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  1. where dora creek enters the lake is good for flatty's and its close to the boat ramp
  2. I got this 75cm flatty about 8 on sunday at wangi wangi in my yak, got a few pics then released it and then went over to pulbah island. Should have stayed at wangi, it was very slow for the rest of the day.
  3. i have been using 8 pound for over 6 months and really like it - thin, casts really well, no prob's with wind knots
  4. boating supply stores sell 7 amp hour batteries for $30 and charger $25 a full charge would probably last 2 long trips. i been using them for 2 years, and had to replace battery once. i run a lowrance elite 5 DSi combo with no probblems.
  5. i got 2 but do not like them where ok but feel sloppy and cheap i also had a problem with the anti- reverse. You should check out a quantum energy 20, i just ordered my second energy for$153 Au delivered from US on online shop this is a much better reel.
  6. try obelisk bay about 150m back from beach. i anchor up and cast for squid and leave a jig in the water, a bit of burley and the yakka's hook themselves. flick some plastics for good size bream, trev's and maybe rat kings.
  7. these are my biggest caught at Wamberal - port hacking
  8. hi gaz yep that was me, here is a pic but you can not see the camera stand which is a box section that slides into another box on the esky. i was holding it to take pics.
  9. Hi raiders I went out in my outback kayak, and landed 5 flatty's between 40 -50 cm got 2 trolling 1 hour before high tide on a black/silver/purple sx-48. flicked up a 45cm fish on a ti-sing blade, then trolled some more for a 50cm flatty. got 1 more on a live poddy.
  10. Hi Raiders I went out for an early morning squid trip, caught 3 good ones. I hope pic's come out Ok got them on an orange 2.5 Yo-Zuri Shrimp Hunter