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  1. mii11x

    Requesting urgent Help - Sydney

    Hi mate, Ive caught loads of mulloway fishing landbased in the Georges River. Largest landbased ive caught is 93cm in about 4m of water using live yakkas (about 7km upstream of CC bridge - hint hint). Its not a secret spot, and is known, but i wouldnt say it is printed on any maps or the like. I tend to stay away from the more known spots, I have tried most, and usually see the gangs there catching sweet FA and generally have not caught many when others are fart arsing around nearby. Half the time if people are fishing where I really want to fish these days, i count my losses, dump my bait and head back home......i drive from campbelltown to the hacking to gather my bait, then back to the georges and if people are there i dump the bait and head home as I know i wont catch anything. In my early days - maybe 6 or 7 years ago - I began specifically targeting them. Look, mulloway are no easy target, lots of things you have to get right to produce results, but keep at it and results will come.......and keep a diary too. Get 10 or so results and fish the same tides/moon phases. Get 20 -30 results and a pattern starts to emerge. Hit 50 odd results and you should be able to say ive got a 80% chance of a result. These days, I feel pretty confident. Have taken a few raiders out and got them onto their first, two of which was their first time solely targeting them. One of said two scored a 90something cm.......i was holding my breath since my largest from the system has been only 108cm. Ive used squid i have caught and snap frozen(some of which have been 6 months old) , i have used fresh squid(self caught of course), live yakkas, live mullet, live herring, live tailor(yes legal size), dead baits like butterflied yakka, mullet or tailor. Funnily enough never caught a single mulloway on a slab bait yet though - but i do keep persisting. I began those years ago by targeting them on the slack water parts of the tides, that produced results for me. Both high and low tides slack water. Then i started fishing an hour or so either side, that also produced results. I now fish a full tide run in or out and results still come. Also on a half tide....ie the middle of the run in or out I have caught them. I generally nowadays dont fish the tides, i fish by dates really.....so the diary helps immensely. I cant emphasise enough about a mulloway diary. You say you have caught them from a boat, so why not try the same tide phase/moon phase landbased nearby. Mulloway do hole up and yes you will get them time and time again from the same hole, but they use the tides to move up and down a river system also, sometimes feeding along the way should an opportunity present itself - like my bait hahaha. Mulloway do hunt, so if your nearby to one of your boat spots, your in with a shot when your landbased really. I use my boat alot and have caught many.....but sometimes i dont want to take my boat out so i do go landbased a fair bit also and still catch them - even though im casting nowhere near where I anchor up. PM me if you would like a little more info Mick
  2. mii11x

    New Reel

    About 8 years ago, 2 mates and I started travelling down to southern NSW to chase bream, flatties and mulloway. We found a local tackle shop in the town and now we buy all our gear from them. We build up a list of things we need before we go and i message him. When we arrive we go and pick them up and pay. We have spent a lot of money on reels, rods, terminal tackle with him.....most recent purchase were 2 stella 8000sw reels for myself - I paid 810 new per reel!! My mate got two live fibre rods from him also, and paid less than what the shop at coffs had them on special for. We visit once, sometimes twice a year now and the prices he gives us is way better than anything online from dinga and the place in coffs....even better than digi taka online. Also, the tips and advice he gives us is amazing, even sms me when things are going really well fishing wise for us to get our arses down there. Yes dinga is a site sponser, i get that and generally most online shops are all the same price, but at the end of the day i bet they would never sms me fishing info no matter how much i spend with them. Local tackle shops are a wealth of knowledge and will often do better prices if you keep going back to them. Sorry if this offends admin and/ or the site sponser. Yes i have bought things from dinga in the past when i need things in a rush. Admin feel free to remove my comment if it is detrimental or offends anyone
  3. Forgot to mention jigheads. I use segmented plano style containers. I have some species specific ones ready for trips, but all the extras are in 4 or 5 containers in weight/hook size order. When i notice my species specific containers running a little low, i simply get a few more out of one of my 4/5 spares containers. Dont worry about them changing colour. Most of mine have lightened up a little from dark grey to light grey, and i dont have a problem catching what i target.
  4. I just leave the tails in the packets they come in, especially if they are the berkley gulp variety. You can buy containers which you can fill with the gulp liquid and put all the liquid packet tails in them. Most packets come in a zip lock style packet, so make sure you seal them back up properly when finished, again especially the liquid packet ones. I take tacklebags with "worm binders" i think they are called, with me on my trips, so i seal the brand packet using the zip lock, then drop them in the worm binders and zip lock again. My spare packets, extra stock, un opened packets are generally kept in basic plastic storage containers
  5. mii11x

    Hawkesbury Soap

    Nice work fellas, went out with a plan to get mulloway, and got mulloway. Cant be much happier than that. Well done
  6. mii11x

    Min kota

    There are cheaper places to buy a century battery, even when superexpensive auto have them on sale at 20% off. I drive from campbelltown to around the oatley area to buy batteries when i need them and im still better off in the hip pocket
  7. mii11x

    New Rod

    14000 size for lure casting off the beach, your arms must be massive man. Thats a pretty big reel to hold for a couple of hours
  8. mii11x

    reel storage/transportation

    They would be used for when I go on week long fishing/camping trips mate. The one you just showed would be perfect really
  9. mii11x

    reel storage/transportation

    I use the neoprene cases that come with all my reels, and currently place them all in a couple of soft sided bags. I know I have bent a bail wire on my sol 1 previously which wasnt cheap to replace by trying to fit everything in my ute toolboxes. Wanting a little more rigidity like a tub or case or something. I will check out some aluminium cases like frankS mentioned. Cheers boys
  10. As the title suggests, those of you that do long trips, do you have any tackle insurance when travelling? My mates and I go on atleast one trip a year to southern NSW and take waaaay too much fishing gear with us. Last trip, I alone took down roughly $12k worth of gear(rods, reels, terminal tackle, lures - plastics and jigheads etc etc) and would hate to lose any of it. Its always secure in either a locked cabin or houseboat, or in locked toolboxes on my ute and in stormwater tubes we made for the rods when driving. When we use my boat a majority always stays in the cabin though. I know my boat insurance covers a certain amount of gear but it would probably only cover one of my rod/reel combos really. Not sure if you can buy insurance for travelling around the state, I only know of international travel insurance that covers things like personal belongings. Any help or advice is appreciated Thanks Mick
  11. mii11x

    reel storage/transportation

    Hi guys, Wondering how you guys store/transport your fishing reels. I have a pretty decent selection of reels and dont want to damage them when transporting them. Ive been looking at plastic containers - like the ones you see at bunnings, but thinking they may be a little to fragile. Any other suggestions? Cheers Mick
  12. mii11x

    4.3 to 5.35

    I had a look at barcrushers at the recent rosehill boatshow. After checking them out, i reckon there are better boats out there. I currently have a 4.5m brooker side console with 50hp mercury 2 stroke. Have done 500 plus hours since i bought it new in 2009. Was looking at updating to an open side console with barcrusher. Went and had a look and a chat with them. I was actually dissapointed. I did see and check out an anglapro sniper 484 and really liked that. Geez, the price of aluminium has really gone up since i bought mine in 2009. When i bought mine(from the rosehill boat show) i planned on using it to get outside too. I have done one trip outside botany heads, the epirb has just sat around since. Do you already fish "outside"? Lot of money to dump if your not going to use it "outside" as you say.
  13. mii11x

    what braid to buy

    Hi all, For my 40th a couple of days ago, i decided to buy myself a couple of 8000sw stellas for chasing mulloway with bait and boat based. I havnt had the need to buy braid for a couple of years now and was wondering what braid you guys would be buying these days to chase the ghost. Open to any brand in the 30-50lb range. I currently use 30lb on my older reels Cheers Mick
  14. mii11x

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Ill keep an eye out
  15. mii11x

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    The 68cm didnt have a lure(squidgy wriggler 70mm) in its mouth with a piece of 4lb flouro did it lol?