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  1. Dave, Great stuff. The difficulties make the trip even more memorable. Good to hear they are starting up your way. Thanks so much for posting, Geoff
  2. Good to see you getting into them. I drop you a PM on Flatties on Lures and Blackfish.
  3. I did a trip into the Blue Mountains. I was looking for spawn run fish but none present (Too long after the big rains) Normally outside of the spawn run there are only small rainbows as resident fish. Fished further upstream than I had before into the next gorge. Fished some deep water with mayfly nymph and glowbug rig. Caught some good rainbows ( about 2lbs), all on the mayfly nymphs. Very pleased to see some better fish. Only fished 2 runs in this area as I had to get back out as it is an epic to get in and out in the day. Returned to top of mountain and t
  4. This is bizarre I am going in tomorrow. 4.30 am start . I haven't been in for many years and you bring this up at this moment. Un real. Stay tuned
  5. Dave, Great to see you are getting among those fish again. Interesting the small blade did the trick at the start. You will be pleased when the bream and jacks re-appear. Thanks for sharing, Geoff
  6. Thanks for the report and well done on warning of the dangers. My greatest fear is encouraging people to fish the rocks and then hearing of incidents.
  7. Great to see you guys are keen despite the weather. Well done
  8. Dave and Amy, Goodness this is good fishing, and in winter. The sky was clear before the weather came in. How good are clear, still days in Winter? I can see a north coast trip coming. Perhaps the blackfish will be present. Only one way to find out. Thanks for the post. Geoff and Evi
  9. Dave, It is great to still be getting regular bream this time of the year and then a jack as well. It looks a good fish The bream are shutting down around our way, you are getting me inspired. Thanks for the post, Geoff
  10. Dave, I just love your posts. Your fishing with grubz is just what I love. Thanks so much for sharing all you contribute. Appreciated, Geoff
  11. Closer to the mouth than Wisemans way. Drop a PM and we can chat if you are interested. Thanks for the replies, Geoff
  12. At this end of the season the Blackfish are starting to get scarce and finicky. With the lower tides they were even more difficult. We struggled to get a few fish and then decided it was just not worth any more effort. The few fish we did get were good fish 38-40 cms. We started to target bream in the same locations where we catch blackfish. They are usually consistent with blades but not this time. We moved to 2.5inch Zman grub in motor oil on a 2 gm jighead. This resulted in a few bream, albeit smaller than normally, and landed several bream in the 20 to 32 si
  13. DerekD, I do have video but can't bring myself to put it on youtube. I thought these pictures were ordinary. The better ones involve other people and I have not sought their permission to publish. If we are allowed back in next season I will do some video and perhaps publish. You never know what the season or the future will bring. All, Your comments are appreciated. Geoff
  14. I have some time on my hands at the moment and decided to send a post of activities in Feb. We normally travel to areas of the North Island that are not well known as Fly Fishing destinations but they have lots of rivers, some with lots of fish, and very few fishermen. The country is mostly mixed farming with dairy predominating. Tourists are a novelty and it is rare to see another fisherman and unheard of to see a tourist fisherman. The people are just so welcoming and lovely. Public access to the 100’s of K. M’s of streams is a delight. Each major river system has a pam
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