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  1. darwin black jews next week

  2. few extra tips live bait tank on port side (passenger side) to counter weight of driver/clear transducer hose in should be at top to and driping to create airbubbles when it hits water so drain outlet should be lower then the intake clear lid so u can see if anything is wrong inside eg squid caught in outlet ect personally i wouldnt have a external livebait tank due to live bait Yakkas are hard to hold on to unless u use a net u will loose a few trying to get them out, as they are slipery and have seen many people drop livies over the side. get a pick up fo underside of the bilge will
  3. anyone getn kings out peak or 12mile gona give it a try

  4. holly swell this weeknd there goes my snapper trip

  5. well done mike thats a great effort on the cheaper reel great to see u out on fishbones again after all the hard work was that its maiden trip? hope all is good spewn i didnt get down to see it in the flesh dam work!!! catch up soon mate!!
  6. i think it was a dumping ground more then a purpose made reef but its near the stone wall as u enter SWA on the right about 200m south of the old wreck boat shed thats rotting away.. ps i have gotten some good 1kg+ squid from around there
  7. i have one for sale second hand i'll pm u more details
  8. one word.... crazy!! love it most people struggle to land a marlin with 2 or 3 deck hands love how u just wind in other rod casually as the harness holds your reel screeming away...
  9. well done dan hopefully we can get out sat to crack that kingy u been waiting for haha i'll buz u friday!!
  10. haha must say it has something to do with good squid jig chioce as my mate had my favourite colour on and i had a new one i just wanted to try out and my favourite yamma caught 4 to my 1 anyways i'll try post up some more pics after i go out later this week mate just got 2 over 90cm 2day so they still around.
  11. hay guys havnt posted in a while even though i have been out alot with mixed results took a few snaps so thought id share with u guys started out sat at 5am of port bagged out on squid which has been the same over the last month usually get about 10 for kings few for the plate... there were about 10 boats out gathering squid didnt see anyone pull any in? dont know why people anchor for squid as they move around... anyway had a mate from work who i pumped up for his first king who had already outdone me on the squid 12-3 seems to always happen with the newbies, he was already having a ball ca
  12. out tomorrow to crack the king on plastics duck

    1. night_rider
    2. prawn*


      got 2 on squid none on plastics of the bomby i'll post up report

  13. well done jim solid king there!!! got a few this week there are a few big ones around atm must say!
  14. kings are around atm get into them!!

    1. Krispy !

      Krispy !

      where abouts mate ?

    2. Formosan


      Thanks for the tip.

      Where go you get them? :)

  15. just thought id share with u guys
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