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  1. Been fishing the Nepean hoping for my first bass of the season.Yarramundi for an hour first light (before work) . And emu plains last light ( after work).Atomic cranks seem to be doing the job,But don't expect to get fish every cast like in late summer, You have to work for these a bit harder,The bigger ones seem to come first
  2. diesel

    Port Macquarie

    Hey Izo was up there 2 weeks ago. A place called Logan's crossing for estuary Perch and bass
  3. diesel


    Caught a couple of these bad boys on recent trip to Lake Haventhe river was thick with them but not so easy to catch,biggest going 42
  4. diesel

    Perch I'm thinking ( Silver Perch)

    Thx lads , Parramatta river of all places whist targeting bass
  5. diesel

    bass anyone

    havent heard may bass reports this season,l myself though its been a pretty average one with not much rain,probably caught the same amount as previous years but sizes have been down.Defenenty getting bigger ones in the smaller creeks and gorges rather than the main river. Anyone thoughts?
  6. no rain, bass stuck in small pounds

  7. I've been finding them in the dirtiest looking water mostly in the small creeks that run into the Nepean,maybe there trying to escape the gas, They are on the move but we need some good rain before they really start marching down stream. How did you go this season shred?
  8. diesel


    Welcome WTFC, Sorry cant help on the photos (struggle).Thats what i call spending quality time with the mrs,4kg at 87cm it must of been a fat lizard love to see the pics,and what a battle it would of been on the 3-5,Was it a Pumpkin seed?
  9. diesel

    Upper Nepean

    Not sure about upper nepean but at emu its still brown ,dosnt mean the bass aint there Also fished glenbrook gorge last night it was clear so it shouldnt be long before it clears up
  10. diesel

    Nepean River - Fed up with it

    nice looking bass there Adsy91 , Ourimbah creek?
  11. diesel

    Nepean River - Fed up with it

    Chin up pred-ator gotta get lucky sometime fish the emu side every other day,the early bird gets the worm But it's definitely been slower than previous years,