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  1. Might be out of your budget, I use a G Loomis NRX 842s MR with a 4000 stella FE. I can easily do 8 hours chucking transoms or vibelicious for mulloway. It's even lighter if I use my 2500 16 Certate. I can highly recommend this rod and it would stop most things that swim either in estuaries or offshore when luring.
  2. Plenty in the Wilson Live Fibre range to choose from mate. I started (2010) with a couple of standard Live Fibre's (6-8kg and 10-15kg) for my mulloway fishing and they are great rods. Less than $300. I upgraded to a pair of Wilson Texaliums last year in the 8-15kg range and they are even better, but more expensive. Ugly Stick gold's or platinum's are also nice rods, they would only set you back about $150 per rod.
  3. I just figured more estuary guys would use it. There you go, I've learnt something today. If you've got a screentshot of gamefish on sidescan, I am curious to see how they show up
  4. Most brands and series are decent enough these days, id be researching more about transducers if your deep and offshore
  5. If your fishing Brown's, can I ask why you would want side scan for?
  6. This is good advice. I gotta decent spot that is 3-4m depending on high or low tide.
  7. Try again where you caught them mate. Wise man once said, "Why leave fish to find fish?"
  8. Just try all the known spots man, you dont need exact gps marks. Did you have gps marks when you caught them previously??? Even try the spots you used to get them. You setups will be fine also.
  9. I posted a question about this topic just now in "the bar". I'll ask here too......are my outboard's earmuffs a "purpose designed flushing device"? I messaged Sydney Water this evening, hopefully they can clarify this tomorrow and respond to my question
  10. https://www.sydneywater.com.au/SW/water-the-environment/what-we-re-doing/water-restrictions/level-2-water-restrictions/index.htm
  11. Quick question after checking out Sydney Water's website and the policy on level 2 water restrictions. Would my outboard's earmuffs be deemed as a "purpose designed flushing device"? I have messaged Sydney Water this evening, hopefully they will respond tomorrow. Curious what you fellas think. Take the time to check out boat cleaning restrictions at home and at the ramp also fellas. Mick
  12. mii11x

    Bow aspect

    Weight distribution perhaps?
  13. In my experience I dont worry about top or bottom tide. More dependent on when I have time to fish really. Sure I do prefer some of my spots on top or bottom, but having said that, I've caught them throughout all stages, whether top or bottom or mid tide at my various spots.
  14. I pin a head up the the bottom jaw and out through the nose (between the eyes) directly above, if that makes sense
  15. Hahaha yeah I guess it would almost be the same......a head does have more of a tapered profile however. If I ever strip bait I always try to make it a bit trianguler and pin the hook in the pointy end