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  1. Hateanchors

    trailer plug maintenance

    I like to spread the male ends a little bit for better connection. (Don’t go too far or they will snap) I don’t get any build up to worry about really. I just spray in there whatever I have handy at the time. Usually Lanox.
  2. Hateanchors

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    I use 91 non ethanol. My outboard does not need anything higher and I don’t see anything worthwhile to gain from paying more for higher octane. If 91 is not available I’ll use 95 as second choice.
  3. Hateanchors

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Personally I don’t believe any of that marketing. If you can use 91 then I wouldn’t pay extra for 95.
  4. Hateanchors

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Use what the engine manufacturer recommends. If they say E10 is OK then use it if you want. I always stay away from it personally. Yes it’s ok to use 95 or 98 instead of 91. No harm done at all, but if all you need is 91 you are wasting your money. Some people say they get better mileage with the higher octane but that’s for you to test and decide if it’s worth it.
  5. It’s actually the other way around. The turbo and high compression engines need higher octane fuel for a controlled burn and to not detonate. (Super high pressures and engine damage) They don’t need it to adequately “ignite” the fuel. It’s not like other engines won’t ignite the high octane fuel as you say. They will. But higher octane fuel burns in a more “controlled” manner. It is less prone to detonate and damage the engine and can handle high pressure better. Many people think that higher octane means more explosive. It’s not! It just burns in the engine in a more controlled manner, thus avoiding/ less chance of detonation/ damage. If your engine needs it, use it. If it doesn’t then don’t. Simple.
  6. Hateanchors

    Battery Flat Again! Any Ideas?

    I think it’s pretty stupid of someone to fit those accessory plugs for you that 1, draw power when not in use. And 2, not tell you it does so.
  7. Hateanchors


    Yum, yum, yum. 🤤
  8. Hateanchors

    Squid at the Spit

    Bringing back just a tentical means too much pressure. When I hook a squid I immediately unwind the drag to almost nothing. If I feel the squid lunge or pull I lean and put the rod into its direction to almost eliminate any extra pressure. Go with it. Don’t try to “fight” it. When winding in it’s always very gentle. The main theme is gentle, and dont rush.
  9. Hateanchors

    Battery for Elect motor

    I only have I have a 54lb and 100Ah battery on a 4.8 tinny so can only go by what I have seen from this. If you want to travel that far with a kayak on the motor alone, I would recommend 54lb and probably 200Ah battery plus. Then again, it may be a little unrealistic to travel that far entirely on a small electric motor unless you have multiple or a huge battery. Maybe someone has more experience with kayaks.
  10. Hateanchors

    Battery for Elect motor

    Hi Mark. Depends how much you want to use it, how long you want it to last and if weight is a factor. I take it, it’s going in a kayak?
  11. Hateanchors


    How long does it take to “cook” the wood?
  12. Hateanchors

    Loose Dividers

    Araldite and silicone won’t stick too good on that kind of plastic. I would recommend a drop of super glue on each side of the dividers.
  13. Hateanchors

    Lock out

    The fisheries managent helps for sure, but it can only do so much. With more and more people going out fishing (which is what is continually happening) there has to be a point where they say enough is enough.
  14. Hateanchors

    Lock out

    If the population is always increasing then that means the amount of people out fishing are forever increasing. The fishing waters are not getting any bigger to suit, so what do you expect will eventually happen? Less fish and more fishing pressure. Something has to be done right? The lock outs might help the immediate area but they will put more fishing pressure on the remaining areas so will lead to more lock outs until eventually everything is closed. Inevitable in my eyes, but I wonder, when (if) the stocks or whatever they are trying to preserve recover will the area be reopened?
  15. Hateanchors

    Lock out

    So true! You might not care too much now, but these are the stepping stones to locking out everything.