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  1. Centrepin

    Central Coast Frehwater Fishing

    I fish the area for Bass. Drop me a PM and we can chat from there. Geoff
  2. Centrepin

    Breambos at ourimbah creek

    Well done Lads. That is impressive
  3. Centrepin

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    Dear Psycho Sardine, Yes the areas are very conducive to fishing from kayak. Berley could be the only problem. We usually use 15 litres of sand and weed mix. I would just use less sand to the same volume of weed and mix it well. Good luck Geoff
  4. Centrepin

    Best Ever Tips For Blackie Fishing

    Seasponge Here is the post of How to by Roberta.
  5. Centrepin

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    I will send you a PM.
  6. Centrepin

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    We hadn’t fished our haunts on the Hawkesbury for some years and had real doubts about the likelihood of fish. Luderick have been very scarce on the South coast this summer and likewise on the North Coast last winter. I was even more sceptical when I saw how few posts there are on Fishraider. About 2 weeks ago we had a short session in a southerly and produced a few fish. A good start and I was keen to see what would happen in good conditions. Last Friday we fished in glorious conditions and the fishing was good. We landed about 20 fish up to 39cm’s, kept a few and had a lovely day. The average size was very good Fished again the next day with similar results with fish up to 42cm’s. We had quite a few bust offs on bigger fish as they run you around the rocks in some spots. 42 is about as big as we seem get them out. You can go up to 10lb trace with the coloured water and still get busted. In 2 days we saw only one other boat. We saw wonderful sea eagles and lovely scenery. Just the best time. Geoff and Evi
  7. Centrepin

    Nymboida opening

    Wow. You have me inspired. Obviously tough country. Thanks for sharing. I will share my cod travels this year.
  8. I had been advised Shoalhaven Flathead were difficult and it was not productive. First trip out was looking that way till we stubbled upon some fish in shallow water at a very high tide. Landed about 4 fish to 63cm on Black and Gold squidgies. The 63cm fish was returned. We came back later in similar tide position for very little. In fact the next 2 trips were just about blanks. Started to search a little further out and found fish again at high tide. Looked for deeper drop-offs in the same area to locate fish at other parts of the tide. Found more fish working the edges of fast flowing water by tossing lager jig-heads amongst the patches of weed. Eventually started to build up a pattern. I am now using " Charted Waters" ( app that gives water depth ) to locate similar water to the area that has been successful. Some days they are tricky on soft plastics so a change to hard bodies or blades may be required. I am looking forward now to getting some on Fly Hope you get some, Geoff and Evi
  9. Centrepin

    Wollongong Blackfish bag out plus flounder

    Steve, Good to see you are getting some local. Geoff
  10. Centrepin

    cod finally

    Rick, Great to see you are back at it. Very interesting your comments about the Yaks vs Walking the banks. The little bit I have done has been walking the banks. I am planning a trip to upper Namoi and you are convincing me if you can access from the banks you are better off. Thanks for the post. Regards, Geoff
  11. Centrepin

    Georges River Luderick

    Well done. Blackfisherman will always ( nearly always) help. Take note of the tide when they came on. Most probably last 2 hours of run out ( then the locals all turned up). Also note the difference between high and low. Look for similar conditions to fish again. Geoff
  12. Centrepin

    North Coast Blackfishing

    Royce, Yes I am still around. We will be heading north a bit later then Tassie for summer. I'll keep you posted. Geoff
  13. Centrepin

    North Coast Blackfishing

    After years of hearing of Yamba in winter we decided to check it out. The huge downpour and the warm weather slowed the run of fish this year. We were land based and found fish aplenty at the peninsula. On the southern wall we found a few people fishing and generally do quite well. At the famous Tee piece the odd person I saw fishing had not troubled the scorer. From the accounts and evidence at boat ramps the fishing at the middle wall was great. Most guys bagging out in a couple of hours. One boat used to bag out on blackfish on inside of wall and the bag out on bream on outside of wall. At the peninsula the bite was quite consistent, for blackfish standards. Various parts fished better on run out versus run in but fish caught at nearly all parts of the tide. The run of fish size varied each day. Some days it was 30 – 35 others 32 – 37. Double hook ups happened from time to time and caused some interesting times with the landing net. A couple of fish were larger with the largest 42 cm’s. All types of weed seemed to work. Cabbage available from ocean rocks at Yamba. Green weed was available from shops in town or the cane drains had a supply once the fresh abated. Look for some rocks close to the saltwater end of the drains and some reasonable weed could be had. Seeing the numbers of fish people take every day left me feeling uncomfortable. Blackfish frozen are OK but they don’t keep for months on end. I struggle to believe all the fish taken were being put to good use. I am sure some of the regulars get their bag and come back later for another bag. Fisheries were inspecting for compliance but very difficult for them to check numbers in possession. Evi and I would get our 6-8 and call it a day. That is a feed to us and 2 feeds for the freezer of whoever wanted them in camp. We stopped in at Urunga on the way home and the story was similar. Chatted with some guys who fished the east wall from a boat and they were getting reasonable numbers of fish. Not as prolific as Yamba but the fish were big. 42’s were about the size they often landed and a number of breakoffs. Just finished a dinner of frozen blackies and they were nice. Not a good as fresh but well worth keeping. So we will be back in another 6 weeks or so. No doubt the run will have finished but there should still a few around and the flatties should be around. Geoff and Evi
  14. Centrepin

    Tuross Luddies

    John, Great to hear you are back at them. I still will come down your way when I can. I have been laid low but getting better so I will make contact when possible. Thanks for the update. Geoff
  15. Centrepin

    First Blackfish at Wollongong

    Elfroz, Well done on your good results. I have just got back from 4 weeks in New Zealand. Sounds like a PM would be in order. Regards, Geoff