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  1. Good grief! Those look like a mini boa-constrictor!!! nice catch of quality table fish
  2. Will keep this in mind next time I go for a flick on my boat... see if we can extract a few of these thumpers you are talking about
  3. Cheers guys... watch out for all my posts where I will poll all the kingies, squid, flatties etc in Sydney Harbour! Hahahha
  4. Hey Stinky! It been a long time buddy! Hope your son and you you are doing well.... last time we fished together we were polling the big eye cock fish in Wepia! I still fish heaps, Sydney Harbour mostly these day but have not posted here for 5 or 6 years! Expect a few more reports from me Catch up for a fish one of these days Trung
  5. Hi Raiders I have not posted here for a few years and hope to be regular poster once again! ( Facebook is just not the same) Anyway, I was invite to lure fish Hen & Chicken Bay on Saturday with my old mate Bert who I actually meet on this site. Now , I live 2 minutes from H&C bay but never considered fishing it as it did not look fishy enough... how wrong was I! Fished from 6:30pm to 8:30pm with small hard bodies and we caught a dozen or so good sized flathead and 6 or 7 bream. It was fanatics fun on the light rods and tiny lures... ecogear sx40 and Atomic doing the dam
  6. Hahahah - I'm sure your son learnt more in those 5 days than he would in a year at school !! You need to get your bum inspected mate!... I tell you what, the smell out of it IS NOT NORMAL! I reckon the crew onboard have developed nasal cancer as a result. stinky bastard
  7. Wow!! Plenty of F.A.G moments onboard !! Big fish and bust off was the norm up there!! It was great fishing you bunch of clowns onboard the FAG boat catch up soon fellows Trung | dhype
  8. Love them.. they work great and I have caught hundreds of squid with the 1.8 and 2.5 sized ones in pink + the black colors. There are plenty of guys on these forums who use these jigs to great effect. Cheap to buy - I picked up 20 or so jigs at $3 each!!! Bargain! ( still prefer them Diawa MD jigs though!)
  9. That's some amazing looking fish... did you measure their lengths?
  10. hahahahahahhaahah!!! WOW thanks so much for sharing and your insight! It looks like you are already an expert at catching/locating squid in the Bay so there is no point in adding anymore!! Just seems odd to me that for someone who can catch squid "all year round" needs to keep pushing other Raiders to divulge more information about their squid spots as in your previous posts...mmmmm..... I also cannot recall you ever "sharing" a squid/fishing posts with us here... we would all love to see them. Anyway, dont forget about end of yarra bay, bare island and the rocks near the guy nudest beach...
  11. The squid were pulling so much drag I needed the gloves! . ..... also not a big fan of skin cancer... cover up mate
  12. Mate, you know you want to join the club ... You know you want some BBC also... don't knock it till you tried it! ... maybe a few times!! Hahahaha!!!
  13. Is good to see that you have gone fully black... now you both will never go back ... nice black fish there guys!
  14. Thanks for the first picture... now i know your squid spot! Going there tomorrow !!! Good work on the dollies.. they taste a treat.. yum!
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