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  1. fran1mat


    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Great fish.
  2. fran1mat

    Soft Plastics

    Make sure you have a variety of colours as well as a variety of swimming actions, maybe some 'paddle tail' types like the squidgy fish or the berkley Pogy, also have some 'wriggle' tails like the Berkly Grub minnow or Turtle Back Worms and then make sure you also have some Jerks Shads. Like the other guys have said, it just blows your mind that one day a particular lure carves up, then you try the same place a day or two later and zip on that lure, but you have success with something different. Perseverence and adaptability are the key. Good luck c'n'r
  3. fran1mat

    New art

    Nice looking piece. Maltese Cross? With the name Cassar, I would guess so.
  4. fran1mat

    Friday 25th

    Good job Grandad. Good feed of flatties there. C'n'R
  5. fran1mat

    Shark in the BAY

    Let's name him bitey.
  6. fran1mat

    Amazing day Gamefishing Sydney

    Great pics. Well done.
  7. fran1mat

    Botany Bay 72cm flattie

    G'day Raiders, Finally got out with a mate on Wednesday for a few hours on SP's in Botany Bay. Now I know this is no Dusky_Chaser/Mialla monster fish but the first Dusky landed for the day turned out to be my PB, a 72cm model. She was fat and healthy, just how we like to see these majestic breeding fish. This beauty was sadly (not really) only 4cm's off my boats record Dusky which is held by Fishraider Belly at 76cm's. A quick measure and some happy snaps, and off she went back to the depths hopefully not too shaken by the entire ordeal. Other than the big one, we got a couple at 40cm and that was it, other than the standard half a dozen drops we had. Pretty slow going, but very enjoyable all the same. The blokes from Purefishing should be proud, all fish caught using their Berkley range of SP's, as this is all we exclusively use. As per usual, all fish caught and released on the day. C'n'R
  8. fran1mat

    Cracker Flatty

    Well done mate. Cracker of a flattie there.
  9. fran1mat

    Feeding your addiction

    I will only disclose amounts if you can give me a gold plated assurance me my wife will not read this.
  10. fran1mat

    How not to retrieve your boat!

    At least the guy is there on the pushie to help if things go seriously bad!
  11. fran1mat

    Strange noises in Botany Bay

    Well done folks. My mate and I discussed it a bit more, the plane that we think the sounds were from actually had vapour trails coming off the wingtips as it passed by us, not sure if that had any bearing. Rafinx, that is exactly what we heard mate. I have cancelled my appointment with the shrink now and feel I can safely venture back onto the Bay. Matt
  12. fran1mat

    Strange noises in Botany Bay

    I think you are spot on Mike, I just found this on a 'plane fanciers' website from 1999 - If conditions are right, you can see the vortex contrails trailing behind the aircraft. I noticed the sound also, but put the sound and these vortexes together when spotting one day. I appears to me that you are hearing the vortexes swirl and collapse on themselves.
  13. fran1mat

    Strange noises in Botany Bay

    Hello, Now, I heard something today that I cannot explain. I wasn't just 'hearing things' as my wife has since suggested. I had a mate on board with me and he and I stood in amazement for at leat 20 seconds trying to work out what the noise was. Today, just after 6am, my mate and I were fishing just off the groins at Kurnell. We mentioned how peaceful it was without the passenger jets coming into land over our heads. No sooner had this been mentioned and in they came. After the second plane had passed over us and had well and truely landed, a small low cloud passed right over the top of us, and that is when things got weird (please keep in mind the cloud was above us and not on the same line the passenger jets were coming in on). For about 20 seconds we listened to what I can only describe as a high pitched sound bounce around seemingly between us and the low passing cloud. The sound moved around, left to right and up and down, but seemingly was 'attached' in someway to the cloud. The sound appeared to be between the water and the cloud. The best way to describe the sound is like someone had shrunk an F1-11 and it was screaming around above us, of air moving really fast and hard. There was definately no other aircraft in the area. Now, I know what you guys are currently thinking - this bloke is a crackpot. Next he will tell us he was abducted by an alien and probed inappropriately. Please believe me, I am a rational and reasonable person. I just cannot for the life of me work out what the noise was. My mate is stumped as well. I had my bloody brand new iPhone in my pocket too, but I was so amazed by the sounds, I just didn't think to get it out. So, if anyone has heard this before, if you think you might know what it is, or if you were the guy in the pedalpowered Hobie kayak or the other bloke in the runabout just off Bonner Point at 6am this morning, let me know if you heard it. Matt
  14. fran1mat

    Botany Bay Morning Trip

    Good stuff mate. Well done.