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  1. Hi there - was just doing some research on Charters in Noosa and your story was great!  would you mind letting me know which charter this is?



  2. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Looking for a seat in Townsville

    Looking for a spot on a boat in Townsville, will put in for share in all costs.
  3. Hey Guys As I have a holiday house at Lake Conjola, I can tell you that the fishing has really died in the arse over the past few years as the Shoalhaven Council has mismanaged the Lakes entrance and not kept it open, the endangered Little terns that come to nest each year are now not nesting for the second year as the Lake is closed to the ocean again since June and no bait fish for them to feed on, and what was once a great place to catch a feed is now just plain hard work to catch undersized fish , there are still a few big lizards being caught but nothing like it was. If you want accomadation at Conjola you better get in quick as it gets booked out every year, although I know there have been a lot of cancellations at the Councils entrance park due to the Lake being closed but these would be only camp sites, or contact the local agents in Ulludulla for holiday rentals.
  4. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Coral Trout off Townsville

    Na Stewy, not going soft would love a few more of those horses in Bali but at least the freezer is full now of some quality fish Sounds like you will be back out there soon enough, I might even get out again this Sat from Balgal beach if I can get a start on a freinds boat.
  5. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Coral Trout off Townsville

  6. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Coral Trout off Townsville

  7. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Coral Trout off Townsville

  8. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Coral Trout off Townsville

    Headed out from Townsville with my brothers for a big day of much anticipated fishing. After 2 1/2 hour of cruising in a very nice 48' Riviera we got to our first of many spots It didn't take long before the first Trout was onboard and our hopes were heightened for a good catch on the day. I was then onto what I was hoping was huge trout as the weight was big, but as it was fighting on the way up soon put an end to that theory as the trout give up once you get them off the bottom and out of the reef, I had to pump and wind this thing all the way up and soon could see some nice red colour in the crystal clear water, thinking that I had managed a big Red Emporor I was stoked but my hopes were soon squashed as it turned out to be a 75cm + Chinaman, great looking fish but on the protected species list so it had to go back, which was ashame as it floated away and don't think it made it My older brother had2 big hookups which had the Shimanos screaming in pain trying to keep some line on the reel, after long fights both times they boke off after taking him for a merry ride around the boat, think they were a couple of big Noahs. A floating Pilie out the back produced 3 big Spanish Mackeral including one huge one going on 20+ kg After a great day I eneded up with a good haul of Coral Trout, Red Thoat Emporor, Spangled Emporor and a few others With a few Queenslanders onboard we put down a state of origin challenge for the day, but they were never in the hunt as NSW had 10 onboard before they scored their first and by the end of the day it was a whitewash to NSW some sweet revenge for all NSWelshmen Even though the weather was perfect one boat still managed to rollover out on the reef, leaving 5 people in the water and needing rescue, it is thought that the drove over their anchor trying to lift it off the reef only for it to pull the bow under and flip the boat, over the radio we listened as all were rescued and nobody injured. Then it was time to sit back on the leather lounges and reflect :beersmile: on a great day. Stewy you should get up here in the next few weeks!!!!!! I will attempt to put up some pics below.
  9. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Outside Ulludulla for a nice feed.

    Headed out from Ulludulla harbour at 6am and found the seas flat and glassy, turned the bow north and headed for our usual haunts. Stopped off outside Bannisters where we usually get plenty of slimmies and Bonito but nothing there, kept going to our favourite reef that never dissapoints and today was no exception. It didn't take long before the rods were bending, despite the light winds and vertually no drift we soon had a bucket full of nice Mowies inc one that went 72cm with a nice hump on his head, the wind picked up fairly quickly after the first couple of hours so with some more fish in the tank, inc some big Rock Cod (don't know why people don't like em? best white flakey fillets I reckon) Leatherjackets, barracuda and a few other reefies we headed out to the Flathead grounds. With the wind now up to 25 knots the drift even with the sea anchor out was uncomfortable and a bit quick, so we landed enough to feed the families and headed back to the harbour thankfull to be out of that NE wind, an early return meant we could enjoy a nice cuppa and a hot pie on the way back to clean our days catch and enjoy some fresh fish for dinner, despite the trawlers going through the area regularly there is still some great fishing to be had on the South Coast.
  10. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Noosa Charter with a big "SURPRISE"

    Yeah I did, but don't think it would have felt much, and the hooks will rust out very quick.
  11. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Noosa Charter with a big "SURPRISE"

    Yeah mate, sure is a story to tell the boys about, and I'm sure after a few ales I will have the whale gaffed and coming over the back of the boat!!! Even more amazing was that the line didn't snap straight away, hooked him at 60m, but was prob a minor inconvenience for it and just came to the surface and rolled to get rid of it. PS: No whales were hurt in this fishing expedition!!! Just incase Greenpeace reads this thread LOL.
  12. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Noosa Charter with a big "SURPRISE"

    After several months of travel and my boat back in Sydney I was well overdue to get out for a fish, which I did today on a charter from Noosa. Headed out over the bar at 6am on a hot clear calm day which was very nice barely a wave breaking at the entrance, 45 min later we were at our first mark, dropped down and hardly hit the bottom when I was on, some nice weight and I was hopeful of a nice fish, lucky first drop boated a nice Red Throat Sweet Lip, followed by a big cod and endless Pearl Perch (unfortunately most undersized),a move to the next mark saw some more variety, the Perch kept coming but now there were Teraglin joined the party and I started boating double hookup keepers on every drop!!! mixed in with some small reef fish and Red Emporers. The next mark proved to be a very interesting one indeed!!! The usual suspects kept coming onboard and a new variety joined the party and the ice box with some very nice Moses Perch adding some more red to the mix. Now here is where it got interesting, I dropped down again and soon had weight on my line again, this time it was BIG, little did I know just how BIG!!! Captain called everyone to raise their lines to get out of the way as I started getting a bit of line back, then the mono starts heading up towards the surface and taking line, maybe a big shark says the skipper, maybe a big Cobia I thought? Captain tells me to move to the back of the boat to fight this one, on the way this thing took off and was taking line like there was no drag, when it was almost fully tightened, with smoke starting to come off the reel (literally) it didn't look good and I was soon to find out why!!! 20m behind the boat a HUGE and I mean HUGE uprising of the water, WTF was this??? then splashing as a fully grown Humpback Whale surfaced, rolled and snapped me off,hmmmmmm was not expecting that, would have liked to see the deckhand gaff that one onto the deck!!! Don't think too many people would have had the opportunity to hook a Whale on the bottom and play it to the surface!!! well maybe not hooked, I think I had a decent fish on that took off and tangled the line with the beastie, but my fishing tale will stay as hooked and played lol. A great days fishing, also caught were Mac Tuna, big Travely, Snapper, Deep Sea Bream, Tricky Snapper and a variety of reef fish, mixed in with the Breaching Whales everwhere and freindly Dolphins. Now for some nice big Mudcrabs just to balance out all the fish.
  13. rf4@aapt.net.au

    Sunshine Coast Boat Needed

    Hi Guys I am currently on the Sunshine Coast and hanging to get out on the water for a fish, preferebly deep sea. Happy to contribute to fuel etc. If anyone is looking for a fishing buddy send me a message or even better text on 0404 888 775. Cheers Richard
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    Great stuff Stewie, my arms are still recovering from my first ever GT. I am organising with Edi to go out again next week from Candi Dasa so I will let you know how that goes. We are currently still in the Gili Islands so no fishing here only snorkelling but the weather has been supurb.
  15. rf4@aapt.net.au


    What a great day smashing up those big GT's with Mr Swordie, looking forward to seeing the video. Great charter with fast Edie and great company with Mr Swordie who saying he loves his fishing is an understatement!!! Hope to get out a few more times while here in Bali and will keep you posted on any more big GT's or maybe even get lucky and get some of those Bali Snapper I have been hearing about coming out of 200m +.That brand new Popper sure took a hiding with the big boys munching on it. Richard