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  1. I wouldn’t trust squid ink because I think it would fade. The eye is just watercolours, using a fine paintbrush. btw. It’s more normal to add colour to gyotaku. Usually big watercolour washes over the fishes body - in the fish’s natural colours but simplified. I chose to leave this one black and white because it will suit the look of our house. If you are interested, I have a Pinterest board on good gyotaku : https://pin.it/5hU6LPH
  2. Hi. In the last 18 months I’ve only managed 1 or 2 fishing trips due largely to me ownerbuilding our home. Now I’m taking a short break so I shouted myself a charter trip out of Terrigal - a specialised kingfish fishing trip . An excellent trip with a great charter skipper - I managed 5 kings from 900 to 1060mm plus one little 670mm model (I know the limit is 5 but there was some c&r). One of the fish I used for gyotaku - Japanese art of fish printing. Result attached. Basically, you dry off the fish. Ink it up. Press rice paper over the fish. Peel it off and then touch up with watercolour, sumi ink or whatever else you feel proficient in. the aim with touching up is to round out the fish and make it more lifelike, but still keeping it looking like a manual print, with creases and smudges retained for authenticity. We think this, with simple frame, would go well in our new home. And maybe we’d like 1 or two others. Fish of different species but complementary in being much the same size. I don’t catch meter plus fish very often though. So here’s the proposal. If anyone is interested, you could let me know when you catch a large fish (say 1 metre plus) and I’ll do the gyotaku, plus the painting and finishing - one copy for you and one for me. I would commit to making myself available to do the work ASAP, although naturally I can’t always be available. Note there are some prerequisites. The fish must be whole, not gutted, with one side without damage from gaff etc. Sharks are not much good because of the stiff pectoral fin. You can eat the fish after (I use edible ink) but be aware the cleaning and printing takes 1 to 2 hours plus travel time so you would have to factor that in when considering if it would be fresh enough. Frozen fish are Ok but they must thaw completely so adding two hours after thawing probably means you shouldn’t eat them. I’m on the Central Coast. I’m really interested in large fish of sporting species - tuna, mahi mahi, jewfish, a big mackerel maybe. if you are interested, pm me and I’ll give you my phone number. Then if ever you catch a good fish and want a reminder of it you can text me and I’ll make the arrangements. If not, no problem. cheers
  3. Excellent resources. Thanks James.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys but the question was about rod weight or rating, not brand or model - I have all the rods I need and am not looking to buy another one. Perhaps I should rephrase it by asking should I take a 15 or a 24kg? I’ve been out on a few charter trips for this type of fishing but foolishly never bothered to look at the weight of the rod I was handed. I can’t even remember what they felt like. im probably going to pair it with a Shimano TLD 20 with 65lb braid. My 15kg rods are labelled something like 10-15 or 8-15 kg. Will they be adequate. The 24kg will have more stopping power but it weighty and I don’t want to feel like I’m fishing with a lamppost all day if I don’t have to.
  5. Pickles what weight is the 64CJ ?
  6. Hi.what is the recommended rod weight for boat fishing for kingfish. Cold be using live or dead baits. Realistically, the likely target would be 900-1m fish at 60 metres deep. Cheers
  7. Ok, thanks guys. I’ll give it a go. Landbased so not expecting heaps.
  8. Hi. Are there any pelagics currently in Nelson Bay? In the bay itself, that is. maybe long tails, bonito, Mack tuna ? Planning a trip. cheers
  9. No. They are very much a J hook, so should be fished like a J. I don’t recall ever having a special problem getting a hookup with those hooks. Could there have been some very small fish where you were fishing ? Maybe too small to even get the hook/bait in their mouths properly.
  10. Hey Anthman, I hadn’t heard of Lifepo4 till you mentioned it. Looks interesting but can’t get the details I want with Google. Can you show us your battery - and give us details like price, weight, size and ruggedness. cheers Volitan
  11. Whereabouts in Woy Woy is the bait shop ?
  12. How big are these macs ?
  13. I had the same need so bought a Garmin 301c and a sla battery and mounted them in a hard case I bought from Bunnings. It works well and is quite compact, although if you don’t have the transducer mounted then they are never very convenient. I have the same 7 ah battery as mentioned, plus a 5ah one which is about half the size and usually enough for a session. I also have one of the Lucky units which Squidly-Dibbly showed. I bought it very cheaply just as a quick and easy way to get depth measurements and haven’t really used it for finding fish. It’s quite a robust unit and accurate for depth and bottom type but I doubt it’s usefulness for finding fish. I think they are popular with ice fisherman who have a static view of the bottom so when a fish swims past its quite unequivocal.
  14. No, that’s far too random and a good way to waste time. Learn to ‘read the beach’, looking for structure and water movement. Fish will concentrate in channels and gutters and fish will feed near features like the eroding edges of sandbanks where the sand is tumbling into the water. There are plenty of articles on the net about how to read the beach - it’s not difficult and doesn’t need fore-knowledge of the area, maybe just a trip at low tide when the structure of the beach is easily visible. if I was you I would give yourself a circuit breaker and fish the beaches a bit. The water you have access to sounds a bit like the area where I live - I have fished the flat water areas a lot with very poor results, but I always get a handful of good fish off the local beaches. No problem getting legal fish, if your definition of a good result is maybe a couple of bream and a flatty or whatever.
  15. Nice. A tip in case you don’t know. It’s a lithograph so keep it in a shady spot - not on a bright wall because the UV light will make the vintage paper go blue.
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