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  1. Volitan

    Maroubra Beach Salmon Action

    I guess I should try eating one. Im not sure I want this to become common knowledge though, having most people think kahawai are inedible must take the pressure off. Eden cannery might restart. Seine netting. Numbers would plunge.
  2. Volitan

    Maroubra Beach Salmon Action

    Look at it this way. your fish is big for a tailor, but would be small for a salmon, so we’ll done. also, tailor are good eating if fresh. Salmon are not. So again nothing wrong with the result. cheers V.
  3. Perch, is that fish in the front in the photo the one you are calling whitebait? i vaguely recognise it and it looks like a freshwater fish. Is that a marine tank or freshwater? also, where did you get it? cheers V.
  4. When beach fishing on the southern Central Coast then winter catches are: kahawai (oz salmon) tailor silver trevally blue-spot flathead plus you can catch all the same fish as summer, just a lot less of them eg dart, bream, dusky flathead, whiting. off the rocks you can target same species plus luderick and drummer. On the sheltered side, winter (trumpeter) whiting may be available as well. Luderick are an easy target off the public wharves here - and typically much larger fish then summer. I agree they would be a worthwhile next target for you - everyone should know how to catch blackfish.
  5. Volitan

    Any Salmon action recently in Sydney ?

    I was doing good on the kahawai (Aus salmon) on Macmasters Beach on the southern end of the Central Coast until about 10 days ago, nothing since in maybe 3 or 4 trips. I have to say - asking where the kahawai (salmon) are is a natural way to approach fishing, but it’s not necessarily the best way to find them. The majority of the winter kahawai are migratory, and like most migratory animals they travel in waves. A wave is likely to be around a beach for a few days, to maybe a week or two. Also, at this time of year they’re mostly hunting either sandy sprats or Ogilvys hardyheads off the beaches, which behave much the same, further reinforcing their transience. That’s why, when someone tells you where the kahawai are, and you follow it up, by the time you get there they have most likely moved on. You end up being told ‘you should have been here yesterday’ - how often have you heard that. So you are going to catch kahawai where you find them. Find a good beach, hit it in the evening every few days, sooner or later they will turn up. FWIW, I was finding most of my kahawai were taken on surf poppers with a half pilchard on the lower dropper. Probably 2 fish on the popper for every one on the pilchard. Not always like that, but worth considering. Also, a sort of a silver lining, once the kahawai moved on the tailor moved in. Smaller, but more edible.
  6. Volitan

    Keeping cabbage weed fresh overnight

    I think better idea is to keep it fresh and growing in sea water. I’ve had some living in buckets of seawater in my backyard for about a month. I top up the seawater ocassionally. It grows well and still catches the fish. years ago I had a saltwater aquarium with a big rabbit fish in it. It loved the weed. I used to pick it and put it in soft drink bottles full of sea water, seal them up and place on balcony. Would live for months. Not so easy in summer heat.
  7. Volitan

    Tinny storage?

    I leave my little dingy tied up to a mangrove. This is on the Central Coast. No-one has ever interfered with it- but technically it is illegal. ive also had another dingy pulled up onto the creek side reserve at Patonga for about 6 years. I don’t know the legal position there but there are dozens of dingys and small tinnies pulled up there. We are told that every now and then the council does a blitz and removes the abandoned ones but I haven’t seen it yet. Again, no one has touched it. Some are chained to trees, most are not. At Pretty Beach and Hardys Bay there are informally designated areas where the yachties pull their tenders up. Some even keep their motors on so I guess it’s reasonbly safe. my boats are really worth nothing, but many of the tinnies at Patonga are the real deal. I know you are talking about Lane Cove which is quite different and much more regulation-bound then the Central Coast, but you could look for some similar hauling out spot. Keep the value of the boat low, and chain it up, and I think it would be a risk worth taking because the reward is to be able to just flip the boat over, push out and go, which is great. im currently looking for a really low-end or freebie tinny to drop at Hardy’s Bay for this coming summer - something that will take a bigger motor then my little mangrove-resident dingy. Something that if it gets stolen won’t break my heart. cheers V.
  8. Volitan

    Jervis Bay mystery fish. (Rosy Weedfish)

    Yeah, weed fish for sure. We’ve had one here on the forum recently. There’s a handful of local species and they’re hard to tell apart being so variable but I’m going to call it a rosy weedfish (Heteroclinus roseus) due to the little black and white mark on the forward edge of the pectoral fin base.
  9. Volitan

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    Sick wolf, that would be a 50s, wouldn’t it.
  10. Volitan

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    Apparently the more common auto ones can be activated by a good drenching, but there are now ‘barometric’ ones which need to be submerged to a certain depth to go off. Technology catches up. i still think I’ll go low tech and get foam filled, I don’t want something that needs regular service as I know myself and I know I’ll let it slide sooner or later.
  11. Volitan

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    Ok, thanks. I wondered if they existed but couldn’t tell from the adverts exactly what was meant by ‘automatic’.
  12. Volitan

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    That’s a very generous offer but I’m going to decline due to having the gift card and nothing else I want to buy with it. Of course it would be good to see it offered to some other raider? cheers and thanks V.
  13. Volitan

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    What brand and model ?
  14. Volitan

    ISO float fishing

    As I understand it, the preferred way for advanced ISO types is to use no stopper on the float. The line has unimpeded travel through the float. This is combined with floating line. You just watch the line, if you see it run then it’s probably a fish so you react. If the bait goes too deep then you can pull it back a bit - because the float sits low in the water it isn’t pulled across the surface as you retrieve line, but rather the line is pulled more or less vertically. if you think about it, the float is functioning more as an anchor point on the surface then a bite-signalling mechanism. i can’t help but think that would be deadly on blackfish - especially the wary ones.
  15. Volitan

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    Most of the iso ones I’ve seen have been inflatables. When think8ng about inflatables I’m reminded about some figures I’ve read on scuba diving deaths. It seems a large proportion of dead divers recovered still have their weight belts on. Without the weight belts they’d be positively buoyant and in no real danger, but it seems when emergencies happen then panic kicks in and very few divers actually remember to drop their weight belt. I don’t know what the figures on rock fishing are but I can imagine getting washed off the rocks and thrown about in the surge zone and bashed against the rocks - I think a lot of people would panic and the fact that they have the option to inflate their jacket wouldn’t come into their cognition at all. So I’ll go for foam filled, even if they are a bit uncomfortable.