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    Headed up to The Entrance a week ago to take 81 y/o Mum out in our tinnie. She loves fishing and had been dropping plenty of hints to get me up there from Sydney! Anyway, weather was perfect and there were a few fish around though we had to move around to find them. Our main target was luderick. When things went quiet we’d flick for flatties on SP gear or stick on some bread under a float for mullet. Managed a few of our target fish. The biggest lud went 43cm, flatty 49cm and mullet a fat 41cm. The mullet circled the boat - great fun on light gear. Smaller luds < 30cm were released. All in all a great day out on the water. Cheers, Keith
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    Been exploring deeper into the bush after finding the quolls recently. Also the lake in front of our house seems to get an influx of cormorants, cootes and pelicans feeding on an abundance of small fry this time of the year. Late afternoons the pelicans rest up at the waters edge where I paddle my daughter in the canoe for a few photo's, sometimes I get chance to grab a few shots myself, like these!!! Quoll poo 😁 More poo!!!
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    My Dads old Mitchel. I used to think it was amazing when I was a kid. I replaced the drag washer in it and it actually has a really good drag.
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    Wild windy conditions made fishing interesting to say the least managed 8 nice blackies pulled hooks on 2 didnt break rod all good all the fish are in primo fat condition with some still carrying roe or milt they are feeding fairly aggressivly caught these in 1 hr 15 mins then dolphins came in and goodbye fish no bites after that so went for a beer good day out now what to do tmrw ????
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    She loves her fishing! I reckon I’ll be the same when I reach that stage of life.
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    Hi Geoff ( @garfield28 ) .... how did all this end .... did you get it sorted? Cheers Z
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    I was in a discussion this morning about the marine parks down here and the fact they may soon be removed. There have also been numerous discussions on the pros and cons of no take zones and certain species being off limits. Unfortunately, in any discussion, trying to make sense of facts that simply aren't true is a nightmare, and once one party starts making outrageous claims then so does the opposition. How different these consultations would be if a truth serum was slipped into all party's drinks! There are accusations that the marine park killed off tourism in our local town - many from one charter operator who gets very little of the tourist pie, due to poor service. The fact that 6 new charter businesses (that I can think of), with a total of about 9 boats, have popped up during the period of the marine park's life is totally missed. There's also the new Abbott Fisheries co-op, with their large factory boat the D&D; new commercial abalone and urchin fishos; and the accompanying businesses that sell fish, service boats and supply boat, fishing, snorkel and dive equipment, etc. The fact that statistics show that accomodation bookings have constantly increased, to the point people are now turned away during peak seasons, is also overlooked. A new and much larger Woolworths will be opened by Xmas and Aldi will also very shortly be here in Narooma. Yes, we have marine parks and yes, the fishing is still pretty poor compared to even a few years ago. Yes, some commercial operators were bought out and yes they are still out there most days, recreationally using those same lead lines. Yes, the snapper grounds get hit hard by rec and commercial fishers, or at least they did, until they stopped fishing well. The question of whether the marine park has actually been implemented properly, backed by scientific research, and properly policed, is debatable. Will a marine park actually be successful, if the rules and regulations are ignored and even flouted, by those that don't support them? The subject of commercial netting often causes conflict between the netters and catch and release enviro anglers. The fact that the best bream fishing systems are often netted areas, actually makes some sense scientifically. Studies have shown that by reducing stock numbers to a certain point, provides the remaining stock with more food and habitat. Just like putting 100 sheep into an overworked paddock compared to putting a small amount into the same field. As long as the reduction is actually controlled, and not allowed to happen to the point of decimation. And as long as the remaining stock are actually looked after and protected. Unfortunately, everyone has their own agenda, which mostly comes down to greed and selfishness. I think we always need to be willing to hear both sides of stories, as well as be transparent and truthful, without pushing an agenda. When facts are facts, sometimes we also need to be prepared to accept that our opinion may not always be correct.
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    Just found an old fishing marks book my father had, probably well over 70 years old it would be, plus a photo of a Tuna my wife caught in about 1980, and the photo was put on a local fishing map, it was also a full page in a magazine.
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    Hi old Japanese fishing knife.
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    Interesting discussion. The snapper fishery varies around the nation though. Over in WA, the minimum length is 50cm and the bag limit is 2. The charter skipper I fished with over there, said that they just don’t have the expansive estuary systems we have in NSW that help a good fishery. Makes sense. I don’t know much about the fishery in SA but I suspect they also don’t have as many estuaries as NSW. Perhaps the snapper get targeted heavily due to limited other options down there and are now feeling the impact? In NSW, I believe the RFAC has requested a 35cm minimum length for snapper (as they apparently reach sexual maturity at 32-33cm, so should allow them to breed at least once) but this has repeatedly been knocked on the head by the pros and the restaurant industry because, get this, “30cm is the ideal size for a plate”! (I have to admit, I do like a crispy fried whole snapper at one or two local restaurants here in Port Stephens... 😋)! However, I, for one, would be happy with a 35cm (or even 38 or 40) minimum length and maybe a smaller bag limit, say 5, and possibly a slot limit with, say only 1 or 2 allowed over the maximum size (to be determined), accompanied by a good education programme on how to release fish properly for the maximum survival rate. If fisheries are managed properly in this way, with science behind it, perhaps this can eliminate the need for total bans and/or closures in the future. The cracker snapper season being had at Port Stephens (and in other areas) at the moment, is fantastic but maybe, if everyone enjoying cracker sessions regularly kept and killed their bag limit (10) of big snapper, one day down track, we may find ourselves lamenting the lack of snapper, too. Just my two cents worth.
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    Without a doubt the best photo's i've ever seen of Quoll poo... Rich
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    Brisbane water was pretty quiet for me last weekend I spent 5 hours with my young one and didn't loose a bait. Not sure, if it was me, there weren't any fish or I was in the wrong spot/tide. I was around Paddy's channel If you are up for an early start, I go offshore on the weekends, so you'd be more than welcome to tag along. cheers
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    The picture has some marks of a common well known spot off Shellharbour, and note it mentions a cargo shed, that shed was pulled down around 1955, so it might be hard to work out today.
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    The old book even had some hand drawn pictures
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    G’day raiders, Firstly, these type of incidents are more common than we care to imagine. They are not isolated to any one race and point blank they are breaking the law! The only thing we can do is lead by example and report any illegal activity to the appropriate authorities! Thanks for your input. This thread is now locked. Regards scratchie mod team
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    He's got 4 brace there: a brace is a pair of fish/grouse etc. I only learned that by reading old books on fly fishing. A good trivia quiz question. KB
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    Update fellas, being a journalism student myself, I will be doing a story on this issue in the near future. Hopefully I can speak to the council and help expose the issue.
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    Hey Raider Amigos, It's been a long time since my last fishing report way back in April....and apologies this one is a belated report from Fishy Friday 26.7.2019 .. but that's all I've got to contribute. Anyway work and life issues cleared enough to get out for a fish and with the weather being kind my good mate Wayne and I headed out to try some new grounds away from my regular Broken Bay haunts. Armed with a few hot tips (thanks Sam), we launched from Roseville and hit the reefs off Manly and DY. Bait: Salted pilles and tailor fillets Rigs: One rod each with a paternoster and another each with "the hybrid" rig Sam spoke about in previous reports. We moved frequently and were plagued by jackets that took their toll on gear... but ended the day with 7 decent flatties, 1 pannie snapper, 1 jacket, 1 gummy shark and a massive banjo. All the bigger fish were landed on "the hybrid". A rather mixed bag from a top day on the water - but enough there for a few feeds and lotsa smiles. 😀😁 Cheers Zoran BARRYCUDA finally saw water after months on the drive way !!! Look at that calm sea ! And a catch to boot !
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    Well there you go, guess I'll be more cautious around lizards in future...
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    What a pristine environment Jon, captured with skill aplenty. Cheers for sharing with us. bn
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    Excellent again Jon. My favourite is 3rd from the top.
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    Ive kicked over buckets of small fish and had violent confrontations in the past but 10 against one are not good odds there was dozens of cars parked so its hard to pik whose is whose car i have called fisheries numerous times on mobs like this by the time they can get to where its happening and the fact the heads frames and skins were being thrown in or fed to birds they have told me its in the too hard basket swansea only has a couple of officers and they have a large area to cover if they had a quantity of whole undersize fish i would have made more of an effort but even if fisheries get there most of it is eaten or in small slices in containers so its hard to discern what is in containers so as i am trying to describe my hands are tied on actively curtailing these idiots activities as they dont give a shit bout rules regs or doing the right thing unless you have been in this predicament its hard to judge my actions but you should be able to read my frustration !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Had a crack yday arvo on the rocks up here on the coast testing a new spot to fish this arvo for my comp wknd bagged out in 2hrs and pulled hook out of 4 broke 35cms off the tip of my new rod daiwa sweepfire 12fter not happy my bad highsticking trying to wash a fish out im gunna bite the bullet and buy an mt4126 these graphites are too delicate anyway goin bak today or tmrw to get a few more ps all on cabbage old school newcastle rig heavy float two traces avon royal broken rod on second fish
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    Thanks Taz and Baz, wonderful to constantly learn from great guys like yourselves willing to share knowledge. will definitely look at those things next time im buying a rod. used to check the alignment of the guides
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    Once a raider, Always a raider at heart
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