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  1. raysenior


    Count me in for membership fees, if any MEMBER isnt prepared to pay a membership fee i say we are probably better off without them, i believe memberships will encourage members to use the forum more and to participate more , it can only be a good thing , i know i will participate more . cheers snr
  2. raysenior


    yippee great news snr
  3. second one is definnatly spangled emperor !!
  4. raysenior

    The banks

    this one was very fat , but they are a whiter flesh and very much better on the chew, three adults took care of this one and was yummo !!!
  5. raysenior

    The banks

    YIPPEE finally got a record on my name, Snr
  6. raysenior

    House of Flathead

    Well done Donna, stewy will be sulking !!!! lol snr
  7. raysenior

    The banks

    Decided late Saturday to have a fish early Sunday so set the alarm for 3am and head off to greenwell point. My usual fishing destination is around the banks reef complex and after doing a bit of trolling for two smallish kings I decided to head out to the Fad , slow trolled out therefor nothing and after doing a bit of bottom bashing once again no takers ?so head back into the south side of the banks and found a patch of decent flathead . After the first four I got a good strike and heavy pump and wind and end up with a rather large marbled flathead 62cm on the brag mat and 4kilos on the scales . These are one of my favourite eating fish and this one made a great dinner tonight .apparently this may be a Fishraider record . cheers snrSnr
  8. raysenior

    Scratchie, swordy and co take on Darwin- updated

    Sorry for the delay in posting into this topic . Came back from this awesome trip and then had surgery so been a little slack lately ?Here's a few pics from my perspective including my PB Spanish Mackerel.
  9. Well done [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. raysenior

    Very,very sad day

    Fab1, A tragic story and my heart goes out to you, it left me a bit devastated, and all teared up. snr
  11. raysenior

    The start to me lure collection:)

    Absolutely !! a classic colour that keeps on working !!
  12. I have 6.1 Trophy and only do solo from good ramps with a pontoon beside it wind can be a huge factor I launch by myselfe at green well point ,Coffs Harbour and south west rocks .a good ramp with pontoon will allow you to use either side depending on wind conditions [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. raysenior

    "Deep inchiku" and slow jigging at browns mountain

    you would expect that he would eat it , or that would be a waste of effort to fish that deep , he certainly couldnt release it , nor should he!! why do you ask ????
  14. raysenior

    Heading to South West Rocks need advice

    The only tip i can give you is be very careful crossing the bar on runout tide it can be treacherous , sit back and watch it for ten minutes before crossing , some great fishing up there , but a damn site safer going out of Coffs harbour !!! cheers snr
  15. raysenior

    What don't you eat?

    Give em to the kids they don't know any better lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk