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  1. really I didn't know that? Thanks will definitely look into it.
  2. Hi All, I am looking to buy a trailer boat but I am unable to store it near my house in Leichhardt due to 2hr Parking zones. Does anyone from the inner-west know of any places that are cheap to store a trailer boat in the area or better yet any streets that are non-residential and no restricted hours where council doesn't seem to have an issue with boats being left on street? Thanks for any help or advice. David88
  3. david88


    Thanks so much guys, will check it all out on maps
  4. david88


    Hi guys and girls, Is there anyone here who knows the area of Forster and could please help me with some advice? I will be heading up on the 22nd Feb with a couple of mates and their 4.5m boat for 3 days of straight fishing. We would like to head outside the bar and hope for a chance at Snapper, longtail, kingys, jewys and any other fish we might not find in sydney harbour. We would like to fish soft plastics and microjigs. Are there any spots that are not too far from the Forster bar (or another boat ramp) that you might recommend we fish. GPS msrks are a bonus but just the names of
  5. between kissing point and garden island.
  6. FInd the schools of fish by looking for the birds. not birds flying around in the sky but ones doing a flutter just above the water or dive bombing. also worth investigating any birds just sitting on the water in an area not sheltered. you will know you are in the right spot when the fish "bust up" the surface which will be splashes or swirling water. they will go down then come back up periodically. you want to use max 30lb leader (if they are rats-70cm then 15lb braid and leader should be fine, 70cm-1m then 30lb braid and leader will do). I prefer to use lighter leader and lose a fish once
  7. Heres a tip, stop fishing for kingfish and start fishing for salmon/ bonito.. then you will get the kings you're after
  8. Going to have a lot of haters on this one but there have been kings up to a meter caught inside the harbour regularly for weeks now.
  9. You will not see Dioxins in the water, nor will you notice them in the taste/ quality of the fish. I think you will find the signs actually say not to eat anything west of the bridge and to limit your table fare to 100 grams per month of fish caught east. Its a personal choice and I have no problem keeping kings caught around the drummoyne/ balmain area. Be smart about what you eat. e.g. migratory fish vs residents. bottom feeders vs pelagics etc.
  10. Sorry i meant "would not be as enjoyable ON the TLD"
  11. I would go the Spheros FB. I use one as my beach reel and its been going strong without service for 5 years. Also I would consider saving up the extra $50 and getting the stradic. You will be able to use the reel for jigging and casting poppers/sluggos which would not be as enjoyable as the TLD. also it has a nicer handle to fish with. and is made for braided line. Saying all this on monday I knocked over a 91cm king in 8m of water with a 3000 size branzino and 20lb leader. It never really felt like the fish was in control so I'm sure you can go lighter than the 80lb. I personally think ligh
  12. The dark lord. Well done mate, hope to get out for a fish with you in not too long.
  13. Hey guys, I have a 4000 size Stradic FI that I use for spinning. Does anyone know of any round EVA or aluminium replacement knobs that will fit this reel? Im finding one hard to find because its not a JDM reel. Cheers Dave
  14. Hey guys, I am after a new reel to match my Steez chili dog rod. I want something that will balance up nicely, not too heavy, and something that is high speed. This rod will predominantly be used for spinning metals/ plastics and surface lures for kings, salmon and bonnies this summer. I will probably spool it with a good quality 20-30lb PE (open to suggestions). also I would rather a round handle knob if possible. I don't want to spend a bombshell but im after something decent. Thanks raiders, Dave E
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