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  1. Hateanchors

    Dual electric outboards

    Electric is going to be VERY slow going. Much better to get a small petrol engine. Fuel costs hardly anything for one of those if you get a four.
  2. Hateanchors

    Before work Squid Session

    Nice work mate. Can I ask, what is that jig in the last picture? I like it.
  3. Hateanchors

    Towing speed

    I don’t know how in the world you can “forget” you are towing something, regardless of the weight? What happens when you cut a corner because you ‘forgot’ you were towing a trailer?
  4. Hateanchors

    your opinion on quality 4,6,8 pound monofilament.

    I like Schneider line. Also, for sizing of mono lines, use the number on the packet as a guide only. The thickness is a more reliable measure of strength generally. So if 2 lines say 10lb, the thicker one will more than likely be stronger.
  5. Hateanchors

    Bobbin Knot

    I use similar lines for big kings but use heavier braid. If it was me I would tie a Bimini twist then tie an improved version of an Albright with the double. Everyone has their own opinions and tying styles. I wouldn’t take that table as gospel. You can bet every magazine and person would have their own unique table list order. My advice, take the time to properly test knots for yourself and use what works for you. When you see results, you will be glad you took the time to do it. Sometimes you only get one chance at a fish. I have proven to myself many times that time testing knots at home equals more trophy fish on the water. Anyone that says they have never had a failure on ANY knot are kidding themselves. It happens to the best.
  6. Hateanchors

    DIY breaking strain tester

    He uses specialised equipment which you need for accurate line testing. For testing knots though, a spring puller is good enough. You mostly want to compare knots to each other so super accurate figures are not needed.
  7. Hateanchors

    DIY breaking strain tester

    It’s accurate enough for knot testing duties. You can adjust it as well. I put a known weight on like a 10kg dumbbell and adjust so it reads 10kg. The main thing is you can compare results with it rather than worry about how accurate the numbers are your getting.
  8. Hateanchors

    DIY breaking strain tester

    If you want to properly test and improve your line and knots you need a reliable way to test them. I use a Shimano spring scale that has a marker to show where the result was. Nothing wrong with testing knots mate. I reckon I use some of the strongest and reliable knots going (most with my own modifications to them) because I have tested and proved them over and over and compared the results to other knots.
  9. Hateanchors

    So we got one.....now what do we do !?!

    Hey that’s awesome. Was a good read as well. I am sure if you keep trying we will see pictures up here of you and one of these beasts very soon.
  10. Hateanchors

    New Rod not assemble completely

    Ok Sorry. I just seen the picture on my desktop. Its not as bad as I thought. If it was mine I would sand a little to maybe close up the gap to half of what it is for a better fit. Obviously, never take off so much as to let it go all the way until it hits the outside of top section. Anyway, from my experience I've never seen these joins get looser from 'wear and tear'. Only tighter.
  11. Hateanchors

    New Rod not assemble completely

    What about rods that fit properly from new? Are you saying they will get loose with use?
  12. Hateanchors

    New Rod not assemble completely

    It shouldn’t come out if it is pushed in snug, only you won’t have the full intended strength of the join if you leave it like that. I’m no rod expert but I have had a few like this. First I would give both ends a very good clean. Have a look inside the female end with a light to make sure there is nothing obvious that is stopping it going in further. If it still won’t go in all the way then get some fine sandpaper and take a smidgen (micro) off the male end until it goes in all the way. Work VERY slow and keep checking the fit. It’s an easy, simple process really.
  13. Hateanchors

    deep cycle battery

    What was his reply?
  14. Hateanchors

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    Hi. I can give you some tips from my experiences. Wind knots are mostly caused by the line not being sufficiently slowed down and controlled by the spool lip when casting. It needs to slow down just that little bit. Can you put up a close picture of the line on your spool.
  15. Hateanchors

    Lithium ion jump starter or spare battery?

    I would just get a jump starter as a back up. I have a 60HP and only run one 100ah battery. It powers all my electrics (bait tank, sounder, bilge etc) What I think is important is to not neglect things just because you have a back up. Make sure everything is in good working order. Check and monitor voltages. You should be able to bring this up on your sounder. Make sure engine is charging the battery by confirming 14v when running. Keep battery in good order and replace when sluggish or old. Don’t wait until it lets you down. Check and charge if necessary, before every trip. If starter motor or something is not 100% get it fixed. Don’t wait until you are stranded to do something about it. Use common sense. If the engine has not been run for a long time, don’t run your sounder and bait tank constantly for hours and hours. Almost all break downs can be avoided.