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  1. Damn! Sad to hear the news... its been a while since I have been on the forums but in the years gone by Fishraider was my go to place for all this fishing... I have meet and fished with a load of great ppl all through Fishraider so at least we still have these friendship after the site closes thanks to everyone on the Fishraider team, especially Donna and poofter Stewy.. you guys rock! Stewy! Let me know when you want me to take you out and show you how to fish... Gary Brown style! cheers Trung
  2. Hahahah - I'm sure your son learnt more in those 5 days than he would in a year at school !! You need to get your bum inspected mate!... I tell you what, the smell out of it IS NOT NORMAL! I reckon the crew onboard have developed nasal cancer as a result. stinky bastard
  3. Wow!! Plenty of F.A.G moments onboard !! Big fish and bust off was the norm up there!! It was great fishing you bunch of clowns onboard the FAG boat catch up soon fellows Trung | dhype
  4. Wow ! What an impressive haul of fish... Have never seen that many fish photos in a post! Well done guys, looks like it was a ball of fun
  5. nice! (those photos like VERY familiar...)
  6. Hi Nathan the hull shape looks very much like a seajay nomad I had a similar boat - the 3.8m version nomad which was heavily modified a while back and it served me well for the bay and estuary. Due to the size of the boat and height of the gunnels it got very wet at times.. but this did not stop me catching plenty of fish! Has some fantastic memory's fishing off her... Here is some photos of it: http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=57843&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 Hope this helps Trung
  7. dhype

    Weipa 2014

    What a trip! Just recovered from all those days of fishing and laughing,,, Had a ball of fun with the guys and all the great fish caught.... conditions was not the best this year but we all did well Plenty of Dirty Sanchez (barracuda) smashing up lures and giving us all hell and a laugh Ray senior with I say with fish of the trip - 18lb cobia... lucky bastard... Good mate Peter landed some nice Barra and Queenies Some great moments include seeing a huge bullshark come from nowhere trying to swallow my long tail tuna 1 meter from the boat while Gary / brickman was attempting to gaff my fish ... Scared the sh1t out of both of us... amazing stuff happens in wepia! Casting and landing big longtail tuna on 4lb bream gear is also something.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... that wonderful sound! Saw some new species this year, tusk fish, cock fish, cobia, splangled emperors, Leopard shark and a few different cods and mackerels + all the usual northern species. Big thanks to Ray senior for organising another ripper trip and the bunch of guys who came along... Still smiling about some of the stuff said and things that happened there! I'll post up some pictures once I get the from everyone's camera. Cheers Trung - BBC
  8. Update- installed the Honda branded 11 3/4 x 11" stainless prop and what a difference it makes! Going down 2 inches in pitch resulted in heaps more pickup and all my problems with holeshoot is a thing if the past... Currently revs out to 5600 - 5700 rpm, lost about 4 or 5km per hour top end. All up , very happy. Thanks for help everyone! Trung
  9. Mr Flathead says " you can never swim pass a quality bit off ass (juice)" .... Hahahah they love the stuff
  10. It's in tube...and it smells a lot like... mmmm arse? Smear it on the lure and the fish go arse crazy over it... jump on my boat next time and I'll give you a sniff... you will love it!
  11. Hi Raiders Hitched a ride on my mates killer Pioneer 197 fishing machine. Plan was to get some snapper out from Botany but the big swells today put a stop to that! Turned around to get some squid but only found big dead cuttlefish floating around so collected a few kilos for next snapper trip. Moved to the flats off the southern side of the bay and found some very nice crocs ! Managed 3 in 3 drifts at one stage! Largest going mid 80's and other were in the 60s and 70s. No small flatties today all bigger mothers! Very nice! Biggest ones were released after a few photos and kept the "smallest" for dinner... great time to target big Botany Bay crocs at the moment ! All fish caught in 2-3m for water and all taking large metal vibes with some special arse juice Soft plastics sucked today. Hoping for snapper next week! Trung
  12. Nice going boys! Good to see the snapper are around and well done getting them on the metal jigs! You get them down Bellambi again? How was the swell as it was pretty big outside the bay this weekend. See you guys around Trung
  13. Gazz - please make me up a flock of your hottest looking 7inch birds.. prefer the macho pinks,purples and red ones! Should be a killer for all the bluefin around at the moment Thanks Trung
  14. My hull is only rated to 50hp ... I would throw a 60hp or 70hp in if I could, insurance is the issue! No need to sell my stellas, I'll just sell my sexy body
  15. Great - thanks everyone.. Looks like a 11" pitch stainless prop for me.. Honda have a 11 3/4 x 11" ( P/N: 58110-ZV5-E40 ) ... I'll grab one weekend this and see how it goes !! Cheers Trung