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  1. I used to live in Sydney and fish with plastics for flatties before and after work, i used mostly Gulp shrimp style lures in Banana Prawn colour, i would work them very very slowly across the bottom with only very small twitches - worked for me anyway. Good Luck Jono
  2. Hi everyone Was wondering if anyone knows where to buy a power handle for an abu 7000 Cheers Jono
  3. I made some exactly the same out of marine ply a few years ago, i had some built in tackle box's in them. the Ply held up really well and didn't add much weight.
  4. As far as i know bond crete has no marine application - its normally used to seal concrete and such surfaces prior to applying things such as tiles. you could use a waterproofing membrane also but these are pretty messy and take ages to dry. The cheapest option would probably be fiberglass resin.
  5. Any laminating epoxy would do the trick - something like bote - cote would be perfect.
  6. I use fireline for my light outfits but for heavier stuff i use TD sensor or the daiwa jigging braid - the colours don't wash off or fade unlike other brands.
  7. I know the feeling, i had a Penn international stolen and a custom jigging rod that was made for my grandfather stolen at the same time. The rod was very sentimental as it had my G/fathers name woven into the finish. I just can't understand how someone could use something that was stolen and explain it to their mates.
  8. Hi all Been a while since i last posted a report from over here in adelaide, Went across to Yorks a couple of weekends ago, we stayed in a small town right near the national park called Marion Bay - meant to be one of the best squid fishing spots in adelaide. Anyway took the boat out and was heading to a spot a local put me onto when my gps and sounder turned off, so i pulled up to check out the problem (a wire had come out of the board). While stopped my mates dropped some lines down and straight away we were onto fish, ended up fishing the whole day there managing 3 good whiting - the best part been mine was the biggest at 51cm and it was caught on my small baitcaster with 2lb fireline. Managed to get a cuttlefish while drifting also which we added to the other 4 we caught the night before and the 1 squid that was taken. I reckon cuttlefish tastes better than calamari. The tommies were pretty prolific so we kept a stack for snapper bait. Enjoy Jono
  9. I may have been bitten off by a bigger flattie as the big girls seem to enjoy eating the little guys.
  10. Used to tie my own but then discovered the pre-tied ones - much better than tying your own - i think there around 7-10$ for 3.
  11. I caught a huge bream (2.5kg) off the surf beach there about 5 years ago on a whole squid as the sun was going down, also in the morning at the beach on the other side (can't remember the name but there was no surf!) we caught sharks and rays early morning - around 6-630ish. Good luck
  12. I have hooked some absolute monsters on fresh dead arrow squid. Always good to put one live bait down directly below the boat and then you dead baits behind it - the idea been that the livie will attract the jewie but while swimming up to it will take one of the dead baits. Also had varied success on butterflied tailer, yellowtail and mullet. Good luck
  13. I used to drift around the end of Milson Island back towards Mooney Mooney for good flatties and the odd Jew, you have to pick the tides though as the flatties will hold up on one side depending on the flow and wait for the bait to come to them, As far as Jews go we caught a few at the vines about 3 boat lenghts off the shore near where a big rock had fallen down the hill recently and knocked over some trees. Good luck - the hawkesbury can be tricky at times - the back of dangar island is good for bream also if you can get further down the river.
  14. Hi all, Been a while since my last report as i have recently moved to South Australia (Adelaide) over the last couple of months and finally got the chance to sample some of South Australia's fine red. Fished the backstairs passage out of Cape Jarvis - this is the area between the mainland and kangaroo Island, and the area around from there. All the snapper were caught before 8 in the morning as it was a really choppy and windy day so we started at 5 to hit them before they shut down. After almost bagging out on snapper we chased some snook which we managed 4 and then the good old King George Whiting which proved to be very fussy so only managed a couple which a couple of trevally thrown in. The 80 cm fish was caught by one of the guys with me. Can't wait to get out again for some more. Happy holidays and good fishing Jono