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  1. humesy


    Agree with Short. I used to live at the pines, literally on the beach. It was a dream spot (for very cheap rent too) and I did pick a few jews in my time there. Often the best spots on the beach were taken before sundown, especially in summer and on weekends. I had the luxury of ducking out midweek for sessions here or there but if you were going to drive any distance for a beach fish in the hope of a jew, I would consider other spots that are equally likely to produce, with much less crowding. Do a few drive-bys and check out the gutters, weed, etc before making the b-line to Narrabeen. Or get out in the rain if you are really keen.
  2. humesy

    Jewfish ?

    Good on you for having a good crack. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I must have spent 40 nights over a year+ fishing a spot like the one you described and never got a jew there. One night, a childhood memory came to me. The older guys up the road lugging a bloody big jew from the spot we used to fish for bream and flatties as 10 year olds. I decided to give it a crack and that first night, bagged 2 jew, and by god I was happy about it. The moral of the story is to fish a spot you know has produced jew and fish it for 10 times minimum across the different tides. All the better if it has produced jews recently. As a novice, it could be a long shot to be able to catch a jew based on your own read of the spot. Keep notes. Maybe use the bait from the spot you have at your new spot, especially if it is fresh squid. The short cut is to get a mentor and fish with them. Good luck. It's a long, fascinating learning journey but very rewarding when you have have done the hard yards.
  3. humesy


    Have definitely experienced the smell of jewies in the surf from the beach. I thought I was going mad but the smell is unmistakeable. I have read theories that they rub the sand to bring up the worms with their scent.
  4. humesy

    Jewie lost - Devistated

    Great write up, I was there with you. There is nothing worse that losing a good fish because of a knot failure. I lost my first few jewies within sight. One off a breakwall when a wave crashed down on it out of nowhere and the second (a biggie) when I tried to drag it through the shorebreak too soon. I also lost a few good fish when I first tried the snood knot and was doing it wrong (one of my mates has never forgiven me). 10 years of trying though; jeeze you must be shattered. I would up the leader to 40lbs minimum. 50 won't harm you. Doesn't really need to be FC either. Any leader material should do. Assuming you are surf beach fishing, I think with the turbulence in the water, sight isn't so much a factor. Fight shouldn't go more than 15 minutes though my PB is only 115cm so maybe a monster is going to take 50 minutes. If you keep at it, you will get one. You have hooked up and that is the hardest part. You have learned your lessons. Go get the next one and you will be on a high for weeks.
  5. humesy

    Jewfish and the Barometer

    There was a great thread on this topic a few years back with some weighty contributions from the great Jewgaffer (and others). Some said fluctuations were the time to fish with one poster equating fishing scenarios with fluctuating financial markets. While it was very conceptual, it made sense. Try a search, it was about 4-5 years ago. I had a hot bite one night on a low reading and caught my biggest on about 1004 from vague memory. It was before a weather change. How many have you caught, if I'm not being rude by asking. Just wondering what your sample size is and hence, can you draw concrete conclusions.
  6. humesy

    Rip Bridge Sunday

    Tough spot to fish because of obvious current. You only have a 1 hour window on big tides or 2 hour on smaller tides if you are out over the deepest parts. If you throw wind into the mix it can be a nightmare. With eddies and wind blowing the boat all over the place it can be tangle city. A drogue/sea anchor can be essential. As stated, use heavy leads if necessary and only fish 2 lines. Otherwise drift, move about throwing plastics. There are fish there day or night.
  7. Some sort of electrical charge because of storm activity I'd say. I used to rock climb and experienced it once standing on top of a large tower in the desert in Utah. It was really loud and seemed to come off the metal gear we had harnessed around us. This tower was the tallest thing by miles as far as the eye could see and my mate and I were crapping ourselves. We abseiled off pretty quickly.
  8. humesy

    My first Jew!

    Outstanding Marky, In broad daylight too. First of many I hope. Do you still have that ugly stick/Penn combo i sold you? That would handle a good metre+ fish.
  9. humesy

    Weird catch in hawkesbury

    <p>Jesus that is one bizarre tangle! <img class="bbc_emoticon" src=""title=":insane:" /></p> <p> </p> <p>Being the Hawkesbury, there'd have to be an eel in there somewhere</p>
  10. humesy

    New boat - not a bad start... :-)

    Nice work Jim. You teaching over there?
  11. humesy

    Jewfish in the hawkesbury report

    Which paper? I'd be taking it with a grain of salt. The tele used to poach reports from another forum for their daily reports. They were often a month old. I reckon this is often the case with newspaper reports.
  12. humesy

    Middle harbour

    You are going to find it difficult to find structure without a sounder. Even a written description here would be difficult to follow and locate with any accuracy on Saturday night. You might like to try some moorings. Failing that, look at the surrounding hills that run down to water line. Steep slopes generally drop off steeply into the water and can make for good fishing grounds. Otherwise fish down current of a prominent point and you might do OK. You might even find a spot with all these features in one.
  13. humesy

    443kg Newport Tiger Shark!

    Totally agree Ben.
  14. humesy

    Nice Jew off Botany Sunday

    Nice job there, I missed a hook up on a live slimie on Saturday on one of the reefs off Broken Bay whilst fishing for kings. Might be a pattern in their movements at the moment.
  15. humesy

    Assorted fish and one big ugly squid

    G'day rich I am thinking cuttlefish too. That looks like one in your photo. Sounded like a great session. Cheers mate