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  1. Just wondering whether any Haines Signature owners in NSW have had difficulty in getting their repairs done when the boat has still been under warranty. If so, would love to hear your story.
  2. Fished the Hawkesbury on Thur 12 May for the first time since 20 years ago when I then landed 20+ large bream all berleyed up with boiled wheat! So decided to try the old tactics again, first fished the rail bridge on the run-out almost to dead low tide, got only 1 rotten catfish, I thought here we go again, this is going to be a WOFTAM day (Waste of F***ing Time And Money. Upped anchor, tried Juno Pt for zilch, then moved to Dangar Is, set up the berley trail and 10 mins later the cork handline goes berserk. I could tell it was a good fish from the fight, after much playing I eventually brought it to the net - a bream of 39cm! This beats my previous PB of 38cm caught years ago in Sydney Harbour in less than 1 metre of water. Next the rod goes off and in comes a huge whiting of 43cm! I've caught lots of big whiting in Port Hacking but never one that fat and that long - it was a monster. Other than that I ended up with one legal snapper and two more just-over-legal black bream. Didn't have scales to weigh the bigger fish, and would you believe it when I got home and went to photograph them, the camera had packed it in completely, so tossed that in the bin with the fish bones after a delicious meal of barbecued fish!
  3. Hi Rev Would you care to tell us where to catch squid in the harbour?
  4. Hi Fellow Fishraiders Keen to get my young son into some kings this weekend but don't know where to pick up some squid in Sydney Harbour. Would be grateful for some spots. If you don't wish to publicise your spots please send me a PM.
  5. If you are interested in launching off a beach I have an unused custom-made and FREE 2.5 metre galvanised drawbar extension that slides into a female coupling bolted under your trailer hitch. Giving away as no longer needed. For more info call George on 0418 44 44 91.
  6. Thanks to all fellow Fishraiders for their tips. I didn't get out on Wed, but will try your recommendations next time.
  7. Thanks Tom. I'll give it a go. But where does one find yakkas ?
  8. Hi Fellow Fishraiders Haven't fished the lower Hawkesbury for years and was intending going there tomorrow to get my son some fish. Can anyone help me out with some spots to berley up some yakkas or poddy mullet? Will be launching boat at Brooklyn, so hopefully someone can help us with some live bait grounds near there.
  9. Hi Steve Am going to the Gold Caost next week, could you give me the name/tel no. of that Charter Boat Operator? It sounds like he knows his stuff. George
  10. aries44

    How To Fix Scratch

    Hi Pilchard Whatevever you do you are not going t match it up as well as a shipwright could. It depends on how fussy you are. If you want it perfect go to someone like Rob Mariner at Refit Marine in Taren Point. He did a pefect job on mine.
  11. Hi Tuffy I designed it myself but got the components built at separate places. The ladder is a cut down from a ladder manufacturer but modified to allow the protruding bowsprit anchor to pass through. The female section that both takes the drawbar and supports the ladder was made by a steel manufacturer, drilled to take the bolts from the existing trailer coupling, then galvanised. If you are ever interested in building one and are not far from the Concord area you can come and have a look. Aries44
  12. Get yourself one of the clear, collapsable plastic bait traps from a tackle shop - they are awesome for poddy mullet. I usualy get 20-30 poddy mullet in 15 minutes. Put some large pieces of crushed stale bread in and a 1/4 -1/2 pound lead sinker in it to keep it on the bottom. You only need to put it in shallow water - knee deep or less would be enough. You'll quickly get more bait than you'll need. Aries 44
  13. Best bet is to replace your winch cable with a winch strap - much stronger and safer (Break a wire cable under tension and it could cause you serious injury or almost decapitate you!. However, if you still wish to persist with the cable and understandably don't wish to buy a swaging tool for one crimp go to a wire merchant like Bullivants and I'm sure they'' do it for next to nothing. Good luck with it! aries44
  14. Don't know why the website says one simple picture in jpeg. format is "too big to upload". If you send me your private email address I'll send it to you. Otherwise you can come a have a look at it in person - whichever suits you.