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  1. Thanks guys. Thought I might share as Jindy has been very productive. Good luck to the ones going over the next week. Yes Stewy still alive, I think hope to catch up soon Tight lines
  2. Been a while since I’ve posted & been a while since I went for a fish due to newborns. Stewy did warn me, "do not have kids, they will ruin your fishing adventures" I should have listened! Finally managed to escape from the family & headed to Lake Jindabyne. Arriving Friday morning the temperature was pretty warm at 8-10 degrees at night. Love my light fishing gear, all fish caught on 4kg rod, 1000 Reel, 4lb line and 4lb leader. Managed to score a healthy Brown during sunrise on a J7 Rapala measuring 55cm. During daytime, scored my first Brook Trout, caught on Power bait measuring 42cm. Gorgeous fish, first time I’ve seen and held one. Following morning on Saturday, got a smaller Brown on J7 Rapala, 35cm & scored a beauty Buck Brown measuring 60.5cm at 5 pounds. Returned the Buck back in the water to pass on its DNA. Saturday late morning the weather turned & the rains hit, followed by the wind. Fishing was useless BUT we managed to crank the spit. In the evening the wind eased off, scored another Brown measuring 45cm on J7 Rapala. Sunday morning got a 44cm Brown on a 60mm Squidy plastic and missed another. Had a ball, fishing was amazing, Trout were hitting the lures, plastics and Powerbait. Heading home, did not realise NSW/QLD got smashed with high winds, heavy rains, and floods etc, what a disaster.
  3. FINALLY my apprentice has scored not only a JEW but a cracker of a jew on light gear as well. WELL done.
  4. MATE thats a cracker, especially on light gear. Wish i was there to hear the reel scream Well done
  5. Got the privilege to join Stewy for a session at the Georges Plan was to Christen my Mitro/Stella setup Started off target Jew fish and were not successful, pulled out numerous flathead. We changed to chasing some EP’s and Stewy was on straight away. Started slowing down, so once again we were targeting Jew fish with no luck. In the mean time we came across a Red Belly snake which kept us amused for a while. Got Stewy to bring the boat right up to the snake for a nice close photo shoot. Next thing you know Stewy, with a big grin on his face, threw his squidgy to get the snake moving to try and get a reaction out of me, the snake did not budge. I splashed a bit of water over the snake, and the next thing you know there was the snake entering the water wiggling towards the boat. Stewys reaction was priceless, was very fast to move towards the front of the boat, & started operating the electric motor ASAP. Mind you I wasn’t that brave myself, too close. The snake was persistent and continued chasing after us. Both Stewy and I were very surprised with the snakes persistency (it wanted a piece of Stewy) Getting no Jews other then flatties, once again we moved on for an EP bash and this time my reel screamed. Several runs later, Stewy though it was a Jewfish, the way it took off. But after a good fight ended up being a descent fat bream. Taylor moved in and started demolishing our plastics. What happened next was priceless. Stewy targeting EPs, got smoked and the line started peeling of the reel without a sign of stopping. Rod was bent to the floor, Stewy held onto the rod so hard, like he held onto that ciggy in between his lips Both of us were thinking it was a massive flatty, the fish took the boat a good 150m away from where the strike was. A good 15 minutes into the fight I thought to myself the leader will snap any time soon. Such a good fight, and in the end it was a massive fat trevelly (to our disappointment). By this time Stewy blood was pumping with adrenalin, and time once again came to go flick for a Jew. We casted so many times that to my surprise my whole hand was sore. Our hopes & dreams were quickly diminishing. Wind picked up and this added to our frustration. Stewy decided to tell me a tale to boost the moral, “once upon a time, I landed a Jew fish and ” the story ended as quick as it started....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Perfect timing Stewy, the reel screamed, and the rod bent, Stewy was up off the chair and I knew we were in for a treat. Being faced with a strong current, the fish was in control and was going right for the pylon. Even though I echoed so many time; Stewy the pylon, Stewy the pylon. He was in his own state of mind, too focused on the fish trying not to loose it. I had to raise my voice at him, as the boat was going straight for a head on collision. Last second Stewy pressed the magic button and we were in the clear. Short time later the beast emerged from the deep. Couple of snaps, and Stewys line was back in the water and got hit immediatelly this time with a smaller specimen. Top day Stewy, well done, and thank you for having me. I had a ball even though i didnt Christen the new setup. Im waiting for the 10Kg specimen Can wait to do it all again
  6. Now that's a bream if you need lip grips to hold him... Well done..
  7. NICE, thanks for sharing..... Barra still on my wish list
  8. SSSSSSSSSSSOooooooooooooooooooo jealous... All the best Roberta, hope you catch the big one..... im sure your gonna enjoy the trip....
  9. Stewy with our last successful fishing session, inspired me to get off my lazy arse and hit the Georges targeting Jewfish at night... Decided to get the light outfit with the 1000 reel and some jerkshads.... It’s been ages since i had a descent run and hearing the reel scream... It was dark, late, cold but all worth while... From x3 hits i managed to score x2 Jewfish which i thought was a marvellous effort... Being sly they are very hard to hook up if targeting with plastics... Nothing too big but still plenty of fun on light gear... Cannot wait for the water to warm up even more and bring some more Jewfish in our local rivers...
  10. Thanks team, great day out. Hope we can do it again soon. Roberta you should definatelly come down. That session with Stewy fired me up and now I'm making an effort to go and fish.
  11. Got the privilege to join Stewy for a bash at the local Chipping Norton targeting EPs. Was an early start to meet at the boat ramp.... Upon my arrival to the boat ramp, there was Stewy all set and ready to go, with the boat in the water and eager to hit the water ASAP... LOVE IT!!!!! Stewy started of the tally with a bream, then a healthy 52cm flathead, then some more... Stewy was on a roll, catching everything but the wanted EPs, while i was skull dragging them in one by one... The weather was all over the place, cold in the morning, then overcast, followed by light fog, followed by light rain, even colder in the late morning, followed by the burning sun during lunch time.. Had an amazing day & managed to boat a good x40 fish (mixed bad)... Once again thank you Stewy for a fantastic day out.... Finally got my dosage (fishing), which ive been craving for months.. Till next time, tight lines.
  12. NICE work, you have inspired me to go and flick in this cold weather dammn you
  13. Ill be up at The Entrance from THUR-SAT if anyone wants to meet up for a flick