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  1. mii11x

    Anglapro boats

    Its been a boat I've been looking at lately......pretty sure the sniper though
  2. mii11x

    Anglapro boats

    Can I ask what you paid approximately for the 2nd hand 484 bandit? What outboard and what hours also?
  3. Patience mate.....patience. Your time will come. How many hours of edited footage do you think makes up a half hour fishing program?
  4. Like i said a couple of days ago....pike eel mate
  5. mii11x

    Bull shark

    Sweet as fellas, I'll take a read of the posted threads to learn a bit more
  6. Great read and top effort mate. A great Xmas present for yourself judging by your smile
  7. mii11x

    My Tinny

    How big a tinnie (length) and what size and model outboard?
  8. mii11x

    Bull shark

    In what ways could you determine the difference?
  9. mii11x

    Bull shark

    I was drifting the shallows, the first navigation marked corner of the wonny. I was 700mm deep when I hooked up. Photo was taken maybe 200m away
  10. Mate send it to fisheries...dont post it here
  11. mii11x

    Bull shark

    Had to electric motor for a bit mate
  12. mii11x

    Fave Species

    100%, no 400% dedicated to mulloway. I'd say 90% of my fishing time is spent chasing mulloway and bait to catch mulloway
  13. One more thing, there are a couple of good books worth buying for general understanding of your display, but I am pretty sure youtube or google will tell you the same info.
  14. Ok, so lets start with what settings are you currently using in 2d? Get a shot of the 2d screen and the right hand tab showing settings and post on here and I can comment further, or pm me even and I will try help you out as best I can. Your colourline and the setting for that tells you a lot about what your seeing. You can determine a sand vs mud, sand vs rock bottom by the reading displayed. From what I understand, look at the very top of you display, its shows yellow, red then blue. So a yellow reading will be a significant or strong return, ie so when you see an arch with predominantly yellow, its a good fish. As for the bottom, yellow is a stronger return, the thickness of the yellow will tell you if its rock for example, but I reckon your over a sandy bottom. Yes, sand and rock would both show up as yellow. However, this would be dependent on your settings. I would agree with your underatanding about the blue clump being weed or general rubbish. Also I would read that clump with red as bait. Ive been using hds with 2D, DI and SI for years and its by experimentation passing over different bottoms that I know what Im looking at on my sounder. I know my system well, and what bottoms are where so I know what the bottoms display as and can put that knowledge to use elsewhere. When I've dragged up sinkers with mud on them at anchor I took note of the sounder, so I know what my display shows mud as. When I've been squid fishing for example and I've passed over rock outcrops with weed I took note so I know what it would show rock or weed as. I know it is rock with weed because I can visually see the bottom. Time on water and configuring your settings instead of fishing will help you, so too will the millions of youtube vids. If you can, buy a copy of doctor sonars dvds. He has them for Lowrance specifically and I think he now has even released a hds live version. For your 2d, the "understanding sonar and interpreting the display" will help and for DI and SI the "Lowrance structure scan" dvds are very informative. FYI my current setup is a 12 Live with the AI 3 in 1 tranny. Hope this helps a little and again pm or reply post mate and I'll do my best to help you out. Mick