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    My 60 ETEC is much quieter than my old Yammy 25 2 stroke. Like chalk and cheese. However, I suggest you compare specs to a 4 stroke. I’m sure manufacturers would list the decibels so you could compare. I usually fish solo, so it doesn’t really matter to me but if my wife is with me, we can talk over the motor at WOT if she is seated beside me. If the passenger seat is in one of the forward positions, it’s not so easy. If my son is with me, he just curls up and has a sleep until we get to the grounds, so it doesn’t really matter. Come to think if it, my wife sometimes doesn’t want to talk to me, so it makes no difference either! 😜🤣 I suggest you go in a ride in a couple of boats to see for yourself. If you can get to Port Stephens mid-week on one of my days off, I’d be happy to take you out in my Outlaw. It’s similar to a Renegade and just the next size down from the 469 you are consideting.
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    ETECs are very quiet especially being a 2 stroke. I can still have conversations with the person sat next to me when WOT. Are they as quiet as a 4 stroke? Probably not....but on the long list of outboard spec preferences id have to say noise level is pretty low (for me anyway). Especially in this day and age when all motors irrespective of make model are very quiet compared to 20-30yrs ago.
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    Managed to have a day free for a fish on Friday and decided to catch a train to Macquarie Chair in the late mornings. Was using a stem float with small long shank hooks and peeled prawns to target leatherjackets (what i normally get at Macquarie Chair). Wind was pretty crappy as forecast said it would be around 35km/hr , made fishing pretty difficult with the float bouncing around the whole time. 2hours of fishing with heaps of soaked bread as berley and only fish caught was a wrasse 😕 didn't seem like i was going to bring any fish home as normally after berleying, you would be able to see large leatherjackets just a metre away from the wall. I Decided to take a walk to the opposite side to see if the water seemed calmer and to my luck, it did and was a lot calmer. Spot now was near the walkway and on small rock ledges. First cast in the new spot, and first cast in after berleying, a brown wrasse almost instantly. Fish was released and float goes in again. this time, float goes down almost instantly and line starts peeling off as i hooked on a large fish on 6 pound line. Couldn't really see what fish it was, only saw the float moving side to side as the fish kept running for 2minutes straight, stopping occasionally to turn. Finally it gave in and got it up the rock soon after. Measured at 40cm, a silver trevally on light gear is always very fun!! the fun didn't stop there as after a few more brown wrasses, I caught a 30cm+ luderick on the peeled prawn and soon after the leatherjackets came in. Only caught 3 despite the size 8 long shank hook as they either bit the hook off or somehow stole the bait. All in all, a great day and came home with some fish for once, after some donuts trying to catch luderick with green weed previously. Also found the biggest parasite i've ever seen inside one of the leatherjackets, was full of eggs and after opening the trevally's stomach, it was filled with prawn heads (from peeled prawns) and a small mullet.
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    I managed to swing a leave pass from the missus to get out for a fish today. Woo hoo! It’s been nearly 2 months off the water due to a virus that laid me up, plus things that needed doing around home. I left the ramp at about 5:30am. I forgot it was bloody school holidays - why do people need to put their headlights on, high beam even, to reverse their trailer down a ramp?! Have some courtesy and just switch to your parkers for God’s sake! My night vision was ruined as I reversed down (with just my parkers on)! 😡🤬Rant over. I cruised out through the heads at 23 knots - I’ve never had it so smooth through the heads! It looked like it was going to be a great day! I quickly picked up some slimies at Cabbage Tree and took off for Broughton - at a comfortable 26 knots! Surely today was to be a snapper day! Alas, I could not get the snapper to cooperate and I struggled to turn a scale! There was not much current, so I guess it was a case of “no run, no fun”. 😕 I tried plastics, I tried bait - to no avail, only a rock cod and a trevally. I then tried to troll up a bonito, tailor or salmon - again, zilch, so I turned towards home. Stopped at a reef halfway home and tried a drift but, again, not much current and no action. I headed over to the kingfish pens to see if there were any stray kingies around but it was quiet there, too. I then fell back onto my old standby - the flathead drift. It hasn’t let me down much... until now! I only managed one blue spot at 36cm. I released 3 at 33 - legal size, I know but I prefer 36 up. I did drop a nice flathead at the boat while I was reaching for the net. It would have beaten my PB blue spot of 50cm by another 5, I reckon. I got a foul hooked whiting and a shovel nose - that was it! Tried trolling around the inner islands - again, for zilch. Back at the ramp by 1 and home to clean the boat and all the gear - I probably don’t really need to carry 7 rods, do I?! When you’re tired from a long fishless day on the water and you’ve still got the boat to clean and gear to put away, you sometimes find yourself wondering if it’s worth it. 🤔 Then you remember, the awesome sunrise over the island, the sea lion that came up for a close look at The Sisters, the whale that cruised by just 30m away, the sea eagle hunting (with better success than me) around the inner islands, and the garfish skipping around you on the cruise back in (at 26 knots 😀) and you realise that, yes, it really is worth it and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! 😎
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    I had a Formula 15 which was a very capable small boat. I towed min up around the NT, Qld, South Aus and all around NSW, it was used on rivers to 50km offshore. Yes it was open but warm clothes fix that minor detail, being able to fish right around the boat really does make these little boats hard to beat. I removed the 90 two smoke and replaced it with a Yam f70, sold it for $22000. When looking at any small boat I believe there's not that much difference in the handling of any tinnies simply because the difference between a 14- 16 degree hull.
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    A monster in my kayak...
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    Hi all, as you may know, im an avid fishing gear collector and always excited to see what comes out from the big players as well as the china market. I've received two reels recently that i wanted to share some info on. Have yet to put them through their paces, so that will need to wait for another time. The two reels are the Seaknight Treant II (not the first, but the second) for USD$25 and the Piscifun Storm for $USD35. Both in "3000" size (more like 2500 in shimano reel and spool sizing) PM me if you want to know where i bought them from. The thing that caught my eye was that both shared almost exactly the same feature set and specs, except for drag power (which is in itself always questionable). Notable features: Sealed carbon fibre drag stack. Not only is there a flanged rubber/plastic gasket, but there is also a metal ring with o-ring rubber looped around it 6.2:1 gear ratio 6kg (storm) / 11kg (treant II) of max drag (on what is a shimano 2500-equivalent sized reel) - take this with many grains of salt 10 + 1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings (bearing galore, more doesnt always mean better) braid-ready spool (i.e. flat rubber ring around the middle of the spool for the braid to bite into - no need for backing). direct drive screw in handle (as opposed to the square insert-style handle) Build quality: The physical dimensions are exactly the same between the two reels, though with different detailing in some areas and the same in others. Given the same feature set and very similar physical appearance, this suggests these are rebranded off the same mass-produced design - which is not a bad thing if the execution is done well! The finish on the Storm is matte, which I think gives it a much more premium feel. The Treant II has a shiny finish, with the "galaxy" sparkle paint that the Shimano's of 2016/2017 have (think of the Sienna FE series and Nasci). The Storm looks and feels much better. There is no play in the handle, nor is there when triggering the anti-reverse (i.e. suddenly turning the other way). Both feel equally smooth (though nowhere near as nice as the Daiwa BG). I've read of some poor quality control issues for the Treant II (not a surprise given their price), im fortunate to not have QC issues, that i know of. There is no flex in the body when squeezing the roller bearing and the bail arm - though will need to put this through its paces in high-drag situations. The spool and spool lip is nice and clean of scratches - anything that may damage braid coming on/off it. No line capacity rings, which would've been a nice and easy touch to add. Performance: TBD - need to put some hours into using these reels. My intended use, given the size, is to put some 10-15LB braid matched up to a 7' 5-8kg rod and flick for snapper (kingie would be nice). Price: As stated, these are fairly cheap reels - buying overseas means wearing the 10% GST import tax so dont forget that, though coupons and cashreward schemes can cover off the difference. I liken this price to the trusty Shimano Sienna - reliable and smooth, though without the water-sealing and other features described above. Overall: TBD if i would recommend buying these reels until i can actually test them on the water. For now, i'm impressed with the build quality and (advertised) feature set. Time will tell. The impressive drag number needs to be considered in the context of the size of the reel - would i really be putting on that much weight on a 2500/3000 sized reel with 15LB line on a 5-8kg rod? Probably not... 3-4kg is probably max in a practical situation (and that would only be if you knew you had a solid hookset which is not always the case). Storm or Treant II? TBD, but i think the extra USD$10 is worth it for the better "feel" and so far, lack of known QC issues. The storm comes with two spacers to adjust the line lay, the treant ii does not. Watch this space.
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    I salted pippies for years mostly as a back-up in case I couldn't get bait on the beach and I think at times, especially for bream, they were better than fresh because they were tougher and smelt more .... its a pity that due to the abuse by a few people, you can't take pippies off the beach anymore. I'll always choose salted pillies over frozen although haven't made the effort to salt my own.
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    I leave my little dingy tied up to a mangrove. This is on the Central Coast. No-one has ever interfered with it- but technically it is illegal. ive also had another dingy pulled up onto the creek side reserve at Patonga for about 6 years. I don’t know the legal position there but there are dozens of dingys and small tinnies pulled up there. We are told that every now and then the council does a blitz and removes the abandoned ones but I haven’t seen it yet. Again, no one has touched it. Some are chained to trees, most are not. At Pretty Beach and Hardys Bay there are informally designated areas where the yachties pull their tenders up. Some even keep their motors on so I guess it’s reasonbly safe. my boats are really worth nothing, but many of the tinnies at Patonga are the real deal. I know you are talking about Lane Cove which is quite different and much more regulation-bound then the Central Coast, but you could look for some similar hauling out spot. Keep the value of the boat low, and chain it up, and I think it would be a risk worth taking because the reward is to be able to just flip the boat over, push out and go, which is great. im currently looking for a really low-end or freebie tinny to drop at Hardy’s Bay for this coming summer - something that will take a bigger motor then my little mangrove-resident dingy. Something that if it gets stolen won’t break my heart. cheers V.
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    A lot of space is lost to the trailer draw bar. You may consider a foldable design and get back 1+m in length. There are DIY kits out there eg Cheers Zoran
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    Here is my tip for the boat show purchase. 1. Got to your local dealer before the show and look at the boat you want, sit in it walk around it, kick its tyres. Note any features you like or would change. Grab a brochure and have a chat. 2. Pick your accessories and all the options you want and write them down. Have a must have and a wish list. 3. Head to the Boat show with a pen / highlighter, grab the boat show dealer special flyer for the boat u want from each dealer and introduce yourself and have a chat to break the ice. 4. Grab a coffee Read it and highlight everything you wanted and the write on the bottom what it’s missing from your wanted list. 5. Have a chat and talk about quick chat about prices, tell them you are willing to pay a deposit there and then once you agree a price and product. 6. Research current prices and deals, check the 2nd hand market for 1 or 2 yr old boats. 7. Go on the web page and look at all the accessories, 8. If unsure walk away and have a coffee, that’s what I did and my wife told the dealer, we just need to make sure it has everything he wants as he is not allow to buy boat stuff for a year afterwards.😀 9. Go to your local dealer last and when you at a price you like try and add more option, like upgrade from a 5” screen to a 7” screen, spare bung plugs, longer anchor rope, sealed underside of floor, rod holders, discount on spares or accessories in the shop at pick up (I got 15%) which helped with boat cover, wheel lock and tow ball lock purchase. my wife did all my bargaining as I was so excited at getting a boat I would have signed anything thinking she might change her mind.🕺I think we got $2k of the price on the form and a few extras chucked in.
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    Have been salting my pilchards for years, if there are fish around they rarelly ignore a salted pilchard fillet or cube. I read somewhere due to the moisture leching out during salting process the resultant pilchard are oilier and have a stronger scent. Salted pilchard stay on longer on a set of gangs and is easier to fillet or cut in cubes compared to an unsalted pilchard. I must try salting slimies next for big snapper cubed baits.
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    I made the comment to my wife that the boat was the only place our 3 kids (12yr, 10.5yr and 6.5yr) don’t have IPods or game consoles stuck to their hands and even though they only have 5m x 2.1m to roam are not fighting with each other. Nothing better than floating around with the family and friends outdoors, watching the scenery, sail boats and the odd fishing rod out the back, makes me glad the wife talked me into the bowrider.
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    My understanding of his requirements were a boat used mostly for inshore fishing with the occasional offshore trip on calm days... 20-25k with low hours. I dont think a deep V offshore rig in fibreglass or aluminium with high hours fits that description at all.
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