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  1. goldentrevally

    Who wants to come fishing?

    Hi Brett, my husband Greg and I love fishing. We'd love to come out wide one day. We like general sport fishing bonito, tuna, mahi mahi etc when on. Would love to catch more kings and snapper too as have not had so much luck with those species. Greg also loves diving for crays. We have own gear and boat lisenses. Happy to share costs. We live at Bronte so cooks river is quite close. Take care Mel
  2. goldentrevally

    tails getting bitten off

    I think its leather jackets. They eat everything! They ruin squid jigs too. But if you were moving or trolling when it happened then it would probably be taylor
  3. goldentrevally

    Crew needed for Weekly fishing from my boat

    Hi there I just read your message & LOVE fishing. My boyfriend Greg loves fishing too . We have own gear, boat licenses etc. We used to have our own boat. We live at Bronte & usually go out from Rosebay whenever we get the chance. Love chasing Kingies around the bouys , bonito, squid & tuna when they're on from Brown's. Would love to do some more offshore fishing (on flat days), or just fishing in the harbour, Botany Bay etc. We sometimes go out with a friend on his tinny but it would be great to meet some more fishing buddies. We're happy to help with the boat, contribute to petrol, pillies etc. It would be especially great to meet a girlfriend who enjoys fishing. cheers, Melissa