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  1. Thanks so much for the post. You could get me inspired to give Royal National Park a crack
  2. Love your reports. Keep it up. If I get to fish in my home water on Central Coast, and fish are around, I will send you a PM. It is a big walk and tight water, Probably won't be till after XMAS. Geoff
  3. Daniel, I will send a PM Geoff
  4. great report and video. It makes it so interesting when you explain about the situation and what goes on in your thought process when fishing. Appreciated
  5. I have not fished Berowa but I do know of people that do. Yes Cabbage works very well. The bite is usually more definite with cabbage and they love it. When using cabbage I make sure there is a good amount chopped finely in the berly
  6. Al, Send me a PM and I can get you onto the weed. It has been so hard to get but right now I have a spot where there is heaps of great weed and quite easy to access.
  7. Looks like a great outing. Sorry for the broken rod. Great to find a good rock spot.
  8. Al, Send me a PM and I can get you onto the weed. It has been so hard to get but right now I have a spot where there is heaps of great weed and quite easy to access.
  9. My usual haunts in The Hawkesbury were not producing. The areas I fish in the Hawkesbury are predominately a summer time fishery however you can get a few larger fish in the Winter, but not this year. Brisbane Water was my next closest option. I started out with no intelligence on the fishery and started looking for an Oyster farmer. In the past I have found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I found an Oyster farmer and he told me of some boat moorings where he has seen people fishing for blackfish. The tide was still quite high and the water clear. I ticked along with the electric and I could see a number of good size fish spread out thinly. I picked the area that seemed to have the most, left them for 10 minutes, and started fishing. Picked up a few fish 33 -35 cms and then they went quiet. By now we were getting to the end of the tide and I decided to head for a spot I had not fished since I was 10 years old. In those days (back in 1967) it was a hot spot and you were lucky to get a rock on Saturdays. Shore access was restricted 20 years ago and, as I have driven past the spot many times, I have not seen anyone there since the shore access was closed. To my delight I got a down first run, but the fish were very finicky. So down to smaller float, longer and lighter trace with smaller baits. Eventually I started catching fish and landed about 4 or 5 all about 30 cm. I was resigned to the fact that there were only small fish when right on the last gasp of the run-out I landed a 42 cm model.. Next chance to fish was a few days later and the last of the run-out was early morning. Not a sign of fish at the second spot so back to the boat moorings. The tide was running in well and I started catching fish using the lighter rig I had set up. With tide running fast the fish pulled the float straight down and were hooked every down. I landed 3 or 4 when the wind came up opposite to the tide run. This made things a bit difficult with the light float so I went back to the bigger float thinking “they are biting well and with this run it won’t matter” After 5 downs for no fish I eventually hooked a good fish and lost it. I went back to the lighter rig and got another couple immediately. Then I realized size does matter. How many times do I have to learn the same lesson “fish the lightest float you can and you catch more fish”. These were quality fish 34-40 cm and in fast water they take ages to subdue. Finished a good day with 7 very nice fish and 2 new spots and one spot fishes on the run in which is a real bonus. Geoff
  10. I fish the area for Bass. Drop me a PM and we can chat from there. Geoff
  11. Well done Lads. That is impressive
  12. Dear Psycho Sardine, Yes the areas are very conducive to fishing from kayak. Berley could be the only problem. We usually use 15 litres of sand and weed mix. I would just use less sand to the same volume of weed and mix it well. Good luck Geoff
  13. We hadn’t fished our haunts on the Hawkesbury for some years and had real doubts about the likelihood of fish. Luderick have been very scarce on the South coast this summer and likewise on the North Coast last winter. I was even more sceptical when I saw how few posts there are on Fishraider. About 2 weeks ago we had a short session in a southerly and produced a few fish. A good start and I was keen to see what would happen in good conditions. Last Friday we fished in glorious conditions and the fishing was good. We landed about 20 fish up to 39cm’s, kept a few and had a lovely day. The average size was very good Fished again the next day with similar results with fish up to 42cm’s. We had quite a few bust offs on bigger fish as they run you around the rocks in some spots. 42 is about as big as we seem get them out. You can go up to 10lb trace with the coloured water and still get busted. In 2 days we saw only one other boat. We saw wonderful sea eagles and lovely scenery. Just the best time. Geoff and Evi