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  1. Probably would tow it off a slippery boat ramp had a bit of drama getting it out today with my mates Rodeo 4x2 almost ended badly but we survived ?
  2. Yeah Thats what my company car is and why I can't tow it ?. Need to save $$$ for a tow vehicle.
  3. Hey Guys, Looking for a regular fishing mate preferably closer to Narellan the better to fish out off Botany or Wollongong and the occassional trip to JB. Tired of mates pulling the pin at the last minute. If you've got the 4WD I've got the boat I've got a 6.4m Stacer centre console with a 175hp Merc on the back got all the gear for trolling offshore outriggers and such. Keen to take it out tomorrow on Australia Day if possible. Just send me a message and we'll go from there.
  4. Like this round plastic ones with a screw on top?
  5. If they are plastic it would be pointless if I still had the wire cage ones I'd put up a pic of the damage they done to them. A mate has suggested I use PVC pipe and drill holes in it might run with that idea
  6. Yeah it was a good day out on the muddies. But last pull up of the pots all the baits were missing and bait cages mangled so I can only imagine the ones that got away.
  7. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me about what I can use to keep bait in my traps so far I've tried the plastic mesh pouches they didn't last long they got ripped to pieces and bait stolen with no crabs left in the pots once they got the bait. Second I tried thin wire mesh covered in like a hard black plastic that still didn't work they have mangled the mesh and stolen the bait and still no crabs in the pots. Also looking for ideas on how to keep them in the traps I have the 4 entry pots and trying to think of a way to close the entry points enough so they can still get in but not enough for them to get out. Any help is appreciated Thanks Here's a pic of some I caught last time I was out.
  8. Just a quick update guys the neighbour next door to the one that complained spoke to me about council contacting him regarding the noise and excessive smoke from my boat motor and he told council exactly as I have been saying that I don't start it weekly and that the last time he remembered me starting it was months ago and that the smoke has never been an issue to him. But the most interesting part he told me is that he has had nothing but problems with him as well complaining to council about his boat and other problems and that also he has complained to council about the neighbour behind him so it looks like it's not just me this guy is just a serial pest to everyone
  9. that's the thing though I start it on my front lawn next to the road which is atleast 20 metres from his house and it only runs smokey for a short time once it's clear it puts out the same amount of exhaust fumes as my mower
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. Well there has been some more from the neighbour I had a letter from them outlining to me the dangers of exhaust fumes to myself and others and how my actions effect others
  11. I went on the council website regarding noise pollution and there's nothing there regarding boats so I'm unsure what it would be classified as but during 7am-8pm Monday to Friday there's no noise restrictions so I don't think I should have an issue
  12. Mate if I had the money to spend on a new 4 stroke I would but unfortunately I can't justify buying a new motor when there is nothing wrong with the one I have
  13. not a single word about it the only complaint was the noise and the smoke that comes out of it on initial start up and the only reason it is really smokey is because I don't start it regularly when it is started regularly it's really good and you barely notice the smoke coming out
  14. I just don't see what the issue is I could really understand if I was starting my boat at rediculous hours or even starting it every weekend but once every month or more shouldn't be such a concern to warrant calling the EPA and the council and it's not like I'm the only one in the street that owns a boat there's at least 5 with in 200 metres of my neighbours house
  15. he told me he has lodged a complaint and then I had a phone call on my house phone from the council but could of been someone that wasn't the council ringing not sure if that's what they would usually do