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  1. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    1360mm cheers V.
  2. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    Ok, no shashimi. We will be eating it cooked though. I wasn’t sure about the 7 hours, just an estimate. Then it occurred to me to check the time of capture on the photo and it was more like 5 hours. Cool day, not in the sun. I’ve no problems with eating that - but then I’m not a connoisseur. Cheers
  3. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    Well, I had in mind releasing anything caught today. i wasn’t expecting a Longtail. These tuna usually run themselves to exhaustion when caught landbased - then they die before you get them in. Otherwise it would have gone back too.
  4. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    Ok, better to not take chances. No shashimi for us. thanks
  5. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    So does that mean it will be risky to serve it on Wednesday night? what about if I put it in the freezer ?
  6. I got up early today to drive to Nelson Bay to fish the breakwall landbased. It’s a bit late in the year but I did Ok on the kingfish last week so I thought maybe one final trip for the year. The first 1 and a half hours were slow. I set up a little berley trail and straylined a dead fish. Then this beast grabbed hold. 26, well closer to 27, kgs of super-stubborn Longtail. Came in dead, didn’t need a gaff, just grabbed the tail. For those interested in the technicalities. 13.6 kg Penn mono trace. 2 hook pennel rig with 5/0 hooks snelled on. Joined by swivel to 20kg braid. Dead whole fish with no weight, basically a mix of drifting and slow retrieve. Anyway, now the important bit. I’m wanting to serve shashimi to friends on Wednesday night. Can I use this fish. If so, how do I keep it between now and then. It went into the fridge about 7 hours after capture as it took a while to drive home and butcher it. Can I just leave a chunk in the fridge till Wendnesday or will that be rubbish. I realise longtail is not the best shashimi fish - that’s ok - but I don’t want to give people bacteria poisoning. Advice appreciated as I know nothing about this. cheers V.
  7. Volitan

    Casting with a Drone

    The splash drone looks interesting but the fact that it’s not self-righting means I’d not want to use it in the surf. Flips it and has to swim out for it : Otherwise, very capable in the water. edit nope, did a bit more research and the 3+ is self-righting. Does what it calls a ‘patented powerflip’
  8. Volitan

    Casting with a Drone

    I also bought a drone for fishing but promptly lost it. Thinking about it, could you use an rc boat for line setting? The main problem with using a drone is that if it goes down you’ve effectively lost it. A boat is already in the water so no problems there - and it has no problem with getting wet. Would an rc boat have adequate range and power to tow a line out?
  9. Volitan

    Nelson Bay Breakwall

    Mullet on lure is pretty rare but it could be these ones are acting differently because they are in a spawning aggregation. Perhaps their tendency is to snap at small fish that might eat their eggs when finally released.
  10. Volitan

    Nelson Breakwall Again

    Did you try for the kingfish ?
  11. Volitan

    Question re freezing fresh caught bait

    No, I haven’t tried it with bait, which is why I put cautions in my answer. you guessed correct. I use an old barbecue plate. I haven’t tried experimented with anything else so can’t comment. Snap freezing in a tub of ice slurry won’t work. Logically, the slurry will be greater then 1degree Celsius, otherwise it wouldn’t be a slurry. You want about -20 for snap freezing, with the addition of some way of draining the warmth from the bait very quickly, which is where the metal comes in. Most domestic freezers are factory set at -19, but will go down to about -22 if they have a dial. the snap lock bags would indeed stick to the steel. But you don’t want to be using them at this point. Freeze the item naked, then put it in a bag. If you put a bunch of pillies in a bag then freeze them then the ones in the middle will take several hours to freeze fully, which is what you are trying to avoid with this process. ps. The fruit sticks to the plate, so I’m sure the bait will too. I come back to it every now and then to turn them over. That works, plus it probably freezes them quicker as it exposes a new surface to the metal. will this work for bait. I don’t know, I was just explaining the basics of snap freezing and how it leads to firmer, better quality produce. I can’t try it because we only have one freezer and my wife doesn’t like smelly bait in it.
  12. Volitan

    Question re freezing fresh caught bait

    Another point in the quest for rapid, non-destructive freezing is that it makes a big difference where you put the bait for the initial freeze. We have a vertical freezer, and I just opened it and measured surface temps with an infrared thermometer. It’s -18 a the top and -7 at the bottom, so there are big differences within the freezer so check to find the coldest spot.
  13. Volitan

    Question re freezing fresh caught bait

    This may be useful or it may not. i often chop up fruit and freeze it for smoothies. What I do is get a steel plate and put it in the freezer till it has reached ambient temp. Then I spread the chopped fruit on it and leave it till frozen. Then I slide the fruit off and bag it. 1. The fruit is already in chunks and can be used frozen. 2. The steel ‘snap freezes’ the fruit. The reason food often goes mushy after freezing is because as it cools long, destructive ice crystals are built up within. Snap freezing eliminates (well, reduces) this because the long crystals don’t have time to form, so you get a smaller, non-destructive ice formation. The steel speeds up the freezing because it sucks the warmth out of the fruit. This is the basis of snap freezing which was invented by a bloke called Birdseye and revolutionised food supply around the world. The point of this all is that you should end up with better, firmer, tastier bait. Anyway, it’s a better way to freeze.
  14. Volitan

    Wanda/Greenhills dog leash free area issues

    It’s a beach for people, 24x7. Dogs are permitted at certain times and may be off the leash but only if they are under control. The definition of ‘control’ is probably on the Council’s website. A dog is not likely to be impaled by a fishhook if it is within the legal definition of control. Fundamentally, though, it’s a beach for people.
  15. Volitan

    Nelson Bay breakwall

    Are there any kingfish around Nelson Bay breakwall at this time of year ? ditto any type of pelagic? im thinking about a morning trip but it’s a long way to go without the intell. Cheers V.