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  1. mii11x

    Garmin vs Lowrance vs Raymarine vs Furuno etc

    Pretty sure its structure based.....well greater contouring at the very least
  2. mii11x

    Garmin vs Lowrance vs Raymarine vs Furuno etc

    Recently upgraded from a HDS10 Gen 2 with LSS2 to the new HDS Live 12. Structure scan is much more crisp in both the down and side scan(AI 3 in 1 tranny) on the live unit over the LSS2 setup I was previously running. Being able to view the screen with polarized sunnies on is also a good thing with the new unit. Just this week I traded in my old Navionics platinum plus 62p+ card to the new platinum xl3 62p+ but havn't yet had the chance to take it out on the boat to test. I wasn't able to access all the features the Live unit presents me with my old card, hence the trade in. The thing that bugged me most with the new unit/old card was the inability to make the water shades of blue, like it previously did with the Gen2 unit. Navionics also has the ability to share maps - community based edits I think they are called, but I havn't yet thought of playing around with this option. I more or less know my local haunts well enough these days. Im happy with Lowrance, Ive had a HDS 7 Gen1, then the HDS10 Gen 2 with LSS2 and now the HDS12 Live. Touch wood, I have never had an issue. I wanted to stick with this brand due to the purchase of a new Motorguide xi5 which was upgraded about October 2018 from a MG 55SW.
  3. mii11x

    another 12v question

    It was an inline fuse
  4. mii11x

    Merry Christmas

    I would love to wish all raiders a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all enjoy your day with family, friends, eat plenty and spread much cheer. Stay safe on the roads. A big thank you to all that have offered advice in my posts Cheers and Merry Christmas Mick
  5. mii11x

    another 12v question

    I forgot to add that I did install a fuse between the battery and the switch panel.....felling protected now
  6. mii11x

    another 12v question

    Cheers fellas for the responses. ZMK1962 I rewired as you mentioned on my diagram, without a fuse box though. I had some inline fuse casings in the garage that I put to use. Everything looks much neater now under the dash and all my circuits are protected with fuses. Checked everything once finished and all my lights, bilge and new sounder work fine.
  7. mii11x

    Boat Buying Advice

    At this time of year mate, go and sit at a boat ramp as everyone uses the water. Introduce yourself, say hi to people, tell them your looking at buying a boat and ask to check out what their boats are like, like what you would be looking at getting. I got my license in 2007 and bought a boat not long after. I started with a 12 foot ally tinny and a almost new 15hp yamaha 2 stroke tiller steer. Boat was a bit rough, so over a winter a year later, I stripped all the paint(3 layers) and repainted, did the same to the inside and also added some seats, lights, very basic sounder. Repaired/restored the trailer while the boat was off it too. Was a great learning curve. Also, it gave me my sea legs I guess you could say, easy to launch, retrieve and fish/cruise around the Georges river/Botany bay(as far as Kurnell), Port Hacking river, Shoalhaven river, StGeorges basin. Not too large that is was a hassle to clean and store somewhere, tow, launch and retrieve, but big enough to learn waterways and all the little nuances that come with owning a boat. Paid 2k for it and sold it for 2.2k after the restore etc 2 years later when I bought a brand new boat, my perfect boat, which I still have. At 4.5m, ally and side console with a 50hp, it was a completely different beast. Heavier to tow, harder to launch and retrieve solo, longer to keep clean etc etc, not to mention being new, so I was very cautious about hitting anything in the water and while launching retrieving etc, until it got its first scratch haha. Took a little while to adjust and now some 9 years later, I find it just as easy as the tinny. Like you said, your not in a rush, so look at other peoples boats that are similar to what you would be looking at. 10 - 12 feet tinnies are easy and basically the same if you choose that option, but the 14-16 feet range you have so many options. In my opinion, ally is the way to go. I would say start small, enjoy and learn the water and learn what it takes to keep a boat. You will see how much you actually use it too, so you wont have dumped a large amount of cash on something that may only be used a dozen times a year. After a year or so, if your happy, then upgrade. While I have always fished since about age 6(Im 40 now), my life changed when I purchased my first boat in 2007 and even more so when I upgraded to a new larger boat in 2009. At that point, I really started to get into fishing seriously. The countless amounts of money spent on fishing tackle, starting with $100 combos to the $1500 combos I have now, to the countless amounts of money spent upgrading my sounders, trolling motors etc etc to the countless hours I fish these days to the cold, fishless all nighters I pull fishing for my passion, the mighty mulloway, it is easily still the best decision I have ever made in my life!!!! Hope some of this helps mate and hoping that you find the boat that will change your life too
  8. mii11x

    another 12v question

    Hi again fellas, So after tidying up all my existing switch wiring under the dash, the next step is to wire up the new sounder. I have a switch panel on the dash which I will be wiring into. Also under the dash is like a distribution block for grounding, but it also takes an input of 12v direct from the positive on the battery and input from the negative. The positive on the distribution block then wires into a 15A inline fuse then into the switch and is chained for all 4 switches on the back of the switch panel. Lowrance recommend a 5A fuse to be wired in. Am I correct with where I am wiring in the inline fuse in my crudest of diagrams below - I have drawn where I think it should go in red. I also noticed that my bilge, stern and nav lights dont have any inline fuses, should I be adding them in? Thanks Mick
  9. mii11x

    Cable size for led stern light

    Hi fellas, I am tidying up some wiring and fitting new plug for my stern light. From my dash swith it appears to be 7.5A thickness. My new socket has 18AWG stamped on it. Should i be running the same all the way to the switch? Or is it safe to join the smaller diam from the switch to the larger diam of the socket? Cheers Mick Ps as you would have gathered im not too 12v savvy haha
  10. mii11x


    13.4m boat.......pretty sure he will have deep pockets
  11. mii11x

    Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 with LSS2

    Very negotiable, throw me an offer, worst i can say is no
  12. Hi guys, I have for sale a Lowrance HDS-10 Gen 2 with LSS2 Module(Structure Scan). In great used condition and was purchased new on 16/10/2014. ITEM - HDS10 Gen 2 head unit, screen cover and mounting bracket LSS2 Module Both the 83/200 transducer and the structure scan 455/800 transducer and both mounting brackets included All cabling for both the head unit and LSS2 module. All cables factory length. All documentation/paperwork that came with the sounder/LSS2 will be included as too the box PRICE - $1400 negotiable LOCATION - 2560 NSW I am happy to post Australia wide at your expense, deliver if close by or pick up is also welcome. Please contact me via PM for any enquiries. Cheers for looking guys Mick
  13. Just finished removing the old hds10 gen2, lss2 module all wiring/cabling and both transducers........cant wait to install the new sounder


  14. mii11x

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    During the 80s, being born in 1978, my old man taught me to fish. Dont remember the exact date, but I do remember I received my first daiwa combo, my own rod and reel and my first tackle box, for christmas in 1988. That entire Christmas day was spent with Dad teaching me how to tie knots and make up rigs ready for boxing day. Thanks Mum and Dad
  15. Should be like seat belts in a car either when on a boat or rock fishing. I rarely notice I have mine on when I boat alone.