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  1. mii11x

    Fish finder

    What outboard do you have? Can you buy a rectifier kit to charge you're battery off the outboard?
  2. Out of curiousity, what weight jigheads are you calling light mate?
  3. mii11x

    Fish finder

    Mate it will do everything you need it to do. It might not be the fanciest, but I'd say 80% of people that own more expensive to top shelf sounders wouldn't know how to use/interpret them correctly anyway. As a start out with boating (fishing too?), learn to crawl with a basic unit, then onto walking as you understand settings, interpretation, functions to assist you (and maybe your level of dedication to angling vs $$$$ spent), upgrade to a better quality unit.
  4. mii11x

    First Jew

    Well done mate!!!! You'll always remember the first!!! You had a plan, put in the hard yards, time spent bait gathering, then fishing cold fish less nights no doubt and finally achieved the result you desired. I have a lot of respect for those who keep persisting and dedicating their fishing time for mulloway. Out of curiousity, how much time have you spent specifically targeting mulloway before your first? PM me if necessary. My quest began 11 years ago and I still learn something every time. It does get easier.......especially handy to have a diary for this species. Again, awesome mate, just awesome!! Mick
  5. Is this an older tierra or one of the current releases of tierra?
  6. Can I ask how many times have you attempted to catch mulloway? Have you ever had success?
  7. Baz, again another relatively simple task that would be made much more difficult to achieve.
  8. This would mean many local councils/governments along the path of the pipeline would have to work together though......which would be a feat in itself. Too much bureaucratic red tape will never see this happen. You are correct in saying they would sell off a system like this to international investors. I personally don't see why a somewhat easy task could be made to be so difficult to achieve. Yes indeed, it would be a massive engineering project (I was a civil engineer/project manager previously), but aside from the construction and maintenance of such a project, it should be relatively simple task. The only reason I can think of is that government officials want to line their pockets in someway, hence making a relatively simple outcome to achieve more difficult because of red tape and paperwork!! We already see red tape and paperwork interfering with infrastructure previously built by looking at Kurnell's desal plant. How many years did Sydney have to wait for it to be "turned on"!!! By no means am I political or have a deep understanding of politics, but certain issues, some very simple issues, can be solved quite easily by the people we empower and this is what gets my blood boiling. I have been hearing lately, mainly on AM talk back radio, talk about local government looking to tax/charge property owners with private dams for the use of the water they catch in their dams. WTF!!!!! That's my rant over for this evening anyway fellas. Sorry for making you read my dribble. Mick
  9. mii11x

    Saving GPS marks

    Probably best check with your map card manufacturer. You might find there is some sort of app/program available. Easiest way to transfer your existing marks from one unit to another would by sd card though. The only drama I would see, would be a different branded unit not recognising the same type of formatted sd card you have for the old unit......or perhaps the storage size of the sd card. Pretty sure all Lowrance HDS, new or old generations recognise up to 32gb max. I know my Gen2 hds10 is 32gb max.......so is my Live12. Both units read a FAT32 formatted sd card. Standard SD for the Gen2 and MicroSD for the Live though. If your old unit is SD only, just buy a SD/Micro card, ie it contains the micro card in the SD card, then you just pull out the micro card and use it in your new unit. What model is your old lowrance?
  10. mii11x

    Saving GPS marks

    You can save them all to sd card from the HDS mate. What model Lowrance you got? Either youtube or read the manual to learn how. When it comes to uploading to the new unit, again the manual or youtube. Make sure they are copied to the sd card before you delete them all from your old unit!!!
  11. Well done mate......you'll always remember your first. If you're going to give away a location.....just say what system.....ie hacking, georges, botany, sydney harbour etc etc
  12. Ive caught them as far as como from botany bay, but very randomly at best. I wouldn't specifically target them. All the ones I've caught up to Como have been drifting around throwing plastics targeting other species and just got lucky I guess.
  13. I know they commented that the conditions wouldn't allow access to the container under the bow that had the epirb and PFD's in it, but they knew this well before conditions became worse. Luckily they live to tell and show us the events that unfolded
  14. The jacket I own is......how can i describe it.....like a rain jacket that traffic controllers wear in inclement weather. Keeps me completely dry underneath, I purchased it from workzone a few years back. Combine that with my full sized 1 piece waders, I've fished in some pretty horrendous weather and stayed conpletely dry.
  15. mii11x

    Anglapro boats

    Its been a boat I've been looking at lately......pretty sure the sniper though