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  1. mii11x

    Sans Souci park area

    Its a great read, most of it is common knowledge when targeting this species and can be found anywhere online, fishing mags, fishing books etc etc.
  2. mii11x

    Sans Souci park area

    Mate, do you have a sounder with gps fitted to the yak? I know they say fish holes, but ill test your knowledge here......what other areas do they say to target mulloway?.....it has to do with the depth. Im not going to give it away, a quick search on google will even provide you an answer, as well as the mulloway pinned post in these forums. Pm if your really stuck. 13-15m is pretty much bang on, tide depending, but the whole area of CC bridge is around that depth apart from the pylon on the southern side which becomes shallower. Same goes for the north eastern side, becomes shallower as you head from the channel markers to the yacht club(i think it is)....can get whiting and nippers around there, bream and flatties also. Keep at it, youll get your mulloway. If you drag up a legal tailor, chuck a hook in it and drift it around. Even a 75cm jew will have no drama attacking that!!! I fish both bait and plastics, caught heaps of mulloway anchored and drifting. I dont generally fish the deeper sections in particular. Not that i havnt caught them in the deeper sections i must add. Also, bream, tailor, flatties, rays, eels, squid, baby snapper, trevally can be caught using both plastics and bait. I wont give away an answer, id prefer you to think for yourself, research, put into practise. Your in the right area in general, think a little more. Pm me if needed. Not trying to be a smart arse either. Keep at it man, research and try. If it fails, dont give up. Try and try again, you will be rewared with your mulloway. Mick
  3. mii11x

    Preferred brand of jigheads?

    Ive got tt, squidgies and berkely brand. Hundreds of them lol. I organise by brand, weights and sizes, using seperate containers and cut the weight/size off the packet and drop them in the relevant compartment in each container. I also get a piece of paper and write up what each container holds and place it in as well. I also have smaller containers/storage boxes with species related heads that I just take with me when I go for a fish. When the smaller species related containers run low, I just top them up. I find that some brands of plastics work better with certain brands of jigheads and certain style plastics work better with certain style jigheads. For example I prefer to use a berkley jighead with a berkley jerkshad or squidgie flickbait plastic. Another example, I use squidgie round or pro range jighead with a squidgie whipbait plastic. I find the tt jigheads fit a zman plastic a little better, so thats what I use with the zmans. Its just my personal preference, I just find that certain heads on certain bodies make them swim with a better action, while some heads have a detrimental effect on some bodies. Example, I dont like using my berkley heads with plastics that have a paddle style tail, they just seem to lose all the paddle action to me. I'd be keen to hear if other raiders share my views. You will find that most brands have a heavier guage hook available, tt state that with a "H" after the hook size....ie 2/0 H. Berkley have a range of bream pro series heads available which are thin guage. Go to a shop mate, have a look at them and take note, you will find a jighead quite easily to suit your application. Unless you know exactly what you want or are buying, some things you just can't/shouldn't do online, this is a perfect example. Another is buying rods and reels or trying to match a rod and reel without physically holding them setup together. Can you see where I am going with this? Online tackle is overated lol. I highly doubt your going to save $5 per packet of jigheads by purchasing online anyways. Most decent small non chain tackle shop owners will always give you a better price on anything if you're a returning customer that supports them. Sorry about my opinions on online shopping for tackle, no offence was meant to be given. Hope you find what you're looking for. Mick
  4. mii11x

    minn kota vs motorguide

    If your in Sydney mate, wait till the boat show.....pretty sure its in August sometime
  5. mii11x

    Braid - Looking for specific

    I used to do this mate, then realised i could use two house bricks
  6. mii11x

    New Around These Parts

    After that comprehensive answer to my comments mate, you don't sound clueless. By my understanding of boating rules and regs, all boats with decking must have a bilge. Check the boating rules online at sms mate. Sounds like your well on the way to wasting money hahaha. Seriously though, keep your outboard and rig in great condition and it will probably outlast you
  7. mii11x

    New Around These Parts

    I should add, dont forget about your trailer, check all the lights and wiring. You can pick up led trailer lights and trailer cable for cheap off ebay. Much cheaper than superautorepcobarn. Replace the wheel bearings with a fresh set also. Check your tyres also... Norhing worse than blowing a tyre or having your bearings shit themselves at 4am on a sunday morning on the way to the ramp.
  8. mii11x

    New Around These Parts

    Tell us what you want to do mate when you say fixing up. Id start with giving the outboard a service to make sure is running fine. If your not confident yourself to do the service, take it to a mechanic. Get them to check steering as well. Next thing would be to completely go over the fibreglass hull checking for soft spots and have them repaired if you find any. Electrics......id completely rip out what you have and start rewiring from scratch all the way from the battery. I have no experience with a glass boat, but im sure you would want to check your hull for soft spots and damp spots as this would be rot and will eventually let water in. There are loads of members here that can help if you ask the right questions, maybe being a bit more specific may yield more answers. Welcome to the world of boating. Cheers Mick
  9. mii11x

    My first jewie

    Well done mate, a fantastic effort on both fish.....you'll always remember your first mulloway
  10. mii11x

    First Fishing Report - 10/05/2019

    Send that biddy out live with a 8/0 mate
  11. mii11x

    minn kota vs motorguide

    I used to own a 55sw MG which served me well for 8 years. I had to replace the brushes at around 4 years and was only around $30 to do so. The wireless foot pedal was awesome also. I reckon I had well over 500 hours use with it and sold it in perfect working condition late last year when I updated to a xi5 gps 55. What can I say about the new leccy........why didn't I update it sooner hahaha. Spot lock is simply awesome, the jog feature is just as awesome. I havn't yet traced a route and replayed it though because I'm finding the jog feature is good for me at the moment. It has taken some getting used to the remote control over the foot pedal however, but I guess with all the extra features of the xi5 has over my old 55sw, the remote is required. I know that the new foot pedal does not have the complete operation of the remote, so I am holding off on that addition. I have found that the anchor feature to be pretty much spot on and as previously mentioned don't believe the marketing gimmicks of brand A vs brand B. You don't need to connect to a sounder to have the gps feature activated, the xi unit itself has it's own gps. It is NOT essential to have the xi5 connected to a lowrance, or any other brand of sounder, to get the gps function working. I will eventually nmea it to my new 12LIVE, but it is not high on my priority list at the moment. You will hear both good and bad about all brands mate, I stuck with MG cos I had no dramas with my old one. If I had of switched brands and it gave me dramas, I would have thought I should of stuck to what I knew about my first one if that makes sense. My boat is a 2009 4.5m Brooker side console with 50hp 2 stroke Mercury. Against the run out tide (1.7m to 0.4m) in the Georges river on Sunday morning with my mate onboard also, it ran at 2.6 knots full speed into the current and wind and I hadn't charged the battery(120AH) for about 3 weeks. It had been used for about 15 hours total in those three weeks, using speed and direction controls to correct my drifts and also the anchor/spot lock feature countless times. I hope some of this helps mate, good luck with your new purchase. You will be kicking yourself for not updating to a spotlock model of either brand sooner haha
  12. mii11x

    Circles for Jew

    I have always used gamakatsu occy circles 4/0 to 8/0 from when I started my obsession with mulloway. Always snelled for both dead and live bait. In the past year for dead squid small sized, either whole, hoods or heads I have been experimenting with standards occy hooks again snelled. I cant say it's made a difference in my catch rate. I still to this day, some 8 years later have not hooked and landed a jew using livebait with a single hook. That doesnt mean I dont try and others always question me when rigging a livie with snelled hooks. It works for me, so I stick to it in most cases. Either boat based or landbased I never strike with either snelled combo, circles and j's, I just let the drag set the hooks and generally pick up after the first run. When I first started, I always rushed to grab a screaming reel/rod and learnt slowly not to lift the rod until that first run was done. I couldn't begin to tell you how many I have lost by being too exuberant in my early quests. It's what works for me and have had quite good success by just leaving the rod till after that first run. Mate, if your catching them using j hooks regularly, why change? It obviously works for you. If you went to occy circles and lost a cracker, you'll always be left wondering "If I had just used j hooks......"
  13. mii11x


    Touch wood guys....i havn't really found this to be true. Most of mine are caught on the Georges River, we all know how busy that place gets and the noise from all the other boat traffic. NYE just passed, i had the water police right next to me, checking safety equipment and licence, with their engines running and I hooked up. Luckily on the other side of the boat to where they were. They were quite impressed with the fish. Released that one and caught a further 2 within 2 hours before I called it quits. I was more or less under CC bridge from 10pm to about 2 am.
  14. mii11x


    I will add, almost everytime i targeted mulloway with bait last year resulted in a triple by the end. 90% were released, all were caught on anchor and didnt move once i released them.
  15. mii11x


    Last 2 sessions i have targeted jew, my mate and i have caught 3 or 4 on each occasion. All anchored up and with bait. All released. I dont think they spook any others around if you release them.