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    G’day raiders, Well I’m sure your all getting sick of me putting up many snapper reports but for me, it is the best time of year for them and my favourite type of angling! Today was no exception! Headed out with fellow raider @tyrone07 after @Woodsy1 pulled the pin last night due to illness.(get well champ) Anyway, conditions look promising and we headed off. Collected some live bait really easily and zoomed off to our first mark. Didn’t take long to find a few pannies and find some string pullers. Trouble was I couldn’t stop the bastards! They were taking livies, sps, bait and anything we could throw at them! Although, as soon as the wind died off, so did the bite! Had to move around several locations but I had faith I’d find them again and I sure did. Switched back to plastics with a good drift and was hitting up one after the other! Tyrone had a good tangle with a shark but I kept smacking some good fish! Started to feel a bit sorry for Tyrone as two good fish he worked hard for all day got the better of him! But to his credit he “just kept casting” except for when he was required on the net which was fairly often! The seas calmed to a glass off and the fish went to sleep! A few whales were breaching around us and it was time to head home at 30 plus knots! Overall we landed 26 legal fish, best one in the 70’s. Cracking day out and thanks for the netting Tyrone! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    G’day raiders, Well, where do I start??? Firstly I spent the weekend with two of my boys on the Hawkesbury and had a ball (report to come) Then I managed to swing it with the mrs to head out with Woodsy today. (What a woman). Also got to take Jnr with us. (Thanks woodsy) Anyway, we left, I mean we left a few things. Maybe like the bungs out, maybe like jnr leaving our lunch and food at home. (One job) but we eventually left and loaded up with a few fat slimies and headed north. Got there early and began to cast. Woodsy up first and a nice 55-60 model on board. A couple of drifts and a few more fish. Moved spots and couldn’t get a good drift so went back to a different area. Well after that it was all a blur!!! Multiple hooks, singles, doubles, triples, livies going off, absolute MAGIC! Without exaggeration we would have caught over a 100 snapper between us with 90% of them legal size! A huge spangled emperor and a few Sampsonfish in the mix. Hard to call a fish of the day, Either woodsys 80cm+ snaps, Brandon’s PB snaps just short of 80 and his PB or my spango that went like the clappers! So yeah, to say it was a magic day is probably an understatement! Good on ya woodsy “beats working” Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
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    Decided to head to broughton after deciding the work around the house can wait especially after being inspired by Scratchies reports. Got some livies and started drifting. Got 1 after the 3rd drift about 38cm, nothing touched the livey and only got 1 or 2 small snapper all on slimey fillets. Changed spots only to find about 10 boats driving around stirring the place up so wasn't surprised got nothing there. Was messaging Scratchie and he suggested a spot. Wasn't looking good but after the 3rd drift got 2 just legal and a nice 51cm on a slimey head. Sammy the seal soon shut down the fishing so headed home quiet happy. Looking forward to my chefing attempt of a baked snapper
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    Was determined today to try for a snapper again after loosing so much gear to leather jackets, toads and coota over the last few trips. Decided to not get distracted and just take one light travel rod I had purchased for two trips that have both been cancelled due to weather. with 15'c dirty brown water and nothing but more jackets down on the bottom I decided to change tactics after seeing a few wings busting up on the surface. This turned out to be a good test for the little Bone voyage travel rod, soon giving it a good little work out. A waxwing turned out to be the lure they loved today, unfortunately these don't seem to be available anymore🤨. Line class was 15lb braid and 20lb leaders which remarkably got the job done, with a whole heap of fun in the process. Didn't get out on the water until 11am and was home by 12.30. Left them biting after three as I didn't want to loose my lure!!!!
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    Early start and up to Broughton this morning. Fished the southern side of the island with 7 inch plastics until 1pm. Swell was about 2m and water 19 degrees. I put in about a thousand casts and Rodney(the rod holder) got the only hookup on a snapper fish at about 11am on high tide. The fish went 59cm and was caught at The Boundary - thanks for the spot Scratchie!
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    My eldest has been hitting the water most days with some very good success on 3lb line class. Those ultralight line classses really seem to encourage the most lethargic of fish into attack mode.
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    Headed up the coast to catch up with the family hoping to head outside for a fish but wasn't looking too good with the size of the swell forecast and the challenge of crossing the bar. It was great to see the 5-8 foot seas never came and the bar was like glass going out on the rising tide. We hit a headland straight up for some tailor but it was still a bit too dark so hit the kelp grounds hoping to get some big reds on plastics. With no wind there was no drift so gave up on the plastics and flicked some unweighted baits. Ended up with 2 small reds. Moved around a lot to different spots and managed to pick up 1 or 2 fish each move. Dropped one good snapper ,haha "the one that got away" Good day out in the end, looking forwarded to chewing on the pearlies.
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    Got out at 7:30 to my local rock ledge yesterday morning first cast & was on & thought I was going to have a great session but ended up with 3 takes & 2 squid just shy of 30cm hood length for 3 1/2hours, decided to have another crack this morning arriving around 8am (should’ve been there at dawn for both sessions) first cast & on again, this time 4 squid from 4 hits There aren’t many around but they are a good eating size, should be a couple of tasty meals in those half dozen 😃
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    We headed to Townsville again for another fishing trip this time a 2 day trip with a guide, it was a good deal basically landing at the airport with him there waiting to take us to the lodge catered for us for the nights and transfered back at the end all we needed to do was concentrate on the fishing. The first evening we wandered down to the water only 100m from the lodge for a cast didn't take long for Amy to hook-up to a pelican I'll give them one thing they fight hard. The locals were catching plenty of catish on baits and after awhile finally had a take resulting in a small gold-spot cod, a new species for me, then it was back for a restless night becase of anticipation for the next day. Day 1 we headed to Bowling green bay, water looked amazing and we were frothing at the mouth to get casting We started casting our first spot I had a couple of missed hits before Amy was onto a fish which took a B-line for the timber but she managed to get it back out and in the boat Her first black-spot a nice solid specimen That turned into the story of day 1 we caught loads of cod both black spots and gold spots, I also pulled the hooks on an assumed fingermark on a rock bar and got blown away by an unstoppable beast what the guide thinks was a juvenile groper, the barra ust refused to bite there were hundreds on the sounder with a basic case of lock-jaw welcome to barra fishing, still an awesome day and caught plenty of fish Day 2 we had the option of fishing the upper Burdiken in the fresh and almost certainly catching barra or risk the salt and get the variety and hopefully bigger barra, we risked the salt The wind was howling and it was cold.......... very cold! We started casting a mud ledge and it actually didn't take long to get a bite the fish flew to the surface and right before me was a barra happily throwing my lure at me, I took that one fairly gracefully, the response to the second one that did the same thing was not so dignified After awhile the barra went back to lock jaw so our guide suggested we work some deeper trees which opens up the chance of some other species, again the bite was tough not even the species Queenslanders consider to be vermin would bite, after a few trees I finally had a hit and pulled out a flathead..... not a positive reaction, shortly after Amy got a small gold-spot then I was hit by something far bigger the fish put u a good fight and out came a much better Gold-spot the bigger cod were one of the fish Id gone to QLD to catch We moved to a new tree for the tide change and our guide was confidant the bite would happen we were casting for what seemed like a long time before the place seemed to liven up bait was nervously rushing around and sure enough a hit, at first I thought it was a fingermark but turned out to be a small GT Still happy with the GT desite them being considered vermin in FNQ We kept casting the tree again and again and when it seemed like nothing was going to happen I had another take, it happened fast what I assumed was another small trev suddenly screamed towards the timber leaving me the only otion of grabbing the spool and going for broke feeling everyones tension I pumped the fish up as hard as I could and a fingermark was in the net, some dignity was lost with my reaction but this has been a bucket list fish for me since I was a kid. I think our poor guide took a breath of relief going by how happy I was to catch this fish because it was a tough session. We kept fishing for a couple more small cod and some more barra hits but just couldn't get the barra to play the game. We ended up on the water for 12 hours on day 2. Amy had a really tough 2nd day but she stuck it out and never gave up in true hardcore fisho style, also have to say our guide was awesome, a to bloke who never gave up trying to find active fish for us, I would recommend him to anyone and we'll definetely be back cheers for reading Dave
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    G'day guys. I was out with my mate Terry on Port Hacking River the other day chasing fish out the front via trolling using metals. I had a gillies metal about 40g or so and just tossed it out the back of the boat and sat back waiting for bites. It's not something I've done before and it was interesting just seeing how something so simple could be so effective. We also spun some metals through some bust ups which were most probably salmon and tailor but there were obviously kings in the mix around the legal size. One notable moment was when we passed over a school of fish and we instantly had a double hook up. Terry was onto a salmon which was pulling some string and doing some spectacular somersaults through the air! I dropped the initial fish and I was doing my very best to get my lure back in and out of the tangle which occurred in that action-packed moment. I quickly recast, wound in the metal at speed and shortly was nailed on the surface by a legal kingfish. It was such an awesome day out there that I almost forgot that we are still in the midst of winter! I'm already looking forward to the next time I wet a line! Thanks for reading guys!
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    G'day Raiders. Lovely weather today called for a trip out for a bottom bash. Dad had just returned from 10 days in Japan and was keen, as was I after last weekend's filthy weather and getting hammered by my 3rd flu since the start of winter *sneeze* We have been having luck since the start of June at Bellambi but we weren't keen on 3 hours of collective driving down south so decided to get out to the northern beaches. I didnt mind as its probably my favourite place to fish anyway. Tried a few spots early in the morning for reds bagging one nice fish at 46cm and another just under 40cm. Another pannie followed shortly after. Bites were few and far between and we got plagued by sweep and lost a few rigs to jackets and the reef. Around 11 we made a call to head over to the flatty grounds before the wind picks up and managed 10 nice flatties before the wind picked up. Back at the ramp I noted one of my trailer rollers has broken away or fallen off which needs to be repaired. Can these be purchased online for cheap? I don't need whole kit just the one. On the plus side with the westconnect open between haberfield and m4 I saved 15 -20 minutes off my trip which was ok....if it weren't for the extra toll. Thanks for reading!
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    Went out for a quick arvo session with a mate from work. Went out the front of tomaree to try for some livies, first drop a nice jacket on the jig. Got a couple of yakkas and gars . Hit cabbage tree and gars were thick, loaded up and got some slimies. Found the wind had strengthened a fair bit from the north east so wasnt what i was hoping for. Flicked some light weighted fillets around and managed s few pannies before it got dark. Anchored up and berleyed but got nothing more.
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    I heard a story like that. One guy lost his false teeth over the side while having a spew and was really upset about it. His fishing buddy, always a stirrer, caught a fish while he wasn’t looking and put his own false teeth in the mouth of the fish and said, “It’s your lucky day mate. Look what I caught!” His mate took the dentures and had a look and said, “No. They’re not mine”, and threw them over the side.
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    Every time I've been offshore chassing broadbill at night something weird happens. The last my daughter hooked into something big that simply moved away from the boat at a slow steady pace on her big spin outfit. The fish turned and we started gaining line untill we had the 300lb leader at the boat, next thing the line went lose and the leader came in shredded. Next thing all three 37kg outfits started peeling line and the back of the boat swung around in the direction of what I assume was a big great white. One by one the lines parted shredded once again, not a time to fall overboard. The fact it was pitch black made for a very eerie night. The journey home didn't go uneventful either, still 40+ km offshore we hit something at speed. It didn't feel solid like hitting a log etc, back at the ramp we realised we had hit a giant squid as the boat was covered even on top of the roof with ink. Being far offshore overnight is quite an experience, far from relaxing!!
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    Just been down to the holiday house in Vincentia for the past five days, fished early every morning (land based) and some afternoons and evenings for one legal sized salmon off a gutter on Nelson beach with a 20g Spanyid raider in silver. I salted him and dried him for bait. Otherwise, nothing. Not a skerrick, nix, nada, nought. I have been at Currumbene creek, Moona Moona creek, Huskisson wharf, Collingwood beach, off the rocks at Vincentia with spinners, poppers, bait, SPs, Plantation point with floated baits (windy and snaggy). Light tackle, medium and heavy. Different times, different tides. Even went squid jigging at night still without a hit. Reports from a couple of local fishos come back with the same. Just one bloke catching luderick off Husky wharf by floating some dough. Where have they all gone? Migrated north or what? Can't complain too much though, beautiful weather and crystal clear water. Hope you all have better luck (or skills) than I did.
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    G’Day Raiders Got out for a fish a couple of mornings this week was good to blow the cobwebs out after a bit of a work induced fishing lay-off! Hope you got amongst a few yourself
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    I usually use the one at Kyeema if fishing the bay but there is nothing wrong with the ramp at Foreshore Drive. Be aware that plenty of cars have gone for a swim sliding in at low tide though. Just take your time don’t feel pressured and start to develop a checklist. If you can’t reverse practice somewhere else first. Be prepared before you arrive. Stop in the prep area. Make sure the bungs are in. Tie down straps are off the back. Motor is off the travel bracket. Rope is ready depending which system you are using. Or have one of you in the boat. Leave the safety chain and winch on! Reverse back in your lane with the boat in at the right depth that takes a bit of practice but for me the step part of the trailer mud guards are below the water and there is just s little bit of ramp at the back of the car out of the water. Handbrake on and park or in gear. If it’s night time ( not on your first attempt) turn your headlights off there is nothing worse than trying to reverse when other people have their headlights on. Undo the safety chain, I’d usually have the person in the boat lower the motor and start it at this point. Or they can hold the rope if not in the boat most likely standing on the pontoon. Release the winch and give it a push off. Don’t forget to take the winch handle back off if it’s removable. Jump back in the car and go and park it. Check it’s locked, nothing on display lights off. If possible the person looking after the boat should have moved it further up the pontoon or hang back out out of the way and just nudge up to it to pick you up when you arrive on the pontoon. The fun is out on the water so don’t hang around at the ramp making a nuisance of yourself. If you are struggling accept some help and do the same for others.
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    Nice one fellas, must have been all the Burley I threw out the night before that got them chewing, ha ha
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    Hi guys. Thought id put this up and add to the line up. This is my pb trout. 11 lb and caught here in Vic in a lake using a soft plastic. Got it in April this year. What a battle.
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    In the past three years I've only caught 3 jewfish off the beach which is nothing crazy or unbelievable, however each of these captures occurred on the same day (25th May) at almost the exact time (7:45 - 7:50pm) across multiple locations. Now its not like i only go fishing for jew once a year at those times, i'd estimate I've fished off these beaches at night probably 30+ times in that period, with the only captures falling on the same date/time each year. So pretty much i'm cursed to only catch jewfish at 7:45pm on the 25th May haha
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    Always worth a shot! Don’t chase the news, make the news! The best time, is when you have permission to go, the kids are keen and you have a plan! Even if I’m unsuccessful I’ll have fun trying! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    I did go to Lord Howe Island as part of my honeymoon, We did go out fishing together, handling for kingies, I did get line burn while fishing and my wedding ring did go overboard from a run of a big kingy while handlining. My wifes reflexes are excellent as she saw a flash as the ring came off my hand and she has caught our ring as it went overboard. Let's just say she does remind me of this occaisionally Jim
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    Hi Oz, although Cowan Creek has long been regarded as the "home of the Hairtail", they often turn up in different places as well. During the late 70's there was a run of exceptionally large ones, with a great mass of them schooled up in the bay at Port Botany, where the water is really deep. They were being caught there during daylight hours. In 1976, 77, 78 there was a big run of them in Sydney Harbour, with really large masses of fish taking up 'residence' in the big trench (known as the "hole") out from Clifton Gardens. Again, these fish were biting really well in daylight hours. In fact, once night fell, they seemed to leave the hole en-mass and roam throughout the lower Harbour. Those years, we caught them at about a dozen different spots while searching for the big Tailor schools that are active in the Harbour at night during April, May and June. The next few years, they still turned up in the Harbour, albeit not in the numbers of previous years. Again Clifton Gardens was the 'pulse' spot, but they were also in fair numbers at North Harbour, Watsons Bay(deep hole) and also in the deep water on the eastern side of Shark Island (Rose Bay). We actually caught quite a few fishing from the base of the cliffs at Dover Heights and the cliff-top fishers were getting them using bobby corks at "The Block" at Diamond Bay- quite an unexpected catch fishing the Eastern Suburbs rocks of a night. During all those years, Cowan still produced heaps of Hairtail. Next few years they became prolific in Newcastle Harbour, with huge numbers also caught from Stockton Wall- both river and beach sides of the wall. Then Coffs Harbour was 'inundated' with them, and they stayed around for a couple of months. Again Cowan produced plenty. In the north, Cairns Harbour is another regular haunt for them, so their Australian distribution is quite wide, I guess it depends a lot on seasonal climatic variances, such as water salinity (they seem to prefer 'clean' clearer water to take up 'residence') and also water temperature. There is evidence this season, that the band of 'warmer' water has stayed along the coast for much longer than usual, creating a "barrier" (for want of a better word) of warm water that has kept them coast-bound and not encouraged them to enter the estuaries on their 'normal' spawning run. Nevertheless, as their spawning cycle period is due, undoubtedly, they will still turn up in numbers- in exactly which estuary/s is anyone's guess, but Cowan rarely fails to produce at least some, during July and August. Last time I fished for them was in April 2017- we caught quite a few in Waratah Bay (Cowan Creek)- what was significant that trip, was we were in shorts and T-shirts after dark- "unheard of" clothing for Hairtail fishing, usually you can't get enough clothes on because it's freezing! It was not a planned Hairtail trip, but they were there in decent numbers. As FrankS said,(and he's caught heaps of them) some years they just don't show up at all. As for eating, they are great any way you cook them, personally, I cut them into 6-8 inch sections and then fillet the sections, which is easy and leaves you with great boneless fillets and absolutely minimal waste
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