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    I've been fishing with a bloke a couple of times on a charter boat and we got to chatting about soft plastics. That's about all he uses, so we arranged a meet up for a lesson. I've not had much luck on them before, so we met up and went through a few basics. It was quiet but I managed a couple of small lizards (45 cm) and then I got a monster. Went about 80 cm and after a photo, she swam off. Nice morning for it. No wind and a bit of cloud cover on Brisbane waters. I even consented to a photo of me with the the big girl!
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    Hey fellow Fishraider family, here's my first fishing report so here goes... Started the morning at 6AM at Tunks Park boat ramp on Sunday morning with the old man and as expected the car park was jam packed while the boat ramp was actually relatively quiet. After parking halfway up the hill, we were out onto the water in search of bait. Was hoping to use the Lowrance Elite 5 Ti I had recently purchased and installed to find some baitfish however this was not working due to an battery connection problem which was fixed later... No luck in the baitfishing after an hour of trying with a sabiki rig on a handreel and my dad with a small hook with bait on a rod - only managed to pull up the world's smallest luderick, a baby snapper and a even smaller bream after 45 minutes of fishing and burleying. Decided to change strategies and do some bottom fishing with circle hook patenoster rigs at a nearby spot a bit north of Sugarloaf Point where we have caught legal flathead and snapper before. A fun little part of the session here with a dozen or so ~25cm snapper and a couple of undersized bream. We fished here for the first hour of the run-out before deciding to try our luck past Spit Bridge. On route to the Spit, we noticed a couple of guys in a runabout with one of them hooked up to something that looked BIG. So, as curious fishos we went on over to see what was happening and yelled out across the water, 'What've you got on?'... 'Kings' was the reply and from that point it was all happening. With the sounder on, we were seeing massive marks in around 8metres of water with bait also being herded around underneath us. We attempted a couple of rigs but with no bait except frozen pilchards, we didn't fancy our chances of a hookup. I had tried some jigging on a very heavy rod to no avail and was starting to lose confidence after seeing two more kingies being landed on the now surrounding carpark of 5+ boats with many coming and going for the next hour and a half. However, my luck changed when I switched my brand new Sienna 4000 with 30lb J-braid and 30lb FC rock fluro setup with a 7'' Gulp! Nuclear Chicken minnow. Casted out for 5-10 minutes before I hooked up on a medium/fast retrieve with twitches. The fight was fun and lasted around only a few minutes but the memory of my first kingfish will last for many years to come I'm sure! Thanks for reading this far if you have, hope to have more to share in the near future! -PackedAFlatty
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    Hi Raiders, This is actually a fishing report but here is a bit of preamble... One of my mates ( Bob) is a complete newbie to fishing and never eats fish. I have been telling him for years that if I only had access to supermarket or fish shop produce then I would probably never eat fish either but... its a very different equation to catch your own fish, treat it properly and cook it yourself. He remained unconvinced so I offered to take him out and catch some Blue Spotted Flathead and then take it home and cook it for him. Before heading out to the flathead grounds we sussed out North Head for any action. There was bait everywhere but the swell in close to the rocks was a little uncomfortable for Bob so after a few casts into the wash we headed off to drift off South Head in about 50m meters. Bob is a pretty quick learner so after I had shown him a few times how to bait up and what constituted a bite worthy of a strike he was away. Bob Caught his bag limit in about 3 hours while I watched and cheered. I settled for just a couple of Blue Spots myself that I would keep and cook up for him later that day. The size of the fish was excellent and most of Bob's were around the same size as the 2 two I kept. There were plenty of small flatties taking the bait too so we had to take particular care to mark the spots where the larger ones seemed to be. There was no wind , very little current and of course not, a lot of drift so I actually used the Minkoda to push us along. While we were out we saw schools of Bonito probably 1 k offshore and managed to spin up a few each time the schools came by for use as bait. We also saw a pod of hunting Dolphins which was really cool ... the were leaping clear of the water catching fleeing fish in mid-air. I have never seen such a flurry of activity. We left about 1 PM and Bob was a converted man, at least as far as fishing goes. I dropped him home with his cleaned and filleted fish and told him to get back to my place around 4 and I would cook a few up for him. When he arrived I showed him how I prepare them in a Tempura Batter and then I deep fried them for him. I served it up to him and his response was... "That's not fish" He was blown away! He is a converted man. Cheers Jim
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    After a long break from fishing been getting back into it. Been using live worms and nippers and struggling to get 1 or 3 fish, sometimes nothing. Then last Saturday night after the southerly died down, and then the following morning I got amongst them. Bronte Beach. Rising tide, live beachworms, running sinker rig with 8 lb leader. Been eating these all week. Bloody good to know that you can still catch a great feed in the middle of Sydney. On Sunday morning I was plucking them out from in between about thirty surfers!
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    Gday Raiders Sorry for the long report but as most will know your first marlin experience is one that needs a good venting. My original plan this weekend was to live bait the Botany Wide FAD for mahi, but after being tipped off by Scratchie (who always seems to know more about whats happening in Sydney than most of us Sydney folk) to the inshore run of Marlin i couldnt resist having a go. I didnt have the rolls royce of gear and similarly didnt have endless amounts of cash to buy new, so i had to make do with what i had with some improvements. I had two penn 330 gt2s and a penn spinfisher 9000 with 3 rods in the 10-15kg line class. I had all rods spooled with 40 pound mono which i had used for trolling mahi last year. I spent hours and hours during the week reading about gear, knots, terminal tackle,line setup, lure placement, trolling speed and everything to do with catching a marlin. I concluded the rods and reels i had would do the job if we didnt rush it, but the line needed replacement, namely i needed to get as much line on the reel as possible and for this reason my main line had to be braid. The tackle store then recommended i wack on 50m of mono on the end to give the line some "stretch" during the fight and i also put some backing on the reel because apparently braid can "slip" on O/H reels. With the funds i was willing to comit, i purchased 1000m of 50 pound braid, three skirted lures, one of which was the apparently famous for marlin... lumo, and the terminal tackle and hooks etc. The night before it took 4 hours to prep the gear, i must have retied each knot 3 or 4 times and wasted 10 crimps from paranoia, but at 1030 i was convinced it was all as good as i was going to get it. Morning started, trolled the cliffs for bonito and managed two with the view to try "switch bait" method and or bait for plan B. This didnt eventuate but the bonitos were kept for bait fillets so no loss. From the information we had the marlin were in shallow water so as soon as we hit the 70m line off coogee we dropped the lures in, i spent 5 minutes adjusting (probably unnecesarily) the lure placement and action of each lure. Finally i was confident the lures were where they were supposed to be. Mind you i dont have any outriggers so this made it harder as i didnt want tangles with braid main line that would have been a disaster. In all honesty, none of us including me actually expected to hook a marlin, let alone fight one, we set off excited but pessemistic. 2 hours later two of the boys almost asleep, making subtle suggestions to go to plan B (bottom bash), we were north east of the waverider off manly when my good friend ralph was driving the boat while i sat in the passenger seat watching the spread. As if in slow motion.......a black fin appeared and swam past two lures to smash the skirt lure in slimey pattern. The penn 330 screaming it was absolute chaos. CLEAR THE RODS, POSITION THE BOAT OMG THE MARLINS JUMPING WOW, DONT LET THE LINE GO SLACK, HOLY SHIT LISTEN TO THS REEL SCREAM OMG. Hands shaking from the adrenalin i wasnt even fighting the fish, i volunteered to keep the boat in position. 15 mins later the marlin spat the hook. Crushed. Nonetheless, we were now mega pumped. What was a feeling of pessemism now turned to adrenalin pumped excitement. Catching a marlin went from dream to real possibility. We continued trolling the area for another hour with no bites we moved east where the water cooled dramatically from 24.4 to 22 degrees so we headed back to shallow water. It was now 1pm. 4 hours since the first Marlin hookup and adrenalin levels now back to normal, i noticed we passed over a nice bait ball......no strike...then over another bait ball... no strike....three bait balls in close succession.. then the lumo gets absolutely nailed. The spinnfisher going off we brought in the other lines. This fish must have emptied 3 quarters of the line before it stopped. It was bigger and angrier than the first fish. What ensued was an epic battle with lots of acrobatics. 1 hour later, fish is buggered, we are even more buggered and its now about 6m from the boat. Thats when it dawned on me, i had done a shit tonne of reading on how to catch a marlin but stupidly didnt do any research on how to handle the fish. What appeared to be 3meters of marlin was infront of me, the size and scale and beauty of the fish was realised. What a magnificent beast, even more breath taking than i imagined. I then thought to myself.......Now wtf do we do? The plan was to release the big girl but before doing so we wanted a photo of course...and more importantly my brand new lure back !!! Leader in range ralph grabbed the leader, fish took a final lunge and we all panicked and she swum around the back and as murphies law promises, line on the prop.....fish gone. New lure with it. We continued trolling for anothrer hour then drove back to the ramp some 25km as lifeless zombies....no appetite, no smiles, no andrelin pumped screaming. Not even a proper photo of the fish. But two things were certain: 1. The seed for a new addiction was planted, sprouted and grown to maturity in a single day and 2. I will get one next time. I was (later) consoled by the fact that all the research had paid off, knots and tackle stayed connected and that we raised and fought two fish. So to finish this report, the nagging questions are, what is the best way to deal with a potentially angry 3 meter fish boatside? How do you get the hooks out and handle the fish safely? What can i do to minimise chance of losing the fish boatside. Thanks for reading. Sam
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    We have been having very hot days, too hot for me to go fishing. We just had a day and a half of steady showers, not as much as we need, but enough to drop the barometer. This arvo presented us with clearing skies, a rising barometer and the threat of an afternoon thunder storm. For those of you who fish for Cod, take note of what I just related because it equates to Cod on the bite. So I gathered the bait and headed to the nearest boat ramp. There was a reasonable flow in the water (another good sign for bait fishing) as I headed upstream to one of my favourite spots. I wasn't disappointed having 2 small Cod (under 52cms) in the boat in the first 5 minutes. Got another 3 (all undersize) and a Trout Cod before the heat forced me to head home. An hour after I got home the heavens opened amid a fierce thunder and lightning storm. 20 minutes later it was gone. Cheers, bn
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    Seabreeze forecast was perfect so headed off outside Ulladulla at the gentlemen’s hour of 7am... high tide was about 9:30am. For some reason the sounder wasn’t working so used ‘old school’ marks using local landmarks and dropped some salted pilchards down in about 70m of water. I think we hit them on the head! First drop a 64cm snapper and new record for the boat! The next half hour was incredible with my best mate and my godson landing five nice snapper- highlight was my godson landing a 60cm beast on his Shimano estuary combo. Landed a few other species and kept a nice pigfish and plate sized morwong. Took my 7 year old out a bit later and he nailed a nice 40cm flathead. Just finished a fresh fish feast - highlighted by the whole snapper Thai style on the BBQ! I am one proud and happy father, godfather, mate and skipper tonight.... Tight lines! Mutt
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    The crew managed to get amongst the kingfish. With approximately 50 fish landed within a 3 hour session. Enjoy the footage!
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    Dohhhhh. Well that was kind of our result!!! Headed out with @Woodsy1 and @tyrone07 yesterday in search of a beak! Gentlemen start of 615. Bait first incase we need it later, headed straight to the fad and carpark later!! The water inshore up here has been cold and dirty for the past month and yesterday was no exception! All the way to the fad is was around or under 20c. We got there and there were divers on it and they didn’t get anything. So one quick circle and off we went. The further we pushed the better the water got and by time we hit the shelf it was 27deg. Trouble was there was no signs of life! Not many birds, no bait anywhere and the current was running downhill at at least 4knots. We persisted and circled areas I’ve caught in the past but it wasn’t to be! Mind you, the conditions that presented themselves were the best I’ve ever fished in! We stuck it out and did the miles but just couldn’t find any bait. So with glass out conditions we pulled in the lures and screamed back to Broughton at 30plus knots and hoped for a couple of snapper! They were still there, Woodsy managed a couple of legals, I pulled a nice one just under 60 and Tyrone learnt the lesson of tighter drag and what a good snapper can do to you! Haha 🤣 So all wasn’t lost. Pulled the pin and back to the ramp at 6. Wasn’t great to draw a blank but that is game Fishing! Thanks for the day Woodsy and Tyrone, always a pleasure! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Every time I head to my local I find myself always picking up what the last person has left behind on the wharf and putting it in the council provided rubbish bins only a few meters away, Well this time it was worth it...So Thank you this time whoever you are!
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    After quite a while in a fishing hiatus, for one reason or other, I was keen to head out yesterday for a run to Broughton Island, now my outboard is running properly again! Does anyone else find if you haven’t fished for a while, it takes a while to get your mojo back so everything goes smoothly? 🤔😂 I had a late night on Tuesday and managed only a few hours sleep before hitting the ramp around 4:45. I was hoping this was the day I’d arrive at Broughton by first light. After bumping my head on my tailgate (about the 5th time in 2 days I’ve bumped my noggin!), I then ruined my night vision reversing down the ramp into the glare of another car’s headlights and had to take it slow heading down the Bay. With a near full moon, I began to think I could see OK and pushed the throttle forward, only to have to swerve for an anchored/moored yacht that isn’t usually there. Looking back, it had a mast light on but for some reason, I didn’t see it from the approach side. Then, as I passed Fly Point towards Little Beach, my navigation lights went out! 😧 I just can’t cop a break! So, I stopped in the bay, grabbed a torch and climbed under the console to have a look at the wiring. While I was doing this, an unlit black boat came past me at speed. It was still too dark to be driving without lights IMO... maybe he was a smuggler! 😂😂 I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the lights but when I thought it was light enough for others to see me and with a torch handy, I proceeded towards the heads with caution. Headed to Cabbage Tree and picked up a few slimies and yakkas and also released a plate sized bream and trevally that hit the bait jigs. Cabbage Tree is a sanctuary zone - fishing for bait only (yakkas. slimies and gar). I then headed towards Broughton, investigating any working birds I saw - but it always seemed to be dolphins working bait schools. They always entertain me and I didn’t mind the distraction. I arrived at The Sisters and tried a few different drifts with plastics and bait. All I could manage was red rock cod on the plastics. I then tried north of the island with same result - poor man’s lobster only. Tried trolling for bonito, without success, then headed to The V and beyond for a bottom bash and then a flathead drift. All I managed was a nice red spot whiting and a big slimy! I was getting a bit giddy whenever I leaned over (probably from the bump on my scone!) and started feeling a bit crook so decided to head for home, doing 2 laps around Boondelbah, trolling for bonnies without success. Arrived home for lunch, with just 4 red rock cod and a whiting - I haven’t had a feed of fresh fish for a while! Still, I enjoyed my morning on the water after so long shore bound and got some pretty nice photos on my phone on the way out. 1. Moon setting over Yacaaba:
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    HI I was taking my young feller out on Sunday from the Koolewong boat ramp, when a maritime guy came up and asked about our safety gear. He introduced himself was was very pleasant. I put the young one in the boat and had him put on his life jacket and then explained that the boat was new and I was pretty sure I'd got all of my safety gear over. I started showing him Vsheets and EPIRBs and he was pretty happy with that. I also showed him my "Green Floating Bag" that I bought a while ago and that contains nearly everything you need for going outside. I don't think he'd seen one before, and I can't remember where I got it. If you are interested, google, ACR rapid ditch bag kit. Anyway, he asked me if I had any questions and I had two. First one was about life jackets. I asked if I was wearing a fancy one (like and ISO vest) with out an AS sticker inside it, but had "proper ones" on board, is that OK? He said yes,but if I was in an area where a life jacket was mandatory, (bar crossing etc) then I needed to be wear an AS one. My boat is bigger the 4.8 metres so I only need them on board. If you are less than that and are by yourself then you need an AS one. He also acknowledged that some of the overseas ones were rated higher than the AS ones, but rules are rules. Second question was about flares. I asked what was the go with having expired flares on board, if I had in dates ones as well. He said that you aren't allowed them. The reason he gave was along the lines of its an explosive device that that deteriorates over time. He also understood my question that having out of date ones on board as a backup but you still shouldn't be doing it. He went on to suggest that if you did get stopped, you should only show the ones that are in date. He gave me a couple of tips about tying up at the wharf, as I had to park a long way after launching. He kindly untied me, and we were on our way. For me, it was a positive experience, and didn't delay me very much.
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    Hi Raiders Took my mates young bloke out today went to cabbage tree for some bait and they were very timid this morning but we got a few even with the boat that wanted to speed right up close to drop his line for a min then speed off again. But anyway we headed for the sisters but there were boats there already so steered clear of there and headed for the back of the island. Did a couple of drifts with the plastics and did no good so we tried drifting with bait and again no good, it didn't help with the same boat from the bait grounds and his mate either speeding across our drift our just sitting in it on spot lock so we moved to another spot for a couple of drifts for zero again so we anchored got the burley going and before we new it the young bloke picked 3 little plate sized snapper and with trying a few different versions of presenting the bait I ended up with 4 nice snapper as well. I hope I don't sound like a whinger but when I put a lot of effort into thinking about what other boats around may be doing I sort of would like the same but it was a top day and my mates young bloke loved being out there for the first time and getting a few. Woodsy
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    Hi Raiders, after making some comments in recent previous cooking threads & prompted by Mrs Swordy I thought it was about time I started to input some cooking ideas for you all. I have been on these pages for a while now but a bit of back history, if you haven’t already gathered I am a chef by trade with 35 years of experience from cafe/bistro to fine dining & events based work, at times cooking & planning for up to 35,000 guests & single events up to 3000 guests at particular venues(not on my own of course!), I have had the pleasure of cooking for various Presidents, Prime Ministers & some of Australia’s rich & famous over that time & as well as people like us…….…..the average aussie. So the way I look at it & without trying to offend anyone at all or sound toffee nosed but the usual fried food has its place & I will not be showing you fish & chips or salt & pepper calamari etc & attempt to show you some dishes that when I am at home & have some time on my hands I like make something that I think most of you should be able to attempt if you choose or want to challenge yourself a bit further. In essence I consider myself a hunter & gatherer & love the idea of going out on the hunt for land & see based animals to provide myself with as much protein that will fit into the freezer till I next get the next opportunity. Apart from what seafood that I can gather myself while at home I also like to delve into making things I have taken from the wild like my own venison sausages, jerky, slow cooked dishes like curries of all nationalities, cured dishes, pies from rabbit, wild pork on the bbq, duck & other game birds & all by respecting & utilising as much of the animal & its parts to the best of my knowledge. I may also at times throw in a dish from work that I have been a part in making but really would just like to make this about what can be made at home. Also if you have something like a request or after tips on some creation of your own then I would be happy to help if I can. Anyway I intend on creating a bunch of threads titled “Dining at the chefs table” that I will add to when I get the opportunity, all in a different array of styles, origins & ingredients plus if your interested I will also add some game dishes as well? Tonight's dish is from my catch yesterday while on botany bay, a nice 40cm flounder or sole(I cant tell the difference). The dish is- Seared flounder with carrot puree, potato marquise, peas, saffron & lemon beurre blanc. Not a hard dish but does require some simple techniques. While I am not going to go through the entire dish as anything that I have stated can be easily looked up on the net but I am happy to offer any tips you may need to refine it if attempting. I hope you enjoy. Bon appetite Adrian
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    I arrived at a ferry wharf in Sydney harbour around 8pm last night. Target species was jewfish. I caught yakkas for an hour then i caught a nice trevally that measured 32cm. Bait I used was slimy mackerel I caught a few nights before. I managed to get a few squid as well. I chucked some out but didn't get any takes. I decided to stay until 8am the next day for some kingfish. Almost wanted to go home as there was a storm at 4am, but sunrise was only a few hours so I decided to wait it out. Finally the sun appeared over the horizon so i chucked out a live squid on a weightless rig. After 15 minutes i got a good hit. It fought well and i saw that it was a rat kingy. Unfortunately it busted me off by wrapping the line around a pylon. The bite was slow for a while Then I had another good hit, but i could tell that it wasn't a kingfish. It was a baby bull shark. I had no idea how i was going to get the hook out. Lucky it got off. After it swam away it was 7am. At this point my squid was getting picked to pieces by lots of small fish. I changed to heavier leader after the shark busted me off. It worked, i got a really good bite the fish made a massive run so i cranked up the drag without hesitation and fought hard However the fish still managed to make another massive run and i could feel my line rubbing on the bottom. After several tense minutes I saw that it was a kingfish. It was difficult but i was rewarded with a 74cm treat that i took home with me. I was absolutely knackered but i was really glad i didn't go home empty handed I was happy that i persisted in the end
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    Raiders, been an avid reader for around 12 months, but had nothing noteworthy to shout about - this is my first post - so go easy! Missus was working late tonight so dashed home for a quick flick across the Rose Bay sand flats. I’ve really been persevering with a few donuts and wind knots here over the past 6-months, but given how close it is to home, and being primarily land based - I’ve kept coming back. finally, for the first time in a long time, I actually saw some action. Interestingly, I turned up around 6;45pm - the low tide was the lowest I’ve ever seen it. The waves were breaking in probably 30cm of water, at least 250m out from the standard high tide mark. I hooked up my curly tailz 4” white SP and started wading out. 10lb mono, no leader. Whilst trying to learn of the various hot spots, I’d heard raiders here talk about the drop off near the moored boats, but only loosely understood where it might be. However, with the tide so low, you could clearly see, and wade directly alongside, a clear, almost knife edge drop off, about 30 mtrs to the right of the moored boys, about 200mtrs from shore. Still in 30 Cm of water at this point. im out for around 10 mins, watching some big rays drift past, as well as the odd leatherjacket, before bang - lines tight and the drag goes off. Without much of a fight I pull a 42cm flattie in for a photo, and release. 5 mins later, 20m further out, on again - a much lighter in colour, 33cm flattie. Back in. Noticing the thick weed bed fairly close to shore, I have a quick cast and maintain a slow constant action to prevent snagging, and boom, another hit - but different take. Harder fight - comes into shore and it’s 29cm tailor. First one Tailor since moving here! Finally, wade back out past the moored boats, tip toeing past some big rays, and have a final cast,which after 10 mins produces another flattie, 45cm this time. Quick photo and released. Easily the best day I’ve had down there. Two questions to end with - as I headed back home, another fisho turned up with fly fishing gear. What would he have been after on a Fly? Also - anyone got tips for using poppers to target whiting? Would love some whiting surface action and they must be down there at rose bay! cheers chris
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    Been living in qld from Sydney for a year now and have been fishing and travelling across the South passage bar frequently. We are learning to fish it well and having regular results. There is so much variety here and the fishing isn't as pressured. From our last couple trips we have caught multiple snapper in 12 metres of water and while trolling home picked up a juicy yellowfin. Went fishing again Saturday and kept 12 mahi mahi and let several go all on live bait and soft plastics. They are great fun on light gear on a soft plastic. Hoping for my first Wahoo soon will keep you all posted.
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    Went to sydney harbour once again for squid and kings but also got a jew. Started the day off fishing for squid and even before we got to the boat ramp, my mate had already caught 8 squid at shark island. When we got there we headed to a beach not to far from rose bay boat ramp we ended up catching 10 nice size squid and kept it for bait. So we had 18 squid all together which was enough. After that we headed to watsons bay in search of kings and as soon as we got there my mate and i saw a school of about 10 kings that looked legal and some rats so my dad tied on a soft plastic and hooked up on very light line but my dad still managed to get the king in the boat and it was 63cm so my dad released it then my mate hooked up on a squid strip on 6lb line and got it in another rat 61cm then released it. Nothing after that but some snickers and twisties. Then we headed to two of the white drums in sydney harbour one being at clifton gardens and nothing there. Then we headed to the other white drum in the middle of sydney harbour and my dad my dad hooked up but he pulled the hook out of the fishes mouth. Then we headed back to watsons bay and started to burley some bread, squid and pilchards and it atrackted 2 little jews. I hooked up to a jew and it was an unbelieveble fight, it went under the boat and straight into my brothers line and got tangled, my brother hooked up as well at the same time but we failed to realise so it got off. This was my first jew and it was 72cm and about 2.5kg so we kept it and gave it to my grandma as she loves fish. Then we called it a day and headed back.
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    Ah had one yesterday- well mini one. Took the boat to my mechanic (car one) to have its yearly bearing replacement - and solder up a new trailer light . All good, left boat there for the day, in the arvo picked it up, hooked trailer up, they were shutting up shop so he asked me to move car and trailer so the could juggle their vehicles around and shut the roller door- did that. Parked. Went to office to pay bill, came back out and drove home (6 kms away), turned into my suburb noticed a bit of smoke pouring out of wheels- WTF- I'd left the trailer brake engaged, hubs were daqmn hot but no damage done - just a bit of life removed from the discs and pads. Doesnt matter what sort of stuff up it is but you always feel like a nitwit when it happens to you!
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    With a forecast of strong northerlys followed by a gusty southerly change we were not keen to be out wide on the flathead grounds off Broken Bay so decided to have a quite day in the river. Set a couple of witches hats off Dangar and did a couple of drifts in the bay at Patonga to catch one flathead going 39cm, it seemed small after the flathead I usually get out at sea but as it was legal and required for tea we kept it . The small reds then kept taking the bait and as I do not like injuring them we gave it away and drifted out along the shore towards Lion Island. There were a lot of pickers around and my mate had only a small bit of his 1/2 pilchard left and decided to put it back anyhow, then got a very nice flathead on it. This seemed to be a popular drift as there were several boats doing the drift. It got a bit quite then so we decided as the wind was not too bad to try a troll around Barrenjoey as we used to get good fish there at times. Not today though and there were a lot of boats in the area. We then went to a close mark we had off Palm Beach and fished the bottom for a nice morwong, an u/s Pearl Perch, a wrasse, and several Sargeant Baker, and several u/s reds. Kept the wrasse and morwong and returned the rest undamaged. The sea was pretty calm at this point. Returned to pick up the wiches hats. and stopped in the Bay to pick up 6 Tailor on metal slices, which only just made the 30cm but were fun on the light rods, and when we got to the hats found one nice male, and as it was getting warm called it a day. The southerly was a bit late up there but it did come a bit strong later. Got a few meals out of it and a bit of bait for next week.
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    Hi Raiders This music video turned up on my YouTube feed a bit randomly. I like sixties and seventies rock.... Someone has combined a scene from the 1969 movie Sweet Charity with Ike and Tina's Nutbush from 1973. You can see elements of Austen Powers, Michael Jackson and even Robert Palmer. Lets get things straight, I can't dance and I'm not into musicals, but this is pretty cool. Enjoy
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    Haha, slow day mate??? 7 snapper and no post of the mako you also caught! That’s a cracking day on anyone’s book! It’s very frustrating the etiquette of some fishos! Driving up your drift, doing circles around your intended fishing areas, or anchoring infront of you! Glad your knowledge of the area allowed you to move away and smack em! Well done champ! Jealous I had to work! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Headed out in a mate's boat to Jibbon Bombie and dropped some soft plastics for 1 little Red Rockie, the only hit. Nothing showing on his new sounder. Moved down to near Little Marley, a few schools of bait fish showing but nothing else there, so out came the flattie gear. Only one drift, but it was a slow one as not much current or wind, and not much swell. Fish were patchy, total of 18 over a few hours, not too big and the biggest over the 40cm mark. Spikey fillets used for bait. Some baits were stripped down to the skin, so a few small jackets I suspect were the culprits. The flatties in the photo appear to be talking to me, most with their mouths open.
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