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    A couple of weeks ago, I caught numerous small dolphin fish around 50-55cm off Port Stephens. Good fun but undersized. I know they grow quick because Scratchie and Woodsy got a few at the FAD on Monday at 59cm. Well, I’d like to thank Scratchie and Woodsy for fattening them up for me! 🙏😂 I made my first ever trip to the FAD today and had a ball! I left the ramp just after 5am and cautiously headed for Cabbage Tree Island in the dark. Got plenty of slimies and a few yakkas then headed for the FAD. It was a fairly slow trip as the sea was sloppier and the wind stronger than I had expected but I took my time and trolled a couple of skirts on the way. Its quite a way out to the FAD! Picked up a bonito on the way and a legal dolly as I approached the FAD, both on purple skirts. I then proceeded to have a lot of fun casting soft plastics around the FAD on my Shimano T-Curve 3 piece travel rod that I normally use for snapper. I released 3 or 4 just undersized but managed another 4 legal to 81cm. The 81cm model really tested out that T-Curve and making the gaff shot solo was a challenge, too! The best bites appeared to be just before the wind picked up ahead of a rain squall... and there were a few of them! That rain stung! There were 3 or 4 other boats there but they appeared to be using livies. The lure that did the damage for me was a 7 inch Zman jerk shad in coconut ice. 😉 With the wind picking up, I decided to head for home about 10:30. However, as I got closer inshore the weather improved, so I tried a flathead drift in an area that worked well for me this time last year but did not meet with the same success. Eventually got back to the ramp at around 1pm. Gotta love Port Stephens! On a footnote, my outboard’s running great now but my Humminbird sounder is really starting to give me the irrits! 😡 It’s giving weird readings - sometimes too deep but mostly too shallow - out around the FAD the depth alarm was almost continual. I don’t know whether it’s the transducer or the head unit! 2nd problem was that all my live baits died. For some reason, the pump stopped working. But it seemed to work fine when I got home! Go figure.
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    Welcome to my first fishing report! Sunday was the day. David and I had registered to participate in the Pirtek Fishing Challenge. We had been talking about it for weeks discussing ideas on where we should fish and couldn't wait for the species list to be released. On Sunday morning we both bounced out of bed before dawn, loaded the yaks and we were off. We had planned to be on the water when the challenge officially started. As we drove to our remote destination on the Nambucca River, I lost hope as the river levels appeared low. As we got closer I noticed it was low but was running well and was surprisingly warm with plenty of insect life around which is always a good sign. We launched the kayaks and within a few metres the casting started. I was using a Taylormade Nippy nymph and David was using a zman grub. After just a handful of casts David had a bite and landed the first fish of the day! He had a small 16cm Bass but he was determined to measure and photograph in the case it was the only fish he caught. Feeling positive that there must be bigger fish around I landed a cast straight up the middle and BAM I had a fish. I should mention this was the second time I have ever been yak fishing and this was the first fish I have hooked from a yak so you can only imagine the excitement as I reeled in my catch. I was stoked, a nice 32cm Bass and a decent catch to log on the board. In true competitive style, all niceties were off .. I had caught the bigger fish.. So the competition was on between us.. The banter was thrown as we both made casts along the river, over rocks, under tree branches, casting every opportunity we saw. David had diverted my attention to an eagle soaring above us and as I stalled he landed a perfect sneaky cast up in front of me where I was about to aim. You can imagine what I was thinking. I wasn't going to let him steal my thunder so I fired a cast landing not far from his on some duck weed and before I could blink my lure was gone. With the shear shock I let out a huge squeal, flung my rod back in fright and I had unknowingly set the hooks. Regaining my balance I could tell this wasn't a small fish. The fight was on. Remembering I am a novice, I haven't quiet mastered the art of controlling the yak, so at this point I had started doing 'donuts' in the water as I was being towed around by the monster on the end of my line. I happened to catch a glimpse of David, he was sitting back watching it all unfold laughing so hard at me. After what felt like a lifetime of struggle, I finally landed the fish in the yak. I was beyond excited as I had caught a very healthy sized Bass at 42cm. Now I was well and truly in the lead. I could see the frustration in David's casts. As all hope was lost and he had basically given in to defeat, he had a half hearted flick into a dark and gloomy log and from out of nowhere there was a splash, his lure was being chased and was snapped up. The look of relief was priceless when the fish was landed. Patience and persistence in this game does eventually pay off. He had a nice 36cm Bass. Out came the camera! By now the sky had come over cloudy and it was starting to sprinkle rain so we decided to turn around and head back. On our return trip I managed another three smaller Bass taking my days total to five and David had two. I had definitely earnt bragging rights..!! We both had a fun and eventful morning on the water. Cheers for now, Amy x
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    Weather forecast for last weekend was not good but there were windows of opportunity. Took the grandsons out on Port Hacking after school on Friday till dark. Both caught caught fish. One a nice flathead the other his first ever legal snapper. Out again sat 9:30 when the weather had a settled back at the ramp at 2:30before the wind. Another first with a legal king 2.44 kg on 4kg. Plus bream, tailor and a 62cm king released. The flathead won the junior section .96 on 1kg
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    G’day raiders, Well, I was thinking we might make a trip up to Crowdy considering all the good reports from the area but we decided to fish our own backyard as reports of longtail have been coming in. Woodsy and I were first at the ramp and first to the bait grounds. Loaded up with slimies amd off we went. Got to our spot and tried drifting for a few snapper first but kept a livie drifting behind us. No luck on the snapper but the livie starts to scream off. Shite, we found one already and we haven’t even set up properly yet. After a good fight on lightish gear up comes a nice 8kg plus longtail. Sweet donut broken and hi5’s all round. Next we set up and deploy the balloon floaters and didn’t have to wait long and Woodsy’s rod lights up! This thing is in a hurry, so much that it took nearly 300m, pulled the hook and kept going. I didn’t even get a chance to lift the anchor! Boy these things move fast. Set up again and whilst we were waiting a started casting metals and was hooking up on every cast, bonito, Mac tuna and having a ball. Then another livie gets smashed and pulls the hook. By now the wind was getting up and we made the call to move. Good decision, we set up the bigger rod this time and lucky we did! It got nailed and Woodsy was in for a fight. After a good 10mins with this rod past sunset a gaff shot was in sight and onboard comes a solid 12kg plus longy! Yewww After that, we lost another and callled it quits as the wind was now gusting and we already had enough to bring home! Yet, another beautiful day in Port Stephens! Thanks for reading, Cheers scratchie!!!
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    As the Hacking fished okay on the weekend I decided to have a go yesterday. Went and fished the same areas for zero. Had to explore a bit and found some fish. in the deeper water out from Lilli Pllli. Also caught and released a 62cm king. Reds were 32-36 cm
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    Feel like I've finally joined the big boy club! Decided to take a break from my usual soft plastic flicking around the inner west and went back to basics with some bait fishing near the Gladesville bridge last night. Have been having some luck at this spot recently with a couple of high 20's flounder, low 30's bream and also a fair few large blue swimmer crabs that I keep managing to catch on a fishing rod (is this normal....?). Just been using my standard run of the mill 7" rod with a Daiwa BG3000 with 12lb braid / 12lb mono leader. Anyway after only being there for 5 minutes I was already on and had a bit of a fight on my hands. Roughly 5 minutes later managed to land this beast and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Previous bream PB was 31cm. Caught a couple more smaller fish before I called it a night but nothing notable. I'm usually a strict catch and release fisherman, ESPECIALLY with bream due to their age, but after multiple friends pestering me for the fish I catch and just the sheer size of this guy (really wanted to weigh him as he was fat as anything..!) I made an exception and kept him for someones dinner.` (Also yes I know this body of water isn't the best to eat fish out of but one fish / month is the dietary advice currently.)
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    Not sure what happened here. I spent 15 minutes typing up a report but the text disappeared when I hit post.... EDIT: OK, no idea what happened so I’ll try again…. After all of my recent reports have been freshwater it was time to put in a day on the salt. So yesterday morning I met up with a couple of mates and by 6.15am we were launching at the Roseville ramp. 1st stop was the FAD off Manly, when we got there there were already 3 boats drifting around so we joined in dropped down cut pillies and squid baits as well as throwing around some soft plastics. We soon hooked into a small Dolly, over the next 45 minutes we caught 4 Dolly’s but as they were all quite small they went back in and we decided to head out to the wave rider a mile or so further out. There was only one other boat there but after drifting past the buoy a few times we were not able to entice a single hit. Time for plan B. This was to head around 8 or 9 miles North to some marks shown on the navtronics app on my mates phone that looked to be a couple of buoy’s… Wrong they were only GPS marks. So as we were all the way up there by Mona Vale we decided to drift around and see what we could pick up. Turned out to be a reasonable decision as over the next hour or so we caught a selection of Red’s, Flathead and Morwong. Lot’s of small ones but we started to get a few fish on ice. After that we headed back South to an area just North of Long Reef where there are 4 wrecks showing on the app. Down went the paternoster rigs again with pillies and squid and much like the first spot up came a selection of Red’s, Flathead and Morwong. Again lots of small ones but we did manage a nice sized Red and a real good sized Morwong. Eventually we decided that it was time to start making our way back towards home but could not resits another look at the Fad…. Turned out to be a waste of time but hey you never know if you never go….. Finally my mate said that he wanted to stop off at one of his favorite Flathead drifts for our last few drifts before home. By now the wind was starting to pick up a bit so even though we were only fishing in around 50m of water we had over 100m of line out to get a bait to the bottom. Then we hooked onto the fish of the day.. This Flathead drift had already produced a couple of small Reds and a Morwong then my Mates rod bent over with a solid fish. Took him a good few minutes to finally coax it to the boat and as I leaned over with the net a lovely Jew Fish came to the surface. Into the net and onto the ice, a good 85cm + fish. With that we headed back to the ramp with a reasonable catch on ice and all feeling quite tired after a long day on the water. Dinner last night was one of my favorites, Flathead fillets rolled in a flour and Cajun spice mix and shallow fried, served with garlic mash, peas and corn… Followed by a sleep in the arm chair after dinner.
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    What a difference, yesterday wind howling & 11/2m+ sets rolling in, today flat, less than 1/2 m & light winds (forecast was 2m). Got to the rocks about 1:30, 4th cast & I’m on pulling a bit of drag and a nice bend in the rod, 10 casts later and I’ve got another five. In just under 2 hours I caught theseand let 2 go similar in size to the smaller ones, gave 2 to a guy that had only caught one. On the way back had a chat & a beer with a bloke who was cleaning a 12 kg long tail, his mate got an 8kg model, he also mentioned an ISO fisherman managed to snare one inside north head, Happy days
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    I must agree with @dirvin21 outside the hospital setting it is about the quality chest compressions. I can tell you as a clinician and a cardiac arrest survivor it is the chest compressions that do the trick. Just yesterday it was 9 years since I had a cardiac arrest. Stewy saved my life as I stopped breathing and had no heart beat. He had the NSW Ambulance on the phone and they told him to commence 400 compressions and no breaths. Paramedics arrived and defibrillated me. Here is my trophy - one that no one wants to win really. Stewy saved my life - he is my hero.
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    Years ago, when I first joined a fishing club, regional fishing titles and competitions were decided by using a simple scoring system of 1 point per fish and 10 points per kilo, highest number of points, regardless of sizes or species would be the winner. In those days, although size limits were strictly adhered to, there were no bag limits and as a result, huge catches of fish on competition days were the norm. Looking back now, for some species, it was wholesale slaughter and having no bag limits undoubtedly contributed to the decline in many species. Conservation was simply not a consideration, there would always be more fish- at least that's what was thought. So to be competitive in these competitions, where it was really about numbers, targeted species really came down to the amounts of any fish that could be caught. That meant for Sydney competitions there would usually be only a few genuinely targeted species, the ones available in the numbers needed for victory. For the 'Deep Sea' section that meant Kingfish, Tuna (various types) and to a lesser extent Trevally. For the 'Rock' section, Tailor, Trevally and Rock Blackfish (Black Drummer- "Pigs") For the 'Estuary' section Tailor and Trevally- same again for the 'Beach' titles, it was Tailor and Trevally that made up the bigger numbers. Common denominator = Tailor and Trevally. Tailor were sometimes in 'plague proportions' and could be caught quicker than all other species, so if they were around, they were the main target of virtually all the competitors. For consistency though, Silver Trevally (also known as "Blurters" or "Trevs") would be the secondary target, as the sheer numbers of them around Sydney during the 70's, 80's and 90's meant that catching some was pretty much a "given" albeit not as rapidly as catching the Tailor. The ocean sewerage outfalls (known as "murks") were still operating and they attracted thousands of fish to their "natural" berley trails, with Silver Trevally residing in huge numbers. Bondi murk, Yellow Rock at Malabar, Doughboy at Kurnell, Rosa Gully at Diamond Bay, Turimetta just past Narrabeen and the "Trevally Capital"- Bluefish murk at Manly, all produced big numbers of Trev's on a consistent basis- fishing any of these locations pretty much guaranteed, that if all other species failed, you could always catch a few fish. Of course fishing murks during competition times was strictly outlawed, for good reason, as it wasn't deemed to be a 'good look' for our sport. The visible line of discoloured water that flowed from these 'murks' would extend along the coast, sometimes (in the case of both Bondi and Bluefish) for a couple of kilometers. Trolling along this man-made current line, you could usually catch all manner of surface (or close to surface) feeding fish. Trevally being the most prominent. As the 'soupy opaque' water was only about the top 3 metres of the water column along it's edge, and had a distinct line between the 'clean and dirty' to troll along, on calm days, you could often see the trevally sitting en masse along the edge and they were easily caught with small lures, particularly 3-4 cm long white bucktail jigs or 'Canada jigs'. or simply some white "Firetail" fly-tying nylon bound onto a 3/0 34007 (O'shaunessy pattern) hook. These fish were usually in the 1-1.5 kg range. To catch them from the rocks, the simple technique was to run a size O, 1 or O1 ball sinker between a swivel and hook, size 1, 1/0 or 2/0 (Mustad 92647 or 92247- baitholder with the baitkeeper slices on the shank) Bait would be cast out as far as you could get it with the small lead, let sink so it was down 3-5 metres, the rod tip dropped low and to one side and a slow but continual retrieve started. Using sidecast reels, this was an easy technique and the angler stays 'in-touch' with the bait. When the fish started to 'tap' the bait you just kept slowly winding without striking until the weight of the fish was there and even then when striking, only a short sharp rod movement of about 30-45 cm of a 3 mtr+ rod was necessary to set the hook. The best bait for this technique is peeled green prawns. Pilchard tails would be second pick. Trevally of course will take a variety of other baits such as worms, nippers and small fillet baits, but for the 'winding technique' prawns are best as they stay on the hook better and are eagerly accepted by the fish. In conjunction with a decent burley-trail of crushed and soaked white bread, with some tuna or pilchard oil and the crushed-up front 1/3rd of a pilchard,(keep the back 2/3rds for bait) really large numbers were caught by this technique, particularly after dark, from the deep water ledges along the Sydney coastline, with most fish in the .5-1.5 kg range. Catching them in the estuary the technique is pretty much the same- peeled prawn and small ball on the hook rig. At spots like the Sow and Pigs reef in Sydney Harbour, night time fishing sees large schools of Trevally sitting all around the general reef area and western side. As the current runs fairly strongly on the bigger tides, getting the bait down to the right level can be a bit trickier, with the retrieve method only practical when the tide slows. Anyone who has fished Sow and Pigs at night would be aware of the huge numbers of large Yellowtail that inhabit the reef and they can pose a problem when Trevally fishing, as they like the same (or pretty much any) bait. They are generally a little higher in the water column, with the larger mass of them sitting only 2 to 3 mtr's under the surface of a night time and often taking bait right up on the surface. When berley is flowing from your berley dispenser, there will often be masses of these large Yellowtail within a couple of metres of the back of the boat, luckily, the larger mass stay close to the eddy formed by the back of the boat. To fish for Trevally, get your bait out 10-15 metres behind the boat (this is also where your berley will have sunk to a couple of metres when the current is strong). Personally, I found that using a handline with about 6-10 pieces of sheet lead (2 cm x .3 cm) crimped on about 20 cm apart was the best method. You could simply add or subtract a couple of pieces to match the tide, as you want to get your bait down about 3 metres into the Trevally 'zone' but avoid the surface Yellowtail. I found it easy to throw out the side of the boat , let the bait sink in the current and pay out line to keep it in the take zone, it doesn't take long to successfully work this technique with the handline- you just want the bait down between 2 and 4 meters and staying at that level. That's how we used to do it. They are good fun to catch and aren't too bad in the smoker. Hope this helps you catch a few. Cheers Waza
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    Hi, Fished the rising tide today at putty beach off the rocks, with the aim of getting something decent for dinner. Landed a squid in 30 mins and then used the head and guts for baits and landed a stingray and wobby. Nothing decent to take home other than the bait 😋
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    Sorry for the lack of reports everyone, have to admit I haven't been getting out there very much lately. Theres a few reasons why, firstly I've been busy working on my coxswain course. This isn't something I really planned to do but the fact my daughter was doing hers, I figured why not share the driving back and forth to tafe. The fishing has still been pretty hit and miss down here, yes the kings are going off their heads some days but most of the time just one or two boats get them a couple of days per week. The snapper grounds frustration is still loaded with leather jackets, which proves very costly every trip. I'm looking into using full single strand wire on future snapper trips, will just have to see how that goes. My fishing, diving and general kick around buddy now has her P plates and far more enthusiasm for all fishing tham me, to the point she has sponsors and even represents Aus in the underwater hunting. Just because I'm not getting out doesn't mean my daughter is missing out at all, in fact she's working on the best local charter boats down here, then heading out bream fishing everyday on her own. This weekend she's fishing Eden and Mallacoota, to the point all her awake hours seem to be fixed on hunting down fish in one way or another. I must admit it's not a bad thing at all not having the pressure of chassing fish so much, got a few trips planned with a like minded mate coming up which I'm looking forward to.
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    Hi everyone, Haven't posted in a while as haven't been out fishing much. Had a weekday off which is pretty much my preferred time to fish now; don't like to contend with the weekend crowds. Got out to botany bay at 6am with the boat and a couple of friends who have never really been fishing before. Got out on the water when it was still dark. Waited for first light then trolled various lures at varying lengths and depths. Started from the runways and made our way out the heads. Picked up the first and largest bonito of the day at 60cm at one of the red channel markers where it was hanging around a baitball in the middle of the water column. Caught the other 2 bonito outside along the coast. No surface action and the bait was hanging down deep. The deep diver got all the hits. Only spent a short time out as my friend got sea sick. Headed in to la perouse and picked up one squid. Anchored at the runway and cubed for some salmon, rats, bream, snapper and trevally. Took the 33cm snapper, one 29m bream, one 32cm trevally and one of the salmon for the table. Released quite a few bream and trevally that were just legal as we had enough fish between the 3 of us. Unfortunately pickers took our live squid bait. Got back home and cleaned the boat by 12pm. Friends were chuffed and looking forward to the next outing. Thanks for reading! Joe
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    Just noticed in a thread which has been shut down where someone was under the misunderstanding tailor don't grow over 4 kg in NSW, which is completely wrong. We've had them to just under 7kg from my local beach and others have been weighed during local comps over 7 kg. Unfortunately I can't get to the one my daughter caught during a comp a few years ago as it's on photobacket, however here's a shot of one over 4kg taken on plastics and 4lb line bream fishing recently. Just north of us in the JB area tailor of over 7kg are regularly landed. The biggest tailor I've personally seen have been around the norther solitary island on the north NSW coast, these have been around the 10kg ( in sanctuary zones). They can reach 120cm 14 kg on the east coast, according to fishing world. Ive caught some consitant bigger fish in western Aus around the Kalbarri area but I can assure people there are a few on the NSW coast too.
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    The crew decided to have a casual day and stay in close since the word on the marlin was quite. Covered a total of 150km fishing a variety of reefs since fishing was slow and the results speak for themselves. Managed to cook up a nice feed of bonito photo attached below
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    Gday Raiders Took the kids to narrabeen today for some fun family fishing. Stopped for some fish and chips on the way which we took to the lakeside which was nice and relaxing. Lots of people about and i was pleased to see so many families fishing. The plan was to let the kids catch some fish and with that in mind i was fishing super light with a size 10 hook under a float with a tiny split shot sinker. We were using prawns and cutting them up into tiny pieces just to get them onto the top of the hook and it was proving very successful. The kids were having a blast catching little bream, tiny trevally and tailor were everywhere. Nothing over 20cm but to the kids they were huge !! The family next to me werent having much luck and i could see their kids growing bored and frustrated so i wandered over to see how things were going. I quickly realised that whilst their setup was theoretically correct, the hook was too big for the size of fish hanging around. So i donated some of my size 10 hooks and with some slight adjustments their kids were quickly onto some fish. Not monsters but for the kids it was all fun ! Great memories on a great sunday. Thanks for reading Sam
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    Hi. "Long Time no see". We had yeastarday First icefishing session on this Winter. Vili And Saija catch most fishes, andt Veikka catch biggest. All fishes Was quite small, but weather Was nice. We just came Back from second short fishing session with Veikka And Saija, Vili IS on school. Next Week More ice fishing, If ice not melt too fast. Slinky's daughter is coming fishing with useallso, hope that catch some even little bit biggest fish's then.
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    hi raiders one of my bff got a new boat (surtees workmate 495 with 60hp) and he asked me if i can show him some fishing spots. finished work around 130am packed my fishing gear and got to my mate around 4am. got to the ramp around 5am and decided to catch some bait at clifton. spent around 30mins trying to catch some bait but with no success so decided to troll north head. trolled for around 2hrs for 1 bonito and 2 mac tuna. bonito was caught on the mackbait redhead and 2 mac tuna on the banana mack. decided to go to balmoral and try catch some bait. spent around 1hr at balmoral catching baby snapper bream flattys and 1 kingy(60cm) on chicken strips and pilly cubes. wind started to pick up around midday so decided to head back to the ramp at drummoyne. took a while to come back to the ramp and had to wait at the ramp for a while because a boathire company left 1 boat at the ramp while he got another boat. got home around 6pm. went to bed around 8pm. its a very long day but worth it. the new boat was excellent. hoping to go outside the heads again soon. thanks for reading. btw, one of my bff went trolling last friday 22/3/19 at north head and caught 5 bonito and 3 mac tuna. 2 of my bff went fishing botany bay 23/3/19 and caught 2 legal kingys around molli point. still plenty of rats at the bay atm.
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    Live feed. 10km of barrenjoey Two on the jigs so far: They work ! cheers Zoran
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    I love this site so much , there is so much passion for fishing and helping each other out. Fishing for tailor or any other species has always been about having fun ,been outdoors and just enjoying the life. I don't need a prize to prove what size tailor i caught from some location, i know what i caught when i did simple as that. 99.99% of people on this site are awesome helpful people, let's not forget that. Cheers Scotty
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    Managed to fit in a pre work session with my mate on his boat. Leading up to this session 2 weeks ago I tried fishing the oyster racks from my kayak long story short the lack of leverage you get from a kayak meant some serious dustings eneded up with 1 bream after 5 dustings in a row. The aim of the boat session was to hit the racks and hopefully find some blue nosed brutes. We hit the water a sunrise and started out casting the some rockwalls for jacks. Just bought a new baitcaster set-up, a shimano curado and samaki archer 5-8kg and was keen to get a bend in it. The fishing started out dead bait was everywhere but nothing chasing it we cast big lures for quite awhile then we spotted some smaller bait getting shredded so out came the small lures with instant success broke the doughnut with some small GT's Continued casting along working a deep rockwall with the jack gear and my lure was nailed had to put the brakes on some brutal runs caught sight of the fish before he managed to straighten the trebles a quality jack atleast I got a bend in the new rod working further along hitting some sunken timber put a cast right along a erfect looking old log and straight away it was nailed and missed before I could even curse a dark shape comes racing out and hits it again, once he was out in open water went easy on him to avid another hook straightening a nice black-spot measuring up at 44cm a new pb We worked our way down towards the racks casting some sandy edges on the way plenty of tiny flathead did manage one decent low 50's flattie we finally hit the oyster racks the session was brutal the fish weren't overly big but fighting like brutes got some on harbodies casting along the rack edges the next cast after this fish this lure was taken by a beast never to be seen again also a few on plastics just casting aginst the rack and letting it sink did hook a much bigger GT that came charging out from under the racks, he even ran away from structure to open water unfortunetly given I was rack fishing my drag was locked up so before I could loosen it the leader had busted probably lucky because we would have been chasing for awhile that finished off the session cheers for reading Dave
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    The oportunity arose on Friday for a yak session so decided to hit my regular spot at Nambucca fished here early in the week for nothing so confidance wasn't at an all time high. The aim of the morning was casting plastics around the edges and boats, straight out from the launch site started casting along the cruise boat and third cast the zman grub is eaten always good to land a fish early in the session some bait started getting chased around, a cast in the middle of it and on again a tiny tailor to add variety worked around the boat for multiple miss hits, then a proper take and dropped fish only to have a pack of them smash the plastic yak side another bream unfortunetly not the biggest in the school worked my way along the snag lined edges for couple of tiny bream and a dusting to what I assumed was a big bream, a re-tie and working along another take a crescent grunter, haven't caught one in years caught a couple of them along the edges heading back chucked a deep diver around for a bit resulting in a small flathead heading back to the launch site put a final cast at the cruise boat and managed one more fish for the session that concluded the first session Sunday arvo i went out with the kids for a muck around in a small creek, I was chucking a big zerek live shrimp merely practicing some retrieve techniques after nearly 20 minutes in the same spot you couldn't imagine the surprise when it was eaten A good quality flathead not overly long but thick Got out again Monday arvo for another yak session this time on blackbutt creek just out of Macksville, it was a tough start casting hardbodies around the timber with absolutely no interest. couldn't catch a break with luck with snagging and just catching leaves etc.. ready to pack it in, lure gets hit yak side not big but a relief to break the doughnut with some restored confidance kept casting for a couple of ant sized bream heading back worked the opposite side of the creek, halfway through my retrieve sat the rod down to readjust my drift the the paddle pick up the rod again and theres a fish on it and a better quality fish he fought deep and stubborn but after awhile a much better bream came yak side to reveal one prong of the treble lightly pinned on his lip after nerve racking attempts got him safely in the yak again not a monster but a better quality fish and certainly a morale boost after a tough bite that fish concluded the session as the mozzies decided to come out in force cheers for reading Dave
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    Got up early and quickly loaded up on smilies and yakkas, but as usually I attracted the wind. Rough trip out and back but managed to get a few. So frustrating trying to get baits past the mutton birds, couldn't even use any plastics. Had a quick flatty drift on the way in an managed 1 and a leather jacket. Something nailed it on the way up on the tail and the next undersize flatty that came up had something fairly big follow it up, couldn't tell what it was but had a blueish/silver look. Can't complain too much as it was better than being at work.
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