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  1. Volitan


    When I have a lot of gear, I use a yard cart. cost about $90 from Bunnings big fat wheels make it ok for sand.
  2. Volitan

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    We live beside Brisbane Water. Probably an analogous situation. About once a month I see flocks of 1-200 little black shags fly in and swim along the shoreline in tight formation. It’s a very intense feeding activity, and it moves really quickly. Though I often follow them, and try to intercept them on wharves or headlands, ive never actually been able to confirm that they are feeding on schooling fish. It seems logical, but I just can’t see any, or any predatory fish either. There is usually lots of surface activity, but the shags move so quickly it’s hard to tell whether there are fish there or it’s just the leading edge of the shag flock. I really don’t know what they are doing. I have wondered if it’s just a feeding strategy that they use for busting the resident fish and prawns out of the sea grass - kind of by maximising underwater confusion and panic. That may explain why the shags ‘seem to know about it’. They don’t, it’s just a feeding strategy at their own initiative. There are usually a few pelicans and egrets crash the scene, but they don’t seem to catch much and soon fly off, which also suggests to me they are not chasing baitfish. I’ve been watching this for a couple of years and still no answer.
  3. Volitan

    Has anyone used a bait boat?

    I’m following this with interest. Though I understand it probably isn’t much use off a beach for all the reasons Coswecanfly said, we live waterside on Brisbane Water. The problem is the water is very shallow off our place so the fishing is poor, but I’ve been out in a little dingy and results are much better if you can just get the bait out - about 3 times the distance I can cast. ive thought of a drone but a boat would be much more reliable because it can’t fall into the water - it’s already there. if I could get the bait out that far, I could fish from our dining room while im having breakfast. How good would that be.
  4. Volitan

    Beach fishing

    Actually, the kahawai in NZ do taste A LOT BETTER then they do here. Ex Kiwi here, and I was surprised at the foul taste of the Aussie version when I first encountered them. It’s not uncommon for the same fish in different countries to taste different, probably due to the niche they occupy and hence what they feed on. I also believe that most of the kahawai caught and eaten in the northern part of NZ are actually Arripis xylabion (the Kermadec kahawai) not Arripis trutta. That’s where I lived and fished and I remember that they were slightly different in appearance - more blue on the back, clearer markings. Smelt different, tasted different. Can’t prove that, though. I think scientists are only just sorting the two species out now - but it might be one contributing factor to why they are higher rated in NZ.
  5. Volitan

    LB Estuary Winter Fishing

    Q1. Most (not all) migrate to deeper water. Remember that shallow water is mostly a feeding environment. Fish are ectothermic, meaning they are cold blooded and don’t need to burn fuel to keep warm, so have very low food requirements unless they are actively growing, feeding or reproducing. In winter when doing none of these things they can just cruise around doing hardly any feeding - so there is no need for them to occupy dangerous shallow water feeding environments. They might as well move to deeper, more temperature stable environments. I don’t think the ferry wharfs would be deep enough to qualify, but don’t really know. Q2. I don’t target bream so don’t know. Q3. Generally, if you’re fishing in shallow water around Sydney then clear water days are difficult. Most fish around publicly accessible spots are leader-shy and easily put off by disturbance. There is a small jetty near where I live and I sometimes fish from it just to watch how the fish behave. I have noticed that even waving a fishing rod over the edge of the jetty is enough to make them scatter. Obviously these fish are semi-residents and have learnt that disturbance on the wharf means danger. So I don’t think the fish feed any more or less when the water is clear, but they are harder to catch.
  6. Volitan

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    I’m not sure because I usually fish with beach worm so my baits are small. in the shops in NZ there are lots of pre-made rigs for sale and usually they have two floats, usually one red and one yellow. for casting distance, you could consider an impact shield, which will tend to make all the elements of your terminal tackle line up one behind the other. At least it will stop your rig helicoptering.
  7. Volitan

    Best way to tell beach fishing conditions

    Thanks Rick
  8. Volitan

    Best way to tell beach fishing conditions

    Are you meaning the coastwatch sites?
  9. Hi. I usually want to know the surf conditions before I go beach fishing. These are usually Central Coast beaches. I’ve seen a few web sites that purport to offer real-time information, but I don’t find them very reliable. What sites do other people use?
  10. Volitan

    Brown's Rock last Friday - PJ Sharks

    Where is Browns Rock.
  11. Volitan

    Beach fishing budgewoi!

    I went to Macmasters this evening for 3 hours for one whiting. It’ll stay like this till late September-ish.
  12. Volitan

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    These are the floats I use, and how I rig them. The other thing is a bunch of float stoppers, in case you haven’t seen them before.
  13. Volitan

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    last year and the year before were really bad for surf (sand) crabs where I usually fish so I often used a rig with a small float near the hook. The float is held in place with a float stopper as is used in blackfish fishing, one above and one below the float. The floats are about 20mm diameter and are made for the purpose. They’re painted bright flouro yellow and red, the idea of which is that they actually attract fish, rather then scaring them off. The rig works well enough. Sand crabs don’t seem to swim very high up the water column so you only need to be about 500mm up. this year there are virtually no sand crabs, just a few blue swimmers which I don’t mind catching, so no need for floats. i bought my floats in NZ, not sure if they are available here. this is the crab species I’m referring to as surf or sand crabs. A real nuisance. https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/489745-Ovalipes-australiensis
  14. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    1360mm cheers V.
  15. Volitan

    26kg longtail off Nelson Bay Breakwall

    Ok, no shashimi. We will be eating it cooked though. I wasn’t sure about the 7 hours, just an estimate. Then it occurred to me to check the time of capture on the photo and it was more like 5 hours. Cool day, not in the sun. I’ve no problems with eating that - but then I’m not a connoisseur. Cheers