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    The plan today was to chase a few dolphin fish, which was going very slow and frustrating - the dollies were not wanting to play (in the end, three did). We found a big bait ball with some pretty hefty whaler sharks near the surface. Down deeper at around 110m, there looked to be some big fish hanging off the bait. My daughter soon had a bait jig down among the bait, successfully hooking into a string of mackerel. As she got the mackerel to the boat, a large striped marlin grabbed the lot, leaving her with nothing but roughed up line from the abrasive bill. I didn't have any heavy gear, so quickly cut a lure from a skirted rig, giving me a 1.5m 130lb trace (a little on the light side). Without a fresh live bait, she simply tossed out a large whole dead mackerel which was instantly taken. Allowing the fish to get the 8/0 mustad circle into the corner of its mouth, she flicked the bail arm over and allowed the fish to take up the strain. All hell broke lose as the fish leapt from the water, ripping off plenty of line from the big saragosa. The fight went from the surface to down deep, and kept heading further and further offshore. After a gruelling 2hrs -which she mostly spent on one leg, due to all the gear in the boat - we finally had a splendid striped marlin of 3.69m (longside) alongside the boat. After a few photos, the fish was released and we headed for home. A big congrats to Georgia; a fantastic effort, especially after ranking 8th (in her age category) in a major triathlon yesterday, where over 4000 crazy people swam, ran and biked for no reason other than all being mad.
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    G’day raiders, Some of you may have seen this footage on other social media that my kids have put out there but this is actually filmed by me with my boys! Most amazing day and not something that happens to many of us whilst out fishing!!! This footage goes with the report I put in earlier! Enjoy....... cheers scratchie!!!
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    G’day raiders, Its been a while between posts. I have been out fishing but mainly just catching a few flatty etc. I did hook up to a marlin the other day but got busted off. Today, I manage to get out with the nephew and Jnr. We headed straight to Broughton Island and fish the sisters. Had the place to ourselves for the whole morning. Fished with sps only for snapper and managed a few with a couple of good ones! Plenty of bait there mainly yakkas, but underneath them were the snaps! Caught a pearlie on sps too! Then we went and picked up some flatty for lunch. Nephew started feeling sick so we decided to troll one of the islands. Landed 5 bonito in 5 mins plus a just undersized king! Headed for Home and was back at the ramp in no time due to the glass like conditions. Great day on the water with the team! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi Raiders, Went down to the local Jetty with my daughter yesterday to let her have some fun with some little snapper etc... she did well bringing in bream, taylor and snapper, but when something took hold of her little piece of prawn and ran 50m, nearly pulling her and her kids combo into the water, I realised she was in trouble. Unfortunately it ran into some moorings and snapped off... Luckily I had my Stradic 4000 there just incase, so seeing they had a taste for prawn, i floated out another piece and straight away was on... a quick fight, with a ferry full of tourists watching and had a just legal king... was surprised at how many of his mates followed him up too!! anyway was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with my daughter. As you can see from the photo, she was pretty happy too! Mrollo
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    Fished livies for kings at Seaforth Bluff this am. Unfortunately no kings but after a torrid 50 minute fight on an 8lb spin stick managed this lovely longtail tuna!
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    Hi guys, first post for me, so will try and make it informative. I bought a new rod and reel with the intention of getting into some nice king fish if I could find them. Around 11am me and a mate set off in a 4.2m tinny from “the hole in the wall” boat ramp heading into Botany Bay. As the is no fish finder in the little tinny it was always going to be a back to basics trip. We headed over to Molineaux Point and did a number of drifts using hard body and soft plastic lures with no luck. It started getting a bit windy so we went around the western side near the runways to escape the wind. Our very first fish was a yakka that my mate hooked on a micro jig. I quickly set up the new rod for our little catch to see if we could turn it into a bigger catch. After 10-15min we noticed the police boat cruising over to us, our little live bait was still in the water and everything was in order with us so we were not stressed. Just as the police boat got to us the unmistakable scream of the new reel. As I was the operator of the boat and just happened to be the one holding the rod and screaming reel I probably could have passed the rod to my mate while I attend to getting my boat license out of my wallet...............HELL NO! I kept fighting the fish, swapped seats with my mate and told him where to find the license in my wallet. All was good with the check and the boys in blue decided to stick with us out of curiosity to see what we had. 20min later and not even close to landing the fish they left. A total of 45min and some bloody awesome teamwork with my mate keeping us right near the monster as it traveled all over the bay it came to the surface with a big jump!!! F*#k me it’s a big shark (a conservative estimate of 3m) I said in a calm voice hahaha. With the GoPro on and my mate holding it and driving (still doing a bloody awesome job) it came up for another massive jump, this time cutting the line with its first spin. What a christening of the rod. Rod was 15-30 terez, reel 5000 twin power, line 30lb braid with 30lb leader. audio left off for good reason as we my have been a bit excited lol enjoy the video oh and after we settled down we also got onto a large school of Taylor and had a heap more fun, and my hands never touched the water again to get the fish slime and smell off them hahaha 03F9430B-BB1B-4DC9-8990-69A8DF4A8C8B.mov
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    Recently got into fishing with switch rods, the evil two handed version of fly fishing! Well two hands is better than one! The beauty is you can Spey cast or overhead cast. Just gives so much more versatility. So out I went with the new toy last weekend and landed two nice fish off a lower harbour rock shelf. A few fish about but takes were tentative. Still a load of fun.
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    Took the kayak down bonville on Monday morning for the last of the the run in, was a pretty nice easy paddle with the tide pushing up so fast. Just trolling a hardbody along the edge of the bank while flicking a surface lure around the snags hoping to find a jack. I always pick up more fish on the trolled lure though lol. Managed a few anyway, couple of throwback flatties trolling a double clutch, a few baby trevally, and finally a little 25cm jack on surface. He's only small but it's pretty satisfying when one finally hits your lure after hundreds of casts ? made the morning worth while anyway! The creeks pretty wide most of the way down so it's not the best for a kayak if you want to fish the snags, would have been heaps better in a boat where you can move about easier. I tried again Wednesday up boambee where I got one last week abit bigger, but no action at all, just a little bream and another baby Trevor on surface. Was out there for 5 hours too!... Had enough of the yak for the week, and Thursday looked alright for a jew off the beach so went down and got half a dozen worms that arvo. High was 10:30 that night so we got down there around 8:00 and hooked up just on 9:00. He was 1cm short of the meter mark. Got some pics then sent him back, and he took off like a train! Pretty sick week of fishing, not complaining at all cheers
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    Hey raiders friday arvo -noticed on the drive down there was no wind and very little swell .so by 6pm we were at the boat ramp stocked with squid from the frezzer from the last trip boost over to the king grounds to find there was bait everywhere , squid strips down and the first rod goes off like a freight train! Expect to see a rat king but instead we are met with a 60cm snapper with much excitement I managed to snap my other light outfit by stepping on it, this was followed by 4 other snapper then back to the boat ramp by 7:30 very happy with a hour and half fish Saturday morning- Morning start as usual at the boat ramp at 6am chuck the boat in as I was parking up the car apparently the water all around the boat erupted with splashes, I arrive at the wharf then they pick me up drive about 10m from the boat ramp get the light outfit out with a soft plastic vibe within 5 mins we have 2 bonito on board, dads fish and barely sorted we head over to the bait grounds within 10 mins we had 20+ yakkas the proceed to head over to squid grounds within 30 mins we have 8 squid on board so within a hour we are heading to the kings stocked with fresh bait After a hour or so we found the kings are in quite close to the cliffs every drift we would hook up to some decent models and then boost away into deeper water only problem with this is that we knew the first 4-5 we hooked up to where the bigger kings that unfortunately we would loose the the local seal once he was full we started stocking the boat..in the 3 hours that followed we managed 4 just short of legal kings and 6 in the 70-80cm range keeping 4 and releasing the rest the boys very happy they smashed there pbs cheers Tdogz tight lines
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    A great morning crabbing at Lake Illawarra. Mrsswordie bagged out on these beauties. Swordie is almost at his bag limit. A couple of flatties has made it a great trip.
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    G’day raiders, just a quick report for today because I’m completely stuffed. Left the bay at 130am with mate Dom and Bevy. Arrived at Wooli at 7am. Boat in the water by 730 and headed out the bar. For anyone who hasn’t done that, take a change of undies! Anyway, we collected bait, headed to our mark. Trolled live bait for a while then we seen a whoosh. The boys threw some sticky’s and we’re on! Long story short, managed one big Spanish each (12kg range) a couple a Mac tuna released and made it back to the cabin safely! Bring on day two!!!!!!
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from this morning. Took junior and his mate out this morning for a quick session. Fished my usual snapper grounds and they didn’t disappoint! Sps only! Managed 6 legal snapper on the first drift ranging from 45-65cm. Lost a beauty boat side to a failed net attempt! We realeased the rest on the following drifts. I still have 10kg of Spanish Mack in the freezer. Thought it would be fun for the boys if we trolled for a bit. They ended landing more than 12 bonito and some big buggers too. We had plenty double hook ups! Call it’s quits after 2 hours and headed home! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Like button now available on all posts Raiders can now like, hahah, be sad or confused please make sure you keep posting - we don’t want to just look Facebook Enjoy!
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    With the fishing obsessed elder sister some 350km down the coast fishing I took the oportunity to head out with my middle daughter (not a die hard fisher but more of a wildlife lover and photographer). We enjoyed about half hour of photographing seals before the rocking action and staring through a big lens started making her feel a little off colour. We decided to head away from the seals to try and locate a giant loggerhead turtle I had seen a few days before (not normally found in our area). On our way we spotted kingfish smashing through schools of bonita with hammerheads also getting in on the action. My daughter put one surface lure cast right on top of around 20 reasonable looking fish and isntantly got a solid hook-up. After luckily dodging a few seals and sharks she had a solid kingfish of around 90cm. During the fight I turned off the engine, which wouldn't start under the key turn meaning I had to result to pull cord starting. It was quite funny as I notified marine rescues straight away of our engine fail, during the radio conversation I stated we were happily drifting south from the offshore island, my conversation became distracted as the hamerheads decided to take a close look at our boat!!! We decided to pull the pin and head home in order to find the issue with the engine. Another fun little trip and one where my younger girl can tease her big sister who is bream fishing today.
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    I don't have any info only that my daughter is out chassing bream and just sent a photo of a thumping tailor. The fact she's only using very small plastics on 4lb line will no doubt have her bouncing around with excitement ( doesn't take much to make her that way ). She's also managed to catch a flounder and gurnard on the plastics.
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    Hi Raiders. Just a quick report. Headed down to Evans Head for the long weekend. We had a big crowd in a hired house of 4 adults & 7 kids. Friday arvo we hit the beach for some pipis & a total of 5 rays. My mate took his Tabs tinny down & Saturday was the pick of the days to head offshore at sun up. Unfortunately his sounder packed it in & we couldn't pick up any bottom structure. The gps was still working, so we dropped as close to the marks we had & burleyed hard. Scored a few squire to 40cm & then jigged up some yakkas. Moved to another mark in 30m of water & I tossed the livie out on 30lb braid. As I was free spooling it down line started ripping off the reel. Set the hook & after an epic fight nailed my pb dolly. Fought it right out, so managed a few pics while it still had colour. Home by 1pm, cleaned the fish & then hit the beach in the 4wd's again & fished a nice gutter for a bag of dart. My young fella was stoked to score his 1st fish off the beach & we had a massive feed of crab, calamari & dolly that night. Action packed 48hrs. It felt like we were away for a week! Pic attached. Cheers, Grant.
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    hi raiders decided to check avoca today hoping to catch a bonito or two. mate pick me up around 330am and got to avoca around 5am rigged one rod with whole pilly on float and another rod with squid skirt on float after 10 mins the rod with pilly went off but by the time i got to the rod the hook came off quickly put another pilly on the float and cast it to about 15-20 from the ledge decided to spin the squid skirt on float and after the 3rd cast i landed our first bonito for 2018 hi 5s with my mate the bonito bit my middle finger while i was removing the hook from its mouth while i was putting the bonito to the esky the other rod with the pilly went off so i told my mate to grab it and landed our 2nd bonito for the day in the next hour or so we had bites on pillys on float lost a few with the hook coming off or the trace got bitten off we only had about 20pcs of pillys and we run out of bait by 7am we landed 2 kingys 63cm and 67cm quickly release the 63cm to fight another day the kingys were both caught on the pilly we decided to use a chrome lure my mate got from kmart and fought over a dozen bonito and only landed around half a dozen the big bonito up to 60cm preferred the pilly while the small ones preferred the chrome lures by 830 me n my mate landed 13 bonito and only 1 kingy decided to pack up around 9am due to our arms and shoulders starting to hurt home around 11am thanks for reading
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    As John Dory season approaches, I thought Raiders might be interested in a couple of methods of catching these extra tasty fish. The following information is generally intended for those who fish the wharves and shoreline, although the basic ideas could also be applied by boat fishers. There are no doubt, other methods, this is what has worked for my mates and I. We fished Taronga Park Wharf and originally, Tailor and Larger Flathead were the intended quarry. We all used 2 'big' lines each, one with a live yakka and the other a fillet. A third, much lighter line was also used to fish for yellowtail. Even though we all had rods and reels, everybody chose hand-lines for fishing the wharf, because you could have one each side of you plus your yakka line and space was fairly limited as it was such a popular fishing spot. At first, nobody used any lead on either line, simply letting the bait sink slowly to the bottom, covering the entire water-column. However, when using live yellowtail, if you didn't keep an eye on them, "monumental" tangles would often occur. It was due to one of these tangles, involving about 10 lines that caused us to add a sinker to the live bait. I have to admit, the sinker was only added so as to keep everybody's 'livie' in close proximity to 'their' own space on the wharf. All of a sudden we started catching a few John Dory, not many at first, but considering we'd all been fishing there regularly with live bait and had probably only seen less than a dozen caught over a couple of years, it was quite significant. Over the space of the next month, we worked out some 'vital' pieces of information, which lead to John Dory becoming a genuinely "targeted" species, instead of just a "lucky" by-catch. Firstly, for the most part, Dory seemed to live no more than about a metre or so off the bottom(or so we thought) Secondly, they only took live bait(we thought yellowtail) and Thirdly, they would only bite at high tide. So by using live yellowtail, well weighted down at high tide you stood a reasonable chance of getting one. This information greatly increased the amount of Dory being landed,and over the next few cold winter months a Dory rig was "developed"- it is still the same rig we are using some 40 years on and is as follows: Instead of a rod, a 6 to 8 inch(15-20 cm) plastic handcaster filled with 12-15 lb(5-7 kg) mono)- a ball sinker about the size of a ten cent coin is fed on, then a swivel, From the swivel an 18 inch(45 cm) leader of 7-10 lb(3.2-4.5 kg- we used mono but fluorocarbon is probably best) and then a 2/0 suicide('octopus') pattern hook. That's it, simple. The live bait is then hooked through the mouth by inserting the hook point in through the mouth and pulling the hook point out in the base of the eye-socket, being careful you don't puncture the eye itself, It's much easier than it sounds and can be done very quickly. The reasons for doing this? 1) John Dory always swallow the bait head first and are better hooked 'deep' rather than in the membrane of their mouths, this way they are usually hooked in the entrance to their gullet. 2) After hooking a Dory, your bait-fish will slide up the line often relatively unharmed(well seemingly, considering they've just been swallowed!)-which enables them to be used again,after removing the hook from the Dory you slide the bait back into original position. At this point people often ask "why not just use a new 'fresher' bait fish? Again 2 main reasons, 1)John Dory readily take injured or slower moving bait and a less active one is very attractive to the opportunistic and fairly slow moving Dory 2) As Dory often travel in pairs or very small schools in the harbour, getting the bait back down to the location you've just got one from, can quickly result in secondary or even multiple catches on the one bait. I have both caught myself and watched two others land 4 Dory on a single live -bait, and seen 2 caught on the same bait multiple times. Each time the bait has slid up the line, fish unhooked and bait quickly re-positioned and another fish has taken it almost immediately. Bear this in mind when you land one! The 2/0 suicide is the best 'match' for the small baitfish and results in a more positive deeper hook-up. Note I haven't used circle hooks for Dory and as the strike to hook-up ratio is usually near enough to 100%(as they completely swallow the bait) and have no intention of releasing them when caught, I doubt I would even try them. If anyone does, I would be most interested to hear their opinion. Once the bait has been hooked-up it is then lowered straight down from the wharf until the sinker hits the bottom,then the sinker is raised no more than 60 cm- having your bait in the "strike -zone" close to the bottom but not on it. The reason for the large sinker size? Keeps the bait hanging straight down, with a limited range of movement, making it easy for Dory to catch and also positions your bait in the exact area you have chosen for it. This is a really important factor when there are several others fishing the same way- you want your bait to be the first one noticed. The other reason is Dory love to sneak up on their prey, often coming out from behind a pylon, or kelp patch. In the case of locations that have saltwater fenced-off baths like Balmoral,Watsons Bay,Gunnamatta Bay and Forty Baskets, which are all well known Dory spots, the Dory will often "float" along or "sail" almost motionless along the pool fence or net, before launching the strike at their selected prey. When wharf fishing, having your bait within a metre from a pylon always seems to be the best,affording the Dory a vantage point from which to sneak up on the bait. After positioning the bait, if you can(without causing a 'trip-hazard' for others) move your hand-caster/line at least a metre or 2 back from the edge,as although they aren't renown for either speed (or stamina) they grab and inhale the bait in the blink of an eye,sending many a spool over the edge into the harbour. Also be careful not to interfere with the depth you've just set it,remember you want the bait to be only just off the bottom. Upon receiving a bite, you can strike straight away, as the fish pretty much swallows the bait fish down in one motion, no need to give it any line. The other rig is a small running bobby cork, about the size of a small egg, followed by a ball sinker(size 01,1,or 2-basically enough weight to keep your bait down )sitting on top of a swivel, followed by a 60-70 cm leader of same strength as rig 1. The cork is set to a depth of 3 to 4 metres and baited the same as previous method. This method is preferred when fishing shallower areas like Balmoral Wharf, Clifton Gardens and most saltwater baths like those mentioned above. The reason? you can drift your bait close to the bottom over a wider area. The only time we use this rig when fishing deeper locations like the old zoo wharf (fishing is no longer allowed there)and Cremorne Wharf for example is when the schools of bait-fish are holding close to the surface and well within sight. The general 'rule of thumb' is -when you can see the bait, you use a bobby cork, and when you can't see them you use the sinker rig, as like most predatory species, John Dory are usually lurking close to their food. Other things to note are: Dory actively feed on the slack-water periods of both high and low tide, with a high tide an hour or so after sunrise my favourite time to fish for them, but can be caught on these slack tides at pretty much any time of day. A common misconception is that they mainly eat yellowtail. After examining the gut contents of heaps of Dory over many years, I've come to the conclusion that pretty much any small bait-fish are likely 'prey candidates', however , there are some that the Dory genuinely seem to prefer. My favourite live bait for them would be 1) Mado(black and white horizontal lines and yellow tail)- Dory love them! 2)Small Trumpeters 3) Yakkas. In conclusion, they are not a species that are known for great size(averaging 700gms to about a kilo, with a biggish one over 1.5 kg) nor are they caught in large numbers. They also aren't in any way regarded as a sports-fish, fighting only marginally harder than a Fantail-Leatherjacket! I have had success using both "Glowbait" and Fluoroscene(plumbers drain marking powder) which is applied to the bait-fish's "slime", making them really stand out visually. The only time I ever used these bait 'enhancers' was when there were quite a few others fishing same bait and rig, at these times, and with limited Dory available, it was wise to gain the 'advantage' of having a bait so easily seen. AREA: I've fished purposely for and caught Dory at all of the following locations: Taronga(fishing no longer allowed) Cremorne, Musgrave St, Kuraba, Clifton Gardens, Balmoral, Forty Baskets and Watsons Bay wharves; the eastern side of the 'Gasworks' point at Manly, White Rock and Elizabeth Bay from the shore. In the boat from both "Wedding Cakes", Clifton Gardens 'trench' and the deep hole on the eastern side of Shark Island. In Cowan, as 'by-catch' Hairtail fishing Akuna, Waratah AND Jerusalem Bays and in Port Hacking at Gunnamatta Bay and Lilli Pilli. The largest haul of Dory I've ever seen was caught outside at "The Colours" off South Head and I caught a couple out at the Peak when live-baiting for Kingfish. What keeps you getting out after them on freezing cold winter mornings is how they taste. Mmmm Delicious. Hope this helps you catch a few!
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    After last Monday’s donut, I was anxious to get out today and save face. My wife was going to join me but changed her mind so I was solo again. I cleared the heads by 6 and headed straight to Cabbage Tree for livies. Met fellow Raider Backcruncher there. Picked up a heap of big slimies in no time. The new berley pot works a treat. ?Was getting 2 or 3 slimies at a time on the jigs - don’t they go! Imagine if they grew to 20lb! A bonnie hit the jigs and made a mess of ‘em, so I headed to Broughton. Tried the Sisters, Middle Rock, North Rock and Cod Rock but could only manage undersized reddies and a couple of bonito. It was great to get a couple of calls from RickMarlin62 and Scratchie with tips and encouragement. Decided to try the Huon kingfish pens again. Got there in pretty quick time and there were only a couple of boats there and they were hooked up so it looked promising. ? I had no chewing gum so put a slab of slimey on and tossed it towards the pens. Bang! It was hit in seconds and the king headed straight for the pens but I managed to turn him and with a bit of effort, eventually got him into the boat. He went 67cm and was very fat. The next fish appeared huge and he smoked me in no time - straight to the pens on 20lb braid. Rather than waste time re-rigging, I switched to my 15kg game stick (JS980, Rick). It was not easy casting with the Tyrnos 30 and a king hit the bait while I was still in free spool causing an overrun but I managed to untangle it and get him in. I still got smoked 3 more times on the 15kg outfit but I didn’t go behind strike drag... maybe I should have pushed it to the max. At least it was simple to tie a new hook on as luckily the 80lb leader was breaking close to the hook. Finished the day with 5 fat kings: 2 at 67cm (2.88 and 3.41kg); 71 (4.91kg); 72 (4.08kg); 73 (4.12kg). I’m so out of practice it took me a hell of a time to fillet them. Good thing the wife didn’t come or I might still be going! ? My son is kicking himself for passing up the opportunity to fish with Dad! Got a good feed and stretched my arms a bit! Have to do it again soon!
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    When my son was about 8, I took him fishing in Swansea channel in my 10ft punt. We launched at the ramp on the north side of the channel and east of the bridge. I got him to sit on the rock wall and hold onto the boat while I parked the trailer. I got back to the water to find him hanging onto the boat for dear life... I’d left the bung out and the boat had about 8 inches of water in it... the tackle box was floating around! I had to drag it up the rocks to let the water drain out. Somehow he didn’t believe me that the inside of the boat needed a good wash anyway!
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    Got to berowa marina yesterday at around 8am, hired a kayak and set off. First stop was around the moored boats and 3rd cast with a zman 2.5inch grub came up with a small bream. Few more cast and no hits, so moved further upstream to the flats, manages a few small flatties and bream. Kayak had to be returned at 1.30pm and it was about 1pm at the time so i started heading back, i decided a few more cast on the way back on the rocky shoreline. I was getting desperate so i chucked a prawn on my 1/16 jighead, 5mins in and a few small bream.....then last cast got nailed, my drag was screamin, towing the kayak around trying to bust me off on the nearby rocks...after about 5mins a stonka bream came to the surface, went 44cm my new pb!! All in all a sucessful day out on the water!
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    We are in England at present at my daughter’s wedding, a grand and beautiful event in Welwyn Garden City about 30 mins out of London. Wedding over and Swordfisherman Stewy decides to try fishing. As “luck” has it there just happened to be a tackle shop 2 streets away from our hotel! Loaded with a new rod, reel etc etc he went to a local lake. Of course he met up with some local young folk camping there and fished with them. Hello to young anglers Charlie and Lauren and Dylan. Look at his first capture and the smile says it all. On another note thank you Stewy for your support and helping behind the scenes at the wedding. You earned your fishing day enjoy it and tight lines xxx
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    Hey guys, For many years I have been looking up the raider for reports and endless amounts of information helping me with my fishing. About time I start sharing my fishing experiences with all my fellow fisherman. It brings me joy and peace to be able to walk up to any fisherman up here on the coast and have a yarn about the pass time we call fishing. This brings me to one of many good luck runs I have had on the beaches of Stockton and Black Smiths and Brisbane Waters. Decided to go for a mid week session at Black smiths last Wednesday. Bought my annual permit at the Star mart in Swansea and headed for the night. Arrived at 6pm with just enough time to scout out the best gutters, rips, sand bars and also where there was least amount of blue bottles and sea weed. Pretty windy heading from north east with cloud rolling in. . The pressure was stable at 1023 through out the day as I was monitoring the weather system on my computer at work. Marked a couple of waypoints on my GPS heading north from Awabakal Ave, as I.m driving on the beach I come across a deep dark rip going out to see with sand bars either side of it. The gutters leading up to the rip looked deep and this was on low tide so later that system would fill up and create deeper systems hopefully holding some big fish. Set up camp, fixed the rod holders baited up and now the waiting game. I used three rods either side of the rip and one bang in the centre. Mid night came and I was feeling defeated as knowing I was going to work the next day with little sleep I kept at it knowing something will hit as the conditions were perfect and the moon just starting to crest over the horizon When suddenly the rod keeled over and shaking, it stopped and started taking line. Rod showed all characteristics of a Mulloway going for a run, so I let it run knowing I've got plenty of line. Fish slowed down and I started reeling it in with sporadic runs I decided to not do up the drag. Been busted of in the past so I learnt from that mistake. Fish kept taking line and was heading south so I walked it down the gutter waiting for it to tire. Did up the drag a little and started timing the waves to bring it closer. Finally the last wave pushed it up on the shore as I pulled it in. You Beauty! A Mulloway of decent size measuring 90 cm, looked healthy and fat probably from the summer spoils of bait. Decided to keep it and try for another. With a little luck I landed a Bull Shark measuring 125 cm at 2.30am and a 45cm tailor to finish the night off. In my swag for some shut eye ready for another day. Cheers guys.
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    Had a good day out from Terrigal yesterday, fish were taking the smaller shotgun lure further away from the boat, was some nice blue water out at the Terrigal Fad reading 24.2, didn’t spot too much bait out there, all the bait is still in close. On the way back in spotted some Stripeys and Macs working and spent forty minutes chasing them for only a couple of bonito so called it a day.
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