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  1. It's been pretty tough catching Blackfish as of late. I myself fished in Balmain on Saturday as well, not a single down for a good 4 hours. Moved over to a spot in Drummoyne. Fished for another 2-3 hours for 2 downs, 1 which turned into a 45cm stonker but I missed the other one. My advice, just wait it out. Seems to be hard to catch anything in the harbour, people seem to be only able to catch them off the rocks. They should fire back up soon enough... well hopefully.
  2. Hey Raiders, With it being spring and summer around the corner and me moving houses, I'm super keen to get into some rock fishing for everything from Luderick to Kingfish. I know it's not the safest of fishing options, but I'll will go out with someone more experienced my first few times until I feel more confident. That comes to my question to some Raiders that enjoy rock fishing, what are some must haves when rock fishing? Everything from fishing tackle, to safety equipment, to even some small things that might make a big difference! Would love to hear everyone opinion, and it'd be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hey everyone, Basically, I'm new to catching bream on lures and was wondering if anyone around the Sydney area would be able to help me out? I have pretty much all the gear needed. I don't have a boat, but I'd would be more then happy to chip in for fuel etc if you were to offer me a spot on yours. Not to fussed on travelling around Sydney to you, just keen to learn a thing or 2 about hooking up to some Bream on artificials! Cheers, Zac
  4. I haven't found a problem with fishing at night time on wharfs on the parra river, but I guess I'm bigger then most guys, so I don't attract to much trouble. Another problem with Parra river fishing is it gets bloody packed on pretty I much every wharf and fish able spot, mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sundays nights, but week day nights have their fair share of people usually. With the cameras on wharfs, most of them don't work... Any more question mate, I'd be happy to help!
  5. Don't really see why not? A little fly imitating a worm or prawn would be great on whiting on the flats. Only thing is sight casting, once you've seen the fish, the fish 9/10 have already seen you. So be sure to be stealthy and quiet. Try and sneak up on them!
  6. They're called Atlantic Pomfret or Ray's Bream (Brama Brama). Apparently they can grow to around 100cm in length and also they taste quite nice, not from experience but a few people have told me. Hope this helps
  7. I'm with Flickn Mad on this one, the mouth just doesn't seem to be right...
  8. How early exactly? Do we need to bring our own gear or can we borrow some?
  9. Hey guys, I'm heading of to Fiji in a few weeks and keen to get into some GT's while there. Was originally planning on a simple Penn 950ssm, but after a bit of research and talking to a few people. I've decided probably need to up the anty on them as it hasn't got a very strong drag. Was thinking something like a Fin-Nor Offshore 7500/8500/9500 matched to an 8ft 20kg T-Curve rod with 65lb power pro braid. Aim isn't really to catch a massive once in a life time fish, more so to get the arms stretched a bit and have some fun. So all in all, only trying to catch small-medium GT's . Any help will be great! Cheers, Zac
  10. Its a Sydney Cardinalfish (Apogon Limenus) if my memory serves me correctly!
  11. Hey guys, I've got a trip to Fiji to see family coming up withing 2 week and they live pretty much right next to an amazing reef. So I've settled onto a 8ft 8-10kg rod and 400 sized reel, now just to settle and find a braid. Pretty much between: 1. Sunline Super PE 30lb 2. Power Pro 30lb 3. Fireline Exceed 30lb 4. Fin Original 30lb Ill be throwing around some plastics and sureface lures (for reef fish, not GT's haha). I was planning on getting 20lb, but decided to beef it up to 30lb. Cheers everyone
  12. Lol what, a redfin perch? Any photos mate?