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  1. My skill level is pretty good I think lol well good enough to rebuild all sorts of motors including outboards .... as I said have done older models before like older Johnson’s and stuff just never an etec but looks more simple than the older models so I’ll give it a shot
  2. Hey guys going to a do a replacement of my water pump on my 90 etec just wondering how hard is to do ? I was told by a boat mechanic that I need to drain the gear box oil but I don’t I need to as I have done other older motors before and never need to drain the oil so if anyone has any info on this would be greatly appreciated
  3. Thanks guys for all the input !!! The boat is a heavy bugger lol and is 5.5 m so is painful ... also I saw the comment about making it a drive on trailer ? How would I go about that ? That would make life a lot easier !!!
  4. Hey guys thinking it’s about time to buy a new which for the trailer just wondering what size to get the boat is a Caribbean crestcutter (fiberglass) so really have no idea on which winch to get ? Any help would be appreciated
  5. Thinking I might give it a shot .... what's it like fishing along the north wall ?
  6. Nice thanks for the help guys much appreciated !!! Any salmon about ? Also what's the height of the Swansea channel bridge ?
  7. Thats true staying out at wangi .... 19 foot halfcabin boat
  8. Hey guys well heading up to Lake Macquarie for a few days in early August gonna drag the boat up with looking to do some fishing really not sure where to start up there or even hat sort of baits . I know there's a lot snapper and stuff there along with bream and stuff so prawns are the obvious .... Was wondering if anyone could point in the right direction ? Wat sort of fish are around there ? Baits to use tides ect .... I don't keep the fish so if worried about taking over spots there is nothing to worry about lol thanks in advance
  9. Cheers guys thanks for the help much appreciated big piece of mind know the motor is all good
  10. Just did a test with the multimeter both batteries are at 12.67 volts then when started jumps up to 13.6 then wen put in gear rpm climbs and jump up to 14 and the gauge not moving at all looks like a faulty gauge to me thoughts ?
  11. Yeah I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow sometime and see how it goes
  12. Sorry should have stated it's an analog gauge not digital both batteries were fully charged prior to going out and were showing full charge and yes gauge didn't move at all
  13. I have noticed previously that the volts jumped up wen the motor was running but didn't think anything of it just yesterday it seemed to be doing nothing
  14. Ill give it a shot today and see how it goes
  15. Hey guys got the boat out today for the first time in a while noticed the volts gauge not working both batteries fully charged and are holding charge no issues with them but just wondering if this means that the motor isn't charging the batteries. ? Anyone had this issue before ? Motor seems to be running perfect . Motor is a 2008 90 hp etec any help would be greatly appreciated