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    Launched at Parsely Bay and had a very bumpy ride out to the flathead area about 4nm out. Caught a few flathead on pillies and cuttlefish going over a spot which appeared OK. Then the motor refused to rev up. Checked the prop and fuel feed and all was OK, waited a while to see if overheating was a problem but still no revs. Gave up and called Marine Rescue who came out and towed us in. While we were waiting put out the sea anchor so we would not go too far and could get going quickly when the tow arrived and drifted the right way back towards Barrenjoey. Picked up a few nice flathead while waiting Thanks to Marine Rescue for the tow. My mates boat had recently been serviced and once on dry land we took the cover off to find the same problem I suffered following my service several months ago. When replacing the fuel filter on the early 75 Mercury is easy to knock the linkage slightly out of its connection to the throttle so after a bit of use it falls out and the motor wont rev. Same outboard mechanic serviced both motors. I was fortunate the sea was kinder when I was out and I was able to increase the revs manually leaning over the motor while my mate steered to get back home. No way in todays seas. Manually increasing the throttle I dont think is a good idea as I think the timing is altered by a different linkage, but some experts might correct me there. My mate did 3 years on the job with Marine rescue at Cottage Point so understands the work these volunteers put in.
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    My lovely wife (Susan) and I have made it to Murray Cod opening 2019 so we are heading off to the river. Hopefully there will be enough water to go fishing for a few hours. Report to follow. Big Neil and Little Susan...
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    Hi All, First post! Took my 2 boys out for a fish on Sunday in Botany Bay, crap weather but they were keen and you got to jump on it when they are keen. With recent skills obtained from a charter I was keen to get the boys onto some action. Pretty rough and ugly conditions @ Trevally Alley meant our luck for Trev's was not great... hard going trying to sink the baits and burley. Just too rough for catching squid so tried trolling with servo squid for kingies along the wall without any luck. Drifted the sands on Kurnell side of Towra for a nice 48cm flatty... then off to chase the tailor smashing up outside the Georges River sailing club. If the frenzy are all small choppers, fire your bumpa bar metal lure into the mix, BUT let it sink before retrieving as their can be flatties or other species catching the bits and pieces below the bust up. Sure enough a solid trevally 40cm was doing exactly that. And then out of all the small ones we found a decent tailor. Good day in crap conditions. Happy kids (no2 son now keen as no1 for fishing), and a solid feed for a family of 5. cheers Andrew
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    Hi raiders, after all this talk about vintage Alveys I though it would be great to have a bit of show & tell thread about them. I continually read on here members asking questions about them or other members giving suggestion for different fishing applications so there must be something to them right! So show us your Alvey's whether its a strictly stays in the display cabinet reel or where in current use smashing up some Aussie salmon or jews off the beach & what your favourite moment was fishing with them. For me my association with Alvey is from fishing long ago with dad off the beaches north & south of Sydney, or when he was fishing for Luderick off the breakwall of Nelson Bay, pretty much an Alvey's in his hand if he had a line in the water. While I used them on occasions I was more of a spinning reel guy I actually threw one of dads rod into the surf when I was about 6 years old, He was down the beach with another set rod & I pulled the rod out of the holder & walked up to the rolling surf & tried to cast it but threw the whole rod into the water. I can still see him running up the beach waving & yelling at mum , of course I see it slow motion 🤣 He jumped into save it but couldn't find it, he was devastated & pretty angry at the same time.........…………...as you would be 🥺 Basically I inherited dads gear when we had to move him into a nursing home, there is something about looking at a lifetime of accumulating/collecting/hording fishing gear of all sorts, including things like Japanese roped glass buoy's to vintage sinker making gear, even unopened packets of hooks & tackle going back to the 1940/50's era. Anyway I will have to look through some photo albums to see if there is any of him casting from his favourite Alvey's but for now I'll start it of here with is just a couple from his collection, This picture even show's a few of the floats made from wood & cork for the Luderick he would hand make. Will post move as we go, Cheers Adrian
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    Must admit I quite like not fishing myself and letting the youngsters do all the work.
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    A top day on the Harbour today (Friday). Squid were easy on small jigs and in abundance and heaps of a Yakkas everywhere. I hope they stay that way for all the weekend fishos. Interestingly there have been calamari, cuttlefish and arrow squid all in the same areas. Note the tag - be interesting to get feedback from fisheries when the tag was Putin and the growth rate. The tag had quite a bit of algae on it so quite a while ago I suspect. The Kingies have been in small numbers but very solid fish. Today I boated 2, one at 86cm and one at 76cm. After the second fish we packed up, with 2 fish there is no need to catch any more. I suggest that the bag limit should be reduced from 5 to max of three fish per angler with one being over 85 cm. What do others think.
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    anyone can catch snapper and flathead, but it takes real class to get quality fish like banjo sharks and pike. I usually cap off such trips with more winners like sergeant baker and blue spot wirrah 😳 Fil
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    Hi Admis, The best thing you can do is use that search function and check out the fishing reports section after introducing yourself as Donna said. Searching and reading through reports and anything to do with the area is your best bet, unfortunately with fishing it will never be a case of "this spot will land me a Tuna at X time and X day", it never works like that. And even if it was a specific spot that someone has always bagged up at it can be a secret from that person, (everyone has there own spot X) You need to go explore and don't even take a rod with you. Scratchie has put in what seems like 100+ years of researching Port Stephens and seems to be the guru of Port and has years of experience and info, but honestly due to you being Landbased i would physically walk around and explore, look at the water, the tide, swell etc. have a look at how many fisherman/fisherwoman are there and what they are catching, what are the using?? I did this myself for almost 3 months before i started to even take my rod to the landbased Locations around Lake Mac. Your own research will pay off, you never know you might find a spot that no-one has ever fished from before. Use topographic maps and satellite images via google maps to check that you can safely get to a spot and remember to always wear a lifejacket near any rocks. Good Luck
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    looks like the 50 A5E is a keeper then for when i decide to dip my toes into the dark art of blackfishing (or bream fishing using the alvey!). PS: Im a big fan of alveys, own (and use) a 700c5, 650a5, 650c5, 2 x 6500bcvrr, 600a, 550a5 and a 650grbc. (though i must admit, the grbc feels a bit like you are winding up an air raid siren, but once that inertia is overcome, the line starts laying on thick and fast!)
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    As soon as I can learn how to engrave a bit better I will engrave a couple with " Waza Wobblers " and drop them off to Waza for his collection. Forgot I had these scales. Frank
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    Rebel. More to the point If I made them in bulk and started selling them it would feel more like a job than a hobby and take the fun away from making them. Besides they can be bought much cheaper online than I would ask for them. Probably sounds like I am contradicting myself but I just feel I should make a few for maybe some close friends etc. Frank
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    When I tried fluoro line many years ago, the 6 lb seemed like it broke around 4 lb, so I never used it again - cannot now remember the brand. I stick to mono - especially since I handline in the deeper water in Port Hacking, 12 and 15 lb - and use Schneider brand, an average diameter line. I don't use a leader, just straight to the hook. The same when using soft plastics, nippers or other baits, no leader used. For the rods, I use the thinnest diameter I can buy, such as Sufix brand(Finland). I see that Platypus (Australia) is making a thinner diameter line, and there are a few brands from Japan also. These brands claim to have a higher abrasion resistance. I use the high abrasion resistance mono as a leader in a couple of situations, such as a double dropper when bottom bouncing for ocean flatties. I don't use braid at all. I use hook and swivel knots that I learnt as a kid, and they still work for me.
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    I did several tests my self quite a few years ago, even took a sample of different flouro and mono down on scuba gear to see how it looked at different depths!!!!! Like you say very poor abrasion resistance and terrible knot strength using conventional knots, however these can be greatly improved by using special flouro knots. Those same flouro knots also improve normal mono knot strength. Apart from the above findings we've done many side by side tests using same baits, hooks and sinkers etc and without fail my normal mamoi diamond in clear outfished all the flouro lines we tested, which I was very surprised by. I know there are many happy users of flouro and I'm certainly not trying to discourage anyone from using it if they are happy doing so. My daughter fishes every day in any weather and loves using Fc rock in lighter class ( 3lb ) but in saying that she often returns home feeling down after loosing a few bent minnows at $33 each. She didn't seem to loose lures using Schneider mono but her tournament bream champion boyfriend tells her FC rock is the best and she buys into it!!!!! One of the biggest factors for me with flouro is the fact companies are creating so much waste in packaging for so little line with this stuff.
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    Not trying to hijack the thread, I remember people used to wind Line around the Oysters Bottles and use them as a hand caster. They were long and thin with a concave centre would hold line and cast well. Yes “Younger People” people used to fish off the Beach, Jetty, Whalf or wherever they could with only hand lines. ..... Now where’s the old Man Emoji.
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    Fishing live baits on 8lb mainline is the main reason your not landing fish go up in size on mainline and trace
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    Hi Slurm same as Green Hornet I also have a preference for the A series- you don't need a drag for what you intend to do. Like he suggested, the 12' rod is better suited for your purpose as it gives you more options re casting and clearing line above the wave-break. Gary Howard rods are great and purpose built (as are the Alvey rods) If you can find an old Snyder or Butterworth 6144 (6 wraps of glass, 144 inches-12') they are exactly what you're after also. If you go slightly heavier in line class, say 12-15 lb mono you will have a good all-round outfit. Sometimes you will need a bit heavier sinker or a larger bait like a Pilchard/Garfish if you want to chase Tailor etc
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    Snapper fri arvo blackies sat arvo carp sun morn luv my comp wknds
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    Id be looking at why those cracks are appearing first. The weight of the engine bouncing while on the trailer is most likely a big part and can be easily sorted with a support bar from the engine to the trailer. But this needs fixing or at least looking at by an expert before a crack appears that lets water onboard. Looks like the transom has been painted. As for the trailer my rollers are all inline closer to the keel (the strongest part of the hull). When the boat goes on and off the trailer those front rollers look like they cross over the strake, which can sometimes catch and hold a boat as they slide off the trailer. Im no expert, just saying how I like mine.
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    Kingie. This would be the only reason I would use Fluro as well but who can tell how the fish see line under water ? their eyes are not the same as ours, we can only go by what the marketing guru's tell us and they want to make big bucks so could tell us anything, they say scientific evidence but who from ?. Frank
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    That's a great looking collection Pete Im sure dad had some of those yellow style reels but will have to look through the rest of the gear.
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    bag limits the bag limit- Possession limit: The maximum number of fish a person is allowed to have in their possession at any one time. This includes fish that are also stored elsewhere e.g. in fridge/freezer. For the following species or species groupings; Australian Bass and Estuary Perch, Bream and Tarwhine, Flathead species (except Dusky), Tailor, Luderick, Trevallies and Blue Swimmer Crab, the possession limit is twice the daily bag limit. For all other saltwater species, including Dusky Flathead, the possession limit is the bag limit. Copied from DPI- anyway back to original comment-I actually agree with what you are saying in principle BUT-its very dangerous to go to the likes of DPI and admit we actually have a problem with a fishery- they will take a very green point of view and screw us over. The new Deputy Fisheries guy has just come up from South OZ where he allowed a free for all by the commercial guys on just about everything but was responsible for whacking all kinds of restrictions on Rec fishos throughout the state. I dont think kings are in any particular trouble but like most fisheries probably could improve with some thoughtful regulation (maybe slot limits would be a good one), however changing the regulations we have is fairly pointless when the ones in place are barely monitored at all (how often are we all checked by a Fisheries Officer-my last time in NSW was over 20 years ago). I would argue this-SURE have a change but only in exchange for the DPI putting an additional 20 field officers in place. Its pointless having more regulation/laws unless you are willing to police them properly.
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    Ha ha! Reminds of the time I fished on a charter on Sydney Harbour. My son was about 8 and had been watching the skipper despatched fish with the priest. He decided he wanted to have a go and proceeded to bash everything on the head. Kingfish, tailor, bonito, pilchards, white bait... all egged on by the skipper! What a mess his clothes were in at the end of the day!
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    Some nice fish there Jeff. Good to see you and @back cruncher out there. What a nice boat Mick, if you ever need a decky you know who to call, ha ha. We didn't go as good as you boys but managed a few in th 50s and 40s. It was a pleasure taking Jeremy out, top bloke and bloody good angler as well.
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    Yeww!! . How did long did she go Jeffery?? See you guys soon, hope the weather gods play ball
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    I grew up in Valla, northern Rivers in bushland. We burnt off regular but the area still went up. No RFS then , no local brigade to help. Just us and nearby relos beating the flames with wet sacks and shovels. All of us got out there.
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    I myself only purchased my first alvey only 2 years ago, A series low tech and a whole new experience for me compared to the spin reels I have alway used. It comes to the beach every trip now. The only reason I stepped into the alvey was my wife bought me a new beach rod for Christmas and had no idea what she was buying, when I opened it the giant over sized stripper guide made it quite obvious it was an alvey style rod, so hit he local tackle shop and picked up an alvey to marry up to the rod. I went down to the local football field to practice casting with 10lb mono and a small I think under 2 ounce snapper lead. And it easily whistles out a 80m cast with no bait drag. I can’t fault the ugly stik, for casting or fighting, has had multiple 2+kg salmon under it belt now. I love it! I can grab the exact model of your keen
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    A good feed of reds - you can keep the mowies
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    Great report and a good haul.
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    You don't see too many hanging off rods these days, but I'd take a guess and say they're not rare, they're just sitting in sheds. In the town I grew up and learnt to chase blackfish in 4 out of 5 guys owned them.
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    I have never been rescued but it's great knowing they are there. The log in service is great too. Can't complain about drifting in the right direction and getting some tasty fillets whilst waiting.
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    Lifejackets save lives! Learn how to service yours for free this weekend at Ermington and Kymeeagh Boaters are encouraged to attend one of the free lifejacket clinics being held across NSW, as part of the successful NSW Government ‘Wear a Lifejacket’ program. The clinics will be held at Ermington Boat Ramp, Wharf Road, Ermington on Saturday 7 December from 9am – 12pm and Lyeemagh Boat Ramp, Mutch Road Kyeemagh on Sunday 8 December from 9am – 12pm. NSW Maritime Executive Director Mark Hutchings said the clinics include demonstrations of easy-to-do lifejacket pre-wear checks and servicing of inflatable lifejackets “Learning how to do these simple lifejacket checks and servicing could save your life, and ensure you have a fun day out on the water and get home to your family safely,” Mr Hutchings said. “We know that lifejackets save lives but they can only do so when they are maintained correctly and in good working order.” “Inflatable lifejackets are easy to wear, comfortable and affordable, but they require extra care and attention to ensure they will inflate in an emergency. “Boaters who come along to the clinics will be eligible to receive free lifejacket parts kits or a $15 voucher which can be used towards the purchase of a new lifejacket or parts at participating marine retailers. “Boaters will also be able to hand in their expired flares at some of the clinics to make sure all of their safety equipment is in tip-top shape. “NSW has some of the best waterways in the country and we want people to enjoy their time on the water, but we want to make sure people do so safely.” To register to attend a free clinic, please visit: https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/lifejacket-clinics.html For more information on lifejacket wear and servicing, visit: maritimemanagement.transport.nsw.gov.au. Expired flare collections will also start this month and continue across NSW until 13 January 2020. For details about local collection points and dates visit: https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/safety-equipment/flare-disposal.html
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    I don't use fluorocarbon leaders for the abrasive resistance I use them because of their ability to be less visible to fish over 90% of most mono's. Personally its an expensive test but I would like to see the top 10 or so fluoro brands tested against each other then test the top contender against the mono. I would expect the results would be quite different between different brands in the same weight class/diameter.
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    I'd call getting 1/2 a dozen squid in an hour a good day!
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    Awesome BN. I can see the excitement on your face. Well done to you both! cheers scratchie!!!
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    Not real clear picture but definitely same reel
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    Thanks for the clarification re the possession limits. I should have checked. 😬 It makes no difference for me - I rarely get to fish again until I’ve run out of what’s in the freezer anyway! 😂 I reckon the kingfish fishery in NSW is pretty good anyway... from all reports I’ve seen, the kings are on fire in Sydney anyway. 😉
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    Do you guys use a loop knot when attaching a jig head? I’m fishing for flathead in the bay. And how close should the knot be to the jig head?
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    Its a balancing act with line n leader too light smoked too heavy no bites im same as jeff 20lb braid 20lb leader when burleyin n bait i fish straight 15lb mono i got smoked severely 2 weeks ago but ive caught fish up to 9kgs this year as jeff noted a few reports ago he went up in trace then couldnt get a hit
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    The wind knots I was told were wind knots, the ones on spinning reels, nearly always resulted for me with overloaded spools. Line coming off too freely, just virtually peeling off itself when the cast hold was released. Im pretty new to bait casters, had overheads and Abu in the past but not the newer type till recent times. I wasn't happy with the casting performance I was getting from my Daiwa Fuego, practiced and practiced, bit better but getting over runs and no great distance to write home about. Then a bloke said to me one day "mate you have too much line on it" Im thinking no there's not its just full and not over done. He then told me to look from the front where the line comes through the reels line guide and is the line coming through unhindered around the bottom two thirds to half area of the guide? Could I see the top of the line level on the spool in that area? My line level was right up the top of eye, it may have even just been coming through the top 1 /5 or 1/4 part of it. He said there was too much friction not enough free movement. Was like the eye was smaller than it really is in use. So I dropped the backing line right off so when I looked the line level was easy in the middle part of the eye. Wow, my casting improved from being less than my spin reel to matching and at times beating it easy. I now can easily cast a softy on a 1/4 ounce jig head further than I was getting on a 1/2 and my overruns greatly reduced. Again my issues were an over full spool. My spool on the Fuego may now look like its a bit under done line wise but it casts now great.
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    2 decent sized bream, 2 broke the line cause they swam under my anchor (felt like bream) 2 whiting and a pike as pointed out by another member (i thought it looked like a barracuda cause of the teeth haha - im a newbie) I put a post up but removed it cause i felt a bit silly 🤣 All caught within the span of 2 hours but spent a solid 2 hours before catching nothing cause of the tides i believe. Unfortunately no flatties I'm trying to find a spot closer to home so I'm trying the hacking in the next few days and have recently done a charter with Scotty Lyons out in botany bay
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    My home made jig works very well and its accuracy is adequate but there are a couple of thoughts I’d like to pass on. 1. if you make a measuring system the most important thing is it has to be quick to do each test. While it’s common to see a tester state things like ‘this knot retains 90% of strength’ that is only an average. In reality the plot of knot strength will be a normal curve (actually a skewed normal curve) - so you need to do a lot of tests before you can be confident your average is valid. It gets old very quickly doing that with buckets of sand or water and a spring scale, especially when testing 20kg line and you have to lift 20+ kg of water, clean up and refill after every test. 2. the static line strength tests usually presented are not that useful. More important is to test: - shock load (ever lost a fish trying to net it) - durability (I stretch to 60% of break point 50 times, then test. This simulates a big fish giving your line hell) - abrasion resistance (Salt strong shows a simple but brilliant jig for this) 3. And finally, line, knots and terminal tackle are a system. They all work together. Different knots work better with different lines. Some lines respond poorly to being tied to thinner metal fittings, others don’t care. and yep, there were some unhelpful comments. If you do a search on my name you will see photos of a 27kg tuna I caught landbased in June. It was shortly after a period of intensive testing of knots and lines on my homemade test rig, which enabled me to greatly increase the reliability of my gear under stress. There is nothing like the feeling of hooking into a big fish and being entirely confident of your line and knots. I felt vindicated.
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    Congratulations put that one in the photo album at the top for now
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    Now that's a snapper! Cracking fish.
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    Abs, try Balmoral headland or Middle head or Canae, if the yakka’s are not around your normal haunts. I always burley (bread or pollard/ bran or soaked Chook pellets). Was out on Mon & Wed and got heaps (little “Kingie candy” size - heaps of squid also. pm me if you want more details
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    nicely done. It's good you got enough for a full feed. I hate it when you catch only enough for a partial feed
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    The Hairtail got me when the gaff man swung it my way- I was trapped in the corner of the boat, got me on the arm- one of the ganged hooks 'stood up' saving me from severe injury, but bled like mad until the slime applied. Eel got me when I put my hand in "the drink pool" we used to put cans of drink in- some idiot put the eel in there with line wrapped around it, took my full weight on my rock plate to get it off my finger
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    Plus one green hornet 20lb on jew is fine never had a jew take more than 200mtrs off the beach on 20 and landed em up to 37kgs
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