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  1. Hit the waters at Batemans Bay over the Easter weekend. 6 year old son managed to outfish every one and managed a just legal flattie. Being his first ever fish, we let it go back into the water to fight another day. Seems there were more fishermen (and heaps of jetski's) than there were fish. The local jetty there was also packed with about 30 fishermen every night trying to land a jewie. Having a chat with a few of the guys dropping a line and the general consensus is there wasn't much happening at all recently. I used to think Batemans bay / Clyde river was a fishing mecca. What happened?
  2. Totally agree with that line.
  3. I'll be fishing around Forster for Xmas too! Hopefully the weathers good. Any suggested fishing charters up that way Roberta?
  4. Greetings fellow Raiders, Instead of starting a new thread, thought I'd add to this one. Basically, I'm heading up to Ecopoint Myall lakes resort with the family in the coming weekend and was wondering what the fishing is like that way. Would be appreciated if any raiders can shed some light on the following - - Whats the fishing like in the Lakes (Bombah Broadwater & Boolambayte Lake) - IS it better to head over the beach and fish from the beach itself? - Would we be able to get yabbies or bait fish from the area? - Any fishing charters available in the area? - Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  5. Great reading Roberta! Thanks for all that info! Really appreciate the knowledge that youre so willing to share. This thread should be made a "sticky" and placed right under your Blackfishing tips one!
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    That is one nice squid! Good stuff mate!
  7. Have you got a digital camera already? Some cameras have plastic cases that makes them waterproof. Otherwise, for your budget, you will be looking at something like the Panasonic Lumix FT1. Waterproof up to 3m. (Last I checked, it was arnd $350)
  8. Looks like you had a much more productive day than I did. Went out to get some nippers to target whiting/flatheads. Not much luck. Managed to land a few undersize whitings and even a tailor. But nothing to photograph
  9. Am also pumped. Got the angler number and getting the rods primed to fish. Cant wait.
  10. Did everyone get their "Anger" numbers? Pumped up for tomorrow. Cant wait.
  11. Umm... its used for fishing. hahha.. Well, red beads etc are used to attract fishes' attention. Usually, whiting. I think its supposed to look like the head of the beach worms which the whiting feeds on. its normally attached just above the hook.
  12. Hi all, sometime back, there was a thread that had some photos of gutters and how to spot them. I think Beach Angler and Ray R had some good replies and info about them. I'll do a brief search for it. Edit: Here you go: http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=41185 (Thanks to Beach Angler and Ray for pointing out the gutters)
  13. Got mine as well.. cant wait. Tried to christen the mat over the weekend but chickened out due to the heat on Sunday.
  14. Hahaha... so much for the best pack in the NRL! GO Dragons!!
  15. Just wondering, has anyone got their brag mats and cap yet?
  16. :ranting2: Beat me to it! hahaha
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    Usa Salmon

    That is one hell of a story mate. Imagine that,the Aussies that wanted to fish caught everything whilst the rest that didnt want to be there in the first place caught nothing. Says a lot doesnt it? Good stuff mate.
  18. Mate,at least you had the guts to hold that thing! I would have just shook my jig loose and let the thing back in!
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    G'day Jewhunter, What does the Bassometer say about fishing on this fine Australia Day Tuesday? The familys going to the beach for a barbie and thought I'd sneak the rods along, just in case.
  20. But Gerroa is 2.5 hours drive and 150 kms away! I've heard some reports of Kingies being caught at Pier 2. Theres even a few youtube clips on that, but I also have yet to land a kingfish, so not one to comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvlur9DSR5U
  21. Classic line right there! hahaha Good stuff young one!
  22. Sounds like you had a great time! Whats a "Sibiki rig"? I always thought those were just bait jigs?