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  1. fisho.sid

    Slashing red tape on the water

    There are narrow and wide waterways. I think common sense prevails in these situations. So longs you're not putting harms way to people, it's all good. I just try and see where they are and go wide. What's more dangerous is a big green buoy in parra river and its pitched black and the buoy was not lit up. This is dangerous and had to do an emergency manoeuvre to avoid it in the last minute as it wasn't visible to me until about 3 meters away. Also this buoy was about 2 meters wide and high.
  2. yeah i cant say Pittwater is an ease to fish in at the moment.
  3. fisho.sid

    Promising social!

    Daaaaaaaammm! it must be cold!
  4. Hi Raiders Went out on Sat late around 1pm for a 4 hr session, launched at apple tree bay, tide was high, the sun was out and it was a really nice clear day. Water wasnt looking bad either given previous weeks rain. Though i did see plenty of squid stains off the jetty. First spot was a few marks in the middle of the channel outside cottage point cowan creek and dropped some big baits (bonito fillets). Marks were around the 20 meter mark in about 30 meters of water. Done this for a few drifts and yielded nothing. Was hoping for a big jew or something, maybe hairy? Given the short timeframe i thought i'll target some flatties at patonga and a few beaches along the system. Anyways went to Patonga off the beach throwing SPs and old bonito fillets and resulted in nothing too Also went to Pittwater system to target some green eyes along the bait grounds and west head area. Probably worked the area for about 30 mins before the sun went down and got nothing. Went over to the golf course at palmy and didnt get any there either. For the first time in a long time, there was absolutely nothing seen on the boat.. not even squires. Wasnt too disappointed as it was very nice day still. Was freaking cold though! Werent many boats out there either.
  5. fisho.sid

    Promising social!

    hi good catch what time were you out there from and till?
  6. fisho.sid

    North Harbour and Balmoral this week

    Nice catch! I've been giving the harbour a miss due to predicted swells on the weekend. Would like to hit it again soon.
  7. fisho.sid

    Cowan Creek overnight 25/26 June

    What time did the bites come on?
  8. fisho.sid

    Cowan Creek

    Cheers Harold - This should help with my planning.
  9. fisho.sid

    Cowan Creek

    Thanks Scratchie! I'll shall try again and admittedly a few more hours is probably required. 'Winter is here!' So lets hope the white walkers dont come around whilst fishing!
  10. fisho.sid

    Cowan Creek

    Hi Raiders, So a few weeks ago I tried fishing for hairtail at waratah bay using pilchard on gang hooks. Burleyed hard and stayed only till 630 as I wasn't really dressed for the cold. Saw a bunch of boats and out there, but I didn't get any. Any body else had any luck? BTW I had a lot of trouble with the gang hooks wrapping itself onto other lines deployed. What's the usual rig to targeting these? Do I use a sinker, no sinker or float? Also what depth and whereabouts in the bay are you suppose to fish? I notice the water is about 15 meters or more in the widest part of the bay near the opening and didn't get anything except for squires and tailor.
  11. fisho.sid

    Syd Harbour solo

    why didnt you keep the flathead! good feed esp if your daughter loves em
  12. fisho.sid

    Flathead for dinner

    yum great stuff. Whereabouts were you fishing? Caught 3 on Sat myself using plastics - great fishing and great feed.
  13. fisho.sid

    King on a cube

    it's funny how they ignore the livies and go for a simple pilchard cube! Always pays to have a bag of pillies around
  14. fisho.sid

    First Kingie... My dream come true

    good stuff mate!
  15. fisho.sid

    Too long a day

    Good on ya! I see clips of people going out wide on their yaks! I admire them! If it helps, If i ever see a yak flipped in need of help, i will always try to lend a hand. Tight lines