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    Few more.....yum or snapper hard decision
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    Headed out for a few hours before work with my new Rovex Squid Wrangler Rod, Really happy with how it performed and came home with a feed, Happy days and tight lines!
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    Fished in the Port Hacking on Friday with my dad in my boat. Plan was to chase surface fish early, pump some nippers, fish the shallows than head back to the ramp at 1030 and swap dad for my wife and 2 boys, aged 3 & 5. Launched from Grays Point at 600 and headed to lilli pilli. Just on sun rise the whole area was alive with Pilchard schools every direct had fish rippling on the surface and the sounder regularly blackout with the schools. I started casting a sluggo, which had worked on previous trips and dad fished live bait. After 15 minutes off no hits i swapped to my live bait rod, shimano baitrunner 6-8kg rod 15lb braid 30lb fluro trace, and hooked up almost straight away, with a good first run before hanging around down deep taking short runs everytime i gained some line. In the clear water you could see the fish very early in the fight, a kingfish (maybe legal) Out in the open water i was no chance off being reefed so could enjoy the fight, until he tried to use the only bit of structure around, our boat, 1/2 dozen times with the fish only a couple of metre out he darted under the boat and motor causing me to dunk the rod into the water to keep the line clear, great fun. After a few more minutes he was netted and in the boat, 68cm, and straight into the esky. In the last 3 similar trips the boat had caught 20+ kingfish but this was the first legal. We continued to fish and released another 4 undersize kings, the bites were very spread out. I think the problem was too much baitfish in the water meant the predators were not finding our baits. With a couple of wake board boats starting up we decided to move on. We kept a block or so worth of fresh caught pilchards and headed off to pump nippers while the tide was low and then had a look at the ocean, short sharp nasty old wind chop made the ocean messy. We had a look around the bombie, but nothing was happening so headed back into the shelter of the river. Came across some surface fish near mainbar and managed a Frigate Mackerel before they disappeared. Back to lilli pilli we fished the shallows, we caught a couple of low 40's Flathead, a 28cm bream, 1 male blue swimmer, 1 female blue swimmer (released), a flounder (released) and a few undersize fish before in was time to head back to the ramp and swap over. Picked up my wife and boys and headed back out. Coming past one of the bays near the church camps i noticed a few seagulls sitting on the surface so went to investigate, sounder lit up with bait fish, so dropped over the bait jig, caught some, hook through the nose and cast out and almost straight away hooked up. Let my 6 months pregnant wife have the rod, after a short tussle she had a rat king released. Cast out the next bait for the same result. Noticed my 3yr olds rod, (cheapest shimano reel, cheap Rogue blue rod, 3kg platypus pretest) had the perfect hook and thought, whats the worst that can happen. Hook up the next live bait and cast out. Once again it's taken almost straight away, after the initial run i give both boys a turn on the rod but both give it back after a minute or so, kingfish are too tough for them. I take back over and land the fish, 5 cm or so undersize, the boys are excited with what they caught and they call it "our" fish as we all helped. A quick photo and then happily released. We continued doing this for a while, jigging baitfish, cast out, instant hook up with a couple more caught, a couple of bust offs and a few missed bites. And then i hear the dreaded words "I'm bored" and thats it we move on leaving behind a hot bite of great hard fighting fish. It seems a constant bite of big fish and bait jigging is not enough to keep two little boys content. We move over to the shallows and anchor up where the boys have a blast trying to catch tiny trumpeter on a handline. The older boy manages a legal bream and then we head off for a swim at mainbar before heading home. A quick side note on just how spoilt we fisherman are. We went to Westfield on the Saturday and looked in the fish shop. Whole Kingfish $21.99 kg giving my 2.55kg fish a value of $56.07. The flathead i gave to my dad as they had dinner guests over, the guest loved it and they commented that they pay up to $54 a kg for flathead tails from the shop. On the Sunday we had a 3rd birthday party for our boy and served some of the kingfish as small bite size boneless crumbed pieces, it was meant for the kids but it was the adults who happily ate the plate of fish, all saying how nice it was. We really are lucky. Thanks for reading. Ash
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    Great morning off Ulladulla Harbour. Plenty of big blue mowies, snapper, nanygai, etc. A lot of Sargeant Bakers !!!. When we came in, at the fish cleaning tables there were stacks of nice sized Blue Spotted flathead being cleaned (targetted at 20-30 metres - we got a fair few last week). One guy at the cleaning tables had a big fish that looked like a groper. Wouldn't let me photograph it. Are they protected? It was dark brown to black in colour, about15-20 lb.
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    5am. Burley then got 2 Livies and sent out under balloons on 8.0 single hook in about 10m. Got 2 kingys one 100% legal the other not sure so returned it. Much more fun than off boat trying to land. Another bloke was there happening to do the same and got the same. Yakkas were much bigger then I prefer but it worked today back home 7am
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    I tend to target squid land based around harbours and rock walls with little tidal flow that hold weed on the bottom, Cast out let it sink give it a few rips and let it sink again trying to stay as close to the weed as possible without snagging up in it
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    Thanks for posting your insight into fishing the dams for large Cod Trav. Some very helpful information there which I shall pass on to my mates who fish Burrinjuck Dam. My main fishing (almost entire fishing) is in the Murrumbidgee which is an irrigation supply river where I live. I have to say that I haven't caught any big Cod but am very happy doing what I do...mainly bait fishing and an occasional lure/spinnerbait opportunity, when the river is not running too fast and has enough water in it. I suppose some of the major differences in the dam and river fishing equations are water flow, depth and snag distribution (being much more snaggy in the river environment). Very interesting comments about seeing what the fish may be feeding on. The types of lures which you suggest as effective is much more extensive than I use (mainly trolling with Stumpjumpers or such and casting spinnerbaits and 100mm lures at stumps}. It's thrilling catching them using lures as they hit hard and head for the safety of the snags. Where do you fish when living in Orange? I have fished a few times at Burrendong and have relos in Wellington. If you fancy taking an elderly angler sometime, to teach a few tricks to, send me a pm. Always keen to learn new things... One thing that is common to both of our fishing environments is "put the time in and keep casting". Cheers for passing on your experiences Trav. bn
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    Ive been a bit slack in updating this topic but better late than never. I removed & stripped the VST, I found a small amount of muck on the screen. I cleaned the screen, cleaned the needle & seat & replaced all of the o-rings. It now runs better than ever, revs all the way out & has no starting issues. Thanks to everyones help. All running great in time for Mackerel season!!!!!
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    Gees im not that pretentious! I can live without the butler!
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    Gees i reckon you lot lack ambition ! Money no object was the statement SOOOO- 100-120ft Ocean going mothership with fully kitted out 42 ft O Brien gamefishing boat-or maybe a CABO 41 or stuff it maybe both!A couple of flats boats as tenders or maybe a 25 ft Contender and what the hell- a couple of kayaks in case I get time to exercise while plonked out on some remote pacific atoll . Fun thinking anyway!
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    My dream boat consist of, it cannot corrode or be damaged at all, the outboard runs on thin air and nothing else - and it never needs a service, and all of the fish I would like to catch are attracted to it like moths to a porch light... and maybe my wife would actually love it too 😁 Anyone know where I can find one please?
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    36 OR 42 ' Steber moored at Bermagui OR even a old Howard 26-32' . Had a few large boats moored and didn't use them much but now in my receeding years I imagine myself out in my 36 ' er eating prawns and sipping coffee with a gentle sea breeze just pushing along with the tide. Frank
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    @openhooks The 2nm limit is another limit again. This relates to whether you need to carry an EPIRB and marine radio. If you are more than 2nm offshore - you are in open waters with all the open water safety requirements, plus you need to carry those two items. @locodave On the maritime maps, its shown to be 'limited open waters' inside the Barrenjoey-Box Head line. There is a definition of that which is as described earlier. Interesting that the Maritime guys told you that, I guess they probably dont even police this 'limited open waters' thing - unless theyre in a bad mood! @sharkbait yep, that would be my read on it. Let us know what you hear from maritime...
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    Answer = its complicated! There is a line from Barrenjoey lighthouse directly across to Box head. Inside that line is 'limited open waters'. This means that In smooth conditions (wave height under .5m crest to trough), its enclosed waters and you are ok. If wave heights are larger, then its open waters once you cross another line that runs from Barrenjoey across to West head. Fryboy
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    Hi all. I've got a 445 half cab with safety equip set up for closed waters. I like to fish between pittwater and patonga, and wondering if this section of broken bay is considered to be "open waters". So, in short, what should I consider to be the "Open Waters" boundary in Broken Bay? Does anyone know for sure? Thanks, Rick.
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    Nice post looks a top place to fish hate the ones you cant stop
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    Looks like a great spot to wet a line PK. Maybe trying lighter f/c leader and various hook sizes may help you crack the code and hook up to these elusive fish? Good luck and keep the posts and pics coming. Cheers, bn
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    Cheers mate I have a couple of screenshots from a video but they are poor quality as I can't upload the video here
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    Haven't managed a lot of saltwater fishing in the last few weeks, mostly just quick sessions with some random catches. Did a flats session down at Lake Cathie (south of Port Macquarie) chasing flathead on plastics with plenty of small flatties having a go, A big prawn went sipping arcoss the water so decided it was time to dust off the poppers, first cast first decent whiting on a popper for awhile, the hits came thick and fast just couldn't seem to hook up, then over a shallow section a solid whiting came from nowhere and inhaled the popper right at my feet, a skinny fish but good length going 41cm. The next session a quick pre work, casting the pathways around Nambucca, the water was crystal clear maing the bream very cagey. Kept getting hit by leatherjackets coming out from weedbeds trying to eat my plastic. With a bit of experimenting managed to snare one A pretty little yellowfin leatherjacket, haven't caught one for years, with a bit of practice managed to work them out just letting them pic up the plastic and swim off then strike hard manged quite a few jackets including a fan-bellied also got a solid yellowfin jacket pushing but dropped him back in the water pre photo, after the jackets found a baitball sinking a plastic through it got the familiar tap on the drop resulting in an average bream For the final 2018 saltawater session started having a cast around the marina at Coffs Harbour not a lot of action mostly just "happy moments" chasing my plastics in big schools After a tonne of casts a tap on the drop and into what I assumed to be a decent bream when I glimpsed the fish thought this bream must be on steroids but as it came bankside it turned out to be a spangled emperor a first on a lure heading back towards home pulled in at my favourite roadside spot, "the tree" and first cast a nice bream confidance beaming......... and then nothing tried big small hardbodies and plastics for zip, moved to the next tree again first cast was hammered but didn't hook-up, rolling the plastic back in it was crunched right at my feet by what I assumed to be the angriest moses perch I've ever seen but as I lifted the fish my jaw nearly hit the water RED SATAN on a bream plastic, only small but a prize at any size and my last fish of 2018 that's it for 2018 hope you've all enjoyed reading my 2018 reports as much as I've enjoyed writing them cheers Dave
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    Sounds to me like you arent setting the hooks?
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    My good mate decided we needed to have a fish on his boat this week so me working arvo shifts the only option was a good old dawn launch to get the most out of our free hours. When I pulled up at the ramp Andy had already launched the boat and got a 50cm big eye trevally whilst waiting. We basically started fishing from the macksville ramp casting hardbodies along the rockwalls using med-heavy baitcast gear and bigger than usual lures hoping for jacks. About 10 minutes in all the tiredness was shaken from me when my lure was nailed and loded up on a solid fish A 42cm black spot a new pb to start the day Not long after Andy nailed a 50cm big eye on surface then we moved onto a flat casting magic swimmers for flathead didn't take long to load up on a fish but instead of a flattie out came a big eye he was ambitious then it was back to a rocky bank casting hardbodies hoping for jacks when the lure was eaten I hoped but instead of a jack out came a very feisty bream he was keen eating a 80mm deep diver We worked some shallow edges casting small bream lures for a mox of small bream, whiting, flathead and trevs. Again we came came to a deep rocky edge and out came the bigger gear going for quality over quantity and again i was shaken awake by a solid take this fish went really hard and again another black spot this one went 43cm beat my pb thice in a session not long after Andy landed a small jack a high fives and fist pump moment (jacks aka red satan are almost a myth in the Nambucca river). We kept alternating according to structure and depth fishing shallow open country with bream gear and the nasty stuff with jack gear whilst working a muddy bank i hit a snag which I realised was a flattie just lip hooked on a strikeprop pygmy, a gentle approach saw it in the net a nice 59cm speci We got a few bream no real big fish but a couple around the 30cm mark We decided the jack casting was our primary focus so we casted the heavy structure Landing a perfect cast against some rock and timber my lure was nailed just after hitting the water had to jam my thumb on the spool I knew straight away this was no bream or cod... it's funny how time slows during the nervous moments of your fish avoiding the landing net... but then it was in..... Red satan was in the net The first jack I've caught in almost 2 years and only my 4th in approx 34 years of fishing.... happy was an understatement, not big but a jack, it was released after a couple of pics We worked a bit more deep structure and I was annihilated by what I'm assuming to be a maasive cod didn't even come close to stopping it. That was it for an awesome session spent the evening at work with a big smile on my face hopefully it's the first of many jacks for the summer cheers for reading Dave
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    the water is roughly 2/2.5 mtrs but the squid are hunting in the pool of light cast upon water by overhead lighting..a metre or 1.2 deep is plenty as the squid tend to stay down from the surface in general occasionally you spot them on the surface...rick
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    Thanks again all. I'll shoot an email off when I get a minute Gazza, and I'll get back to you all with their answer. Cheers, Rick.
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