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  1. I remember catching lots of these fish at that wharf around late afternoon with mince targeting yakkas. They are good eating.
  2. lol what size hook did ya use for a whole chicken breast
  3. I been using chicken breast on frequent basis, I found the breams like it and I get the ocassional trev on it. Just wondering what other species fishraiders caught with chicken breast ?
  4. Yesterday Morning Headed off to the Baths trying to get some squid without success, when I was reeling in my blue squid jig at a fast speed, I saw a few quick flashes of white what seemed to be kingie. Just wondering if anyone caught any kingies at the Gunnamatta Baths ?
  5. Went for a fish this morning, armed with a kg frozen pillies. I was using 4lb line, pillie pieces on tiny hooks to catch some bream, I could see the little bream and trevallies pick the bait, all of a sudden a bonito barges thru them takes the bait and snaps my line. Awesome. Went heavier ,I used my other rod with 10lb line and upgraded to larger hook and used pillies cubes, the result: landed these two lil beauties.
  6. nice fish i love catching bream with handlines and bread, nice and simple, happy days
  7. pet mince works well for the yakkas, slimies on the other hand are hard to catch from my experience. However I once caught 30 cm plus slimie with bread moulded on size 4 hook.
  8. 35cm tailor not bad , i should head out there soon and get some tailor.
  9. someguy2k


    The Forest Road walkway/wharf got some nice blackfish
  10. Home Brand Meat Pies are 3 bucks for half dozen. Much safer and tastier than that.
  11. i want to fish as dead bait and fishing landbased off a wharf, in hope of getting a soapie.
  12. Nice diagram mate , I using those small iqf squids, where abouts is the best spot to put the one hook thru and any half hitch is required ?
  13. What is the correct way to rig a squid strip ? Pin it one end (hook once) or weave it through a number of times with the hook. Hooks - Circle and Suicide pattern.
  14. I seen occasionally fishos using very fresh pillies (not frozen) wrapped in newspaper, I been to a few tackle stores but only can be the salted and frozen variety. Anyone know where in Sydney, you can buy fresh pillies ?