a few reef fish. Hit up one of my preferred spots and was soon onto a string puller. The wind was making throwing sps pretty difficult so we decided to find a somewhat sheltered spot, anchor and burley up. This only attached every sweep and trumpeter around picking our baits to death until the boy managed to hook up to a good king! It was a decent fight until it got the better of him boatside and somehow snapped the line! That was pretty much a sign to call it a day and head for Home. It was a long bumpy ride back but great to spend some quality time with the boy! Thanks for reading, Cheers scratchie!!!
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    The hairtail are on! Here are some pics live from swordie at Jerusalem Bay
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    So I've been messing around for the last couple of months trying to come up with a way of consistently catching drummer. And finally hours of planning, whilst drinking whisky have started to pay off. I have found that they bite well at any stage of the tide but better when there is cloud cover. For bait Im now using peeled prawns. I peel them at home before I go and keep the shells for burley. For burley, the prawn shells plus old bread and A hand full chucked in every three casts. So yesterday on a dropping tide (almost low) with cloud cover I ventured out. First 15 minutes, no action. For the next 30 minutes... mayhem!!! One drummer at 35cm... one drummer at 43cm (pictured).... busted off by something even bigger twice! These things pull like a train and i reckon the 40cm models pull harder than a 75cm king... maybe im just excited! I quit before dark and just kept the larger model.
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    Peter. It is a very big risk to leave a car and trailer at any ramp for a few days, the local would be thieves and vandals often visit ramps and if they see the same vehicle in the same spot they consider it a target. A possible solution is I meet you at the ramp at a arranged time and take your pride and joy back to my house for the juration of your stay and look after it and drive it back for you at another arranged time. The only thing is I would need someone else to come with me to drive my vehicle up and back. You might not like the idea of a stranger driving your car but the alternate might be a lot worse. Think it over and if you don't come up with a better idea I would be willing to help you out this way. I wouldn't use your vehicle for any reason other than getting it from the ramp and back again, I am responsible and haven't had a accident and only 1 fine in over 50 years of driving. Frank
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    With a little bit of annual leave I thought I would head down the mighty Hawkesbury and target mulloway in lures. My mate and I fished in icy conditions and while we managed the target species they were all small, with one good fish lost to some tight structure. Lures used were 4 and five Inch paddle tails, mainly looked for bait and the small Jew were not too far behind. Have fished the Hawkes a handful of times and I must admit it is quiet the challenge.
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    Just back from a cruise Broome to Mitchell Plateau . Had a fish along the way. Fished five short sessions along the way. Caught a lot of fish mainly fingermark and jacks to 50cm, also bream trevally cod and mixed fish. On the last fish I finally nailed a barra and lost one. Measured 77cm and tasted very nice for lunch and dinner the next day. Also saw all the tourist things and did the helicopter and light plane flights
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    Fished last week with my mate and had some ups and downs with the reds. With days of southerly wind and northerly current things werent what we had hoped for. Had a day of 12 fish including a couple of 4kgs fish and out wide it was jacket central. Anyway, the final day the moons aligned and no wind and the current had changed and went south. We did have a late start due to early rain and forgetting the sounder but still having gps numbers and good ole fashion land marks we had a great mornings fishing. All the fish were caught on bait but did get dusted on one nice fish on a plastic. Cheers Nipper
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    Had a spare weekend finally!! Sso decided to wet the line. Managed a few hours on the water and caught feed or so. Best fish was the 48cm snapper caught on an elkat snapper flasher.
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    launched kayak from Akuna bay 4.30pm friday, headed out to Jerusalem bay. There were half dozen fishing boats scattered all over aiming to catch fish. Anchored 800m in Jerusalem bay close to shore sitting 14m depth and cast float rig with flashing lights to attract hairtail and first cast landed a hairtail within few minutes but cut my line as i was trying to use my net and my reel got tangled. 20 minutes later i caught one without the net. I had few more bites but could not hook them. Bites were off for hours, changed location for next couple of hours and nothing. No fogs during my session till 2am. Very clear and bright night and not so cold only my feet, need to put thick ski socks. I will try again next Saturday.
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    G’day raiders, Managed a leave pass yesterday as all kids sports were cancelled on Friday. (What a shame). Anyway, headed out with Dom and Bevy. We hit seals early and the fishing was slow. No drift no swell and little current. This resulted in very little fish. Came back towards Broughton and dropped deep for a bit which was a donut! Moved back to more familiar territory and the hits started coming. Plenty of tuna busting up all around us but we were still focused on our snaps! We hit my go to spot and Bevy hooked up to what we initially thought was a good king but turned out to be a very plump snapper. Dom sight casted into a tuna bust up and landed a healthy macky on snapper gear and I managed a few pannies for the box. Add to that a couple of pearlies, a goaty, bonito and that was pretty much our day! For us the fishing was really slow but it was sublime conditions out there! Thanks for reading! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    My apologies if this event is commonplace, but it’s never happened to me before so here goes. i went out in a little dingy at Brisbane Water by Wagstaffe today. Reeling in, I saw a little brown lump of weed on the end of my line. Im pretty blind without my glasses but fortunately I took a closer look before pulling it off. Beautiful little blue ring octopus. It had grabbed a prawn on a longshank hook and must have impaled itself. Getting it off unharmed wasn’t easy but good thing I had some long nose pliers. The rings are an amazing electric blue as they swim away in clear water. Otherwise, one good flathead and a lot of small whiting. cheers V.
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    Hi all, Been 11 years since my last report (how time flies!). All the usual life excuses - work, family, study and more - have all but killed any proper time on the water! Anyhow, with the wife out for an afternoon, I thought I would drop in to visit my folks and ended up going for a fish with my dad. Any trip with my dad comes with free babysitting by my mum (and this is much encouraged, but unfortunately I rarely have the time)! Having jumped off the train from a family trip in the city, I didn't have any gear, so I borrowed one of my dad's outfits, rigged up with a plastic from his collection and then we made our way to Hen and Chicken bay. Had very low expectations with the cold weather and all, but much to my surprise, managed to get a couple of fish. The first fish was a nice little flatty: The next fish seemed to be somewhat more lively and I struggled to get it in. When it finally came in, I realised why - it was a foul hooked whiting pinned in its tail wrist! Neither fish was anything to write home about, but I was pretty happy with that trip! It's been so long since I've caught anything bigger than an undersized bream, I didn't really know how to handle the fish anymore! Thankfully I got both back in the water after a few fumbling attempts. After that it was time to get some dinner. It was good to be back. Mike
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    Still pikn up a few baits the rain is makin it tough but im getn a couple most evenings 17 is best 2 is worst hav 3 so far but still tryin tonite..rick
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    I “rocked” up to avoca this morning arrived about 7am. Fished through the day, not hugeky productive but i did pretty well. No drummer for me today though unfortunately.
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    wwHi. Zander season is open. Last week we went fishing on pier with Vili, casting by softplastic, and get only one bite. 2 days a go i went casting alone before work ( i do only night shifts). Get some bites, and then fish on. Short fight and 50cm zander landing. I did end fishing clean fish, put somae salt and drive to work. Yeastarday i put fish on smoker and going fish again before work. first 4 casts: 1 bite, 2 under limit zander, and one 45cm zander landet. Casting maby 30min more, but again need go to work. Anyway, now lookslike that zander have been come to stream. I did fixed my boat floor, and mechanic fixed motor. Need put only some carpets on benchs and i am ready go fishing by boat. Now looks nice, can cach fishes from pier, so sure can catch fisher with boat. So today or tomorrow we go try fishing by boat with Vili. (i do try put picture, but if cant now, i do it when i go home, i am on work now)
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    With a break in the rain this morning decided to have a quick session to see if any fiah had stirred up from the rain. The bream were completely absent all the first few spots produced was a lone flathead. Stopped at my favourite tree on the way home this spot hasn't produced for awhile expectations were low. Third cast working deep against the timber a take followed by a short run and pulled hooks. Another cast in the same spot and solid fish on, straight away I thought trev and after the familiar burning runs and fancy rod work to keep out of the timber out comes a nice GT. A nice mid 30's fish Couple of casts later and on again this one really took off thinking a monster he turned out to be a low 30's just fowl hooked he also managed to rip the rear treble mount from my sx40 thats 3 times this has happened ecogear have really dropped their quality Went to a slightly larger and deeper diver a Maria DSP 45, with plenty of hits and a couple of smaller fish casting out to more open water these guys are the average winter GT normally seen up here With the rain prmosing to return thought I'd put the last few casts up against the timber again hoping for another of ther bigger fish. After a few casts another solid take this fish like a rocket after the usual run around again this fish was really testing my skills and finally out came a solid big-eye he measured 40cm a new pb and a beast of a big-eye for the river the rain started so session ended nothing lie some trevs to get the blood pumping hopefully these guys will stick around as they didn't make much of an appearance last winter/spring cheers for reading Dave
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    Hi all Thanks for all the comments. The cruise in the Kimberly was a once in a lifetime trip. And the fishing was a bonus. Took a long time to find one that had fishing that was affordable. After the cruise we spent 4 days at Quondong point north of Broome it looked very fishy but couldn't get a bite let alone a fish. Have moved on from Broome and next serious fish will be at Crab Claw Island in the NT. Wait for you in Darwin Dave Bruce
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    Weightlifting snapper jeff hahaha be up in two wknds hopefully need a red fix just started gettin a few more squid for big floatin baits i luv havin a fish with my son but im lucky he works with me every day so we get to hang out all the time hope to catch up with u an baz soon
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    How to catch hairtail Fishing for Hairtail in Cowan Hairtail are one very interesting fish & a lot of fun to catch. they fight pretty good & are nice to eat also. There is something that gets you in about pulling fish in that are 1.5 to 2 meters long that are as shiny as a chrome bumper bar & have teeth that put most dogs to shame. Almost nothing is known about these fish. Once upon a time Cowan Creek was the only area these fish were caught & for one to be taken anywhere else even just a couple miles away in the main Hawkesbury system was most unusual. Now days they show up anywhere & everywhere. On a trip to Cairns recently I was surprised to be catching large Hairtail in Trinity Inlet during the day. They are thick enough up there that they become a pest when Barramundi fishing. In this article I will stick to the more traditional grounds in Cowan Creek fishing during the winter months. Hairtail seasons Hairtail fishing is normally a winter thing with the months from May through to September producing the best fishing. Recently there have been some good runs of these fish at other times of the year but you need to think winter & for some reason known only to the fish the colder the night the better the fishing seems to be Locations There are a few very well known area in Cowan like Jerusalem Bay, Akuna Bay & the ever popular Waratah Bay. Be warned these spots are BUSY during Hairtail season. In Waratah Bay when the Hairtail are about you could just about walk across the bay stepping from one boat to another. They are the places to go if you like company. I have had good catches at most of the bays in the system but my favorite spots are the northern shore opposite Cottage Point. There is a bay that runs in a hundred meters or so & the eastern side of this & the area just of the sand flat at the end of it fish well. Directly opposite Cottage Point Restaurant there is a sand flat in the north eastern corner which also produces great fishing if you anchor up about 30 meters out from the area where the sand flat drops into deeper water. heading up into Coal & Candle creek the Illawong Bay area fishes well & the shore based angler can score here as well it is one of the few areas where fishing from the bank is productive ( I have seen the bank a bit crowded though). In Smiths Creek you will find fish off the flat in Stingray bay as well. These are a few of my main spots but Hairtail move about a lot so it is worth a try in any of the small bays dotted around the area. Tackle Depends a lot on how many baits you intend to have down at one time really. I often fish 3 kilo threadline tackle to enjoy the fighting capabilities of these fish. Any quality outfit whether it is an overhead or threadline spooled with 3 to 8 kg line will be fine for Hairtail they don't need specialized tackle. I often use hand lines in 10kg to 15kg range. Don't ask me why I just like using hand lines for a lot of my bait fishing. You will need some wire traces as well. I use nylon coated wire in 10kg range & make my own traces about half a meter long. I use whole pilchards for bait mostly so a few ganged hook rigs & your ready. Most people fish using a light stick rigged over the bait & Hairtail certainly respond well to these as well. I will go into some experiments I did with light sticks when I cover rigs. Bait for Hairtail Hairtail are predatory fish & will eat just about anything. I don't worry about using live bait anymore I stick with whole pilchards I find the hookup rate is far better than when using live baits. If you want to use live bait the yellowtail would be number one but I have caught Hairtail on hardiheads , mullet, small slimies, garfish & little tailor. If its alive it will be eaten. Pilchards are just convenient & effective plus Hairtail respond well to berley so the a few bits of pilchard tossed over helps. Rigs The rigs used in Hairtail fishing are very simple indeed. A wire trace rigged with a gang of hooks ( I prefer 4 hooks linked in size 3/0) tied direct to your main line is all that is needed. No weight is needed in most areas & don't weight the bait unless you have to. As far as using light sticks or night lights as they are sometimes called I find them very effective. They come with a piece of plastic tubing which is slid on the main line prior to tying on the trace & when the light stick is activated it is simply jammed into the tube. A lot of people are unaware that light sticks come in both different sizes & different colours. I began using the standard size which is approximately 4 mm in diameter & around 20 mm long in the green colour. These worked fine until I tried using the larger type which are depending on the brand around 8 mm diameter & 40 mm long. I had a lot more success with these it was then the BIG discovery was made. These larger stick come in other colours also. I bought a few blue & red coloured ones to try & was amazed at the results. Blue sticks got double the amount of runs as green ones did & red ones got hit at the rate of 5 takes to every one on green & consistently got double the takes blue did. Red light sticks stood head & shoulders above the rest & on nights when the fish were slow & scarce produced fish when the other lines were ignored. I fish 4 lines at a time & used a red light on one with blue & green on the others & no matter which position the red one was in or what depth I fished it at the red out scored the other 3 put together. Talk to your local tackle store & try red light sticks you will not regret it. Methods I prefer to fish a rising tide for Hairtail & prefer a tide which is high about 2 hours after dark. I prefer to fish from new moon up to about three quarters of a moon I have never done much good on the full moon at all. There are no great secrets to fishing Hairtail at all. Rig your pilchards on your ganged hooks then start your light sticks (red of course) & lower them over the side. I stagger the depths of my baits until I get a take then bring all lines to that level. My first bait I let go all the way to the bottom then raise it about a meter. I then stagger the other 3 from that using one only a couple meters deep & 2 at mid water. A little trick I use to hold them at that depth is clothes pegs. I just tie a peg to each of my stern cleats & another 2 of my bow rail & when the bait is where I want it just very lightly clip it with a peg. Works very well. I toss a few pieces of pilchard in from time to time & then its just a waiting game. The bite of a Hairtail can come in many different forms as you will discover for yourself. Sometimes they hit the bait fast & take of & other nights you will barely feel it at all the line will just slowly move off. They will pick up the bait & swim to the surface with it just causing the line to go slack as well & all you will see is the line angle changing. The best advice I can give on the bite is watch your lines & anything unusual that happens treat it as a Hairtail bite. I let the fish have about 3 meters of line before striking & this works OK. You need to try different things if you are not hooking up as they can be frustrating to hook to say the least. Some nights I have hooked 100% of my bites others 0%. A point well worth remembering is that if you miss the bite & can still feel some bait left on your hooks just leave it sit the fish will often return to it. Once hooked Hairtail go pretty well some run around at midwater while others go deep & circle but just like the bite they are all different. You will not be disappointed I promise. When you get the fish to the boat they are OK to lift straight in but I find the best thing to do is grab them very firmly around the gills then give them a good hit over the top of the head with some type of club before lifting them into the boat. There are 2 reasons for this the first one being I still have the scars on my fore arm from being bitten by a 2 meter fish about 20 years ago & the bite needed stitching. The second one is the tail of these fish will whip any loose line on the deck into a mess very quickly. Hairtail generally travel in schools so when the action starts it can be very fast indeed. you will be surprised at how many fish just have the hooks tangled in their teeth & are not really hooked at all. Once you have your Hairtail back at the ramp the easiest way to dress them is just clean them as per the way you clean any fish then cut them into sections about as long as your dinner plate is wide. The silver coating on them rubs of easily with a piece of coarse material like hessian & some prefer to wash it off. Myself I have never worried about it & find it does not affect the flavour of the fish at all. I normally put a section of Hairtail on a lightly buttered piece of foil give it a squirt of lemon juice then roll it up & put it under the griller turning it once to cook. It cooks very quickly as it is so thin so make sure you don't over do it. Hairtail fishing is fun even though it can be very cold in Cowan fishing for them but if you have never done it before have a lash its a great night & you will score a few nice meals. Remember though there is a bag limit on Hairtail these days of ten fish & I would say even that is a bit generous I reckon 5 is plenty. Think about tomorrow & just take enough for a feed they don't freeze well anyway. A couple nice Hairtail from Cowan The business end
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    Geoff, how far do you have to trail your boat normally? if you are simply running down to the local ramp and back dont spend the money- just get it patched up- if on the other hand you are planning on doing lots of miles then yeah go new and go for name brand or a custom job, other thing is that second hand trailers sell quickly (to guys who have short drives to the ramp)
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    Hi Radiers Went on a last minute trip to Bermagui on the weekend on word that there the Blue Fin run was on. Yes it was, the number of Fin being caught was incredible. I got one weight 60kg, my first and it was deferentially worth it. Tight lines Dogbox
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    Big thanks to @Zoran who I called on his mobile and fixed it. I pulled a positive cable and and shorted a fuse near the battery and isolation switch. Just replaced the eye connectors to the positive, reattached to terminal then replaced the 10amp fuse.
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    Your "slow days" are called a Hot Bite for most of us other Sydney folk haha
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    Fishing for grouper should be and I suspect soon will be banned even for anglers, simply because these are one of urchins top predators. I was recently helping scientists on reefs where good populations of large blue groupers were plentiful, the way these fish can chomp through large sized urchins one after another is amazing. Large snapper also feed on urchin but these fish are now becoming very rare in the sizes needed to tackle urchins. Spearfishing gets a pretty poor reputation from a few people who don't respect the sport. My daughter represents Australia spearing and is also sponsored by an international company but she is far from a big fish killer, infact the fish she targets are extremely selective. A day out with the rod and line could end with dozens of hooked fish, many undersize, some baratrauma, some deeply hooked, some taken by seals or sharks etc etc. Then there's the impact of soft plastics, lead and other gear we anglers constantly seem to be replacing, the list here goes on and on, Now compare that to the skill needed to settle on the bottom at 20m and sellect only the fish you want and just enough for a feed and the spear hunting doesn't look quite so bad. Take a look at this https://www.theinertia.com/environment/why-spearfishing-isnt-all-just-blood-and-guts/. Yep there are those who who are greedy in all warps of life but there are also many who want to see change to improve what we have left. Spearfishing is a no go area on this forum but like it or not if anglers, scientists, spearfishers, fisheries, comercial fishers etc can't communicate together then we are going to end up blaming each other and never improve what's left.
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