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  1. They won't replace a titanium tip for $12 lol most shops wouldn't event stock them, prob have to order it. I would normally go a size #6 ring for 2-5kg rods, unless u have calipers prob have to take it to the local to get the right tube size anyway (prob be a 1.6-8mm though). For the tierra be looking for a Fuji BFAT an the custom a fuji TFST
  2. matt84

    Knots and tips

    I would fg to few meters of leader then crimp a snap on, then can easy just attach/change pre rigged trace with lure/hook... I would avoid braid strait to swivel, want the extra stretch when chasing game fish
  3. The tld 15-25 are pretty standard, wouldn't run heavy braid on them though... The tld 30-50 have a drag n handle up grade making them much better when they were years ago... However I would go the tyrnos, little bit heavier but looks better, feels better n drag cuve seem smoother then the tlds. Own a few tyrnos never had a problem with them
  4. Who every told u longtails carry cig poisoning has gotta be having a joke... Never herd of it in longtails.
  5. Century, purglas... Big list of rods/blanks that can be built up for distance casting. Obviously other graphite rods on the cheaper side of things though
  6. Salmon, salmon, salmon and some more salmon.... If ur lucky you may get a few rat kings. Better heading north or south.
  7. matt84

    Rod building

    You have the wrong stuff, won't find it at a hardware shop, most tackle shops only have the crappy brand of epoxy, may have to order online. Few different brands that are good though.
  8. matt84

    Rod building

    What do you mean by high gloss finish? should using a 2 part epoxy finish, i use flexcoat, which if you don't measure properly won't set correctly causing problems on the second coat... If this happens you will pretty much have to cut it off n start again
  9. If your worried about the damage to the butt section, get some xflock shrink grip or cork tape, easy fix.
  10. Again it's a preference thing... They do make a variety of different seats that could be used, several split seats, soft touch seats, etc all obviously at different additional costs. but take the split seats for example some people love them, some people hate them, I have some seats that feel great in the hand if you hold in the right spot but if hold it any other way it feels awkward. Then you have the whole up locking/down locking thing. You may find a set up you love, but doesn't mean every other person will like the same set up... Probabley why they just put pretty standard seat on most of the factory rods. Can't make the same rod with 6 different seats available... that's why people get custom rods made I guess
  11. They still use the standard Fuji seats on the top end stuff because they are good seats, I build custom rods and also use them... It's more a preference thing as to what seat you like. Can slap a $50 alloy seat on a rod but adds weight and in most cases is overkill.
  12. Tie a Bimini in each end then catspaw together
  13. I've all but killed mine, bent shaft, bent handle, busted roller, busted bearings.... Fixed and working now. Got a few small kings n sharks. Damage was from 1 blue groper, locked up 50lb mono. Overated reel. Does the job but are better reels out there
  14. If price isn't an issue get a custom calstar graph fighter built up for overhead live baiting a custom popper rod for spin that you can use for livebait or throwing poppers/stickbaits. Easy to get each for well under $800 each