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  1. Ganguddy, I will drop you PM. Centrepin
  2. Great post. So nice to hear of others chasing on the top. Much appreciated Geoff
  3. Yes. You walk in from Narrow neck or Carlons farm, end of Megalong Valley to the lower Kowmung. A long way. ( you have to cross through Warragamba prohibited area to access this way) You can also walk in from Uni Rover trail on Yeranderrie road. A long way. You can walk in from Kanangarra walls and down First Top. A long way. You can walk in from Yeranderrie along Scotts main range and drop down. A long way Not sure why you would want to go in there, especially this time of the year. Last spawn run was poor even though Dam was high and river levels hi
  4. Fantastic Dave. Very jealous, Geoff
  5. Chris, Trout in Summer? Yes they vacate. I have only found them in Winter during the spawn run. They run up from Warragamba and the water flow is fairly consistent as there is outflow from Wingencarribee dam. I have not fished it in winter for some years and then it was patchy. Very dependant on amount of flow in Winter and the height of the dam. The higher the dam the better chance the fish had to migrate. Designated trout water starts from the Tarlo junction upstream a few k's upstream from Goodmans ford. Regards, Geoff
  6. Chris, Great to see you had a good time and the carp were taking lures. I really appreciate your post as they can be difficult on lures. They are a much underrated sport fish and great fun,especially when they can be spotted. Many thanks, Geoff
  7. Jdanger, Wow 43 Bream on Fly is unreal. We have a lot in common. I will PB you with my Trout plans this year as NZ is off the agenda. If Australia trout cracks off I will keep you posted. I have some spies out on the job. Geoff
  8. Dieter, Great to see you get amongst them. Longer traces are a big key to Blackfishing off the rocks. I have had the same experience as you with a guy suggesting a longer trace and that turned the day around, like it did with you. I start with at 1M trace and will shorten if I am losing baits and not getting downs. Sometimes you have to vary the trace length depending on the tide throughout the session, Well done, Geoff
  9. Dave, Great you had a fun family time. Well done. Look forward to hearing about more advenrures Geoff
  10. Great report and well done. So great to see you doing well.
  11. Great to hear you are getting among them. Estuary is patchy at the moment. Perhaps I should look at the stones. Thanks for the report.
  12. some very good fish, well done
  13. Dave, Great to hear you are back at them and getting some fish. Congrats on the satan and so good to hear the bream are in presence. Thanks for posting, Geoff
  14. Dave, Great stuff. The difficulties make the trip even more memorable. Good to hear they are starting up your way. Thanks so much for posting, Geoff
  15. Good to see you getting into them. I drop you a PM on Flatties on Lures and Blackfish.
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