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  1. haha hows the sergant bakers? good feed of flatties
  2. There area heaps of videos on how to set the hook on any drones on youtube. Easiest way is get a coat hanger and make a L shape line. when u fly out it drags the line out.. when you want to drop just spin the drone 180 degree and fly back, the line will all off. You should practice at your backyard first though haha.. i seen those youtube video where the drone gets tangled.. then its goneskies... That video looks too hektic as if it was fake haha.. how awesome is that ... fish after fish after fish.. must of got the whole school there.
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know any good location with a lot of reefs to target snappers/morwongs..etc that is close to the rocks? Planning to use my drone to cast it out about 300-500m from shore. I'm sure there are alot of good boat locations but i cannot cast that far without a boat And if any body asks, yes i had some success with it especially casting outer normal distance with my drones. Cheers
  4. went there last week on weekends... was quite ass no one caught anything... just a few rubish fish and a salmon caught
  5. hi all, just seen a number of schools of bonitos busting up around sydney eastern coast.. just wondering if there around bass point lately? thinking of heading there but dont want to drive 2 hrs south and find its quiet with no fish lol thanks
  6. Hi all, need to know where can I find good amounts of quality blackfish green weed\cabbage weed? Needs to be around Rose bay as I be fishing that area, thanks.
  7. Hi all, friends are planning to hire a boat at palm beach and fish for the day. Just wondering where can I find fishes around the area? Never really fished here before so I'm not sure where to go from there. Attached is the map, the dotted lines ontop are areas where I cannot go past with the tinny we're hiring, the red spot is where we are getting the boat from. Could someone edit the map I have below where are some good spots for the following 1. Yakkas > where can I get some fresh live yellow tails from 2. Squids > where can I cast some jigs out for squids 3. Kingfish > looking to target this first thing in the morning with fresh squid & live bait 4. Jewies - where are some good holes to cover 5. Breams & any other pelagics your help is much appreaciated, thanks raiders.
  8. 5ky


    i caught one with a fishing line lol in the harbour... it would be in about 3-4m water lol havnt been back since then though.... will give it a another try, maybe get another lobster
  9. didn't weigh it or measure it, but it felt around 1-1.5kg, probably gonna go fishing this weekend again... will try my luck for a 2nd lobster lol only problem is i don't know where i cast it at haha was at night..
  10. haha thanks for the replie guys... i caught it on a yellow tail fillet when chasing jewies... I was checking my line, when reeling it in, it was so heavy.. i thought i either caught on seaweed or an octopus..... to my surpise when i got it near my feet, i couldn't believe it was a massive lobster lol i already ate it.. cooked it with ginger and shallot... it was YUMMY!!!!
  11. Hey raiders, not really the type of person the brag about their catch of the day. But this is different. It's a rare experience that I want to share. Caught this massive lobster while chasing jewies in Sydney habour tonight Will upload the pictures later as iPhone don't have option to upload pictures update: here is the lobster, now the only dilemma is how to cook it. going to try steaming it and see...
  12. just wondering, the black crabs are the ones u see everywhere between rock ledgers? also do you cut them in half or use it live?
  13. hi all, went to our regular spot in the harbour, didnt't expect much as the last 2 weeks i caught nothing besides a few small yellow tails and snappers....so didnt have much hope haha... but in our 4 hours time, we caught 6 keepers and the rest all throw backs, it was on fire haha... the salmons were very fun on light gear. I did have one massive run.. my small bream rod just bent and the drags were just going ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz! when i had no lines left, i had to set the drag as i didnt have a choice, once the drag was tight, the line just went PING!!! all out was a great fun day out
  14. very nice kingie there, if you dont mind me asking, where abouts was this?
  15. Hi Guys, went down to windang, fished off some rocks, and at least caught 4x of these fish, but unsure if they were any good, ended up throwing them back as I asked around people around me, and they all don't know, lol, so are these edible or not? they seem quiet easy to catch,......