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  1. Gaff


    Hi Guys, Trying to replace an ABU Soron STX7000 if anybody knows of one for sale?
  2. Ill keep an ear to the ground for you Ross, I fish with the boys from the Imperial Hotel @ RootyHill so ill ask tonite if anything been offered in the pub. Regards Gaff
  3. 3000 posts, your a legend Stewy. Gaff
  4. Bugger Bugger and Bugger i wanted that sooooo bad what a bargain Gaff
  5. Gaff

    Thank You

    Good day Raiders, it was great to meet Mr & Mrs Swordfisherman & Coolamon on Saturday at Wattos, and i would like to say thank you to them for taking the time to drop off a hat for me (which survived the 25knot winds on a charter boat Sunday) NOW thats a hat. Ps If we ever have a Sweep social dont even turn up ive got it in the bag. Cheers Gaff
  6. Ill be there at 9 Stewy look forward to meeting you Ill take a Surf hat please if available Gaff
  7. My mum has a saying that i think sums up this great site, if you have not got anything nice to say you dont have to say anything at all. Cheers Gaff
  8. WWOOHHoo look good, will they be available from Wattos ? Regards Gaff
  9. Gaff

    Logging In

    Thank you Wettingaline. Gaff
  10. Good day everybody, when opening up the site this morning it asked me to log in, something ive never had to do before, has anything changed this end? or is it my computer settings? Just curious Gaff
  11. I have to agree with Sammy, the big straw hat with a Fishraider Logo or a patch to sew on to my existing hat (my Scottish skin needs all the protection it can get) Gaff
  12. Good day Raiders, headed up to Hawks Nest of Friday with the boys from RootyHill RSL Fishing Club to do some bottom bashing on the Sat and Sun, well she blew and blew and blew, no fishing was done, but did get to experience the effects of Plum Brandy and Grappa, Sheeez you have to pace yourself on that stuff. ps What a top spot Hawks Nest is (never been there before) Regards Gaff
  13. Alan Jones is talking marine parks NOW Gaff
  14. Allan Jones is in Melb today for a horse race. Gaff
  15. Two out of two Ben your on a roll mate, (any good with Lotto numbers) the rod, reel and line has not changed, and yes he does treat the diesel a bit like gold, but on the up side your right he is a top bloke and he has shown me a secret or two that have made a big difference to the way i bottom bash. Gaff
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