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  1. My number must have been recycled, as I get calls asking for some guy named Mr Salmon, I get a few calls a week. When they try to sell me something or blab on I play tricks on them, like put the phone to the speakers on the TV or radio and every 5 seconds say "yeah ok" then back to the TV, or even offer to sell them my car (they can try sell me stuff I don't want, so I'll offer them stuff that they don't want), or any stupid stuff I can think of on the spot. Pretending to interested, and then saying "hello... hello... then hanging up is a favourite of mine I'm not going to get my self frustrated, so I make it amusing. Try changing your voice to an 80 year old asian lady next time they call and have a laugh.
  2. Good luck with the move mate, I wish you and your family a safe trip.
  3. Nick, I knew it was big when it stripped line, but then it surfaced, I knew it was a PB. It would have burnt losing it at the boat
  4. Good fish mate, Cod runs in the blood!
  5. Great catch mate, well done!
  6. Chippo and surrounds do offer some good fishing on it's day, and I think it's fair to say that over time the fishing will improve. I fish the place often, and I'll PM you if I hear of a good Bass or Jew bite.
  7. It was nice to meet you and Paul. Shame the fishing wasn't red hot, I suspected it wouldn't be, but at least you got what you came for... a solid Bass @ 380 to the fork. Sadly, Che and I got a Krispy Kreme, but that's fishing, and we still had fun. Look forward to doing it again someday.
  8. It's been a tough month, good to see you get a few, Happy Easter
  9. Hahaha I took the bait hook line and sinker
  10. Murray Cod landed in view of the Harbour Bridge See here for story
  11. iMick

    Fish Age

    Don't think with help with your question, but I read a study once that a Bream of 48cm was found to be 27 years old
  12. If you go for a run to the front of the Novatel in Brighton Le Sands, cast towards the shore, and have your bait or lure land right on the drop off, about 15-20m from the shoreline, you'll get heaps of flattys there. It was my go to spot about 10 years ago, and about a month ago I had a quick flick there and got three or four in about 15 minutes.