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  1. fishin.kiddo

    Coral Sea Trip

    cant wait to see the pics. hope you had/have a great trip.
  2. fishin.kiddo

    Harbour Kings 12/5/09

    Quality Catch.
  3. fishin.kiddo

    Botany Cephalopods

    A BIG feed and hopefully the leftovers turn into some jews.
  4. fishin.kiddo

    First Red On Sp

    Great fish. . . enough said.
  5. fishin.kiddo

    Dam Bass!

    Great catch mate Looking forward to catching some bass. Shame it went lonely, annoying how the conditions can change so quickly.
  6. fishin.kiddo

    Probably A Stupid Question

    Bout time to bring this to an end i reckon. My opinion is a sampson fish. FINAL VERDICT ?
  7. fishin.kiddo

    Perch Fishn Napean

    taking a fellow FR word. . . thats enough for me.
  8. fishin.kiddo

    Learning How To Post Pics

    does indeed look like a safe place to dive. Also looks like good place to fish. AN the pics look great littlenoah
  9. fishin.kiddo

    Old Tinny Conversion To Bass Boat

    It has potential. Perserverance and persistance it will be a good tinnie.
  10. fishin.kiddo

    Fishing In Bali?

    Haha sounds fun. Mate never been there before but hope you have a gun time.
  11. fishin.kiddo

    Rod Holders

    They look like theyd do the job. well done, now to see how they go with some good fish on the end of your line.
  12. fishin.kiddo

    Parra River Late Report

    Well done on the good lookin bream Worth the 3 hrs,
  13. fishin.kiddo

    Mahi Mahi - Just Plain Ridiculous!

    Lots of fun right there. Seem to be lots of reports about abundant amounts of dollies.
  14. fishin.kiddo

    Kingie At Night

    nice mixed bag!
  15. fishin.kiddo

    Middle Harbour Jew

    hahah yeah sometimes you can have the best conditions and nothing. still huntin for my first jew.