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  1. Hateanchors

    New Boat

    Here we go again hahaha. Congrats on the new rig Rebel. Nice boat.
  2. Hateanchors

    Easy FG knot video

    Good point. I don’t use the FG, but whatever joining knot you use, you want break offs to always be at the end.
  3. Hateanchors

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Nice report Jim. Flaty’s are one of my favourite eating- and catching.
  4. Hateanchors

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    I agree that light mono is not the best for light lures. I hate the stuff myself even though there are plenty of experienced guys that like to use it and pros that have won comps using it. There is plenty to learn when you use mono and I just think it’s a better option for a beginner than 4lb braid.
  5. Hateanchors

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    If you are sick of reading “same shit pros and cons of both” then you should tell the original guy not to ask such a question, and ask to ban all these types of questions just for you. Not blame the responders. There are lots of topics on here that don’t interest me. Guess what I do? I don’t read them. I believe both engines have their places that’s why we are trying to discuss their positives and negatives. Everyone has their own view.
  6. Hateanchors

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    wots rong wif wee hav a civil debate about sumfing?
  7. Hateanchors

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    This is the reason I suggested at the beginning the guy can use what he had to start with, just switch to light mono. The original question wasn’t what is the best line, rod and reel for soft plastics. (Like some answers) It was if what he had could be used. Recommending 4lb braid to a beginner is always going to end in disaster IMO. The stuff breaks after the slightest touch of abrasion. (usually later on a snag or fish) Knots and wind knots are also an issue for beginners with line so thin.
  8. Hateanchors

    My diy removable live bait tank

    I like it mate, especially the adjustability of the pump. What is the adjustable relay thing you have? I have a kit adjustable programmable timer I bought from Jaycar on mine. Works nice.
  9. Hateanchors

    Daiwa Gear

    I like their gear but yes, in my experience (a lot) it’s true. Terrible after sales and warranty service. This has encouraged me to purchase their products OS.
  10. Hateanchors

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    I’m not thinking about 30yr old 2 strokes, I’m talking about etecs. Fuel consumption is about even between etecs and 4’s. It’s just that you have to add an extra litre of 2 stroke oil in the etec for every 50 litres of fuel used. Yes four strokes need oil changes once a year but it’s still a lot less oil used compared to etec. You are comparing old tech 2’s weights to four stroke. Etecs are heavier than old tech 2’s and are about the same weights as fours generally. Even so, I had an old 60 yammie 2st and upgraded to a 60 Suzuki 4st. The Suzuki is 2kilo lighter.
  11. Hateanchors

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Hey mate. I don’t know how you can say that Etecs leave most modern four strokes for dead in oil consumption? Can you elaborate on that? 2 strokes use ALOT more oil than a four. This is a fact. And the oil they say to use is expensive. To say it’s only $20 extra every 6 months is not right for the average user. Btw not knocking Etec, they have their place just don’t like seeing misleading information. Imagine the oil charter operators and water police would go through, running their engines all day everyday if they were using etecs. That might be one reason they run 4 strokes.
  12. Hateanchors

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    We must have been due for this question again haha. These are the main factors I see. Four strokes are a bit quieter out of the pipe to me than an Etec so the noise it puts into the water is quieter. For fishing/ trolling duties this is important to me. When I have a choice why would I pick the louder one? Next, oil. Etec engines have to mix oil with its fuel. Four stroke does not. Etec goes through WAY more oil than a 4 stroke, and the good 2 stroke oil they recommend is expensive. What etecs have that is better than a 4 is it’s stronger power delivery. If I was more into sport boating, wanting to accelerate real hard, tow people etc I would choose Etec no question. For fishing duties I think four stroke is better.
  13. Hateanchors


    Only good forums survive that long 😉
  14. Hateanchors

    Post your Fish Sounder Pictures Here

    Hi Jim. First of all turn off those fish symbols. They don’t help and just get in the way of the real picture. The mass on the right is a school of bait sized fish. From 6 to 10m. The dots underneath the mass are the same fish of the school less tightly packed, so they show as individual fish. There are no bigger fish at the top like the symbols show. That’s why, get rid of the symbols You can never tell for sure as fish can be on the edge of the beam, but all the masses and small dots are small bait fish. Larger fish like Salmon and kings show up more like a line like at the bottom middle of the picture. Looking at that screen, you would have been moving rather than still. That’s the best way to get a good picture of things. If you were still, all the marks would show up as long lines because the same fish would keep repeating over and over. Also, colour shows the bottom composition but also I find that rock bottom shows as bumpy like on your picture. Sand or soft bottom tends to show up as more flat.
  15. Hateanchors

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    Braid or mono? Anything will work, but I think you should get something lighter. 8-10lb.