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  1. mmaclure

    Broken Bay Palegics

    Hello fellow coasties Anyone fishing broken bay and or pittwater with any success they may want to share? I moved to the coast 5 years ago but just cant work out how to catch kings/larger palegics. Would love to team uo with a local share the cost and learn more about my local grounds. Cheers Matt
  2. mmaclure

    Broken bay lure fishing

    Thank you on both the Bonito facts and for tyrone07 feedback much appreciated. May shoot out on Sunday if the weather permits.
  3. mmaclure

    Broken bay lure fishing

    Regarding the bait and blacks off broken bay, how far out are you talking? Would it be withinn 2nautical miles???? Cheers in advance Cap n Mac
  4. mmaclure

    Also Perfect Summers Day

    Yes that sounds just like what they were doing. Not being able to get out to the deep blue very often i hadn't witnessed this before. What a wealth of information Fishraider members have to offer. Thank you and yes it was a perfect day all round. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  5. mmaclure

    Also Perfect Summers Day

    Hi everyone We also expereinced a perfect summers day heading out from Parsley Bay we picked up a dozen or so mini Yaccas at West head and proceeded to slow troll the headlands for not much action. One strike saw the bait return with the point of the hook burried inside the gills of the live bait. I must have just pulled the bait back out the fishes mouth.....Doh After an hour or so and watching the water glass off we headded to the Broken Bay FAD at the same speed we came down the Hawkesbury earlier that moring! Upon reaching the FAD we could see the 50cm kings and a few Dollies on the surface. They wouldnt touch a bait unless you added a half handful of pilly cubes next to it then their competative instict kicked in and all three of us started hooking up ? Fun on light gear but nothing of size so we started to drift a little wider when we witnessed the strangest behaviour i have seen from fish. The kings were swimming with their fins out of the water and blooping at leaves on the surface of the water and the Dollies looked like they were playing games or just having fun free jumping and swimming with half their body out if the water or just their head looking above the water at us???? Trolled back to 9mile reef and hooked up to some more dollies then noticed the fish traps close by. Drifted the traps again and used the live baits for a couple of bigger models but just sport fishing at this stage using up the rest of the bait as cube burley to turn them on and try to draw a bigger model in on the action. Saw a much large flash from a bigger fish chasing an airborn yellowtail but no result. Fantastic day with some geat company made for a very memorable day out on the water and learnt if the dollies are a little timid to stir them up with a few freebies and small hooks hidden in the bait. Tight lines and keep safe of the water even if the conditions are perfect!!! CapnMac
  6. mmaclure

    Pittwater & Hawkesburry Saturday 13/8/16

    Hi Same result for us today, trolled from Barrenjoey to hole in the wall for zero. May have something to do with a large pod of Dolphins working between Palm Beach and Whale Beach. Drifted over Long Reef a few times and then anchored up next to the Bommie inside Barrenjoey but only caught undersized flathead and rays/Port Jackson sharks. Anyway there is always next time ! CapnMac
  7. mmaclure

    Crowdy Head Annual Trip

    Sorry the post got away before I finished. After heading back into the bay we drifted the edges of Joals Shoals for a number of keeper snapper. We have never targeted Snapper before but thought "when in Crowdy" Once we got on top of a school we had double hook ups and some bigger fish that made it back to the reef I think? My Biggest went 45cm on my 4kg bream rod so I was pleasantly surprised to feel the power and head thumps that everyone talks about. May need to research them a bit and have a proper crack now that I have the Snapper bug ;-)
  8. mmaclure

    Crowdy Head Annual Trip

    Hi everyone, Last weekend a fishing buddy and myself ventured up from the Central coast to give the Local fish a little Day 1 we headed to Mermaid reef to load up with live bait but no luck nor did we find any kings so off to the wave rider bouy. A couple of undersized Dollies and one legal fish for dinner. Day 2. Headded straight to the bouy and were greeted buy the locals. A couple of keepers and back into the bay before the wind makes it miserable
  9. mmaclure


    Wow a nice looking fish do they taste any good? I thought they used wire but I suppose modern technology has advanced somewhat. Do they hole up in Brisbane waters?
  10. mmaclure

    Lion Island

    Does anyone know if Lion island has a reef that extend NorEast? It was mentioned in a fishing DVD on the area but when I sounded last time I came up with a few rocks and nothing like a reef. Cheers Matt "Keen central coast boatie"
  11. mmaclure

    Central Coast Fishos

    Hi Noel I am new to the coast and like all sport and game fishing from spinning up Salmon to trolling live baits for kings. Keen to learn more about this wonderful place. If you have any trips planned keep me in mind. Matt
  12. mmaclure

    Friday fish trip

    Photos to follow shorty
  13. mmaclure

    Friday fish trip

    Hi all, long time lurker first time posting a report on Fishraider because we brought home a ffew fillets for a pre planned dinner. Our day started early and we drove all the way from the central coast to Glenorie to help a mate load his boat and get it to Roseville by 10am and out the heads trolling by 11am down past Bluefish looking for some live/fresh bait without any luck Conditions were perfect so out to the waverider we charged but when we go there we couldn't find it???? Anyone borrow it for the day? Oh well let's troll 100m and find some floats or the yellow fad. No luck there so off for a flatly drift off Dee Why and first drop brought up legal sand flathead.because. it was now 3pm we thought this was fantastic and looked forward to dinner. Kept enoughy for dinner that night with both families and can't believe how tasty fresh fillets were done in a light batter! Just the most rewarding experience to share with good friends and family. Back up the F3 before midnight and happy we moved to live in an area where the ramp ia only 10mins from home. We are both hopelessly fishing addicted and get out any opportunity we get. Anyone else know of a better way to cook skinless fatty fillets? or any good spots aroundBroken bay as we are new to the area and hope to build up a great bunch of fishing buddies on the coast! Tight lines cap'n'mac
  14. mmaclure


    Dave I just read your post. I am no expert but I have had good success on the Dollies over the years. My issue is my boat is just too small to get out on any day but perfect conditions. I have been on a number of fishing charters over the years to see what opther people do when targeting Dollies and keeping it simple has scored best results. Let me know if you need some marks or other details. Happy to chat about setting up a game plan to help. Cheers Matt Capt'n'Mac