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  1. Stillrockn


    Hi Donna Yes it is .. I will put the feelers out You just never know
  2. Stillrockn


    Lake Conjola Flathead Classic .... Any other Raiders Heading down there this weekend to fish the Classic ? Sue & i will be there , looks like a hot one Sue will be there to defend her title .Last year Equal first.Largest Flathead , ladies division. Cheers Tom
  3. Stillrockn

    House of Flathead

    OH!!! Go Donna This ones for Swordie
  4. Stillrockn

    Shoalhaven flattie meister

    Nice Flatty Alex well done Yes very hard fishing Down here of late in the River or the Bay . The Commercial guys have been giving it a Hard Time.
  5. Stillrockn

    Small boat, big Marlin bite 25-03-16

    Great read Fellas .. What an Experience Well Done A catch of a life time . Cheers Tom
  6. Stillrockn

    Prawning jervis bay

    G/ Day Reese ..Just a Heads up was having a look at lake Wollumboola this afternoon and it has been opened to the sea So this year you might get a good prawn run . The Shoalhaven River is in flood at the moment & the mouth of ShoalHaven Heads is now open. I fish the Basin on a Regular basis & looks like to me will take a Long time to come good. I Live at Callala Bay So JB should be ok in a couple of days With the big shift of water & no Rivers as such feeding it. So when your down in November All should be going Great Guns ( Hope ) Fisho.Sid if your down this weekend Brings Some Cards Mate Zacnoel has given you some good places & advice Cheers Tom
  7. Stillrockn

    Jervis bay

    Hi crusher I fish JB Quite often was out on Tuesday just out from Point Perp with plenty of bait around . A strong current was from the North pushing in close 22.8 Deg . In the bay around Long Nose Good Water with lot's of Rat Kings. Other than That Been Pretty Quite Cheers Tom
  8. Stillrockn

    Swordies PB jewie

    Congratulations Young Fella Nice one
  9. Stillrockn

    Blackfish Weed

    After a little Secret Info from you Ludwig Fishers out there ...... Just moved down the South coast to Callala Bay area & wanting to get back into My Blackfishing . Can't seem to find any Weed spots here , Can someone please give me the good oil on where i might be able to get my Green Weed From ??? Creeks ,,Rivers Ect Cheers Tom
  10. Stillrockn

    Botany bay arvo

    Nice Fish there Andrew ..Good to see your getting the boat out ..
  11. Stillrockn

    Swordies score dollies on SWF

    Well done young fella .. Great Report & Pics Cheers Tom
  12. Stillrockn

    Yep Snapper season has started. Now with Video..

    Great video guys ..... awesome snapper well done .....Really enjoyed your Video Cheers Tom
  13. Stillrockn

    A very happy bday to swordie and many happy returns.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY young fella Wishing you all the very best . Tight lines
  14. Hi Roberta Really enjoyed your post ...Yah!! Long Live The ukulele 6 ukuleles ,, I'm also a bit of a collector of Stringed instruments ..But i collect Guitars 7 at the moment ... Hmmm! Might just go and get me one of those ukulele Cheers Tom
  15. Stillrockn


    Happy Birthday Dan ,Wishing all the best young Fellla Tight Lines Tom