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  1. Not yet, goes in for first bottom paint next week.
  2. yeah was a bloody long wait...ordered in March or April from memory. Loving it
  3. Gday JonD, it’s kept in a Marina berth.
  4. Landlubber no longer...finally graduated with my first boat. Sportsman 232, Yamaha 250, brand spanking new....steep learning curve but bloody enjoyable!
  5. Yeah the boat is an all rounder, family duties at Jibbon, Maianbar, Lilli Pilli sandbar etc, bit of towing donuts, and a bit of fishing. Good set up for that with 10 people capacity, lots of seating and a bow sunshade.
  6. Hi mate, sportsman 232 open. Awaiting build date at the moment
  7. Thanks mate, I’m a rank novice boater so baby steps first
  8. Couldn’t wait. Bought ; - Shimano Sedona XT (2-4kg) 7ft combo for the estuary...mostly soaking baits. - Saragosa 6000 & 7ft Raider Heavy Snapper rod and an Ugly stik gold 7ft 6-10kgs to be paired with existing Penn Spinfisher 6500 as “guest” rod. I’ll put an existing 20 years old never used Spinfisher 8500 on the 6’6 Silstar 10-15kg crystal blue power tip as the inshore trolling outfit See how we go.
  9. Gday Guys, Finally graduated from “landlubber” status and very fortunate to have a 23ft Centre console on the way from the states. I am very keen on advice for rod/reel selection for the type of fishing I’ll be doing, out of Port Hacking and realize I’ll be looking at 2-3 different combos here. I am not necessarily looking for model numbers etc but more if I’m on the right track 1. estuary bait and soft plastics. I’m thinking 6-7ft, 2-4kg range and 2000-3000 series reel. Pretty straightforward. Really, considering bait runner for feeding line down berley trail, also flickin
  10. Hi mate, if only a few of you want to fish and you want to do your own thing you can hire a tinny out of Shute harbour and muck around there for a day. Plenty of big stuff in the main channels, and quite fun on the cans in a small tinny
  11. Bloody sad.....you rarely see someone so keen about what they do
  12. G'day Ilk, you can hire a tinny from Shute Harbour (15 mins from Airlie Beach) for the day - there is plenty of stuff on the bite...last year i was up there and went for an impromptu fish and got busted off a number of times on the 5kg handlines they give you with the boat. Next time i will bring my own gear
  13. Gibbo - i can recommend SEA URCHIN which is a good platform and the dekkie is a top fisho. Have been on another boat there but nowhere near as good.
  14. Thanks Chris - much appreciated as always!
  15. G'day Folks, Until now, most of my fishing has been soaking bait. I have caught a couple of good flatties landbased with SP's however have never had a dig from the boat. We are heading out this coming Saturday and was after a tip on suitable SP's to try in the bay for Trevs, Flatties and other miscellaneous piscatorial monsters we are likely to find. Also, just an idea on the best retrieve (slow retreive , jerk etc) to suit. Thanks for the tips lads, i am getting tired of buying bait so fingers crossed this works! Cheers Rob
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