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    At boughton with an update 85cm and 95cm and half dozen maktuna
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from this arvo! Got out after work with Woodsy to see if we could manage a feed. Filled up with livies! Plan was to chase longtail for two hours and snapper for two hours. We won on the tuna but only managed one panny on the snaps! Enough to go around anyway! And what a cracker it was..... cheers scratchie!!! P.s Anyone chasing these bring some solid gear! They pull like freight trains 💪💪💪
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    The start of April was the dates that I was able to head back to Darwin for my 4th Barra chasing trip. The wet season was pretty dry so I didn't have too high hopes of the run off being very good. When we arrives, there was another storm building and this meant a delay of an extra day. We drove the boats out to the mother-ship and then hooked everything up for a tow to the Moil The mother-ship was the best one I've been on (I've been on two) and being able to tow our day boats was really good. It had a heap of room and the cabins each slept two people.Nice and cool with the air conditioning too. The Moil was pretty dirty and no fresh water was running out of the creeks. We found one creek that looked promising and I managed to hook up two Barra, but dropped both of them. So that wasn't so good, particularly with how slow the action had been. Some of the other boys were catching 450's but that was about it. Next thing to try was to go crabbing. I managed a blue salmon of the back of the mother ship on a fly rod and that was used for crab bait. We did ok with the crab pots, although one got Croc'd we were able to retrieve it at low tide The reef fishing was a bit better than the Barra, and we were able to bag out on Golden snapper(3) on the first day. I also got a new species, a tusk fish, and that was pretty cool. There wasn't as many tricky snapper this trip, I managed one, but I kept catching Goldies that were all returned. Managed also to get a couple of Black Jewfish which was good. Still no Barra! The scenery was pretty good. I tried a truck load of different lures, but went back to the lure that I'd hooked the two barra on and it turned out to be the right move. One cast and I thought I was stuck on the bottom, but then it started running and I was on! After a tense battle, I got a 710 mm on the boat and was very happy. I followed it up with a small 450 that was sent back to carry on swimming. I enjoyed the trip very much and was happy that I was able to bring back some fish and crabs. The muddies were full and a good size. All the Jennies were released, but these bucks were pretty tasty For those that want to know my tackle, the reef rod was was a 4 piece ugly-stick with a Finn Nor LT100 , with 100lb braid and a two hook 80lb paternoster rig. Squid was the bait. I lost a bit to sharks, so I don't know what else you could use to save your tackle. I had three rods for chasing the Barra, but the one that did the damage was a three piece pflueger trion transcendent travel rod, a Finn Nor LT40 with 20lb Yellow Rovex Braid, 40lb leader joined by an FG know and attached with a loop knot to a Balista Juggernaut 65mm lure. Now back and looking forward to details about next years trip. Hoping to get out in my boat this long weekend to chase a few flathead. If you made it this far, then thanks for reading!
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    There are a few gutters at the northern end of Wanda beach that are good for fishing at low tide. The only thing is you need to arrive a bit late at somewhere after 10 am so that you won’t be harassed by the hundreds of dogs enjoying the free run. (Leash free time). This weekend, I made a mid day trip each on Saturday and Sunday. About 3 hours fishing each day finishing about 2pm, just before high tide. Generally fishing is good when water is low and gets slower when water is higher. All up for the two trips, I caught 5 good Flathead (ranging 40-50cm), 7 tailor, 1 bream of 32cm, 1 flounder of 38cm (could have been my PB), one Trevally, and one tarwhine just made into the legal size at 24cm. I was fishing with pilchard and again limiting to 10 pilchard each trip. I used a light action 12ft beach rod I bought last weekend. Yesterday I used a $25 reel spooled with 15 lb mono and refuced the line to 12lb today. The light line worked a lot better and it could be still a bit lighter. The goal was to catch bream. With one bream caught and complimented with a flounder, no complaints at all. Attached a photo of today’s catch. cheers Charles
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    Such a nice looking fish.
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    Plan was to leave for Wyangala Dam chasing cod at 3:30am but by 2:30am I couldn’t sleep through a mixture of trying to get out of night shift mode and the anticipation of the day ahead. Little did I know I had a good reason to be excited. Arriving at the dam just after 4am I set up and head off slowly in the dark to where I wanted to start my mornings fishing. The day started slowly as I fished swimbaits as the sun came up with no sign of a fish. There were cormorants and pelicans everywhere a good sign of bait in the area so the fish shouldn’t be far away I thought. As I fished my way along the bank casting as I went I cast to a tree in slightly deeper water and a fish slammed my lure and no hook up. Twice more it hit and didn’t hook up. Across the river was another large tree so I made my way over and first cast bang I’m on then moments later that sinking feeling as the hooks pulled. The two previous missed opportunities showed me a bit of a pattern the cod were relating tight to timber no real surprise but it was the biggest of the trees that held the fish. From then on I set the electric motor on high and purely fished the biggest trees and that’s when the results came. It was 8:50am when the first cod hit the net a solid 72cm cod. After a quick photo and release I was back into it. I fished on and had a couple more missed fish before I hooked up again landing another solid 80cm cod. Again quick photo and release. 10:08am 2 fish so far and the water was starting to get shallow so I was thinking of moving back to deeper parts of the lake but I pushed on. Glad I did. 10:30am I found a group of trees where a drain led into the dam from the surrounding hills. It looked very fishy but I thought it may have been too shallow. First cast was stopped mid retrieve only to miss the hook up. Twice more the fish hit the lure and failed to hook up. I changed angle and cast back to the same area and this time the fish ate it properly boating a 70cm fish. Next cast into the same group of trees was crunched again. I thought surely not the same fish but it was slightly bigger coming in at 74cm. After that I returned to a tree I’d earlier missed a fish. First cast was on the money and it was still hungry only to pay the ultimate price for not retrying after the last fish as the leader broke must have had a nic in the line I hadn’t noticed. Gutted as it felt like a big fish. I fished a few rock walls after that focussing on the steepest sections that had timber on them. Landing another 70cm cod and missing a few more. I fished until dark and landed a 73cm cod on a jackall gigantarel. One of the craziest days cod fishing I’ve ever had. Not because of size just sheer numbers. Ended up landing 6 and lost count of hits and missed fish. I fished a few different lures but majority of the action came on Lucky Craft magnum crankbaits which allowed me to cover water quickly. I fished a shallow diving lure in water less than 4 meters and the same lure in deep diving in the deeper water. Cheers for reading, Trav
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    Second trip chasing Kingies in Sydney harbour was on Sunday. Weather wasn’t going to be as good as Sunday and the prediction was correct, a brisk Southerly sprang up about 10 am, but we had boated 18 kings by then, so were please. Lloyd (originally UK) had never caught a Kingfish before and was over the moon about their fighting capabilities. Rob had caught kings before, but never experienced a “rat attack”, with all rods going of at once. They were all caught in North harbour and on fresh squid (left over from Saturday) and live - small yakkas. They fish were leaving the big ones and only hitting the tiny little ones. Balmoral wharf is crawling with these little yakkas and it takes 20 mins or so to fill the live bait tank - trick is to use no 12 “mosquito” hooks. Quite a few fish stole the bait and were not hooked as, although they were numerous, they were in quite a finicky mood. Amazing how they can get the bait off without a pair of hands. We only kept a few for a feed and all the rest were released (of course) The rats seem to be getting bigger as winter approaches and water temp has dropped to 21 - 22 degrees, so they will go out wide soon to overwinter on the off shore reefs, with only the occasional hoodlum hanging around.
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    Hey Fisho's So I thought i would put together my top land based spots to fish on Lake Macquarie, I live on Lake Mac at Belmont and regularly fish the lake in lots of different locations. Some of these spots are kid friendly and others i wouldn't recommend (close to rocks etc). All of these locations are within range of parking, no major bush walks or hikes to get there most of them are within 50 meters or under within the car, I will include a google map location of each point where i fish and whether it is sheltered or open (wind), most of these spots are great on turn of both tidea and some are good during the whole day and night. These Spots Listed are in no particular order of best or not, just all the spots that are in driving and walking distance of tackle shops/shops/toilets/food etc. These Spots do not have a guarantee in catching fish but i personally have caught fish at all of these locations in different weather conditions, best to check weather and tide reports as usual. In Regards to what i consider "Kid Friendly" I mean safe enough for my 4 year old to run around and not get injured and access for my girl in her pram etc. UPDATED : Link to Google Map>> Landbased Map Lake Mac Swansea Breakwall/Reids Reserve Great spot man made break wall concrete path Fish facing back towards swansea bridge Semi sheltered (break wall breaks most of wind) Semi Kid Friendly - Rock Fishing/Concrete Path, but there is a playground next to carpark Swansea Bridge (Lake Entrance Side) Can almost fish from your car Great at night (light from bridge) Entrance from the ocean to the lake Not sheltered from wind Heaps of different Species caught here, from seeing sharks to jews and kings. Not Kid Friendly (very rocky) Pelican Foreshore Fantastic for Kids Great Parking/Toilets/PLayground Semi Sheltered from wind Two great little inlets that are about waist height water, (kids love it) Perfect in Summer, Fishing is slow but perfect spot for first timers (kids) Down the road from local tackleshop (fishermans warehouse) get your fresh bait from there and have a yarn. Coony/Coon island/Swansea Holiday Park Parking simple and easy Kid friendly, can have a swim as water is only waist deep Always seems to be fairly sheltered from wind (mainly due to being on the other side of channel) 2 minute drive from Swansea shops (bait, fish and chips for kids etc.) Nice drop off on rock point, Bream/Flatty/Tailor/Kingys Swansea Channel/Channel St Good spot to try or come back to before/after Coony As its the channel on Lake side, check tides, always seems to be better before a runnout IMO Not Sheltered, can be good though, get longer casts. Semi Kid Safe, Concrete walkway(watch for bikes) grassy area and picnic tables literally 30 second drive from Swansea shops Naru Beach/Boat Ramp Great little spot, fantastic for the kids and good Bream This spot there is two locations, i fish on the beach/rocks near the inlet into Swan Bay more than the boat ramp side, upto you, caught fish from both spots Boat Ramp to chuck your boat in Sheltered to an extent on beach point/side Two carparks, if the one closest to the beach point (on Bend) is full 5 seconds further up near boat ramp is plenty of parking even on weekends. Make sure to drop in to Fishermans warehouse for latest Lake info, only up the road too (fresh bait) Just be cautious of the road, it is a dirt road (Naru St) after a big rain it can be a bit slidey, standard car no issues, wouldn't recommend taking a Merc down there. >>>
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    I went to Broughton as I had a later start than planned - didn’t leave the ramp until first light as the wind was blowing from the north harder than expected and beached my boat while I was parking the trailer! I didn’t have any luck with snapper or tuna. I think I have to start the learning process all over again! I had the Sisters to myself. I didn’t see any tuna around. I tried plastics and bait but only got undersized snapper. The birds were working all around the Sisters, so I trolled past them on my way to North Rock and got a couple of small bonito. Not much luck at North Rock either. It was weird seeing no other boats about but by then it was blowing from the south and was choppier than I expected. I headed towards the V and drifted for a while. Caught a trag (my first) and 3 flathead. Still enjoyed my day out, even getting soaked with spray both on the way up and on the way home! Makes we want to get a cabin boat!
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    I tie an opposite blood knot 2ft up from hook so float doesn't come off you can also use black crane swivel
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    Just got an 87cm brought on isl going off
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    Good fish last Sunday at ourimbah creek. Woke up at 4 am to take my kayak to my mate place, lift the down the street and start paddling over at 4:45 am. Got over to the mouth of the creek at 5:45 and pulled up to the bank to get my lure rigged and ready. Hit the first little jetty and my mate caught a 30 cm perch first cast, great start. Then we moved another 30 metres and I flicked my zman grub right up the back of a little homemade boat ramp right against it, left it for a few seconds, gave it a bit of a flick around and bang I was on. Great fight and went 35 cm. I caught 2 more smaller bream around 30cm but didn’t get a photo. Stopped for lunch and pursued further down the creek. My mate hooked up to a nice bream which took him straight under a barnacle encrusted jetty. He free spooled and it came out, the fights now back on. He eventually gets it in and it measured 37 cm, another great fish. My last fish was a 31 cm that had completely engulfed my grub, ran me into a crab trap and breaking the hook in the process. Beautiful day on the water and what a beautiful sight paddling over at sunrise.
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    The weather and family commitments aligned on tues and I made my first Dollie trip for the year. Went and caught my live bait on Monday arvo to save time on tues morning. Got to the FAD at 6:45 good conditions and first boat there. Didn’t see or catch any big fish but content with a steady stream of fish 55cm to 67cm. Kept 7 then left the FAD at 9:15 and headed in to fish for some flathead. Caught 10 keepers in an hour and headed for the ramp at 11:00 after an on water safety check by water police (all in order). While at the Fad said hello to the next boat that arrived and went over before I left he had kept 3 thought a quick flat tie fish on the way back in sounded ok. Never know who you will bump into out on the water.
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    Had 2 trips on the harbour over the weekend (Sat & Sun). I was a little uncertain of going out on the first weekend of the school holidays, but surprisingly there were very few boats either day. Saturday i took a few boys from school and their dad. Neither had been on a hot bite of Kingies before and although they were only rats 60-70cm they had a ball, boating 8 and hooking over a dozen. The day started targeting squid (kingfish candy) and we had 3 big green eyes in the live bait tank in about 20 mins. We then filled the second live bait tank up with yakkas (various sizes) and headed off to north head. The pics say it all - several multiple hookups.7u 3F98D86D-4E2D-43FA-9569-75923BCEF369.MOV
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    Measured 93 on box 7.79 gutted n gilled the next one was 87cm 7.15 kg cleaned just happy to get a couple new club record bring on may comp
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    Ja1990 fished sisters for a while during morn only mactuna and small reds
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    Great fish! I was obviously doing something wrong! I was out at the sisters all morning lol
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    Leave my snapper alone rick! Haha, on fire champ! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Murrays Beach Parking is close Close to a Cafe so food available Always seems pretty quiet(people) Kid Friendly (playground) Good walking and decent Jetty Bread and butter fish Have heard some stories from some old blokes that have fished here before the Murrays Beach estate was built, heard some big squid and monster flatty stories, have only ever caught bream here lately. Swansea RSL Parking is close Close to the RSL so if no fish can go for a feed Good at night, less busy Different opportunity as on the other side of channel Big fish run in and out of the channel Not Sheltered from Wind Kid Safe, Jetty quite secure, safer than the otherside.
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    The Flats(sand bars in the channel) Not good at night (bit sketchy) Entrance from the ocean to the lake Slightly sheltered from wind Heaps of different Species caught here, really good for flatheads, bream Not Kid Friendly (very rocky and have to cross main road + bush bash) >>> Park same location as Swansea Bridge and cross road, refer image on rough map>> Blue is Rough walking track, including crossing road and parking etc, Red shows where you can get onto the sand bar at low tide, you will often see many boats here on a low tide and on the weekends they beach there boats on the bars.
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    Cheers mate! No, we stood our ground. And your right, the first run is a screamer! I was using a tyrnos 30w 15kg with 80lb leader. I wouldn’t go anything under an 8000 reel on these bruts. Estimate: 18-20kg and 1.3m
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    66cm it went. Scratchie’s specimens put that to shame but still a good snapper in anyone’s book
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    Belmont Jetty Parking is close Walking distance of shops (coles/woolies/cafe's) Can be a little bit quiet during the day due to traffic (drop off/on point) Have had decent amount of success at night, some decent flatties around there Not Sheltered Belmont 16's jetty Right across the road from mine Kid Safe (as much as a jetty can be) Surprisingly quiet during the day (weekdays) Is at a yacht club, so Saturday and Sunday mornings can be off limits due to all the small sailboats Have had decent luck, no stonkers yet but for this end of the lake decent amount of bream, keeps the kids happy If no fish are biting, chuck the gear in the car and head into the 16s Boatshed (12 or so ontap craft beers) Not Sheltered (if its windy go to the boatshed) Black Jacks Point Great spot for bream Close to parking, Public toilets Good section of grass for kids to run around (even a rope swing) Not very protected if its windy, seem to cast against it Thats it fishos, hope to see you out and about. Regards Squ!rt
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