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  1. hooklineanddrinker

    Harbour Sun 29th Nov

    Great day and story mate... that's fishing! Hope you got lucky that night
  2. hooklineanddrinker

    First Time Carp Fishing

    Impressive! You used to be able to catch those mungrels in Centennial Park in the 80's. Well done.
  3. hooklineanddrinker

    Snapper,tuna, Bonito And Mowies

    I wish I was there!
  4. hooklineanddrinker

    Amanda's King

    You gotta to watch the ringer. They're always the dark horse. Good to see the lady showing the boys up.
  5. hooklineanddrinker

    Ray And Hutcho Fish Lobster Beach

    Sensational stuff boys. 4 seasons in one fish. Keep up the good work. Remember..... you'd rather be throwing back the small ones than be getting no bites at all!!!
  6. hooklineanddrinker

    Quick Eastern Suburbs Rock Report 20/6

    I hear you Chris. Too true. Good words of wisdom. I'm born and bred in Scum Valley and in and out of the water everyday. I know what you mean when you say 'getting too cocky'!!!
  7. hooklineanddrinker

    Quick Eastern Suburbs Rock Report 20/6

    Hey fisho's, Been down to the local and you will get results if you are keen. It's 'man vs wild' - extreme fishing out there on the rocks. Swell is up wind is up and clothes are wet!!! You have to know where the wind sheltered spots are to fish. I've got and old steamer wetsuit that i've cut the top off. I use the legs to keep warm from the winter cold and a nice jacket. Rock booties with cleats are also a definite must! The last week-week and a half, there was a shutdown and nothing seemed to be biting, also due to the weather. Except for the pesky pike. Couldn't even catch a cold. But they're back on the bite now! Trevally, niggas, pigs and bream... all going ballistic! Make sure you give'm a good berley and you will get results. When the wind and swell drops that little bit more.... it'll be perfect! ***It get's a bit hairy at times running along the shelf between sets to cast and catch, but do not fish if you are not confident and know your local spot like the back of your hand. Inside out and back to front. Know when not to fish and when to call it quits because it is too gnarly!!! A fish is not worth loosing your life for. Keep it real and good luck on the weekend. Adrian.
  8. hooklineanddrinker

    South Maroubra Rocks 19/06

    Rock cocky mate. Cale. They're in plague proportions at my local spot and are a by catch when targeting luderick and drummer. They're pests but put up a good fight! Can reach 60 cm. There's an oriental guy that also fishes there too and he always takes them if I catch I them. He'd probably have a soup or would know something to do with them! I personally wouldn't feed them to my dog. They have a clear sloppy flesh and start bleeding as soon as you pull them up on the rocks. They've been known to be left on the rocks to die or have their heads cut off too. Some people treat them like carp... but i'm sure they have some purpose in this world of ours. Cheers. hilarious!
  9. hooklineanddrinker

    Narooma Weekend

    You guys are dead set legends!
  10. hooklineanddrinker

    Kings 8/6/09

    Sensational stuff!!!
  11. hooklineanddrinker

    Coral Sea Trip Report

    Sensational underwater shots. Looks like you had so much fun! Wish I was there!
  12. hooklineanddrinker

    Baby Kingfish For Sale?

    Yeah I noticed that too with some of the snapper at the fish market. But that's probably why kingfish are only $17.90 kg. Undersize and soapy. But who actually monitors their catch and sales????
  13. hooklineanddrinker

    A Day On The Bay

    Nice bag! Mmmmmm
  14. hooklineanddrinker

    Coral Sea Trip Report

    Oh stop it..... I wish I was having that much fun!
  15. hooklineanddrinker

    Coral Sea Trip Report

    Awesome action... wish I was there. Well done!