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  1. mii11x

    Anglapro 484 Sniper

    Im sure I saw this boat with a transom door at the rosehill boat show.....or was it the next size up? I cant remember now. I know I really checked out this boat - anglapro 484 sniper at that show, it would be a perfect upgrade for me....one day, as I would have to extend my garage to fit it in first haha
  2. mii11x

    boat insurance

    I agree zmk1962, a battery grinder will remove anything anyway. If they want it they will get it. Its more the point of not having to pay extra excesses if I dont need to. Policy is due for renewal in December, I will follow up with club marine to see if they can recommend me a device and will repost when I receive a response. To all that have commented, and there are quite a few, thank you for all your input, time spent and research on my originally posted question.
  3. mii11x

    cmap vs navionics

    I've never had a problem with my navionics platinum + 62p card, but I would like to update it as it would be atleast 6 years old now. I have noticed navionics now do trade in deals for their cards so I will take advantage of that when I purchase the new sounder. I bought the maps new when I purchased my hds7 gen 1 around 2011....I upgraded to the hds10 gen 2 with the lss2 module in November 2014 and kept the same card. As for the sounder, my hds10 gen 2 has served me well for the past 4 years, just trying to stay more current. I chose to upgrade the trolling a couple of months back before the sounder, so now its the sounders turn. I dont want to get the -9 as it is a smaller screen size. Budget will allow a carbon 12, but not a live 9 and definitely not a 12 live. But like I said, I dont want to downsize the screen, so carbon -12 is the way to go for me at the moment. The whole unit, 12 carbon, is not much larger in size than my current hds10 gen2. The 9 carbon has a much smaller footprint however. Cheers for the comparison on the gen2 vs carbon mate.....makes my decision a little easier. Im not an open water fisho, mainly estuaries/rivers like georges, hacking, shoalhaven, stgeorges basin and clyde so I was thinking the basic total scan transducer will do me fine also. Out of curiosity which tranny did you choose?
  4. mii11x

    cmap vs navionics

    Cheers fellas for all the responses.
  5. mii11x

    cmap vs navionics

    So fellas, the time has come to upgrade the sounder. Looking at staying with Lowrance and with some good pricing to be had on HDS carbon series due to the release of the HDS live series. I currently have a gen 2 hds 10 with lss2 module and navionics platinum plus card 62p+. I will be purchasing a hds 12 carbon with the total scan tranny. My question is about the mapping cards. Has anyone tried both cmap and navionics, which do you prefer and why? Cheers Mick
  6. mii11x

    Any Tackle Organisation Tips?

    Like waza said, there are spool holders for less than 15 bucks. They do a good job of holding your leader. I only take it when im lure fishing. I generally fish plastics on my boat and have built up quite a large collection of jigheads/plasctics over they years. I have split them into species containers. So 1 for bream jig heads, 1 for flathead jig heads, 1 for mulloway jigheads, then some larger containers 8-10L to store my plastics for each species. I just decide what species I want to target and then usually say "fu$% it, bring em all" hahaha. Atleast they are in separate containers ready to go on the boat I cant remember the last time I bait fished for anything other than mulloway from the boat, so most of my gear is related to mulloway, but I do have a dedicated bag for bait mulloway. I do on occasion like to bait fish for whiting, so I have a small container at the ready for that also Oh yeah and I have a bag dedicated for squid jigs and bait gathering. I have also seem some seats with trays underneath. They are integrated into the underneath of the seat and you simply pull out the storage container(plano style). It wouldnt be too hard to fibreglass something up or have one made from ally if you cant buy them.
  7. mii11x

    boat insurance

    cheers for all the replies fellas, its more for when I holiday really and maybe when the trailer is left attached to my car at boat ramps. At all other times, when im not using it, its in a locked garage behind two cars. I will have a look at some of the suggestions. I just dont wanna pay 1000 excess to insurance companies if i dont have to, should it ever get stolen. I know first hand they try and weasel their way out of all claims
  8. mii11x

    boat insurance

    Hi guys, Almost time to renew my policy and noticed this clause - 18.6 theft excess. While my boat is always stored at home in a lockable garage, behind two other vehicles at night, there is the occasion I do go holidaying with it. Whenever im towing it it always is padlocked on the trailer coupling, so too when I holiday - I also chain and padlock to the cabin, but these are not accepted "anti-theft" devices as outlined in clause 18.6. So my question is, what anti-theft devices are you guys using or recommend? I dont fancy those complete wheel devices really, but it may mean the difference between a $1000 excess or not. Are there any other alternatives? Cheers Mick
  9. mii11x

    Stella 14K Enquiry

    I thought the 10k spool fitted on the 8k body, from memory the 14k doesnt interchange with the 10k body. Go and see your local shop maybe
  10. mii11x

    Motorguide wireless 55

    Hi everyone, Due to the purchase of a new trolling motor, it is time for me to sell my old one. ITEM: 2009 Motorguide w55(wireless) 12V 55 lb with 54 inch shaft. I have the wireless foot pedal and quick release mounting bracket and all the bolts, washers that I removed also.DESCRIPTION: Used, but everything still functions as it should. I had a genuine Motorguide service kit(8M4000142) put through it approx 3 years ago and I can provide details of this. Please please please comprehensively view the photos, it is in a used condition - I bought it when I bought my boat back in 2009 and has had a lot of use. The paint wearing off near the propeller does not affect its operation. Has some general wear and tear/scuffs etc. Inspections welcome, and you can test its operation with my deep cycle battery prior to purchase to confirm everything functions as it should.PHOTO: COST: $500 or nearest offerCONTACT DETAILS and PICKUP LOCATION: Contact me via pm on here username mii11x. Pick up from 2560 Campbelltown, NSW area.
  11. mii11x

    ROD to use vibes for jewies

    I use a Loomis NRX 842S MR for jews with both plastics and soft vibes to 30grams.
  12. mii11x

    Where do you fish in the Hawkesbury?

    I cant comment on the Hawkesbury really, or kingfish for that matter, but I can comment on Mulloway. I like to think of myself as a bit of a self taught expert with regards to mulloway haha. So much literature on Mulloway is out there mate, and I learnt by reading all that I could from magazines and forums just like this. There is a "how to" specifically on mulloway on the fishraider site, start by reading this and putting it onto practise. Catching Mulloway on a regular basis is somewhat of a mean feat, the hours I have put in to them over the past 8 or so years I couldnt begin to divulge. Add to that, the hours I put in just to catch bait to give me the best possible chance. Then you have those times, particularly when I began specifically and solely targeting them, the fishless, cold and soul destroying nights when you drop a fish, makes the times you net/boat them even better. Just the other night, I witnessed one swimming between a bridge pylon and my bait in the water for about an hour before it disappeared and I ended up with a donut. But, from what I have learnt over they years, I did put myself in the right spot at the right time, so I dont really count this as a failure by any means. For the record, if i did land that fish, my tally would be 15 for the year (and I didnt fish at all in june, july, august or september). So it averages out to be about 2 a month. Considering how many people I see trying to catch mulloway vs actually catching them in the Georges river, I think im doing ok. I AM a diehard fisherman for mulloway, that will never change now!! TIPS 1. Dont give up on them after just one or two sessions or you wont have learnt anything. 2. Keep a diary - might seem a bit silly, but trust me, if someone offered me 10 grand for my diaries I would never sell them. Doesnt have to be a diary, I just use exercise books. I record everything, what tide, the amount of water both run in and run out differences and the peaks, what the weather is like that outing, pressure, what the water is like and doing depending where I am, date, time etc etc. I just write down anything really lol. 3. Use the best bait you can!!!! You may need to learn how to catch bait first, so learn that as well, worst case you end up with a bag full of squid you can eat, and yakkas do taste ok too. I catch squid a few days out from when Im planning a jewie adventure, i wrap them indivually when I get home and freeze them. I have caught mulloway on self caught squid that has been frozen for 8 months, but never servo/baitshop squid!! Now for the little I can add about the Hawkesbury - never fished there ever for mulloway. There are plenty of known spots so begin by hitting them up. Looking at any map of the river, I always see two bridges, perhaps start there. You should be aware of those bits of structure for any estuary fishing really.....there is loads of info on the hawkesbury and also you could get your hands on a map from AFN that will tell you places like flint and steel, juno point, coal and candles etc etc. Hopefully some of this helps mate Hope to see you post when you do catch your first mulloway Mick
  13. mii11x

    trailer plug maintenance

    Hi guys, What do use on the inside of your trailer plug to prevent corrosion/electolysis? You know, the green crap. Cheers Mick
  14. mii11x

    Hawkesbury Jew

    gotta be happy with a metery
  15. mii11x

    NRL Grand Final

    not a fan of either team, but roosters. Also, I hope slater gets "legally" shoulder charged the same way